A Power-Packed Full Moon in Libra and the Sun Enters Taurus


I realize that most of us are still awash in the emotional pull of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces of April 12, but we have even more intensity in store for us on April 16 with the Full Moon in 26 degrees of Libra.  I think it is a pretty fair statement that emotions and tears were flowing on that conjunction, when I tweeted:

The Full Moon in 26 degrees of Libra is also inconjunct Jupiter and Neptune in 24 degrees of Pisces, so there is an added emphasis on making adjustments to achieve some emotional balance.  Libra is a sign with themes of seeking balance and is all about relationships.  Full Moons inherently have themes of closure and completion, so some relationships just might end.  I think it’s also prudent to warn anyone with planets in the late degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn that this will be an exceptionally intense Full Moon.
The Full Moon will also be trining Saturn in 23 degrees of Aquarius, which could actually cut us a break.  It will provide us with some stability by helping us tap into our maturity and wisdom to navigate these difficult times and make us more grounded.  But this does mean that the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are not exactly getting a free ride with this Full Moon because we are headed into eclipse season: the first one is a Solar Eclipse on April 30 in 10 degrees of Taurus and the second one is a Lunar Eclipse on May 16 in 25 degrees of Scorpio.
One of the reasons I am describing this as a power-packed Full Moon is the involvement of Pluto in 28 degrees of Capricorn.  There is a T-square on April 16 involving the Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is all about power, transformation and emotional intensity.  Power struggles could emerge and secrets could come to light about abuses of power.  I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the war in Ukraine started during the week of the Pluto Return of the United States. It has also been pointed out by other astrologers that in 2022 every Full Moon until July will be engaged with Pluto.  On April 18, the Sun in Aries will be exactly squaring Pluto in 28 degrees of Capricorn, which will see us digging deep for transformation.
One of the saving graces of the Full Moon is the conjunction between Mercury in 11 degrees of Taurus with Uranus in 13 degrees of Taurus.  Sudden insights, ideas and breakthroughs could surface.  Mercury and Uranus will be exactly conjunct in 13 degrees of Taurus on April 18, so these themes prevail for a few days.
As usual, I am right in the thick of the action of this Full Moon.  It is conjunct my Juno and Neptune in Libra in my 1st house and it squares my Chiron in Capricorn in my 4th house, as well as my Midheaven, Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer.  Yep, I have a cardinal T-square that is being set off.  And as a Scorpio, I also have the Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus opposing my Pallas and Saturn in Scorpio in my 1st house and squaring my Mars in Aquarius in my 4th house.
We do get a little astrological relief on April 19 when the Sun moves into the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus.  It is time to slow down, get grounded and enjoy the finer things in life as the pleasure principle prevails.  This is a huge change from the impulsive cardinal fire energy of Aries.  We will be focused on material growth and playing it safe. By all means, get outside and enjoy the earth as the weather will undoubtedly be improving.  But we will have the tenacity to pursue our goals because Taurus is fixed earth.  Just watch out for the shadow side of  Taurus, which can involve being overly stubborn and possessive.  It should be a calmer and more peaceful transit.

Full Moon in Libra, April 16, 2022

The most attention getting aspect on the Full Moon at 26° 46’ Libra, 16 April, 11:56 AM PDT, is Pluto in Capricorn creating a cardinal T-Square with the Aries Sun and Libra Moon. Cardinal T-Squares are usually a call to action and in this instance Saturn in Aquarius (trine the Libra Moon and sextile the Aries Sun) will hopefully provide just enough drag to keep us from being too hasty. We might be able to finally see areas in our lives that need some house cleaning but it won’t hurt to take our time to figure out the best way to go about it. Another factor to take into account on this lunation is the preponderance of planets in earth and water with only the Sun, Moon and Saturn representing air and fire. Just one more reason to take slow, measured steps to reach our goals.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, is now in Pisces where it is exalted. Not only that, Venus is sextile a Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus is not noted for making hasty decisions but conjoining Uranus may expedite matters in unexpected ways. This warm, loving energy can go a long ways to easing tensions in our relationships. Actions always speak louder than words and this is especially true at this time. For those handling financial matters, this aspect is a nice blend of earthy pragmatism and watery intuition. Spending time contemplating how we determine value can help in our decision making process regarding our financial picture. We could experience some great “ah ha” moments regarding both love and money matters.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces sits in an interesting position in the Full Moon chart. It is semi-sextile the Aries Sun, inconjunct the Libra Moon, semi-sextile Saturn in Aquarius plus Jupiter in Pisces is making a waxing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (exact on May 3). All the outer planet involvement can make us more aware than usual of greater forces at work in our lives, or perhaps give us the feeling of being a part of something larger than ourselves. It might be a good idea to divest ourselves of as many expectations for specific outcomes as is humanly possible. Saturn in Aquarius can help with detachment as well as with seeing the big picture. Jupiter-Neptune provide an abundance of compassion and generosity of spirit. It’s Pluto in Capricorn that may be the stumbling block, which is why learning to find a neutral place within when Pluto is active is so important to our health and well being. Pluto always issues invitations to drown in obsessive behaviors. What we can do is keep our eyes open and stay alert to emerging opportunities and/or dangers.

