Astrological news this week: Clarity to push through retrograde issues


Astrological update for the week of September 26 – October 3, 2022

Fresh on the heels of the Libra New Moon (September 25, 4:34 pm EDT), we have a week full of positive energies to help navigate through any issues that we may be dealing with. The planets are always doing something, but this week we get a boost from harmonious alignments which provide support and ease us through challenges.

There is a dearth of the water element in the skies at the moment, with only Neptune carrying the influence of feeling and intuition, so we may find ourselves somewhat disconnected from our inner senses and focused more on the outer experience. We can counteract this by spending more time in quiet contemplation, tuning in to the sights and sounds of nature to soothe and calm any jangling of the nerves.

We do still have seven planets (including Chiron) in retrograde motion, and Mercury (mind) is at a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct next week. With so many planets retrograde it can feel like we are stuck, that it’s difficult to get anything off the ground. Patience furthers, as the IChing says, and if we stop to listen we will soon discover the solution to any problem.

We also have the challenging square between Saturn and Uranus at its tightest point since 2021 during the month of October: that conflict between the old way (Saturn) and the new (Uranus), the pressures of rebellion (Uranus) against conformity (Saturn) – expect to see all of these issues re-emerge for one last time.

Without a lot of big planetary interactions the faster moving planets and lunar energies become more evident. Here’s what else is happening this week (dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday September 26. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, fresh off the New Moon the evening before. Under the influence of Libra we crave harmony and peaceful relations with others, and this is strengthened by Venus and Mercury aspects which help to improve communication, mental focus, and the quality of our connections with others. A Sun/Jupiter aspect expands our confidence in our abilities all day, but under this aspect we tend to be a bit reckless and following our impulses may not be the wisest course of action.

Watch for a bit of emotional tension around 3 pm EDT, but otherwise this is a feel-good day which should help us to find our balance if we have been off-kilter. (Venus trine Pluto 1:45 am, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:58 pm, Sun opposite Jupiter 3:33 pm, Moon opposite Chiron 3:33 pm, Moon trine Mars 10:54 pm, Moon trine Saturn 11:44 pm.)

Tuesday September 27.  A Mercury aspect to enhance our mental focus which began building on Monday will culminate around 9 am on Tuesday (EDT), and with a minimum of planetary aspects on Tuesday this would be an excellent day to tackle a task which requires mental clarity.

Around noon we may feel a bit intense, but that just paves the way for the Moon moving into Scorpio at 7:14 pm EDT. When the Moon is in Scorpio we all take on that Scorpionic penetration of will and desire, and a harmonious Mars aspect will be building on Tuesday to help us to focus that will and empower our intentions. (Mercury trine Pluto 8:56 am, Moon square Pluto 12:20 pm, Moon enters Scorpio 7:14 pm, Mars trine Saturn the next day 1:48 am.)

Wednesday September 28. Today there are no aspects other than the Mars influence which began building the previous day. This will help clear away distractions and enable that force of Will represented by Mars to become laser-focused on a particular intention or decision.

I plan to use Wednesday for some long-range VisionCrafting™ to hone my long-range plans and ideas! (Mars trine Saturn 1:48 am).

Thursday September 29. Venus enters Libra at 3:49 am. Venus rules Libra, and is happiest in this sign of harmony and balance. Venus is usually associated with love and beauty and that is all true, but there is a more empowered side to Venus as well. The predecessors of Venus, Ishtar and Inanna, were goddesses of power and creation. Libra is often described as the iron fist inside the velvet glove, although the craving for polite niceness can be detrimental to any Venusian empowerment.  Venus will remain in Libra until October 23rd, putting the focus on not only personal relationships, but our own relationship to the world around us and how well we balance our needs and desires with the necessity for compromise.

The Scorpio Moon is quite busy on Thursday, passionate and intense in the morning EDT but in primarily harmonious alignments after noon to foster and encourage emotional stability. (Venus enters Libra 3:49 am, Moon opposite Uranus 3:49 am, square Saturn 4:57 am, trine Neptune 1:02 pm, sextile Mercury 2:57 pm, sextile Pluto 5:19 pm.)

Friday September 30. Happy lunar aspects today, and with the Moon having just entered Sagittarius (12:03 am EDT) the feeling of optimism is more easily attained. Give yourself a break on Friday and take some time to enjoy what comes your way. (Moon sextile Venus 2:03 am, trine Jupiter 5:38 am, sextile Sun 1:05 pm).

