The Summer Solstice 2022

June 17th ~ 24th

Summer Solstice in Stonehenge

May my feet rest firmly on the ground

May my head touch the sky

May I see clearly

May I have the capacity to listen

May I be free to touch

May my words be true

May my heart and mind be open

May my hands be empty to fill the need

May my arms be open to others

May my gifts be revealed to me

So I may return that which has been given

Completing the great circle.

~ The Terma Collective

With the turning of the Solar Year, we have 4 significant cardinal corners marking the advent of the seasons of the year. These quarters of the year have been celebrated down the ages, and marked as ancient harvest and earth festivals that bind us to one another as well as to the Earth, in a respectful and sacred dance.

The Solstice on June 21st (or 20th depending on where you live) is one of these 4 magical corners of the year. One of the longest days in the Northern Hemisphere (and shortest in the South), it is a day of power and initiation. The fruit is on the vine here in the north, the days are hot, and we celebrate the fruition of nature’s bounty. Memorialized at sunrise by the hele-stone of Stonehenge, Midsummer has been celebrated over the centuries by lighting bonfires to cast out evil, and to welcome in prosperity and fertility for the Summer months ahead.

This is when the Sun enters Cancer, the 2nd Cardinal sign of the astrological year, a time in which we honor our roots, our heritage, our mothers, our homes, the homeland, our ancestors and the very roots of our being. Ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer is also associated with the Sea, the emotions, with empathy, caring, sentimentality, as well as our emotional foundations like family, community and that which brings us a sense of belonging.

In the hustle and bustle of the outer world, we tend to overlook the importance of our inner emotional, spiritual and psychological world. This is also the place of our imagination, our dreams, our daydreams and ideals. We ignore these, not realizing that our physical health and well-being depend also on our inner well-being.

Like an anchor in a storm, our emotional foundation tethers us to a a place of safety and security that we trust will not be shaken, no matter what happens, no matter where we are. Cancer’s association is primarily with the past, with family, with our heritage.  It is also about connecting to our deep emotional roots, whether that be our common bonds, our sense of belonging, our sense of identity… it is also about our coping methods, and where and who we go to when we look for support and security.

So we might want to stop and think for a moment: Where do I go to when I need that support and security? Who and what can I depend on to be there? What changes do I need to make in order to promote or maintain greater safety and security in my life and in my community? 

The Ingress chart for when the Sun enters Cancer sets the tone for the next quarter of the year, with an emphasis on those things that support us and make us feel safe. This can involve things like the housing market, agriculture, the stability of the communities and foundations of our lives. With squares to Moon and Jupiter in fiery Aries in this chart, the current trajectory feels unsustainable if things remain as they currently are, and that some sort of change is necessary in order to restore that stability.

Aries is a proactive sign of initiative and action compelling communities and individuals to want to take some sort of action, that will help to restore the order, and return us to a state of greater stability. Much of this is being exacerbated by Venus, Pallas and Uranus on the North Node in Taurus, the sign of financial security, and also square Saturn. This is the inference of the continuation of this year-long Uranus-in-Taurus destabilization of the global economy. All these conflicting squares imply a need for some sort of Change or Adjustment in order to get us back on track.

Litha, the Cancer Solstice, and Midsummer here in the North, was honored in ancient times with fire and drums and celebration. Even as late as the 18th century bonfires were lit on the hilltops and countryside of England. And so may we also dedicate to the sun gods, dance and pay homage to the Lord of Light at this magical time of the year. And do so in order to receive the right guidance and conditions that are needed for the global security and sustainability of our communities, homes and families.

Sagittarius Full Moon

Terracotta oinochoe (ca. 430–420 B.C.)

