Mars enters Taurus

July 1 ~ 8th

“Metamorphoses Bull” Doncho Donchev

I’m planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots. ~ Andrea Koehle Jones

Our better angels can help to guide us through the first few days of this week which could be filled with a bit of contentious land mines. Mars is at the very end of Aries, filled with ire, impatience, and an abundance of resentment as it squares off with Pluto. It could feel like so much is working against us, as we struggle against what feel like increasingly oppressive circumstances, and forces much larger than ourselves. Mars in Aries almost never gives up. But after dealing with the forces of Pluto, many, even Aries, will be exhausted and burnt out.

All the more reason to pack up the tools and weapons, and retreat from the field of battle. We’re ready to retreat to more peaceful and serene environs. We do this not to escape, avoid or forget, but in order to recoup our strength, and fortify our resources. And so Mars moves from the fiery sign of Aries this week, and enters the verdant fields of Taurus.

We have met the Gorgon, and now we need to recover. We deserve a much needed rest and respite. Taurus is a safe place to go to recharge our batteries, and put up our feet. It is where we go to gather strength from our deepest and most reliable roots. Or so we think.

The problem is, is that Mars is not alone in the sign of Taurus, which currently has a very unruly guest ploughing through the Elysian fields and blaring all sorts of cacophonous noise and mayhem hither and yon. Mars in Taurus is a much more laid back sort of Mars, usually avoiding confrontation and battle. But even in the pastoral fields of Taurus, Mars is still Mars, and Uranus, the unruly guest that has taken up residence there, is still Uranus. And then there is also Saturn.

Due to the magical illusion of the retrograde motion of the planets, Saturn is appearing to move back within the zodiac, closing in for a revival of its 2021 performance with Uranus. And as they get closer and closer to yet again forming an almost perfect square in September-October you will feel the tension rise. This is that feeling of US against THEM; of the OLD vs. the NEW; of CONSERVATIVE factions coming up against ALTERNATIVE or PROGRESSIVE ideas; where OPPRESSIVE LAWS threaten the civil rights and FREEDOMS of individuals.

And this is the reason why it is important to note that Mars is entering Taurus. This is because Mars is like the match that lights the fuse. The flame that ignites the explosion. Even in the places where we assume things to be safe, predictable and secure. Even in Taurus. And although Mars will not reach the degrees of Saturn and Uranus until the end of July, by Mars entering Taurus it is bringing the flame closer to the explosives. Watch these dates: Mars is conjunct Uranus August 1st; Mars is square Saturn August 7th; and a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th brings it all to a head. 

Meanwhile, once we get past that miserable Mars/Pluto square on the1st of July, Mars enters Taurus in the wee hours between July 4th and the 5th, quickly followed by Mercury entering Cancer. This is about circling the wagons. Going into retreat. Protecting our own, while catching up with the latest news.

We are drawn to family and tribe when Mercury is in Cancer, and will want to be in familiar territory, or with people we are comfortable with. We are seeking safety and security. Mercury/Mars weather is busy weather. But we are inclined to be busy with those with whom we share a common bond. Mercury will be in Cancer for the next few weeks until the 19th. Use it to reconnect with those you love and care about. Make plans to circle your wagons in a fun and playful way in order to conserve and restore some of that energy. You’re going to need it later on.

Sagittarius Horoscope July 2022

Sagittarius horoscope July 2022, camper van

Power Clash

It’s a lively start to July as there’s a major planetary clash on the 2nd when two of the volatile planets, Mars and Pluto, square up to one another. Immediately, this tells you it’s likely to be a significant month for you regarding money.

This is because Pluto is in Capricorn and your personal money sector. If you’re dealing with debt or a loss of income, this combination is combustible when tempers could flare.

This may not necessarily be about your situation. Perhaps, it’s to do with someone close to you. This is because Mars is in a fellow fire sign Aries ruling children and lovers in your horoscope.

Not being able to afford the things you want to do could leave you feeling frustrated. Or, perhaps there’s an ongoing clash with a child or lover as you disagree over spending or money management. It’s a heated planetary conflict and not the ideal time to raise the roof.

