Aquarius New Moon: We are all in this Together



A fantastic New Moon in Aquarius occurred earlier yesterday  (Thurs Fen 11). around 2 pm EST (7 pm UT)

A New Moon brings an energy reset, and although  Mercury is currently moving backward,  there is still a sense of forward movement.  January held some of the most intense and difficult astrology of 2021, and though it isn’t necessarily going to be all smooth sailing, there is now a sense of positive shift in the air. Aquarius is about the future!

Right now,  seven planets are all hanging out in Aquarius,  bringing a tremendous amount of energy  to awaken the spirit of the new age.  Aquarius is about social justice, equality and fairness and a sense of being part of something bigger.  It’s also known to be quirky, unusual and definitely out of the box.  My mother, who passed away in 2020,  was an Aquarius;  her birthday would have been this coming Monday. She was definitely a quirky character and certainly lived up to her Aquarian nature.

The last time so many planets were together in this sign was in the early sixties. Remember the sixties? (if you do, you probably were not there – hehe). I highly recommend the Netflix documentary ‘Laurel Canyon’ for a taste of those times.



 That was the dawn of the Age of Aquarius where the seeds of rebellion and revolution were planted and we began our exciting journey into the new era . Peace love and harmony were going to save planet earth from immanent doom (ban the bomb) and there was a sense of hope and optimism even in the midst of the battle (a battle for peace).  Many had spiritual awakenings and Peter Max (artist)  ruled supreme – while psychedelics revealed that we were cosmic beings.


Though it may seem like  all that was a bit of a dud,  and that in fact things have actually gotten worse, those seeds have been gestating underground all this time and are now beginning to sprout. Once again the spirit of revolution is in the air as we enter the next phase of the re-birthing of the human race.  Change is usually accompanied by some sort of crisis … the old has to break down to make way for the new, the seed has to break open for the new growth to emerge, and that is not always an easy process.  

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in  silence and tranquility.”  

Khalil Gibran

The old must die for the new to be born. Remember The Saturn Jupiter ‘Grand Conjunction’ on the Winter Solstice at 0° Aquarius? That  started off the great gathering in Aquarius, with Saturn representing the old king who must die, and Jupiter the new King heralding in 20 years of new energy. (I wrote about this in the last few posts).

Saturn is now in  powerful tension with Uranus, the Awakener. Uranus wants change and revolution, Saturn … not so much. Saturn stands for the status quo, the government, the rules, authority etc.  Both Uranus and Aquarius are visionaries who will resist Saturn’s efforts at control.  This tense dynamic will be operating on and off all year – so we likely will see waves of protests, as well as waves of control mechanisms  brought into play (sort of like what has already been happening… only even more so). Mars is less involved now  so hopefully less violence will ensue.  It is inevitable that Uranus will win over Saturn,  and we will take one more baby step into the Aquarian age.



 “Many old structures and assumptions will be set aside in coming years, and a broader vision, a broader understanding, and a broader “atmosphere of synthesis” will help us all see the interrelationships to things.”        Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers.


 Much will be at play as these powers duke it out … and there will be moments when it may feel like we are going backward.

“Uranus, and its modern archetype Aquarius promote long-term change. There is however an underlying retroactive dynamic generated by Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, that seeks change by reversing proactive, progressive movement, pressuring circumstances to go back to the way they used to be. 
There is an important lesson here for all liberally-focused, democratic incumbencies. Democracy is not the guaranteed forward direction of any nation. It is a rare gift only achieved through arduous effort and the collective realization of its people that freedom, like democracy is an active verb.” Daniel Fiverson
We live in a beautiful world. Lets find a way to keep it that way!
Mercury retrograde asks us to review and reflect. After the hell year we had in 2020,  and a somewhat difficult beginning to 2021, we have a chance  to get a handle on what we want to envision for the future. This New Moon energy is  about letting new vision arise out of the reflections of the past.  The ideas we come up with during the retrograde can become actions of the future. One thing is for certain ~ we can no longer do things in the same old way and expect a different result. Time for something completely different.  (I honestly have no idea what that means, except we will never go back to normal. And do we even want to?)

First, there are obstacles that need resolving or removing (like a pandemic?) Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Saturn will all come into contact with retrograde Mercury – old problems (Saturn), old unresolved legal issues (like an impeachment- Jupiter) old emotions (Moon) may appear as Mercury crosses each. Mercury conjunct the Sun asks us who we are with,  and what we are for. 

 Are you a particle or a wave?

Ironically, we are both! 

Aquarius is our unique self, yet also how we fit into the group. There is  always the danger of   ‘group think’ – in direct contrast to the Aquarian imperative of individualism and outside the box thinking. That’s why the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago was so important,  because it asked us to really step into our personal power before we join the group effort.

Astrology is alchemy – and we are in the quickening (Mercury).  

Don’t forget the Aquarius motto:  ‘Question Everything! 

p.s. We’re going to see a lot of push- pull this year between rules and restrictions and those who will refuse to go along with them. Remember,  Aquarius is about social justice.  And things are already so polarized,  I do hope will find a way to get along, for that truly is the essence of Aquarius. 

Today there is a lovely conjunction between Venus (Love) and Jupiter (expansion and joy). In Aquarius this means love each other. Open your heart – smile on your brother/sister… even in the midst of diversity. We are all in this together. 


You know you want to 🙂