Gemini Horoscope July 2022

Gemini horoscope July 2022, travel

Money Matters

Your ruling planet Mercury plays a key part in this month’s astrology. This is because Mercury moves through Cancer and your personal money sector from the 5th to the 19th. The Sun is also here up until the 22nd.

This means that the areas of money and value are highlighted strongly in your horoscope for most of July. The Full Moon on the 13th could be a decisive moment regarding money. The Full Moon cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac ruling finances for you, your money and money that belongs to other people or organisations.

You may be dealing with expenses or debt but the advice is to tie up loose ends as best you can. It might be helpful to cut your losses to ensure your financial security. If you know you need to ditch the debt, trust your intuition on or around the Full Moon.

The beginning of July could also be pivotal for money. Mars is in Aries up until the 5th and your friendship and group sector. It’s here where there’s push and thrust, whether you’re joining a political party or turning into an activist.

Team up with the right people but do avoid financial deals, especially on the 2nd. This is because there’s a tough clash between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn on this date. Do what’s right for you and avoid getting involved in other people’s money issues.

What does help is Venus’ move into Cancer on the 18th where she remains until mid-August. Family or loved ones could be there to help you out financially.

Or, perhaps you’re the one who’s extending your generosity to benefit the ones you love. Cancer is a sharing, caring star sign so pool expenses when you can and lean on friends and loved ones for support.

Another stand-out date is the 16th when your planet Mercury sits next to the Sun in Cancer. Who can you talk to or reach out to for financial advice or help? This would be a great date to ask for a pay rise or come up with new ideas around earnings.

Love & Popularity

With Venus in your star sign Gemini until the 18th, you’re likely to be popular if not in love. People power remains strong this month and friends and loved ones could bring happiness and good cheer your way, at least from the 5th onwards.

You only have the Goddess of love in your horoscope approximately once a year so make the most of Venus in Gemini. It’s an ideal time for dating, mating and winning over people of influence. The 13th & 14th are days when Venus is especially strong. Book a holiday with your partner or go on a romantic date.

A Social Vibe

From the 19th onwards, your ruler Mercury is lively in Leo and your communication sector. Mercury is joined by the Sun in Leo on the 22nd.

This combination is sociable and cheerful. It’s a good time to make new friends and get the right people on your side. Unleash your gift of the gab and be your charming, persuasive self.

Allies and friends in high places could be a strong support for you towards the end of July. Work at your friendships and improve your network & connections.

The planet of opportunity & travel Jupiter is strong in Aries and your friendship sector. Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th boosting its potential. Jupiter’s power peaks on the 23rd & 31st, also during the New Moon in Leo on the 28th.

You could be exceptionally busy towards the end of the month, especially if you’re trading, selling or getting more involved in your local community.

In business, word-of-mouth recommendations are your best-selling tool. In whatever way you’re looking for support or advice, reach out to others and create a strong network of people around you.

The last week of the month looks wonderful for celebration and good fun. Celebrate a friend’s birthday, travel far & wide, go to a festival with your friends. Join in with any activity close to home that lifts your spirits and boosts your high-energy vibe.

Last-Minute Merchant

There’s a flexible, slightly unpredictable vibe towards the end of July. This is due to Uranus, the planet of change and spontaneity, which aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus on the 26th. This often indicates the wheel of destiny turning.

Uranus’ planetary energy is vibrant. Take advantage of a last-minute opportunity, flex your adaptable muscles and show willing. Keep your schedule easy and light and if you need to dash off and see someone unexpectedly, go for it. Move things around to suit you but be aware that plans could change suddenly.

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Taurus Horoscope July 2022

Taurus horoscope July 2022, travelling

Into Battle

Action planet Mars is strong this month blazing a trail through fire sign Aries until the 5th when it enters your star sign Taurus. Mars remains in Taurus until August 20th.