Money Matters

There are other reasons why money’s likely to be an important factor this July. Hopefully, the astrology can help guide and advise you on your best course of action. The Sun’s in Cancer and your joint finance sector until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is here too from the 5th to the 19th.

Immediately, it looks as if finances in some shape or form are top of your agenda, whether you’re trying to help other people or you need to attend to your finances.

Cancer rules the sector of your horoscope that’s about savings & investment, debt & loss, inheritance & alimony, money owed & money shared. It can play out in different ways for you but it’s important to note that Cancer is a family and home-oriented star sign.

Therefore, this might be a month when you want to set up a savings account or you’re discussing pooling resources with the people you live with or the people you’re closest to.

Open the lines of communication this month and do your research if you want to pay for something special. This is what communication planet Mercury is good for, working out the facts and figures, finding things out.

The Full Moon on the 13th is likely to be a pivotal date as it cuts across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of the zodiac. Plus, Pluto is involved again during the Full Moon. This might mean saying no when it comes to money, cutting expenses or stopping a payment.

Full Moons are a time of completion and culmination when the light of the Moon is at its brightest. It’s a time for clarity, to trust your intuition and to make key decisions.

The astrology doesn’t suggest that the first half of the month is a time to speculate or take a financial risk. Yet, as you’ll hear later, this could be different in the latter part of July.

There is a softer influence regarding money and emotional ties, thanks to Venus, the planet of relating. Venus enters Cancer and your joint finance sector on the 18th where she remains until mid-August.

Sometimes, this means you receive a gift or bonus. Or, perhaps you’re the one who’s feeling flush and you want to treat someone close. It’s a good time to get the right kind of advice or support, perhaps from a woman adviser or financial expert. Team up with other people to firm up your future security.

Love & Romance

July could be a hot month for romance and there’s more than one reason why. Firstly, love planet Venus is in Gemini and your relationship sector up until the 18th.

Venus only graces your opposite star sign approximately once every year so make the most of it. The stand-out dates for love are potentially the 13th & 14th when Venus’ power is strong.

Yet, there’s another factor here, involving your ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter’s currently in Aries and this is your romance sector. Jupiter kicks in big-time towards the end of the month when you may be more than ready to take a punt when it comes to love.

Key dates are the 23rd & 31st, also the 28th when Jupiter turns retrograde. Sometimes, this indicates that love may take a backward step. Yet, it means that Jupiter’s energy is intense and channelled. You might feel more deeply or strongly about someone in your life.

Jupiter’s not only influencing love, as Aries rules children, creativity and entertainment. Wherever your passions lie, dive in deep.

Adventure & New Experiences

You’re one of the fire signs and fire sign energy is strong in the second half of the month. Talk planet Mercury enters Leo on the 19th followed three days later by the Sun on the 22nd. Leo rules travel and study in your horoscope. It’s wherever in life you wish to expand your horizons, dream big and yearn to learn and experience more.

The Sun’s move through Leo could bring out the hedonistic side of your character when you want to play and live life to the full. It’s a good time to catch up with people who inspire you and plan some adventures together.

If travel’s possible for you, it would be a good time to go somewhere new for a change of perspective. This is the time of year to fire some Sagittarius arrows high into the air and see where they land. Plan ahead and look to 2023.

The best date for setting your intentions for the future is the 28th, when there’s a glorious New Moon in Leo, a symbol of new beginnings. This would be a good date to go on a trip or learn something new. Note that your planet Jupiter, the traveller & explorer, is also dominant on this date encouraging you to play big.

All Change?

There is another factor to take into account. There may be key reasons why you can’t get away or enjoy the freedom you’re craving and this may be linked to your work, your routine or your health.

This is because of Mars moving through Taurus from the 5th onwards. Mars in Taurus is safe and steady but can feel stuck. You may have a lot on your plate and you could feel bored, frustrated or restless if too much of your time is caught up with routine matters.

The end of the month could bring a breakthrough thanks to the planet of spontaneity, Uranus. On the 26th, Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus. This often triggers the wheel of destiny turning.

Admittedly, it could mean that some of your best-laid plans have to change and fast. Yet, it’s exciting planetary energy so be flexible and adaptable and try and take advantage of any new ideas or opportunities that come in. Uranus is linked to freedom and space and it’s going to be hard work if you feel hemmed in.

