Aries Horoscope May 2021

Home & Security

Throughout the month of May, your ruling planet Mars is in the water sign Cancer. Cancer is the star sign at the base of your horoscope ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from.

Out in the world, things are moving quickly. Perhaps, your mind is racing too. Yet, it will benefit you this month to find a place of retreat, some safety and security in your life. Water signs, like Cancer, rule the emotional realm and urge you to find your flow.

Money too is important for most of the month as the Sun remains in Taurus and your personal money sector until the 20th. The New Moon in Taurus on the 11th is a stand-out date, ideal to set your intentions around money or start a new money-making project.

On the 12th, Mars aligns with innovative Uranus in Taurus, great for spontaneous moves. You might be able to help someone out in your family. Or, perhaps support is flowing in your direction.

Mercury Gemini

Your mind is going to be lively because communication planet Mercury enters Gemini on the 4th where it remains until mid-July, an unusually long time for Mercury to be in one star sign.

This is because, on the 29th of this month, Mercury turns retrograde and remains on go slow until June 22nd. It’s important to be aware of this. If there’s anything in particular you need to sort out this month, leap to it before the last week of May.

Gemini rules communication in your horoscope so it’s important to back up files and correspondence before the Mercury retrograde phase kicks in. Also, ensure any transport niggles are checked out before the end of May as Gemini represents all forms of communication and movement.

Gemini is the star sign linked to study and education in your horoscope. So, you may have a thirst for learning, reading or writing.

You may be out and about in your local community, helping others or making new friends. Even if you can’t go far, it’s important to have people close by whom you can interact with. Fire signs like yourself need an outlet for your energy & motivation.

Lunar Eclipse

On the 26th, three days before Mercury turns retrograde, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse. This eclipse is part of the cycle that began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

This month’s eclipse cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and the educational sectors of your horoscope. Therefore, it’s about schools and teaching, learning and knowledge, travel and new experiences. Eclipses are game-changers.

With Mercury also turning retrograde three days later, you can’t rule out last-minute changes to your plans. Perhaps, a course has to be postponed or cancelled or a trip away has to be rescheduled.

The exact date of the eclipse is a time to pause and reassess. Wait and see what emerges, where you can take advantage and what you need to let go of.

Some hopes or dreams may have to be shelved or released and put back in the drawer for now. For some of you, this could coincide with a disappointment or feeling disillusioned with what’s happening in the world.

When in doubt, read, research and gather as much information as you can. That’s what Mercury retrograde is good for, retracing your steps, reviewing and revising your plans. If you’re a writer, this month and next look lively for getting your ideas out of your head and on to the page.

Jupiter Enters Pisces

More big news this month is planet Jupiter on the move leaving air sign Aquarius and entering water sign Pisces on the 14th. Jupiter remains here until July 28th and dives deep once more into Pisces on December 29th later this year.

At its best, Jupiter creates luck and opportunity and Jupiter’s move into Pisces turns your attention to the most hidden sector of your horoscope. It’s a quiet place, one that can be deeply spiritual.

This is your opportunity to focus on your inner world, develop your spirituality, your trust and faith in life and the universe. You will see more clearly the connection between mind, body and spirit and would benefit from going on retreat or bringing more silence and solitude into your life.

With your ruler Mars in Cancer and Jupiter’s move through Pisces, having somewhere you can rest and take a step back from the busyness of life is essential. A home by the sea or some time on a boat would be ideal.

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Libra May Horoscope 2021

As May begins, your ruling planet Venus is in Taurus and the sector of your horoscope which rules joint finances and shared resources. Taurus is one of the earth signs and this turns your attention towards making money, security and putting down roots.

Venus remains in Taurus until the 9th but the Sun is here until the 20th. Most importantly, there’s a New Moon in Taurus on the 11th. This is a symbol of new beginnings and an ideal date to sign a contract or update your finances.

The influence on Taurus in the first half of May is not only about money, but how money flows from one generation to another. You may take a trip into your past or find that the legacy of your past comes your way in the form of a gift or inheritance.

You may meet up with someone from your family or childhood whom you haven’t seen for a long time. Or, perhaps you’re visiting the grave of someone dear to you or taking a pilgrimage.

Broadening Your Horizons

Yet, other important planetary influences kick in this month too. From the 4th onwards, there’s a strong emphasis on your fellow air sign Gemini, ruling travel and distant horizons, learning and knowledge.

Communication planet Mercury is here from the 4th and Venus, your planet, enters Gemini on the 9th. Plus, the Sun completes the trio in Gemini on the 20th.

You may be making plans to travel this summer or be considering a study course or new area of learning. Certainly, it’s the right time to focus on the bigger picture as you have action planet Mars in Cancer and your career and future sector throughout May.

For some of you, things could happen quickly this month, whether you’re starting a new job or taking on a new position of responsibility. Keep thinking what next and consider your qualifications and what will help you in the long-term future.

Lunar Eclipse/Mercury Retrograde

There is some tricky astrology later in the month which is why you’re wise to crack on sooner rather than later. You may need to be super flexible if you’re planning to travel or study. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 29th and remains on go slow until June 22nd. This is invariably a time when your plans change and you have to revise or rework what you want to do.