Before Mars moves into Taurus, Mars in Aries clashes with Pluto in Capricorn on the 2nd – this is a combustible planetary clash. It could flag up a situation which makes you angry, perhaps to do with travel or study. Finding your plans are changed. Or, discovering you can’t do the things you want to do.

Ensure you let off steam constructively and channel your emotions well. Try not to get caught up in a conflict that wears you out, whether legal or otherwise. Consider carefully which battles are worth fighting and where you’re wise to let go and conserve your energies.

Note that Mars is your partner planet so this potentially challenging astrology could relate to your other half or someone close. If s/he is heading for burn out, you may need to be the one to step in, counsel and lend a hand.

Mars’ move into Taurus could boost your drive and ambition. Or, perhaps you’re more angry with the world. Notice where your anger goes and try not to turn it on yourself. Stay physically fit and let off steam if you’re feeling pent up or tense.

This could out to be an argumentative month especially on or around the 26th. This is when Mars clashes with Mercury, the communication planet, which sometimes indicates a falling out or a difference of opinion.

Planet Venus

Your ruling planet Venus continues its transit through Gemini and your personal money sector up until the 18th. As Venus moves through this part of your horoscope, it’s a good time to reflect on your values and consider your self-worth. You may sense a shift in the way you earn or spend money and your financial values could be undergoing a transitional phase.

As a star sign that values security, both financial and emotional, you are moving through a new chapter in your life. You might become less interested in the trappings of the material world and more interested in freedom or pursuing a spiritual path. Find your purpose beyond the mundane and everyday. Explore these themes deeply throughout July.

On the 26th, the planet of change Uranus is active in Taurus when it aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus. This often indicates that the wheel of destiny kicks in moving you in a new direction.

This could be particularly significant for you if your birthday falls on May 8th or 9th. Yet, for everyone born under the sign of the Bull, this could be a key marker in the year, a time when your compass switches 180° moving you in a new direction & fast.

From the 18th onwards, Venus is in Cancer lighting up your communication sector and life close to home. You may choose to reconnect with friends, neighbours, relatives and your local community.

Venus in Cancer is caring and kind and you might be doing what you can to help other people, especially on or around the 25th. Or, perhaps you’re the one to receive an unexpected compliment or gift.

Study & Learning

The Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd and is joined by talk planet Mercury from the 5th to the 19th. This gives a nod towards studying or learning something new. You might be finding out facts or gaining new information.

These themes are emphasised during the Full Moon on the 13th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. You could be waiting on exam results or want to hear more about a course or study programme.

Travel falls under the Capricorn umbrella and this would be a good time to make up your mind whether to book a trip – or not. One way or another, it’s an ideal date to make a key decision

It’s also about learning and knowledge, the bigger picture, the part you play within the world. Your beliefs are powerful now. It’s a time when you may need something greater than yourself to believe in.

Home & Family Moves

Your home and family sector is highlighted towards the end of the month. The Sun shines bright in Leo from the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is in Leo from the 19th onwards. This suggests it’s a good time to catch up with loved ones or make a significant move at home.

There’s a buzz in this area of your horoscope towards the end of July and it’s a positive time to ring the changes and do things differently. The New Moon falls in Leo on the 28th, an excellent date to arrange a get-together or initiate home renovations or a property move.

You might be transported back to the past and this could be beneficial or lucky for you. The planet of opportunity Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries on the 28th. As it does so, it triggers the Sun & Mercury in Leo.

This would be an ideal time for a family celebration or finding your ideal home. The key dates are the 23rd, 28th & 31st. Breath life into your dreams, believe in yourself and trust that life will continue to move you in the right direction.

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Aries Horoscope July 2022

Aries horoscope July 2022, walkies

Mars’ Power

As July begins, your stars suggest you could be on a mission. Your ruling planet Mars remains dominant in your star sign Aries until the 5th. And, on the 2nd, there’s a powerful Mars-Pluto clash – Mars in Aries versus Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is speed, action & anger, Pluto often represents the plutocracy, the authorities.