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Scorpio Horoscope July 2022

Scorpio horoscope July 2022, cityscape

Your Battle To Fight

As July begins, your ruling planets Mars and Pluto are in action. Mars is in Aries and your work and health sector until the 5th. Pluto is in Capricorn and your communication sector ongoing. You may be unusually busy as July gets underway and be on a mission to get fit and get things done.

You’re likely to need more stamina but don’t overdo it and be careful of hitting burn out. Mars clashes with Pluto on the 2nd and this combination can feel combustible. You may feel outraged, angry or indignant at what’s going on around you.

This could be at work or it might involve a dispute with the neighbours, an argument with a sibling. Alternatively, generally feeling frustrated and cross with what’s happening either locally or in the news.

Mars has got energy to burn as July begins but ensure you use it in a way that’s constructive and don’t waste your precious time and energy. The theme of finding your voice has been prominent for some time now but choose your battles carefully.

If you’re up against the authorities, decide whether it’s worth taking on a fight. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation as you have potentially glorious astrology opening up later this month when you could do exceptionally well. One way or another, your inner activist is dominant and strong as July begins.

The Bigger Picture

Even though July’s stars may see you getting fired up in your everyday life, there’s a side of your nature that may be yearning for something more. This has a lot to do with the activity taking place in Cancer and your travel and study sector.

Cancer is a fellow water sign and you often feel in your element when planets are making a positive connection to your star sign Scorpio. The Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury joins the Sun here from the 5th to the 19th.

This can be an ideal time to day-dream and ponder. You could be seeking meaning or purpose in your life and need a big vision or an opportunity to broaden your horizons. You want something more from life than the everyday, so step out of your comfort zone and explore new experiences.

When it comes to booking travel or a study course, ideally use the Full Moon on the 13th to make a decision. This Full Moon falls across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. This is about education and learning, knowledge and teaching.

You could be taking an exam on or around this date or line up some new plans or goals. Your co-ruler Pluto is involved during the Full Moon too and you may make a decision based on events at the start of the month. If you want to step down or say no, be firm in your resolve.

Sometimes, you have to close a door on the past for a new door to open in front of you. This theme may also kick in from the 18th to the 20th.

Work & Ambition

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo and your career and vocation sector. The Sun joins talk planet Mercury here as Mercury enters Leo on the 19th. As July continues, you’re heading towards an ambitious and potentially successful time of year, so crack on if you’re ready.

This is your chance to shine, to improve your status or reputation. It’s an ideal time to show off your skills and talents. If you get asked to do a talk or give a presentation, go for it.

Be confident in your abilities and, if necessary, fake it until you make it. It’s a good time to show off and let others know what you have to offer with positive planetary activity in your career & vocation sector.

This is also the theme of the New Moon on the 28th which falls in Leo, a symbol of new beginnings. Ask for what you want, launch a project and set your intentions around work, career and your next steps.

Big planet Jupiter is also pulled into the planetary picture as Jupiter’s in another fire sign Aries. This could be when a loss turns into a win. Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th, the day of the New Moon, encouraging you to play big or take a leap of faith.

Lucky dates for work, career & vocation are the 23rd & 31st when Jupiter lights up talk planet Mercury and the light of the Sun respectively. If one door closes in July, it’s very likely that a new door will open.

Also, money is under the cosmic spotlight in the first half of the month with Venus in Gemini and your joint finance sector. Therefore, look for the right people who can help you financially.

Invest in people who can help you move one step closer towards your goals. This could be someone with expert advice. Or, a partner who’s savvy when it comes to money and earnings.

Love Surprises

Your ruling planet Mars moves into Taurus and your relationship sector on the 5th where it remains until August 20th. Mars in Taurus is steady but stubborn too. You may want more security in your relationships but you may already know that doesn’t always suit you.

Plus, you have the planet of change Uranus in Taurus and Uranus is active towards the end of July. The key date is the 26th when Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus. This can sometimes mean that the wheel of destiny turns leading you down a new path. This may be about love or a business partnership.

