September and October 2021’s New and Full Moons

Image: ‘Moon Phases’ a pencil depiction perpetrated by Jude Cowell
September 2, 2021: Below is a list of lunations (New and Full Moons) which manifest in September and October 2021. Each degree’s rounded-up Sabian Symbol (word picture) is added along with each Symbol’s ‘caution to avoid’ (aka, the negative, unconscious, and/or shadow side expression) because SO’W is concerned with our predatory

President Biden’s Mars Return November 2021

August 30 2021: First a Thank You to President Joe Biden for his Herculean efforts evaculating thousands of people from Afghanistan, accomplished and announced today, a day earlier than the August 31st goal.
Yet as we know, his challenges as president continue. Below is a view of President Biden’s Mars Return for 2021 which perfects @12Sco35:25, on November 17, 2021 in Return 3rd house of

US Open Tennis 2021

US Open tennis astrology

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the year. Djokovic is on course to win the Calendar Grand Slam and complete the full set of Grand Slam wins in 2021. Plus, if he wins in NY, he will have won 21 Grand Slams edging above Federer & Nadal who are both on 20 wins.

At this US Open, there’s no Federer, no Nadal, so it’s Djokovic’ to win, surely.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

The astrology/tennis predictions returned for Wimbledon 2021 and the chart clearly showed the favourite winning. We also saw that Djokovic has some top astrology this year.

Progressed Venus is conjunct Djokovic’ natal Mercury in Gemini, the tennis planet in the tennis sign – it was exact on August 27th so leading him in nicely to this tournament. His progressed Moon has moved on from his natal Mars, his career planet, which lead him into Wimbledon.

It is, however, making a progression to his progressed Sun at 4 Cancer, which is exact later in September. Also, Djokovic’ progressed Midheaven, career point, is conjunct his progressed Saturn, his ruling planet. It’s a powerful list of progressions which does suggest this is his moment.

However, Djokovic also has unpredictable Uranus stationing opposite his Midheaven – exact on July 12th & September 28th but lively all summer.

During the Wimbledon chat, it was discussed that this could produce an upset – it didn’t at Wimbledon but Djokovic crashed out of the Olympics at the end of July without a medal. 1 out of 3 upsets maybe? Or will Uranus be a problem again.

As always in these astrology predictions, it’s worth watching what Jupiter is doing, the success planet. Jupiter is currently retrograde and slowing down ready to turn direct on October 18th.

During the tournament Jupiter moves from 25 to 24 Aquarius and important to note which players have Jupiter transits happening. Djokovic is one of those players as Jupiter is exactly sextile his natal Uranus on August 31st which sits opposite his Mars, again leading into the tournament. To be fair, that transit could go either way.

As long as Uranus doesn’t trip him up, surely it’s Djokovic’ tournament.

Tournament Chart

During this tournament, the astrology isn’t as convincing for the favourite – see chart above. An early Scorpio Ascendant, the chart ruler is Mars in Virgo, great for precision tennis, but moving towards an opposition to Neptune. The dream is there but there can also be disillusionment.

The Moon is in the tennis sign Gemini and is picking up nice trine aspects to Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. However, the Moon is also square the Mars/Neptune opposition – so something is amiss. Not an easy progress to the final, perhaps.

The Moon’s final aspect to lucky Jupiter before changing star sign is promising for the favourite but the Moon never meets up with the ruler of the Midheaven, the Sun.

It’s certainly not as convincing a testimony as the Wimbledon tournament chart for the favourite winning.

What is intriguing is that the chart for the final of the tournament has Ascendant 16 Capricorn and Midheaven 14 Scorpio – closely mirroring Djokovic’ chart – Ascendant 15 Capricorn and Midheaven 10 Scorpio.

Plus, the Moon in Gemini in the tournament chart gives a nod to the awesome Gemini player, Djokovic.

– My predictions aren’t complete as I haven’t had time to look at the rest of the players’ astrology. I also gave a little sigh when Nadal and Federer were both out as we have birth times for both and it would be great to watch the Big Three compete together.

It’s getting harder to make these tennis predictions when so many players don’t have birth times in the public domain – you only have a snippet of the information for them and you can only look at what astrology leaps out, i.e. a major Jupiter transit or stunning synastry with the tournament chart.

However, I did want to get this post up so you all have a forum to discuss the tennis astrology over the coming fortnight. When I have more time later this week, I’ll take a look at the other key players. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks and whether Djokovic will complete his Calendar Grand Slam.

Happy tennis!

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