Mars slipped into Pisces a few days before the Full Moon and is basically sitting this lunation out. That bets the heck out of the agitation Mars in Aquarius caused when it was conjoining Saturn! Enjoy the peace and quiet.

In many ways, this Full Moon in Libra highlights how we handle the conflicts created when making sure we have enough “me” time (Aries) as well as time with our partners (Libra). Both may be endangered by the demands of our public duties. It is important to recognize when our career/professional life completely takes over and blots out everything else. The desire to be seen as successful can become an obsession (Pluto in Capricorn) which consumes almost all our time and energy. We have more options than we might realize, thanks to the wonderful energy coming from the planets in earth and water. As is often the case with harmonious aspects that do not demand our attention like tense ones, we’ll need to consciously engage our intuitive side when working through issues raised by this Full Moon in Libra. Now is also a great time to practice those things Libra excels at like using compromise and cooperation to reach agreement. Make practicing patience, tolerance and kindness a priority each and every day. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon in eastern sky © Diane Lang

Is Elon Musk the harbinger of the Aquarian Age?

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Elon Musk is in the news again, this time for attempting a hostile takeover of Twitter.  He is such a fascinating character – clearly so brilliant, but also kind of a mad genius and a bit nutty. Just the type I like to profile. 😃

The astrology of Elon Musk.

Unfortunately we don’t have a birth time for Musk (there is a birth time on Astrotheme but it comes from an unverified source in India), but even without it we can see some very interesting things (noon chart shown with Sun on the ascendant).  Musk was born under a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, a sign of feeling and emotion, and this conjunction is tightly squared by both Chiron and Uranus. As I have noted before, Sun/Mercury conjunction individuals tend to be of great intelligence, and when Mercury is ahead of the Sun as it is here there can be a tendency, literally, of the mind getting ahead of the Self. The fact that Uranus, planet of innovation and radical change, is locked in a strong square aspect to the Sun and Mercury enhances the ability to think outside the box as well as inspire somewhat impulsive and radical behavior even when the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer which tends to seek greater security and a sense of safety.

The emotionality of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer is easily activated due to a strong square from Chiron to the Sun and Mercury. Chiron is in Aries, suggesting that the wound (Chiron) is to the evolution of the Self (Aries) and in fact Chiron is the only planet in a fire sign in this chart other than Neptune which is a generational outer planet. When a chart lacks a certain element, the personality traits of that element have no easy mode of expression. Someone without watery planets can be extremely emotional but perhaps not understand how they feel. Someone without earth may be drawn to the practical or earthy areas of life but find it difficult to manage. Someone without fire, such as Musk, may struggle with impulse control since the motivation and action inspired by fire has no easy way to express itself.

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Dealing with impulse control is a theme in this chart. We have the mentalism of the Sun and Mercury squared by Uranus, the planet of impulsive and radical action. We have a lack of fire. We see that the fire planet Mars is in the air sign Aquarius adding more froth to the mentality of the chart, especially since it is inflamed by Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio itself is ruled by Mars, making this a “double whammy” connection between forceful Mars and expansive Jupiter, expanding Musk’s confidence and his need to be right in the fixed signs which can be quite stubborn.  Yet on the other hand the Cancerian Sun and Mercury long for connection and a sense of belonging, and the Virgo Moon seeks perfection and order (Mercury and the Moon are in mutual reception which facilitate the interaction between the mind and emotions) .  A harmonious sextile from Jupiter to Pluto enhances his ability to lead and create effective change.