Someone else could step in and take you by surprise this month, perhaps an offer you weren’t expecting or a competitor who challenges your business. Uranus gives but also takes away – it works both ways, which is why it’s wise to be flexible and ready to act fast when Uranus is in action.

As your planet Mars clashes with talk planet Mercury on the same day, the 26th, this feels volatile and it might be an argument that’s the catalyst for change.

If you’re in a relationship or married, keep things fresh in your love life. There’s often a theme of freedom when Uranus is active or things happening quickly.

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Libra Horoscope July 2022

Libra horoscope July 2022, city view

Relationship Clash

Relationships are under the cosmic spotlight as July begins thanks to Mars charging through Aries and your relationship sector up until the 5th. This can indicate a passionate affair or an exciting time for love. In fact, things could be positively wild.

Yet, Mars rules anger as well as passion so any liaison is likely to be tempestuous. If you’re in a relationship or married, your partner could have a lot going on, which is why they’re turbo-charged and quick to anger.

Also, Mars clashes with Pluto in Capricorn on the 2nd. This combination is combustible and an issue around home or family could flare up.

Try not to get involved in a messy situation and do your best to calm things down rather than heat things up. You may be the one who needs to step in and sort out a family row or upset. Or, it could indicate an issue with a property matter or building project.

As Mars is facing you across the zodiac, you could choose to get out of the way of trouble. If you’re a typical Libra, you tend not to like conflict. Alternatively, you could be bold and decide not to let other people get away with shoddy behaviour.

Venusian Dreams

Your ruling planet Venus is in your fellow air sign Gemini up until the 18th. Venus in Gemini is great for learning, improving your knowledge and committing to a course of study or new ideas which help to broaden your horizons.

Gemini rules travel too and you may be more than ready to spread your wings or plan some trips to new places. It’s an ideal time to allow yourself to dream.

If you’ve been feeling lost or disillusioned recently, you may be considering what next. A change in circumstances could be the trigger that allows you to reassess your lifestyle, your job or daily routine. Events on or around the 13th & 14th could prove pivotal.

Career Goals

Mid-month, Venus moves into Cancer, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope representing your career and vocation, your status and reputation. This is where there’s significant activity throughout July.

The Sun is here until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is in Cancer from the 5th to the 19th. If you need to make a decision about your career or vocation, tune into your intuition during the Full Moon on the 13th.

This Full Moon cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. You may need to make a tough decision regarding work that impacts your home and family. There’s a theme of endings around this Full Moon too.

The 16th could be a stand-out date for you when the Sun & Mercury align. Approach someone in a position of influence, ask for what you want or need and make new connections.

Venus’ move into Cancer on the 18th helps smooth the way. Venus remains here until mid-August. It might not bring a miracle on the work or career front, but you can start to iron things out and use your charm to benefit your future path.

Schmooze other people while Venus is in Cancer and use your network if you’re looking for work or you want or need career advice. You may be in a leading role this month and paving the way for others.

Fire Signs

This is an important month to use your connections for another reason. This is because of what’s happening in the fire sign Leo, one of the most social sectors of your horoscope. The Sun’s here from the 22nd and talk planet Mercury whizzes into Leo on the 19th.

On the one hand, this promises a social few weeks when you can get out and about and meet up with friends. Yet, it’s good for other areas of your life as well, meeting the right contacts or getting in touch with friends in high places.

Traditionally, this is a time to be on holiday but you may prefer to focus on other areas of life, especially your future path and getting ahead. Having more fun definitely falls under the Leo umbrella.

This is true for the New Moon which takes place on the 28th, an ideal date to set things in motion with a group of friends. Or, reach out to someone you haven’t heard from for some time. If you’re a typical Libra, you enjoy having a wide social circle.

Fire signs are where the activity’s at towards the end of July. For you, this puts the focus on people in your life. Big planet Jupiter is strong in Aries and your relationship sector, especially around the New Moon on the 28th. This is when friendship and love are linked.

Other potentially lucky dates for love are the 23rd & 31st. Partnership is a key theme with Jupiter in Aries and finding the right person to meet your needs.

Money Matters

Once action planet Mars leaves Aries on the 5th, it moves into Taurus and your joint finance sector where it remains until August 20th. Therefore, turn your gaze towards finances, investments and dealing with money matters. Taurus is a star sign that favours security.

