Arty Farty Friday ~ Marie Vassilieff

Photograph by Man Ray

A look at another female artist whose name and artwork had eluded me until now:
Marie Vassilieff. She was born on 12 February 1884, in Russia, but spent much of her life in France. Her artworks include cubist style paintings, portraits of her friends; decorative furniture designs; also theatrical design and dolls/puppets.

From a 1998 piece in the New York Times by

Travel Ban – Astrological Reflection

A travel ban imposed by President Trump, on travellers from 7 countries who wish to enter the USA, has been front and centre of news headlines during the past few days. Is there any correlating astrology?

Immigration/travel law could encompass almost all the planets and signs in one way or another – as, indeed, does life. Saturn, Jupiter and Sagittarius are probably the most involved in

Saturday & Sundry Astrological Expectations

Finely drawn characters in books and movies sometimes tempt me to surmise on their astrology. It’s a fun way to exercise and strengthen the astrological muscle. Off the top of my head I recall writing posts in that vein about characters from Gone With the Wind; Little Women; A Tale of Two Cities; maybe others too.

Gone with the Wind Zodiacal Connection
Little Women
A Tale of Two Cities:

The "latent" Synastry of Donald and Melania Trump!

Although I am a “synastry-holic” person, the idea of studying Donald Trump’s and Melania’s synastry was never particularly appealing to me. As most people, I was seeing these two as an unscrupulous businessman and an avid “gold-digger” by his side, So, to me there wasn’t interesting stuff there. Not to mention the fact that nobody seemed to know Melania’s time of birth, meaning that an eventual synastric study of theirs would be rather incomplete. But things have changed and Donald Trump is now the elected president of the United States while his wife Melania the First Lady! A synastric study of theirs seems more appealing than ever.

Let’s take a quick look at their natal charts. Donald has a versatile Gemini Sun, while his Moon resides in the fiery and expansive sign of Sagittarius. His Ascendant is in the regal sign of Leo (although in the very last degree of it)!  Donald was born during a Lunar Eclipse (and probably this has to do with his peculiar, “obscure” relation to women at large).

Let’s move on to Melania now. We are still lacking her verified time of birth so we don’t actually know her Ascendant nor the “domification” of her planets (thus there are no Houses in her chart – the one you see bellow – while the reported time of birth is a conventional one). In such a case we are obliged to focus mainly on the signs of the “Luminaries” (Sun and Moon). But even there the lack of Melania’s time of birth produces a controversy, because if she were born before 1:27 am (Slovenia time) she would then have a Sagittarius Moon (the same as Donald’s). But if she were born after 1:27 am she would have a Capricorn Moon – and that would make all the difference.

If both Donald and Melania have a Sagittarius Moon then you can see the power of their synastry right in front of your eyes! When two people share the same Moon – in the same sign and in conjunction – they feel a deep, visceral sense of “community”! A rich emotional flux is developed among them and a profound “comprehension” of each other. And although the time frame for this to occur is relatively small (00:00 to 01:27 am) there is a strong probability that Melania was indeed born within that specific time frame. Mathematically though the odds are against it and she might very well have been born after 1:27 am – having thus a Capricorn Moon. In that eventuality things would change drastically – both for Melania and for their relationship. You see, Melania would then have a Taurus Sun and a Capricorn Moon, an extremely earthy and realistic combination, prone to materialism and social climbing (especially if the individual is attuned to the “lower frequencies” of the Taurus – Capricorn combo) !

Well, to many of you that might sound a lot like Melania but to a Synastry connoisseur the striking fact (with this Capricorn Moon scenario) is that Melania’s chart bears no astrological affinity to Donald’s chart! Her  “Lights” are too earthy and “feminine” (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn) while his “Lights” are “airy-fiery” and both “masculine” (Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius). There is no common astrological ground among them. Actually, their two charts not only do not bear any resemblance whatsoever but in addition they are not even remotely compatible! Here is the “bi-wheel’ of their Synastry (the inner chart is Donald’s and the outer one is Melania’s).

So, what’s going on with the Donald – Melania Trump relationship? Is theirs an arranged match, a mere marriage of convenience? Because under an astrological point of view the two do not seem to be compatible at all. Well, that’s not entirely true, as there are at play here some astrological elements that are rather invisible at first sight but crucial in the long run. I have personally developed a relative theory, where I call these “difficult to spot” elements “Latent Synastric Elements” (LA.S.E. in abbreviation, you may read the gist of this theory in my article “Latent Synastric Elements: The secret fuel of love” , at the “Sasstrology” website).

