Sherlock Holmes must have loved astrology

If you know the main themes associated with the houses, you can easily combine them. The thing is to remain simple enough.

If there are planets in a house, their presence is stronger that the position of the ruler, so let’s assume that an house is empty and you find the ruler in another house. Just combine the key words.

For instance: if the ruler of your ninth house (your philosophy, what you know and believe about life, your explorations) is in the seventh house (partnerships, marriage, open enemies) then maybe your philosophy is that life is not meant to be lived alone, and possibly you refer to the Bible (“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone..” Genesis 2:18 ) or to some knowledge of physiology, psychology or sociology to support this view.

But maybe it means that your worldview has been built through your experience of partnerships, or possibly by a court case when an “open enemy” sued you and this taught you a lesson about life and its laws. 


 Laws are part of what we are learning about in the ninth house of higher knowledge. Some laws are spiritual, others are natural, and others are man made. They are still ninth house stuff, has man made laws reflect a global worldview, knowledge and beliefs about how life works….

There are always various possible interpretations to a single placement. Interpreting a chart consists of going through various possible interpretations of various placements. That’s a lot of possible interpretations, but some will be repeated.  We are here to play Sherlock Holmes. We’re looking for clues, and trying to figure out a story that makes sense.

For instance, in my example of the ruler of the ninth in the seventh. What could indicate that the interpretation of a court case would be more relevant than meeting your significant one at university, or being a philosopher of human relationships?

Suppose this planet ruling the ninth house and present in the seventh makes a square aspect with Mars. The seventh can be open enemies and Mars is aggressiveness. The seventh house is naturally connected with the seventh sign: Libra, the scales, which is a symbol for justice. Mars can be the sword associated with the scales in the allegory. Going to court is certainly part of the various possible interpretation of this square. There are others but this post would become too long.

Suppose Saturn rules this seventh house and squares Jupiter – which, like the ninth house and sign, can mean the law. Jupiter can symbolise an important person with authority, it can be a judge… Saturn can bring restrictions through your partnerships. It  can be you ex that you’re meeting at court, if you have children and property in common.  It’s worth a look at the eighth house to see if there are issues connected with “other people’s money” …

As we flick through the various possible interpretations of various placements, we find that some themes are repeated and that a coherent story can be build. We need to start with the most dominant placements to be sure we’re not exaggerating details.

Practice makes perfect.