Aries is your personal sector, Capricorn rules your career and vocation sector, your status and reputation. It can be about your parents or elders, the establishment or the hierarchy too. A good question to ask as July begins is ‘what are you up against, who are you fighting and why?’

If you find yourself in an impossible situation, it may be hard to put up with things – a difficult boss or injustice, for example. You could choose to channel your forthright, courageous Aries nature into taking on the establishment and pushing for change.

The Mars-Pluto clash can be angry or raging and your impulsive nature could kick in big-time. It may be wise to put off making a big decision until the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th.

Pluto is again active during the Full Moon and this could be the time to decide whether you stay or go. Pluto can be about closing the door and not going back.

Money Moves

Your planet Mars moves into Taurus and your personal money sector on the 5th where it remains until August 20th. Mars is a slow and steady earth sign whereas your ruler Mars wants to move fast.

It’s not a great fit so consider whether you’re wise to favour a slow and steady approach around money – or not. What are you working towards? Keep your eye on the ball around finances and dig deep.

Money could be the reason for an argument on or around the 26th. It’s towards the end of the money when there’s a sense of urgency around finances. This has a lot to do with Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change and surprise.

On the 26th, Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus. This combination can turn the wheel of destiny, either in your favour or away from you. Therefore, this may be an unpredictable time for you financially.

Keep your eye on the ball when it comes to money matters. You may want more freedom financially or be reconsidering what security means to you. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Uranus is rarely a stable and steady influence. Instead, it’s a planet with a roller-coaster vibe and you’re wise to be flexible and adaptable around money matters when Uranus is active.

Home & Family

Home and family remain important throughout July because of the emphasis on the star sign Cancer. The Sun’s here until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury’s in Cancer from the 5th to the 19th. This would be an ideal month to communicate with loved ones and make some key decisions around your home, your living situation or family.

You might want to retreat and slow down the pace of life and it could be a sentimental month. Care and counsel may be needed. You might be the one turning to loved ones for advice or support, especially around money. Alternatively, you need to step in to take care of the ones you love.

Love planet Venus enters Cancer and your home and family sector on the 18th. Notice who plays a supportive role in your life. You might be redecorating or making the garden look more beautiful. Venus in Cancer favours harmony and beauty in equal measure.

Romance & Fun

The Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd feels like a blessing for you. This lights up the sector of your horoscope which rules play, creative projects, children, romance & entertainment. The light returns when the Sun moves into Leo and hope and faith are never far away.

You could champion love once the Sun is in Leo and unleash your passionate nature. This is leading up the New Moon in Leo on the 28th, a lovely date for asking someone out, spending quality time with your kids or putting play and entertainment high up your list of priorities.

On the same day as the New Moon, the 28th, big planet Jupiter turns retrograde in your star sign Aries. This is powerful planetary energy for you and it’s a good time to take a risk, speculate, throw caution to the winds.

This may not be a financial move but a choice to live life to the full, expand your horizons, say yes to new opportunities. What do you want to ‘give birth to’, how you can use this creative energy in your own life?

Fire sign energy is strong for you at the end of the month – motivated, spontaneous and fun. The stand-out dates are the 23rd & 31st, both of which could be lucky for you.

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The astrology of Clarence Thomas

When I have a session with a new client, I like the astrology to speak for itself. I never Google the client, or look at their website when they send me a link. Rather than try to fit the astrology into my idea of who the person is, I would rather see what the astrology says since my view may be flawed. That process is more difficult when doing a profile for a public person. We see their actions, and we have an opinion about them. And while I try to remain neutral in these profiles my bias will sometimes leak into the astrological information. This post is about Clarence Thomas as a human being and is not meant to be an endorsement of his political influence.

Clarence Thomas has a fascinating biography. He was born into a poor Gullah community (descendants of slaves who have lived relatively intact in the sea communities of Georgia and South Carolina since post-slavery times) and went on to attend Yale law school and sit on the highest court of the land.