A brief astrological life review of Elon Musk.

In 1995, under a Progressed New Moon in Cancer (sign of family), Musk started a software company with his brothers. This company was sold in 1999 with Musk netting $22M under a transit of Uranus (sudden change) to his Mars (and North Node of fate). That same year and under that same transit, Musk started online bank X.com which spun off Paypal.  Musk was in and out of CEO positions during this period and eventually sold his share of Paypal for $22M.  All of this occurred before Musk’s Saturn Return in 2001.

At the time of his Saturn return, Musk became interested in space and SpaceX was incorporated in 2002 as the Saturn return was waning.  SpaceX is still in operation, now coordinating with NASA to “revolutionize space exploration.”  In 2006-2008 under the square from transiting Pluto to natal Pluto, the first of the series of midlife crisis transits, Musk was hemorraghing money after taking over Tesla and attempting to get his rockets off the ground. He said he was “waking from nightmares, screaming and in physical pain” from the stress. He had run out of money, was facing bankruptcy from the SpaceX projects, was divorced, and then he was rescued by NASA in December 2008 with a $1.5Bn contract.

In 2012-2014 Musk introduced several new initiatives in solar power and transportation at the time of his Uranus opposition (which also set off the Sun/Mercury square to Uranus in his natal chart). This is the classic midlife-crisis period at age 40-42 when we question our life path.

In 2018, with transiting Jupiter squaring his Mars and activating his poor impulse control, Musk smoked a joint on the Joe Rogan show which resulted in the tanking of Tesla stock. He also warned of the dangers of AI, saying “AI could become ‘an immortal dictator from which we would never escape’” – something which fits in perfectly with the upcoming transit of Pluto (destruction and re-creation) moving into Aquarius in 2023.

In early 2022 Elon Musk began acquiring stock in Twitter and in early April initiated a hostile takeover.  Transiting Pluto is in a harmonious aspect to Musk’s natal Pluto/Jupiter sextile, a wonderful time of personal growth and increasing personal empowerment. Transiting Jupiter will set off his natal Sun/Mercury T-square later this year which could exacerbate his natural confidence, but with this guy his very unpredictability is predictable.  He does seem to be more of an instigator and easily bored (I have always imagined him to have Gemini rising which has an insatiable curiosity and great difficulty settling on one path or venture) so it’s difficult to predict how this most recent Twitter adventure will go.  Rather than a left wing or right wing troll as some claim, Musk is a disrupter of the highest order and once the disruption takes place he will likely look for the next shiny thing.

The Aquarian Age connection.

Signs of the Aquarian Age are everywhere, suggesting to me that we are clearly in the doorway if not well into this new age of changing parameters and priorities.  I have written a great deal about the increasing awareness about autism and the Uranus connection, and the growing prevalence of gender identification issues also falls under the Uranian banner. The merging of man with machine, sometimes called the Singularity, has begun and Elon Musk has been in the forefront of that adventure. In 2020 Musk started a company called Neuralink which I wrote about here which is focused on building “implantable man-machine interfaces.” Tesla, owned by Musk, has been called the world’s largest company run by robots.

Musk recently revealed that he has Asperger’s, a type of mild autism that has likely been around for a long time but was only recently diagnosed to the extent it is now. I know of quite a few adults who very recently discovered that they have Asperger’s (personally I think lumping highly functional Aspergers together with classic autism does everyone a disservice).

Inventive Uranian types like Elon Musk have been around for a long time, but at the doorway of the Aquarian Age this kind of pioneering mentality will be the ones who will shepherd us through that doorway into a future that we will not begin to recognize.

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The Full Moon in Libra 2022

April 15th ~ 22nd

“Moonlight” by Felicia Olin

True transformation occurs only when we can look at ourselves squarely and face our attachments and inner demons, free from the buzz of commercial distraction and false social realities.  We have to retreat into our own cocoons and come face-to-face with who we are.  We have to turn toward our own inner darkness.  For only by abandoning its attachments and facing the darkness does the caterpillar’s body begin to spread out and find its light, and then beautiful wings begin to form. ~ Julia Butterfly Hill

The Full Moon on Saturday, April 16th, at 26º Libra 46’ is square Pluto and opposite the fierce little dwarf planet Eris. Full Moons can be revelatory. They can bring things in our lives to some sort of crisis point that can no longer be contained. Our Hearts, our Emotions, our deepest Wounds are laid bare with this Moon, so that they can no longer be denied. An event, a comment, a passing gesture can be sufficient in such times to open up an entire basket of wounds, doubts, shame, traumas from some earlier time. Revisited, revealed, unfolding itself in all its putrid despair; we are being given choices. We can ignore the fact that the wound exists, and with prayers and wishes hope that it will all just go away. Or we can courageously confront our wounds, our problems, our traumas, with the heartfelt determination to heal them once and for all.

