Music Monday ~ From Frankie to Ben, Stan & Billy via Some Country Roads

Continuation of last Monday’s theme:

As the 1960s morphed into the early 70s Frankie (Sinatra) ruled, for me – with an occasional side-order of Neil Diamond.

Long playing records (33 and a third rpm), extended play records (45 rpm)persisted and were joined by a new idea – cassette tapes. I liked these – one could, with the right piece of equipment, record one’s own stuff, from radio or from

Arty Farty Friday ~ "King of the Pencil" Didier Mouron

Not much to read today, but do take a few minutes to see the video and feel gobsmacked at the talent of this artist who produces so much from just a pencil, paper, black, white and every shade of grey. He has a birthday coming up next week:
Didier Mouron was born on 3 July 1958, a Swiss artist (naturalized Canadian), who has been called “the king of the pencil”.

Also: the artist’s website.

Astrological Wisdom

British Astrologer of the 20th century, Ingrid Lind:
It is fatal to think of “the Stars” as determinants. We must not turn them into inexorable or malignant gods. This is altogether to mistake their power and to misunderstand the function of astrology, which is to give us a glimpse of a cosmic purpose with which we should try to harmonise. A man imprisoned in Saturn’s dungeons may find real

A need to speak out…

Last week actor Johnny Depp became the latest American “celeb” to make a thinly veiled allusion to the killing of President Donald Trump. He asked the crowd at the Glastonbury arts festival in England, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”Depp later apologized … well, he would wouldn’t he? They all do this after grabbing a day’s worth of headlines.

Glastonbury used

Arty Farty Friday ~ Michael Whelan

Fantasy artist Michael Whelan was born on 29 June 1950 – this video is a good place to begin discovering his style.

The artist’s own website has lots of interesting content.

For a few large-sized images of some of his work, take a look at THIS WEBSITE.

Lots more examples accessible via Google Image

Michael Whelan’s art immediately brought to mind the styles of two other arty Michaels I’ve