However, towards the end of July, the planet Uranus is in action. Uranus is also in Taurus and this is about money for you. On the 26th, Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus which can signify the wheel of destiny turning. Change could happen and fast.

Keep close tabs on expenses or outgoings at the end of the month, be open to new opportunities and try and keep things flexible. There’s a sense that you may be buying your freedom in some shape or form.

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Virgo Horoscope July 2022

Virgo horoscope July 2022, girl with map

Money & Work

Money matters could be a key factor to what you can and can’t do this month. Action planet Mars is completing its journey through Aries and your joint finance sector as July begins.

You may need to be more ambitious when it comes to earning money or sorting out a financial matter. Certainly, there’s a lot of heat in this sector of your horoscope. This coincides with your planet Mercury completing its journey through Gemini and your career and vocation sector. Both planets change star sign on the 5th.

The trickiest challenge could come on the 2nd when action planet Mars clashes with Pluto in Capricorn. This combination is fierce and volatile. Be wary of loaning or lending money and try not to fall out or clash over money either.

You may need to dig deep if money or emotions are a battle. This might flag up a challenging situation with a child or lover, for example, when a taboo is raise its head. It could be a time to fight bravely. Or, perhaps you recognise a no-win situation and you’re wise to steer clear or anger or rage.

What could help is having Venus in Gemini and your career and vocation sector until the 18th. This indicates you’re wise to get on the right side of people of influence and to win other people over. Focus on team-work, recognise who your supporters are and steer yourself towards them.

Friends & Connections

Whatever takes place as the month begins, you will have support in your life. The Sun is in caring Cancer until the 22nd and is joined by your planet, Mercury from the 5th to the 19th. Cancer rules your friendships and group projects. You could be more active within politics or a humanitarian or environmental group. The 16th could be a stand-out date in this respect.

Certainly, it’s a key month to consider your group activities. Think about which activities work for you and where you may need or want to let go and move on. The Full Moon on the 13th could highlight any potential issues and would be an ideal date to release a commitment or responsibility around a group activity.

Friends could take up more of your time this month, especially if you have some friends going through challenges. Be there for others but be careful of over-giving, which is a Virgo trait. Ensure you have time and space for your projects too.

You’ll could find out this month which friendships are nurturing for you, as Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th where she remains until mid-August. This is about seeking mutually-beneficial friendships and connections, supporting and loving one another.

Make a point of honing in on the people you care about the most, not because you want to look after them but because they lift your spirits.

Retreat & Self-Care

There’s a shift in energy on the 19th. Your ruler Mercury is moving quickly this month and picking up the pace. On the 19th, Mercury enters Leo where it remains for just over two weeks. This is a good time to deal with any personal issues, work on your self-confidence and prioritise your needs. If life’s been too social, start to take good care of you.

The Sun also enters Leo and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the 22nd. This is a time when you’re wise to chill out, relax and take it easy. Go on retreat or ensure you have some quiet time before life gets busy once again.

The New Moon falls in Leo on the 28th, a symbol of new beginnings. Where in life do you want more acknowledgement, compliments, adoration? Speak up if necessary and do so in a way that’s connecting and authentic. Reach out and care for others but most importantly, ask for more self-care for yourself.

The Sun’s move through Leo is traditionally a cosmic call for you to take a step back, relax and retreat. This is in order to prepare yourself for the Sun’s move into Virgo next month.

Listen out for the call of the new towards the end of July, especially on or around the New Moon. This is because big planet Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries on the exact same day, the 28th. Jupiter represents generosity and is a protective influence.

Someone from your past could turn out to be the ideal benefactor or cheerleader of your endeavours. They may step in to help you deal with a financial crisis that kicks in earlier in the month.

If you’re fundraising or asking for financial support, the best day to choose is the 23rd. The 31st is potentially lucky too when the Sun in Leo aligns with Jupiter in Aries.

Last-Minute Agent

Finally, the end of the month could bring excitement or ideas around travel, study or the bigger picture. This is Jupiter’s domain. Plus, unpredictable Uranus is in action in Taurus and your travel and study sector.