Secondly, there’s a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac on the 26th. This eclipse is part of the eclipse cycle which began in June 2020 and lasts until December 2021.

You may already know what this is about in your life, especially if you’re on a new course of study, a spiritual path or you’re teaching others.

Eclipses are rarely easy but they point to where profound change is possible. Sometimes, they close a door on you and you have to find a new door to open.

You may have to retake an exam or you start to feel unsure of your next steps. If you can, allow yourself time and space to wander and dream and seek new experiences.

Being somewhere new or different could bring with it a fresh perspective so don’t become too invested in your plans. Sometimes, life’s diversions work out beautifully.

Jupiter Enters Pisces

The big astrology this month involves big planet Jupiter on the move. On the 14th, Jupiter leaves air sign Aquarius and enters water sign Pisces. Jupiter remains here until July 28th and returns to Pisces at the end of year on December 29th.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. It has an expansive and boundless quality that taps into your desire to escape everyday reality and experience more bliss in your life.

Work gets more than a look-in once Jupiter enters Pisces as this influences your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. This works well alongside action planet Mars in Cancer and your career and vocation sector.

This could give you an extra boost and some much-needed get-up-and-go. You may find the ideal job that frees up your time or fall in love with volunteering. Or, perhaps you decide to take part in new activities and develop daily habits which boost your health and well-being.

Take notice of the opportunities that come your way mid-month. Play your cards right and your work, health and routine could soon be zinging with life and vitality.

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May 2021 Lunar Eclipse reacts to December 2020 Solar Eclipse Themes

Solar/Lunar Eclipses Knit Together December 2020 and May 2021 and Beyond
by Jude Cowell

April 27, 2021: As you know, the Lunar Eclipse that accompanies a Solar Eclipse provides clues concerning our instinctive reactions to the karmic situations and conditions associated with the previous Solar Eclipse. The current ‘cosmic blinks’ fall into the Gemini-Sagittarius sector of the Zodiac with its

Full Moon tonight in sexy, sultry Scorpio!

Full Moons are emotionally charged in general, and Scorpio is bloody intense! The sign of the Scorpion is full of magic and mystery with just a little edge (or a lot).  Scorpios don’t suffer fools gladly, which is something many find just a little bit scary. You can  tell a Scorpio by their deep, intense eyes… they can stare you down like nobody else. Watch your back.

The Full Moon holds an emotional current amped up by the energy of the Sun. In this case when we add Uranus (sudden change upsets, awakenings) so close to the Sun in Taurus and all bets are off as to what might occur. Someone somewhere will be hit by lightning (either physically or metaphorically).

‘There’s a whole lotta shakin going on!’   Its highly possible that by the end of the year there will be at least one if not more majour earth quakes. (See, that’s why I don’t like predictions. I mean who wants to be the one to say that kind of thing?!)

Anyway… with Mercury Venus and Sun  all moving through early Taurus now and one by one crossing the electrified energy field of  Uranus… something is getting stirred up.  It could be money markets becoming destabilized (Venus in Taurus) or new information (Mercury) bringing unexpected news.   Or unexpected political unrest in countries ruled by Taurus… (???)  Uranus energy  is unsettled and difficult to pin down so its hard to even guess at outcomes. If you feel the ground shaking, head for cover.

After a month of intense fire energy from combative Mars and Aries influences, Taurus is a welcome relief. Slow and steady, Taurians love their creature comforts; this earth goddess is all about tactile, sensual pleasures, comforts, beauty and wealth. The sign of the Bull is  slow to anger and loyal to a fault and all the Taurus women I know (a lot) have the most beautiful homes. Their Ruler is Venus ; goddess of love and beauty. Earth goddess. Earth mother. Security. Gaia. Home.

Yet sitting in the early part of Taurus is its exact opposite; Uranus- The Awakener.  This far away planet is lightning fast, changeable, excitable, unusual. Where Taurus needs and likes familiarity and security, Uranus craves constant stimulation and change.   Taurus rules possessions (and money) and likes to collect stuff,  Uranus wants space and freedom and will help you get rid of stuff. There is definitely going to be havoc in Taurus;  sudden gains and sudden losses. Surprises are fun right?

Expect the unexpected.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is deep, deep, deep and  will get the wolves howling. Scorpio likes to hide in the shadows but this Full Moon energy brings things up out of the depths. Secrets may be revealed,  old fears and paranoia may surface, unusual encounters will occur. Scorpios make great investigators as they will leave no stone uncovered; their highly developed spidey sense picks up on whats going on under the surface. They know the colour of your underwear.

Then there is Saturn… lord of karma, ruler of time  putting immense pressure on both the Moon and the planets in Taurus. Something’s gotta give. Saturn is authority,  rules, restrictions, limitations,  while Aquarius is all about the freedom. The latter rules the Internet, technology, groups and social structures. There may be standoff with authorities, resistance to rules. More censorship, more rebellion.  Structures and systems will undergo sudden changes.

