New Moon October 6, 2021 – Revenge

The Libra new moon on October 6, 2021 aligns with Mars. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon October 2021 astrology relates to energy, passion and initiative, but also anger and violence. The October 2021 new moon also makes a difficult aspect to Uranus which brings impatience, radical change and rebellion. Added to this, […]

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Lunar Eclipse: Modern Humanity’s Reaction to its Total Solar Eclipse in Taurus

by Jude Cowell
September 21, 2021:
Below is a view of the DC Horoscope showing the Lunar Eclipse of May 11, 1892 @21Sco39 which provides us with clues concerning Modern Humanity’s instinctive reactions to the karmic conditions associated with our Total Prenatal Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1982 (7Tau05) which manifested four days prior to the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (7Gem41). Their