On the 26th, Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus and this often triggers the wheel of destiny. You may make a snap decision to broaden your horizons and a last-minute trip away could be on the cards.

At the same time, ensure you’re flexible and don’t get too caught up on your set plans. Life might step in and lead you down a different path. At the end of the month, you’re wise to go wherever life leads you.

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Leo Horoscope July 2022

Leo horoscope July 2022, travel

The Best Laid Plans

As the month begins, you may want more to life than the everyday. This could create a challenge or clash in your life especially when action planet Mars in dynamic Aries and your travel & exploration sector squares up to Pluto in Capricorn and your work and routine sector on the 2nd.

Ensure you channel your anger or frustration constructively and find an outlet for any pent up tension. Get physical, yet don’t overdo it. The same goes with work and it’s wise to find a healthy work/life balance. If you’re aware you’re taking on too much, it could be a time to take drastic action to ensure you don’t hit burn out.

If you’re out of work or unemployed, this too could cause your stress levels to rise, so prioritise your health and well-being. If you’re forced into an impossible situation at the start of July, try not to over-react. The best time to make a considered decision is mid-month during the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th.

Full Moons bring matters to completion or culmination when you often see your situation with clarity. There’s a theme of endings or letting go during this month’s Full Moon, linked to work and health. Take a step back, say no if necessary and do what’s right for you.

Quiet Time

Your ruler the Sun remains in Cancer and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 22nd. Traditionally, this is a time to wrap things up or be preparing yourself ready for a new phase.

There’s often a hidden theme when planets are in the star sign before yours. Communication planet Mercury is also in Cancer from the 5th to the 19th. This turns your attention inwards and you may be dealing with secrets or confidences.

Cancer is a caring star sign, emotional and giving. This could be a time when you’re aware you need extra TLC (tender loving care). Or, perhaps there’s someone close you’re caring for. Use this period to take stock and mull things over. If you can rest and retreat more than usual, do so.

The 16th is an ideal date to ask for what you want or need. Notice who comes to you on or around this date too as it could prove pivotal for a loving relationship.

The planet of love and relating Venus also enters Cancer on the 18th where she remains until mid-August. This is another gentle influence in your life.

Look out for the person who cares for you the most, someone you can lean on and who brings comfort to you. This may be a woman, a counsellor, a carer. Alternatively, you may be the one taking on this role in another person’s life.

Fire Sign Freedom

The turning point for you comes on the 22nd when your ruler the Sun enters your star sign Leo. The Sun represents heat and vitality and the Sun’s move into Leo may coincide with a confidence boost or a surge in energy. You may be actively seeking the sun to warm your spirits.

The Sun joins talk planet Mercury in Leo. Mercury enters Leo on the 19th. Ensure you take centre stage during this period in the month and find your place to shine.

When planets are in Leo, it’s a good time to show off your skills and talents, enjoy yourself and celebrate. You might be more than ready for new adventures and choose to embrace new experiences. This is partly because the Sun in your star sign boosts your confidence but there’s another reason too.

This is big planet Jupiter representing opportunity & exploration in your fellow fire sign Aries. Jupiter’s active on the 23rd & 31st, ideal dates to say yes to life and broaden your horizons.

The end of the month is when this fire sign energy peaks and the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all working together. This would be a great time to lead a course, go on a trip or study something new.

New Beginnings

Also, there’s a New Moon in your star sign Leo on the 28th, a symbol of new beginnings. This is always an excellent date in the month to set your intentions and initiate new projects or ideas.

The New Moon in Leo is the equivalent of your astrological personal New Year, so look ahead and think about your future plans. New Moon energy encourages you to line up new goals for your future path. Fire some arrows high into the sky and see where they land.

This is the same date as Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries, the 28th, and you may sense Jupiter’s power strongly on the New Moon. This confirms it’s a wonderful time to play big, be bold, take a leap of faith. If you’re craving freedom or you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may be on fire at the end of July.

In addition, innovative Uranus aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus on the 26th. This combination can turn the wheel of destiny. Uranus rules technology and this could open up a new career or vocational path.

This combination is about freedom, finding a way to break free of constraints or tradition, to do things differently. You might not want to go back to the same old routine as July comes to a close. Instead, you may be more than ready to ring the changes.