Sagittarius Full Moon

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 illuminates an active and dynamic period of astrology ripe with opportunities for making significant progress on developing plans and visions. Sagittarius calls beyond the blur of distant horizons, instilling vigor in pursuit of quests for meaning and targeted goals. The Full Moon in Sagittarius can catalyze desire for seeking knowledge beyond present parameters and journeying across external and internal landscapes to experience new sources of inspiration. As the lunation comes at a peak turning point of the year, a week before the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, the galvanizing fire reflected in the light of the Full Moon in Sagittarius can rouse a renewed sense of promise for the second half of 2022. No matter how dark the night, Sagittarius is a zodiacal sign especially receptive to the hope instilled each dawn as the light of the rising sun cracks open the horizon.

The inspiring promise that can be felt when watching the rebirth of light during sunrise will be especially potent in the time period surrounding the Sagittarius Full Moon, as most of the visible planets will be direct and visible as morning stars heralding the rise of the Sun. Mercury will be direct and visible in its airy home of Gemini, Venus will be direct and visible in its earthy home of Taurus, Mars will be direct and visible in its fiery home of Aries, and Jupiter will be direct and visible in its fiery triplicity of Aries. With the strong currents of so many planets being direct and visible with essential dignity creating an astrological atmosphere ideal for assertively generating forward momentum, it’s noteworthy that the Sagittarius Full Moon is applying toward a sextile aspect with Saturn retrograde in its domicile of Aquarius as well as a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. The Full Moon shining light upon the recent stationing of Saturn (Saturn stationed retrograde on June 4) while activating the boundless visionary field of Neptune makes the Sagittarius Full Moon ideal for reviewing life structures and taking stock of progress on larger life goals, finding a balance between making practical assessments and allowing for a more expansive sense of potential to be received and planned for. The Sagittarius Full Moon in aspect to Saturn and Neptune will shine light upon wherever idealistic dreams have led to expectations that need to reconfigured to the reality of one’s circumstances, making adjustments to assumptions and projections to be more grounded while also open to emerging possibilities.

Jupiter in Aries is the ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon, making the lunation especially fiery and capable of fostering enthusiastic, assertive action. Fire is the element in astrology most strongly associated with Spirit and divine inspiration, possessing a hot and dry quality that invigorates outward action as well as clarifies distinctions in decision making. With Jupiter and Mars in Aries stoking the flames of the Sagittarius Full Moon, there will be ample celestial fire available to bring about a renewal of meaningful purpose and open vision to potential that had previously been restrained or blocked from perception. The fire of the Full Moon in Sagittarius will feed on whatever knowledge and experience inspires us, whether it be from philosophical revelations, captivating stories, or in physical, sensory engagement with the natural world.

Further quickening the tempo of the time period following the Sagittarius Full Moon is the collaborative, harmonious aspect taking shape between Mercury in Gemini with Jupiter in Aries. Mercury in Gemini is applying to its third sextile aspect with Jupiter that will become exact on June 20 around the same time as the Cancer Solstice. Mercury previously formed a sextile aspect with Jupiter on April 26 while direct and on May 19 while retrograde, and so we may gain resolution or reach a new level of growth and evolution regarding projects and relationships that have been developing since the end of April and underwent important renovations during the period of Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus from May 10 to June 3. Mercury in Gemini will reach maximum elongation as a Morning Star on June 16, demarcating the solar phase of Mercury in which the fleet footed messenger planet picks up speed so that it moves increasingly faster than the Sun and likewise increases the pace of mental pursuits. Mercury being powerful by both zodiacal sign and solar phase will amplify capacity for making mental connections, communicating understanding, and flexibly shifting perception and awareness as needed to discover deeper meaning and bring into form the imaginal visions of Jupiter.

In addition to the harmonious interplay between Mercury picking up speed in Gemini with Jupiter in Aries, Mars is further revving up the rhythm of events and action due to occupying its fiery, outwardly directed home of Aries. Yet Mars is also applying to an exact conjunction with Chiron during the Full Moon, adding complexity and possible trials by fire to whatever goals the combined presence of Mars and Jupiter in Aries have been inspiring us to chase after. Mars combined with Chiron in Aries may force us to face whatever old wounds, defense mechanism, or psychological blocks are in the way of claiming a more assertive sense of agency in going after what we want in life. This is the second conjunction between Mars and Chiron since Chiron entered Aries in 2018, with the previous conjunction occurring on July 14, 2020; with Jupiter additionally present in Aries this time, the mentoring side of Chiron will be available to assist in bridging between old, inauthentic identities ready to be released with a more vital sense of self that requires passing through unsettling, radical change in order to become more fully realized. Though the pace of life may feel quickened, the presence of Chiron with Mars invites patience and measured contemplation regarding the next steps to take rather than rushing full speed ahead.