(Thanks as always to for hunting down accurate birth information.) Thomas was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign of deep feelings and love of family. Cancerians tend to have a strong sense of history and connection to community. Thomas’s Sun conjoins Mercury, planet of the mind, which always suggests an individual of high intelligence; however, when the planet of the mind is in the sign of feelings, there is an emotionality in thought and communication that is not always helpful. The Sun/Mercury pairing includes the addition of Venus (relating) – a Cancerian stellium of deep sentimentality and like the crab it symbolizes, a rough outer shell which hides a well of emotion and vulnerability.

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Capricorn, Cancer’s polarity, is rising in the chart – where Cancer is steeped in that deep emotionality, Capricorn teaches us to forget about our feelings and do the things that have to be done. In modern parlance, to put on our big boy pants and do the Thing.  Where the Cancer Sun reveals the essence of the man, the Capricorn ascendant describes the way we see him.

The emotions of Cancer can be difficult for a man who until recently was taught that feelings aren’t manly and achievement is the ultimate goal. That would be especially true for someone with Thomas’s background who fought his way through racism and prejudice into Yale law school and the Supreme Court. And it’s also especially true for someone with an Aquarius Moon as Thomas has. Saturn rules the Capricorn ascendant, and Saturn also rules his Aquarius Moon. A strong Saturn can make for a lonely life, but it can also teach endurance and the blessing of success. However, for a chart like this that success can come at the cost of emotional freedom.

All of this is exacerbated by a difficult Saturn placement in the chart. Saturn, planet of self-doubt, is in Leo, the sign of the Self, which often suggests a person who denigrates his own need for recognition and self-regard for the sake of others. Saturn conjoins Pluto, planet of fate and power, and both planets are in the seventh house of partnership. If you’ve read anything about Ginni Thomas this may help to explain some things about their marriage as she is a very strong and driving personality. Sadly though, Chiron (wounding and healing) is locked in a challenging square to both Saturn and Pluto, a very difficult planetary aspect that reveals deep seated wounds and emotional scars that require a great deal of introspection and willingness to face traumatic emotions in order to heal.

Fortunately for Thomas he has a strong Jupiter placement in its own sign of Sagittarius, bringing abundant good fortune and positivity through the eleventh house of associations and social connections. Jupiter opposes Uranus, planet of rebellion, indicating a strongly independent streak that belies the strict fundamentalism of the powerful Saturn influence.

Many pages could be written about this chart, but to keep it succinct so I don’t lose too many of you I’d like to end with this quote from fellow justice Sonia Sotomayor in a speech on June 19, 2022. This is an unexpected side of Clarence Thomas that we don’t often see in the news, but which we can see revealed in the astrological chart.

I suspect I have probably disagreed with him more than with any other justice, that we have not joined each other’s opinions more than anybody else. And yet Justice [Clarence] Thomas is the one justice in the building that literally knows every employee’s name. Every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he remembers their families’ names and histories. He’s the first one who will go up to someone, when you’re walking with him, and say, “Is your son OK? How’s your daughter doing in college?” He’s the first one that when my stepfather died sent me flowers in Florida. He is a man who keeps cares deeply about the court as an institution, about the people who work there, but about people. . . . You really can’t begin to understand an adversary unless you step away from looking at their views as motivated in bad faith, but until you can look at their views and think about what the human reaction is that’s motivating those views.


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Astrological news this week: Watery realms under the Cancer New Moon and Neptune station


Astrological update for the week of June 27-July 4, 2022

Neptune stations retrograde.  The role of Neptune is to inspire the transcendence of ordinary life and ascension into a more illuminated experience of creative inspiration. Under its influence Spirit blossoms into the material world. Neptune is associated with experiences that bring spiritual bliss, but idealism and imagination can also bring confusion and self-deception if we’re not aware. Neptune’s role in the astrological pantheon, in my opinion, is to encourage us to seek out experiences which teach us that we are spiritual beings in a human experience.