Libra is a sign of relating, of compromise and peace.  It is a sign of detente. It is where we come to make negotiations, and debate. But the Full Moon is also shining a light, from this place of Libra, on to the Aries Sun, which with Eris is in full battle gear. The Libra Full Moon in this guise can therefore also be about open warfare and confrontation. All the more so with Pluto caught in the cross hairs of the full Moon. All relationships, all alliances are going to be under scrutiny in this weather, as both the war goddess Eris and the lord of the Underworld are galvanized and ready to spew their wrath upon the earth.

Whatever is being illuminated by the Full Moon, whatever is standing in the way of us being able to make heartfelt connections with others, can be healed. It isn’t easy with Pluto. We cannot change the past. But we can begin by nurturing ourselves and others through forgiveness and acceptance. And we can then make a better beginning by making the commitment that This Will No Longer Be.

Pluto has to do with the overwhelming need for some sort of evolutionary growth. Pluto is the power of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. But in order to accomplish this rebirth, we need to weed out and exorcize the diseased and putrid wounds that are holding us back and preventing us from growing and evolving, both individually and as a society. Facing Pluto takes a tremendous amount of humility, courage and self-honesty. And it’s usually the things we would prefer to ignore, don’t want to deal with, and want to avoid. But there comes a time when the wounds fester to such a point that they can no longer be ignored. The wound will not heal unless it is scraped out at its very root in order to allow a full healing to begin.

When we are willing to look at our wounds, without shame and blame and disgust. Then we can heal them. And as a consequence open the way for our own evolutionary growth. And because we no longer have cause to fight and defend, we can then lay down our arms, and even move forward towards establishing deeper trust. Even with those we once considered to be our adversaries. Even with those we once thought unreachable. The past is what it is. We cannot change it. But we can begin to heal the wounds of the past by making a commitment to say No More. And we can create a new and better future through the choices and decisions we make today. So may it be.

Sun in Taurus and Earth Day 2022 ~ April 17th -23rd, 2022

Sunday ~ The Moon is still Full for most intents and purposes. Many situations and feelings are heightened through today. Mercury and Uranus, both across from the Moon, increases disagreements or shocking announcements, and both are in fixed, unyielding signs. Debates are probably not worth the energy or emotional expense. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Venus for personal feelings of fulfillment, pleasure, and togetherness, though. Tonight, Mercury and Venus meet for timely encounters, romance, and a higher change of agreement with one another. It might be the evening to ask a favor, gently, or to consider reconciliation, forgiveness, or a peace treaty of some kind. Wear rose Red.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon, and Mercury meets Uranus overnight in Taurus. If something is disturbing the balance or status quo, it’s likely to rise up fast and with a fury. This relates to news, announcements, unplanned changes, and things related to money and security. Venus also meets Uranus, the planet of sudden happenings, and Venus is especially related to relationships and romantic life. Venus in Pisces can also relate to creativity or codependence and is quite emotional. There are several other aspects in the zodiac today, and it appears eventful and potentially challenging. It might feel like the Moon is Full or like going through an eclipse (which we are in the two week to one month aura of, now). Avoid arguing with yourself, pushing too hard or blaming yourself or someone else for things that no one is in control of. Do things that steady you or help you unplug from stress and overdoing. Ask for help in immediate situations that require good judgment and an action. The Moon is void at 7:55 pm and moves to Sagittarius at 10:18 pm ET Wear Black today.

Tuesday ~ Sagittarius Moon is square to Mars in Pisces. This is kind of a rough aspect since squares have sharp edges, Pisces is a sensitive sign, and Mars is not, and the sign Sagittarius has a bold and sometimes impulsive manner. Feelings are the issue. Try not to unknowingly  or knowingly offend. Do what you said you’d do, unless there’s a good reason. People might be edgy and easily put off. Taurus season begins as the Sun changes signs at 10:24 pm ET. Wear Orange today.