Greek, Silver ring with Maenad (ca. late 5th century B.C.)

Unlike Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, Venus is not occupying a sign known for speed. However, while Venus in Taurus is known for slowing things down and sinking into a deeper sense of sensation, during the period surrounding the Sagittarius Full Moon the movement of Venus through its fixed, earthy home of Taurus will be actively catalyzing significant developments. Under the light of the lunation, Venus will be separating from a conjunction with Uranus and applying toward a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, as well as applying toward a tense square aspect with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and a creative sextile aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Since Uranus and the North Node of the Moon are occupying the domicile of Venus, the reception between Venus with Uranus and the North Node will amplify desires for new growth that feels exciting and fosters full passion in being alive. Especially due to the recent experience of eclipses (on April 30 and May 16) in which the Sun was aligned with the North Node of the Moon, the activation of the North Node by Venus will promote taking significant steps and making important decisions regarding whatever new storylines took shape in April and May.

Yet with Venus heading toward a square aspect with Saturn that will become exact on June 18, it will be necessary to bring a reality check toward desires to test which ones can securely take root and blossom in one’s circumstances, versus which ones are not able to align with the demands of necessity. The activation of the longstanding square aspect between Saturn and Uranus that has instigated numerous disruptions to global structures in the past couple of years will bring more issues to the surface revealing personal and collective systems and structures that are at a breaking point or in need of reform. With so many current events causing additional disruption to longstanding issues such as economic supply chains, it can feel difficult for many to plan for the future given so many looming uncertainties. As Venus receives the North Node of the Moon through a conjunction and then moves across aspects with Saturn and Neptune on June 18, pay attention to messages regarding what needs to shift within plans and relational dynamics to align more effectively with changing conditions. As societal and personal structures continue to undergo radical change, there will also be new potential paths opening up full of exciting creative opportunities that the current transit of Venus will also be able to bring to your attention.

10 of Wands by Pamela Colman Smith

Sagittarius 3 Decan

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will illuminate the third decan of Sagittarius associated with the Ten of Wands card illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith.  Human toil, endurance and perseverance are some of the immediate associations evoked by the image of determination, as this card has been associated with oppressive dynamics and limitations we must face and work through when following ambitious desires. The third face of Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn and the Sun, bringing together within its space of relentless determination the polarized tension between the limiting contraction of Saturn and the animating spirit of the Sun. T Susan Chang in her book 36 Secrets on tarot and the decans observed that the image of the wand bearer precariously burdened by the weight of the ten wands blocking his sight suggests the need to “consider carefully whether you are going to drop [the wands] in front of your own stumbling feet, or behind you so you can move on.” Chang wrote that the Ten of Wands can be “our greatest victory- the final forging of our legend,” as well as circumstances in which “we can literally flame out, in an orgy of destruction that consumes either ourselves, or others, or both.” Chang concluded that since the Ten of Wands can signify “a sense of suffocation, being smothered in obligations” it requires creating “a little leeway to breathe freely, play by [Saturn’s] rules and schedule the downtime” as needed.

Austin Coppock ascribed the image of “A Horse’s Skull” to the third face of Sagittarius in his book on the decans 36 Faces, describing how it reveals the unification of mind, body, and spirit through committed work and effort yoked to a goal.  Coppock also wrote that the final face of Sagittarius brings a reckoning regarding whatever needs to be sacrificed in pursuit of desires, noting that “those who walk this face must choose which burdens they will bear to the bitter end, and which are not worthy of such feats of will and endurance.” It’s further significant that both the Picatrix and Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy warn of the “evil inclinations” that can be harbored within this decan for those overly desperate to achieve objectives. Coppock described the intoxicating pursuit of victory that is found in this face, noting a need to realize when the “desperate fervor” of this decan’s power is appropriate and when it is inappropriate and will exact “a heavy toll.”

