Saturn enters the Anaretic Degree of Aquarius

February 24th ~ March 3rd

“Cape Cod Morning” by Edward Hopper

You may not live in a time of great social change as I did, but you will just as certainly face moral choices. There will come a day in your life when you must act for others – your family, perhaps your community- and you must be ready. What you have done to reach this milestone today is part of that preparation. So take from all the books you have read, all the lessons you have learned, the certain knowledge that one day, any day, you must be bold, have courage, and walk through a door that leads to opportunity for others. ~ Vivian Malone Jones

On March 2nd, Mercury will conjunct Saturn at 29º of Aquarius, before entering Pisces that same day. The following week, Saturn will also enter Pisces. From the 26th of February thru March 7th, Saturn will be at the the very last 29th degree of Aquarius, referred to by astrologers as the ‘anaretic’ degree of the sign. It is at this last degree of the sign that we find ourselves tying up the loose ends of the previous cycle in preparation for the one to follow.

Saturn is our teacher and mentor. Therefore it might make sense to take some time to think about what we have learned over the past 3 years that Saturn has been in Aquarius. Interestingly, Saturn first entered Aquarius on March of 2020, just as we were heading for a global lockdown. Saturn had only just made its conjunction to Pluto in January, inaugurating the pandemic of 2020. Saturn is the planet of limitation. Aquarius a sign of freedom and rebellion. With its entrance into the sign of Aquarius, Saturn sent us into mandatory lockdown. And so the Saturn in Aquarius phase began.

Perhaps one of the primary lessons we learned was about our fundamental connections with one another, not only personally, but globally. We became aware of our interdependence with one another, our responsibility towards one another, as we were urged to consider the greater good of the community, and humanity as a whole. Aquarius is a universal sign, with a very large tent. It admits all, recognizing that every individual plays an important role in the community. And no one is to be left out. So interesting that the more we gathered together, the more quickly the virus spread.

Other things were spreading just as quickly: misinformation, unrest and rebellion against these often mandatory and sometimes oppressive and restrictive rules and regulations. Saturn can be that way. Political unrest also brewed, as it will in times of Aquarius. Fueling the fear and anger that can arise when people feel that things are taken out of their control, can lead to people taking extreme actions. And so we also saw a bit of the shadow side of Aquarius, where individual motives can get sidelined by extreme views, and devolve into a mob-driven rebellion.

So what might be some of the takeaways from the Saturn in Aquarius era?

The Greater Good: People across the globe were willing to isolate themselves from society in order to protect others. We looked at the world differently, recognizing that people from all corners of the globe were connected by a shared experience. And so we were being reminded that interdependence is an actual and fundamental reality. We focused on what was best for the group as a whole, not just a chosen few, or just for our own isolated group. Saturn in Aquarius was trying to show us that everyone has something important to contribute to society. And no one can be ignored or left out.

Everyone is Essential: When you have something taken away, you come to appreciate it that much more. Every evening for a year we opened our windows, banged our pots and pans, and cheered the front line workers in the hospitals, and those working in the hot beds of infestation within our communities. We came to more fully appreciate people that we had previously taken for granted: the delivery people, the mail carriers, the restaurant workers struggling to keep their doors open for business. The essential workers that keep our communities afloat.

Technology: Many people who had no interest whatsoever, have now fully befriended technology. Elders have discovered on-line banking; food delivery apps were thriving, and people discovered how to more fully connect through technology with family members living far away. Thanks to high speed internet, video conferencing, workers and their managers have come to appreciate the convenience of being able to work from home, and there’s no turning back.

Collaboration: When we needed solutions, scientists and medical personnel worked together, whipping up all sorts of vaccines, cures and remedies in record time. When people work together, and collaborate for a common ideal or cause, they can move mountains. When you combine the expertise and talent of the many, they are so much more capable of creating ground breaking changes in shorter time spans, than they possibly could on their own.

Civil Rights: What became more obvious were the inequalities in underserved communities. These were the communities that struggled the most during the pandemic, with higher rates of illness, hospitalization and stress. Single mothers and essential workers were unable to work from home, and/or were compromised by a lack of child care and available services. We were totally unprepared to serve these communities. Within the Aquarius umbrella, every individual is essential to the successful functioning of the whole. It took a pandemic to show us how essential and important everyone is to the community.

Nonconforming: Aquarius is not a sign to be pigeon-holed. But it is easy to lose our unique individuality within the larger whole. Isolation was hard, and we came to better appreciate our need for community and connection. But it also afforded us the opportunity to connect with ourselves, to be more self-aware, and even a tad more rebellious. Many were channeling their own inner Aquarius, bucking the system, daring to go off the beaten path, try new avenues, and explore alternatives. And sometimes you just have to go off the beaten path in order to find yourself again.