Wednesday ~ Sagittarius Moon has 4 energetic aspects today. It appears there’s lots to sort out, for example questions of reliability, responsibilities and roles. Also, some will be exploring and investigating options for study or travel and trying to make plans work. There’s a theme around knowledge and wisdom, such as changing philosophy of life or direction. Sagittarius and Pisces, one of the other signs involved, are both mutable signs, meaning flexibility, versatility and changes of course. Void Moon 4:56 pm to 11:52 pm, when we might feel adventurous or  break free from the usual for a while. Wear Purple today.

Thursday ~  Capricorn Moon time from 11:52 pm ET on Wednesday, and the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus both in Taurus. This may help with problem solving. Detach for sensible answers and resolutions. We may need to be objective or may encounter people more objective that our selves. Listen to advice, whether you follow it or decide not to. The Moon  and Mars are also aligned for action around employment, home related decisions, and work in general. Notice if you’re in a good routine or are finding that something energizes you or motivates. Make a to do list and check something off it. Wear Brown.

Friday ~ Earth Day. I’ll be on air at WMPG (app, online and 90.9 in southern Maine) from 3-5 pm and will offer some zodiac zone insights along with music, some of it earth day inspired. Capricorn Moon engages with 5 planets and all these aspects are harmonious. Act on something you want a favorable outcome for. Use Capricorn know how with Pisces intuition. Mix business and pleasure. At 11:53 pm the Moon and Pluto meet, and it’s time to rest and recharge. Act and interact with self awareness. Today’s color is Green.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon time begins at 2:17 am ET. The Moon squares the Sun in Taurus and on Sunday squares Uranus, also in Taurus. We’ll be questioning or revising what we thought was in place. Decisions and traditions are second guessed and may be diverted from. Aquarius is a sign of the future and technology. One question may be how untraditional or rebellious to be. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Easter And The Full Moon

Easter weekend

Full Moon [26 Libra 46]

– April 16, 2022 (19:55 GMT+1)

Ask anyone what they know about the full moon that takes place every 28 days and they may mention the effect the moon has on the tides or the werewolf who howls at the moon. What many people don’t realise is that the date Easter falls in the calendar is determined by the cycle of the moon and specifically the Full Moon.

Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the first Full Moon following the Equinox. This year, the Equinox fell on March 20th, two days after a Full Moon on March 18th. The next Full Moon occurs this weekend on April 16th.

Therefore, Easter Sunday is the following Sunday which happens to be one day later, April 17th. This is why Easter’s later than usual this year as there was a Full Moon only two days before the Equinox.

Both the Easter bunny and Easter eggs are ancient symbols of fertility. Traditionally, Easter is a celebration of the return of the light of spring after the dark of winter and the continual cycle of birth and new life – at least in the northern hemisphere.

Libra Full Moon

This weekend’s Full Moon highlights the axis of the zodiac that teaches us about relationships. The Sun in ‘me-first’ Aries and the Moon in ‘you decide’ Libra.

A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities by its very nature. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the heavens look at each other from across the zodiac. You can be pulled in different directions during the Full Moon phase or find a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other.

Know that this is an important Full Moon when it comes to learning to compromise (Libra) at the same time as learning when to assert your wants and needs (Aries). It’s all about balance. Find yourself in the other but don’t lose yourself in a relationship.

Notice when projection is in play and how easy it is to slip into a role dictated by another person’s personality or demands. Keep yourself strong and whole, whilst recognising the importance of relationship in your life.

Remember that the Full Moon phase is a time of heightened emotions & a positive time for celebration and ritual.  Events come to completion or culmination during the Full Moon, ready for you to release and let go of what’s no longer needed in your life.

Full Moon Square Pluto

Full Moons can also be a time of drama. During this Full Moon at 26 Libra, both the Sun & Moon will be square to Pluto at 28 Capricorn.

Pluto can flag up themes of loss or withdrawal, sometimes power games. You may have to accept that there are times when there’s nothing you can do to change someone’s mind or alter another person’s behaviour. Pluto is the planet of endings so it could be a definitive time for love, a joint venture or a business partnership. You may be the one who’s ready to let go and move on.

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