In keeping with themes of necessity, the Hellenistic text The 36 Airs of the Zodiac proclaimed the presence of the primordial goddess Ananke in the third face of Sagittarius.  Ananke is the mother of the Fates, the overseer of souls incarnating in Plato’s Myth of Er, and is the primordial mother of creation in some strands of Orphic cosmology who governs the cyclic nature of the cosmos. Ananke is the goddess of Necessity whose watchful eyes alert us to whatever actions needs to be taken and whatever responsibilities need to fulfilled as we contend with the burdens of Necessity. Yet as the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” suggests, Ananke also gives birth to creation with her constraints a necessary aspect of all creative processes that will bring new forms into our world. Honor Ananke and her sacred cycles as you contemplate the insights received during the Sagittarius Full Moon, allowing the limitations of Necessity to help shape and strengthen the creative desires emerging from within so you may clarify the goals worthy of committing yourself fully into following until the end of their manifestation.


Chang, T. Susan. (2021). 36 Secrets: A Decanic Journey through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. Anima Mundi Press.

Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14, 2022

Will we be seduced by denial or be willing to suck it up and make the tough choices? This Full Moon at 23° 25’ Sagittarius on 14 June 2022, 04:52 AM PDT finds the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces as well as making harmonious aspects to Saturn in Aquarius. It could get messy.

Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces are currently exactly semi-sextile which they have been since late April and will be until after the solstice. It’s really an odd mix of energies that don’t blend well at all. Neptune rolls along in a dreamy fog bank encouraging us to believe faith and prayer will solve all our problems. Saturn promotes a very different agenda which focuses on setting clear boundaries and rational appraisals. These differences are highlighted on this Full Moon. Mutable signs have a slight edge which encourages those in denial to stay there, even though it is quite obvious to others that isn’t working well at all. Another factor is squares are noted for demanding attention while trines can easily fade into the background. The smart move is to listen carefully to what Saturn in Aquarius is telling us which is to take responsibility for our mistakes in order to build a better future for everyone.

Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, is in Aries which is good for the Sagittarius Moon but it is unaspected on this lunation. This will emphasize Jupiter in Aries’s natural tendency to take independent action with no brakes. Here’s a thought about the difference between Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Pisces tells us to dream big while Jupiter in Aries comes along and tells us to act on those dreams. Those who took the time to build a proper foundation for those dreams are far more likely to see positive results now that Jupiter is in Aries. If the foundation was created from sand it will wash away with the high tide, a reminder Neptune is still in watery Pisces.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is back home in Gemini yet still is within orb of an out-of-sign trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury in Gemini sees it main job as disseminating information, often with no filters in place. There is the potential to see very damaging secrets being revealed, particularly concerning those in positions of power. With Pluto in Capricorn involved heads will roll. Brace for a deluge of buck passing and blame games following those revelations.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is gradually waning but still within orb on this lunation. The only aspect aggressive Mars in Aries makes is a semi-sextile to the Venus-Uranus conjunction. This set up could prove stressful for our relationships, likely due to overly hasty decisions made when the Venus-Uranus conjunction was exact last weekend. One thing to be grateful for is Venus is a fast moving planet and will quickly draw away from both Mars and Uranus. Once Venus conjoins the North Node in Taurus on Thursday at 22° Taurus clarity about our love and money concerns should begin to return. For now, it might be a good idea to rein in our tempers and listen carefully to all sides of the story.