As you know, the Sun in a woman’s horoscope is telling us a lot about the type of the masculine figure she is mostly attracted to. In Melania’s case her Sun forms a conjunction to her Saturn, thus her ideal masculine archetype should be an authoritative, socially recognized and probably older than her figure. Trump actually represents all these traits. Furthermore, Melania’s Sun – Saturn conjunction bears a strong affinity to Donald’s Sun in the Tenth House (which is traditionally representing Saturnian values)!

In addition, Melania’s Sun forms an opposition to her Jupiter, thus her ideal man should have some Jupiterian traits too (he should be exuberant, optimistic, larger than life and “rich” (figuratively or literally speaking). And Donald is Jupiterian alright, since one of his “Lights” (his Moon) is in Sagittarius (the sign ruled by Jupiter), while his Sun is forming a trine aspect to his Jupiter!

What is striking here is the fact that in Donald’s chart his Venus (a pivotal planet in love affairs, indicating the attributes of our ideal partner) is replicating almost identically the planetary aspects of  Melania’s Sun (his Venus is conjuncting his Saturn and is forming a challenging aspect to his Jupiter)! These should be accounted as latent synastric elements!

Another important LA.S.E. in this relationship stems out from the fact that Melania’s Sun in Taurus is synastrically “falling” in Donald’s Ninth House. As we saw before, Donald is very Jupiterian (his Sun is trining his Jupiter and his Moon resides in Sagittarius). But with this 9th House domification Melania (although a rigid Taurus) somehow acquires Sagittarian traits, when interacting with Donald! And this he definitely loves, because Melania is ever aggrandizing him, she is ever lifting him up, making him see the brighter side of life! She might be even learning him things while she definitely makes him laugh…

Actually, as we delve deeper in their Synastry we realize that Melania is the “stabilizer”, the soothing and “grounding” force in their relationship! And Donald needs a lot of “grounding” for sure, having both his “Lights” in mutable signs. And Melania is complementing him in other ways too. Surprisingly, Donald’s Moon resides in a very emotional, tender, family orientated sector of his chart (in his Fourth House). In that sector the Moon is much dignified. But there is another side to it, as the Fourth House Moon might often be ultra sensitive and touchy. If Melania has a Capricorn she is then complementing and strengthening that sensitive side of Donald Trump. And she does that even more so if take in consideration the fact that her Venus and Mars are synastrically falling in his Tenth House (meaning that she becomes even more Capricornian when interacting with him)!

We already mentioned that planet Venus is of paramount importance in love affairs. Melania’s Venus is conjuncting her Mercury, meaning that her ideal partner should have some “mercurian” traits, he should be witty, versatile, communicative. One part of her craves for a  Mercurian partner and Donald definitely is one (as he belongs to the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury).

Another part of Melania craves for a Martian partner (as her Venus is forming a conjunction to her Mars too). And Donald has been since his early childhood the martian type of guy (his Mars in conjuncting his Leonian Ascendant and he was feared by many of his school mates). Even more so, Melania craves specifically for a Martian Gemini type of man (as her Mars resides in the sign of Gemini). Well, Donald absolutely fulfills that side of hers!

Melania has a Moon Uranus square aspect and Donald has a Sun – Uranus conjunction. So they both have a Uranian colored “Light” and that should be accounted as a “latent” synastric element as well.

This isn’t by no means a complete study of Donald’s and Melania’s synastry. They do have many interesting “explicit” synastric inter-aspects (like the ones of Pluto, Neptune etc.) That kind of stuff though pertains to a slightly different field (and an exhaustive synastric analysis should normally take something  like 15 – 20 pages). In this article I tried to give you a different synastric point of view on the Donald’s – Melania’s relationship, focusing mainly on their “latent” synastric elements,which although not very obvious are utterly conditioning the quality of a relationship!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis 

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Aquarius Considered

Aquarius by Erté

In his book, Astrology published 1964, Louis MacNeice, not an astrologer, but a poet and scholar, gathered together much of interest from a variety of sources, ancient and modern. On zodiac sign Aquarius, through which the Sun now travels, he wrote the paragraphs below, quoting from some professional astrologers whose works may now be less known by the average astrology fan