Alternatively, you may need to be super flexible and adaptable at work as you get used to sudden changes to travel and work options.

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Cancer Horoscope July 2022

Cancer horoscope July 2022, fantasy

There’s strong emphasis on your star sign Cancer throughout July. This is your birthday month and the Sun remains in your star sign until the 22nd. When the Sun is in your sign, it’s the time to shine and put your needs first.

Caring Cancer

Also, from the 5th to the 19th, you have the planet of communication Mercury in Cancer. This Mercury is great for caring and counselling, listening and advising.

Your star sign is one of the emotional water signs. Whether you’re offering advice or asking for help or support, be there for other people and ensure you have people you can lean on too.

This is a reflective Mercury and you may spend some of your time day-dreaming or contemplating who you are and what makes you happy.

It’s a good month to dive into self-help or a personal growth project. You might be keen to study or learn a new language. Mercury’s clever and bright and flexes your intellectual muscle.

The 16th could be a stand-out date for asking for what you want when Mercury sits next to the Sun in Cancer. Or, perhaps you’re taking on the role of coach or counsellor.

Lovely Venus

On the 18th, the planet of relating Venus also enters Cancer. Venus remains in your sign until mid-August. Enjoy the planet of love & indulgence, art & beauty gracing your star sign.

This can be a gorgeous time for love when there’s a sense of ease in your close relationships. You may enjoy being around other people more than usual and savouring simple pleasures.

You have charm in abundance with Venus in your star sign so use your popularity and attract who or what you want into your life. You may feel more abundant or flush than you have for some time. Or, you’re ready to treat yourself and the ones you love.

The 13th could be a pivotal date for love when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. Full Moons are often about completion or culmination, a time when emotions are heightened and passions are strong.

This Full Moon does indicate a possible ending. One way or another, it’s likely to be a definitive date for love and partnership.

Career Clash

Even though you may experience some ease in July, there’s also potentially some challenge too. For example, action planet Mars completes its journey through Aries and your career and vocation sector on the 5th.

You might be going for it at work as the month begins or be keen to put yourself and your needs first. Mars in Aries is independent, which is great for working under your own steam.

Be wary of a clash, however, especially if there’s someone you’re in competition with or someone you find challenging. Mars clashes with Pluto in your opposite star sign Capricorn on the 2nd.

This isn’t easy planetary energy and it suggests you could feel frustrated or fed up with someone else’s interference or control. Or, perhaps worst case scenario you’re out of a job.

You may be weighing up the advantages of earning good money against the disadvantages of burn out, aggravation or disruption. If in doubt, take a step back and don’t be the victim of someone else’s anger or rage.

Money & New Opportunities

Money & career could take a turn for the better towards the end of the month. Therefore, if one door closes as the month begins, try to remain positive as a new door may open later in July. This is due to dynamic fire sign activity.

Talk planet Mercury enters Leo and your personal money sector on the 19th. This would be a great time to talk yourself up, show off your skills and talents and ask for what you’re worth. Discuss finances at work or with people close to you. Get money matters moving.

The Sun joins Mercury in Leo on the 22nd and there’s a New Moon here on the 28th. This would be an ideal date to set your intentions and initiate new beginnings around money, values and self-worth.

Plus, on the same day, the 28th, the planet of opportunity Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries and your career and vocation sector. The combination of a New Moon in Leo and Jupiter stationing at the peak of your horoscope could be powerful for you. Take advantage of any new opportunity that comes your way. The luckiest dates are the 23rd & 31st, also the 28th.

Trust your natural instincts around money. This may mean being willing to let go of or be less attached to money, assets, possessions.

The Uranus Factor

Freedom planet Uranus is active on the 26th when it aligns with the karmic north node in Taurus. This often indicates the wheel of destiny turning, in an unexpected way. Taurus rules friends and groups in your horoscope.

You may be the one who shocks your friends by a sudden decision you make. When it comes to your friends and group activities, there’s excitement and adventure, but not a lot of commitment or stability. Friends could come and go. Or, perhaps someone lets you down unexpectedly.

Alternatively, you might be around people who you find incredibly diverse and exciting, bringing something different into your life, a new direction.

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