We will need both the Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Sun to connect all the disparate elements in this lunation chart. Gemini to collect the data and Sagittarius to connect the dots. There is a strong possibility irrational exuberance and/or baseless fears will make an appearance which always makes getting to the truth more challenging. We could easily find ourselves experiencing data overload and end up needing to call for a time out. Taking a deep breath and simply stopping for a few moments to find our centers should be helpful. If possible, choose a calm, rational approach and work on setting clearly defined boundaries. As always, practice kindness, patience and tolerance. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © David Soldano

Full Moon Super Moon in Sagittarius

June 10th ~ 17th

“Full Moon Super Moon” by Dan Collier

If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way. ~ Emile Zola

This month’s Full Moon is also a Supermoon, a term originally coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 defining a Full Moon that is also within 90% of its perigee, or its closest point to the earth in its current orbit. This gives the Moon the appearance of being larger than usual in the night sky. We are not yet even fully out of the orbs of the recent eclipses yet here we are with this expansive Full Moon. Its effect on the tides and the shifting tectonic plates are acknowledged, but know that their effects on the tides and affairs of humankind are also enhanced.

The Full Moon at 23º Sagittarius 25’ falls on Tuesday, June 14th, in most places in the world, and will be at its fullest the night of the 13-14th. Not much can remain hidden in the vast illumination of the Super Full Moon where all things come to light, even the most shadowy and illusive.

The sign Sagittarius is about the quest for Truth and Understanding. And with Jupiter in fiery Aries, this Moon supports all those fighting for righteous causes, Truth and Justice. Closely square shadowy Neptune, even the most insidious secrets and deceptions can and will be revealed within the aegis of this Moon.

There is no room for blind faith or romantic delusions with this Moon. We are being asked to look at things clearly and objectively, and to be able to see through the nuances and the propaganda. To be realistic, even in the face of deliberate obfuscation. And even beyond what we might hope or prefer to be true.

Saturn only just stationed retrograde last week, and is sextile the Full Moon. It is during the Saturn retrograde period that we are asked to reevaluate our boundaries, rules and regulations, and even our laws. Are they too weak? Too strong? Saturn square Mercury was asking us to make some hard choices, and in light of the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, we are being asked to do the Right Thing. But in order to know what the right thing is, we are needing to get back to our core values. Not necessarily what we are told we are supposed to believe. But what we know according to our own conscience is right and true.

When the Moon is Full we are being asked to step back and reassess our current situation. Especially in light of whatever new information is being revealed. We see the consequences of decisions made in the past, or due to indifference or neglect. And although this is a time of harvest, it is also an opportunity to make whatever changes and adjustments are necessary.

It is easy to be confused when the Full Moon is square Neptune. Our hearts are full, and we are not quite sure what to believe or who to trust. We can fall down a deep well of assumptions and misinformation with these Neptune squares. But the Full Moon is also closely sextile Saturn, asking us to revise, shore up our boundaries, set appropriate limits, and create a realistic and achievable plan for the future.

The general tone of the Full Moon in Sagittarius wants us to expand our vision beyond our previous expectations, to restore hope, explore new horizons and to rekindle inspiration. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is in Aries, a sign of new beginnings and new discoveries. In light of the square to Neptune, and the sextile to Saturn, we might all want to ask ourselves:

  • According to my own conscience, what do I believe in my heart of hearts to be true and just?

  • What does true freedom mean? What sorts of responsibilities does that freedom entail?

  • How can I best share what I believe to be true with others, in a way that I can be clearly understood?

  • Where have I been led astray? And how can I get myself back on track?

  • What more do I need to learn, discover or become informed about?

What this Moon is good for:

  • Spiritual readings. Looking at things from another perspective. Drawing down the Moon.

  • Mystic quests and journeys. Exploring new horizons. Traveling or going on an adventure.

  • Going hiking, horseback riding, or on a road trip. Getting lost in order to find yourself again.

  • Planning a vacation.Expanding your world.

  • Philosophizing on life. Attending a teaching or lecture. Feeding your mind. Seeking the Truth.

  • Generously giving with an open heart.

  • Laughing joyously and audaciously. Appreciating the irony of a situation.