The Tower: by RavenArt

 Pluto (ruler of a Scorpio Moon) is just turning retrograde as the Moon becomes Full.  This turns our ‘fate’ back on itself: the focus is sharpening on our the inner world; this is where true transformation takes place. Some say what is going on in the outer world is but a reflection of our collective shadow (Pluto). Both Taurus and Scorpio deal with survival issues; and PLuto in Capricorn is shaking up our world systems. Remember that just before this shit show started, Saturn and Pluto were together on the Collective Destiny Point (South Node = past) of the Moon, thrusting us into a time of karmic reckoning.  As we face death and disease and a looming global financial crisis… the challenge to survival is real  (Scorpio).

I guess we all know by now that we have to face this stuff and find ways to deal with it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and a rainbow after the storm. I’ve survived enough of my own dramas and traumas to truly know that. But we are still in the thick of it and we must continue to face our demons and do the  inner work  to integrate our wounds and  traumas from the past. These are challenging times; I know its been hard, yet this is also an amazing time of awakening….  Neptune’s shimmery light is there to remind us that a daily spiritual practice of some kind is critical to finding a safe port in the storm. I find every time I sit in silence and fill up on my inner light, I  discover more strength and fortitude than I know I had.  We have so many gifts to help buoy our spirits: music, art, creativity.  We can do this. You can do this!

When Pluto kidnapped Perephone and took her down into the underworld, her mother Demeter (goddess of grain) mourned deeply,  and the world remained in winter all year round. An intervention occurred (short story) and Demeter got her daughter back, but Persephone had to spend part of her time every year in the underworld. There’s always a part of us hiding in the shadows that is waiting for the light of day.

Let the Full Moon shine a light to banish your fears. Uranus specialty is breakthroughs. As this highly unusual and unstable energy builds up to critical mass, I hope you find a healthy channel of expression. Sing. Dance. Drum!  Get your howl on!!

You know you want to!





Pluto station retrograde April 27


Pluto Retrograde 



April 27, 2021


1:01pm PDT 


26 Capricorn 48



Station Direct 


October 6, 2021


11:28am PDT


24 Capricorn 19 




Every year Pluto spends five months retrograde.   On April 27 Pluto will station retrograde where it will transit back from 26 degrees of Capricorn back to 24 degrees.   For those people who have planets between 24-27 degrees of; Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra you have been dealing with the dental drill that is Pluto for the last couple years.   Finding your power has been difficult, no doubt, while you have been asked to shed what no longer works.  



For those of us in the United States this is the last retrograde before the USA has its Pluto return on Feb 21, 2022. No human can ever live long enough to personally experience a Pluto return since it takes over 250 years for Pluto to return to where it was at ‘birth’.    Most nations in the world history do not exist long enough to even experience a Pluto return.  Between coups and revolutions constitutions of nations will change and with the change there is a new Pluto placement in the chart.  The United States ‘birth’ is July 4, 1776 and Pluto will be exactly where it was on that date next February.    



For an idea what it looks like when a nation experiences a Pluto return, astrologers look at  The Roman Empire and The British empire for what happened to them during their Pluto returns.    The astrologer Ray Grasse has written about Pluto Return.  If you give it a read, you will see how other nations were impacted.   It is also clear in the USA that we have been influenced by Pluto’s growing intensity as it gets closer and closer to the 27 Capricorn 33 degree.   



Last year during the Pluto retrograde (April 25 – October 4) it showed us a lot of the tension that needed focus.    Just in the first month there was plenty of action:  On April 27, the USA passed the one millionth confirmed case of Covid.  On May 8, USA unemployment hit 14.7 %  and on May 25, George Floyd was killed.  During the summer there were protests,  slave owner statues were removed.   NASCAR banned the Confederate flags at their races. We were asked to look backwards at our history.   And then in one weekend, Thunderstorms triggered hundreds of forest fires  in California as a record- breaking heat wave taxed the power grid.   Power grids would come up again six months later in Texas.   What is our power infrastructure?  Could anything more than power grids speak to the power of Pluto in Capricorn?     Then on August 16, Death Valley recorded 130 degrees the highest temperature on Earth in 100 years.     George Floyd was certainly critical to a lot of the activity in the 2020 summer,  lots of soul searching for many people.   For a country that was rooted in slavery it make sense that during a Pluto return the nation would have a reckoning on that history.    But stepping out to Pluto in general, there is also issues of climate change.   When there was the ‘Cardinal Climax’ earlier into the Pluto transit Capricorn (2008-2012) I kept seeing signs of climate change events near critical dates such as huge ice sheets breaking off and melting.   I wrote then that I thought climate change would be THE issue when Pluto exited Capricorn.   I still believe this will turn out to be accurate.   



The Pluto retrograde is of course not the only reason for the 2020 events, Saturn and Pluto conjunction from earlier in the year spoke to some of the tension along with Mars who did a number for most of the year.   But still with Pluto we take a moment as we ponder what we want going forward.   It is a transformative period for the USA and we should not be surprised if more issues are exposed during this retrograde.   Once this retrograde completes, gentlemen start your engines as we head to the Pluto Return date in February.    Perhaps this Pluto retrograde cycle we will dust ourselves off admit our mistakes and lean into:  “Know better, Do Better.”