This week Neptune turns retrograde. Like all of the outer planets, Neptune appears to travel retrograde for about half the year so this in itself is not a big story unless you yourself are under its influence right now. However, Neptune is associated with the spread of viruses and disease, and the past three Neptune stations (change of direction) have coincided with a new variant that took the Covid-19 virus in a new direction. Alpha & Beta both erupted a week after a Neptune station (SD) November 28, 2020. Delta was named one week after the Neptune station (SR) on June 25, 2021. And Omicron emerged a week before the Neptune station (SD) on December 1, 2021.

I’ve been watching the news to see if that pattern will continue, and so far it is only the Omicron variant that itself is mutating into lots of different subvariants. That could suggest that the Covid-19 virus itself is weakening, which would be very good news. Hopefully that will continue.

In any event, Neptune is a slow moving planet, and when it makes a “station” before changing direction it can remain at the same degree for a long time (Neptune has not moved more than a degree in the past three months) which makes it especially potent for anyone with planets between 20 and 29 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini) who are being affected by a Neptune transit right now.

Cancer New Moon. The New Moon occurs on Tuesday June 28 at 10:52 pm EDT.  A New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to delve deep into our feelings and see what they are trying to teach us – the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this is a double whammy of emotional content. Cancer is the sign of the family and nurturing those we love, but it also extends to our ancestors, our tribal affiliations, the inheritance of our clan.  Many of us have chosen our own clan and have created new family linkages, and these are extremely important to the development of humanity.  The more aware we become, and as our wisdom becomes deeper and broader, the more we need to share it with others rather than stay comfortably protected in a womb of safety.

This New Moon chart includes a strong square aspect to Jupiter in fiery Aries, heightening the impulses of need and desire which need to be balanced against the Cancerian need to fit into the tribal unit. A conjunction from the Black Moon Lilith (primal rage against oppression) to the New Moon could be interesting, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions. In addition, Mars in its own sign of Aries conjoins the new planet Eris which points to a certain amount of disruption. While Venus (relating) is in an awkward aspect to the New Moon and relationships could be challenged by a lack of easy communication, a harmonious aspect from Jupiter to Venus will help to grace all of our interactions with a sense of bountiful support.

Every New Moon is the beginning of a new phase of experience and an opportunity to create new intentions. Under this Cancer New Moon the question is how to strengthen our own resolve and occupy our own space more authentically (Mars and Jupiter in Aries) while still finding the comfort of integrating into our families and communities. For many of us the very word “family” is super-charged so I prefer to think of this as the tribe. Who are my people, and how can I integrate into this tribe while retaining my own individuality – that is the question posed by this New Moon.

Mars square Pluto.  I like to think of Pluto as a higher octave planet to Mars. Mars represents our individual Will, and I think of Pluto as the Will of the Higher Self. Mars is desire, and Pluto points the way to personal evolution and ultimate empowerment. But Mars is by its nature very willful, especially when traveling through Aries which it rules. It does not easily submit to a fate which does not support our personal desires.  Challenging aspects between Mars and Pluto can result in power struggles and there is a danger of violence if those power struggles escalate.  The exact square from Mars in Aries to Pluto occurs late in the evening EDT on July 1 but will be in effect for much of the week.

Under the influence of the Cancerian New Moon everyone’s emotions are heightened. Cancer is highly emotional and brings out the feelings that can sometimes be ignored, and the strong Mars influence can turn emotions into anger pretty quickly. (It’s useful to note that underneath rage we often find deep sadness.)  This would not be the best week to engage in difficult conversations that could easily trigger a firecracker of emotion with no easy remedy, although that nice aspect from Venus to Jupiter described above will help to soften most of our interactions.

I know this sounds challenging, but these powerful planetary dynamics can enrich our human experience and bring deep wisdom. The New Moon in Cancer especially can awaken a new level of emotional intelligence and begin a new cycle of emotional freedom. ❤️


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