Saturday October 1. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day – a good day to schedule a party or social gathering, especially with Venus and Jupiter smiling in the wings. Even the most introverted among us will find social interactions easier and more rewarding with one caveat: it is easy to overstretch ourselves under these influences so pay attention to your own needs for space and quiet. (Moon trine Chiron 1 am, sextile Saturn 8:47 am, opposite Mars 11:03 am, Venus opposite Jupiter 2:11 pm, Moon square Neptune 4:44 pm, square Mercury 5:46 pm).

Sunday October 2. Mercury turns direct! It will take some time (about 10 days) for Mercury’s speed to normalize so don’t celebrate quite yet, but with the Moon still in Virgo for a few days we may want to clean up any lingering mess that the Mercury retrograde cycle brought with it.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:37 am, turning our attention and mood to tackling the hard projects that are essential to a stable life experience. The Capricorn Moon engages in a few challenging aspects which could create a bit of distress but just know this is temporary and follow the Capricornian spirit of hard work and focus on the goal.

Take care, friends, and have a great week. ❤️


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New Moon in Libra

Justice (1550/69) by Bernardino India

New Moon in Libra

Libra is a sign of weighing balances, associated with the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere when there is an equality of day and night around the world. The New Moon in Libra on September 25 is only a few days after the equinox, initiating us into a new season that will feature the most volatile astrology of the year. Libra excels at contemplation, intellectual pursuits and aesthetic arrangement, a sign that exalts the calculations of Saturn and consideration of consequences, a place where the centeredness of the Sun has its fall. The New Moon in Libra following the equinox so closely makes it ideal for reflection upon our path, ruminating upon the many strands of present development to lay plans for the meaning and purpose we wish to explore for the rest of the year.

The Libra New Moon is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries, amplifying themes of justice associated with the sign of the Scales and the necessity of taking the time needed to think through options and issues in order to distill the essence of what needs our focus. The Sun in Libra will oppose Jupiter a day after the lunation on September 26, an alignment that demarcates the heart of Jupiter’s retrograde passage when Jupiter is at its brightest peak in the night sky, as close to earth as it gets within its orbit. As a result, Jupiter is in a liminal passage during the Libra New Moon, transitioning from its morning star phase into its evening star phase that will bring increased opportunities for aligning our purpose with the needs of our surrounding community. The brightness of Jupiter can illuminate the deeper meaning within our circumstances, helping us to separate from what is no longer serving our purpose and distinguishing the decisions that need to be made in our next steps forward.

The tension of the opposition between Jupiter and the lunation invites the objectifying analysis of Libra that can reflect upon ways in which we may have been too full of hubris, too ungrounded with the visions we are developing, too idealistic or too righteous in our own personal sense of justice. Not only is the Sun in its fall of Libra, but Venus as the ruler of the Libra New Moon is also in her fall of Virgo. As a result, there’s a need to ground and step back from ambitions enough to analyze if the goals we are developing our truly aligned with our authenticity or focused too much on fitting into cultural standards and conditioning of success.

Fortunately, there is a productive trine aspect between Mars in Gemini with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius that will become exact on September 27 a couple of days after the lunation. The flowing trine between Mars in Gemini with Saturn in Aquarius can help in focusing the inventive qualities of Mars in Gemini that can become too scattered at times or indecisive regarding the numerous options available to pursue with its multifaceted talents and skills. Due to Mars stationing retrograde at the end of October, this will be the first in a long sequence of trine aspects that will be forming between Mars and Saturn over the next six months, with the next exact trine occurring on November 28 with Mars retrograde and Saturn direct in motion. The careful consideration of the Libra New Moon can be applied to contemplating one’s present relationship with Mars as the red planet begins to slow down over the course of the subsequent lunar cycle. Mars in Gemini will have an increasingly intensified presence, and while it may bring increased volatility it also holds the promise of dramatic change and exciting new desires and passions to pursue and cultivate.

Aphrodite by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Venus rules the New Moon while separating from an opposition with Neptune and applying toward a trine with Pluto in Capricorn and toward a conjunction with Mercury retrograde in Virgo. The flowing trine between Venus and Pluto is the closest aspect within the lunation, and combined with Mercury simultaneously applying toward a conjunction with Venus and a trine with Pluto brings penetrating depth of insight into hidden patterns and patterns that have been operating under the surface. Both Venus and Mercury are in the midst of underworld journeys while empowered by the forces of Pluto. Mercury recently was reborn by its union with the Sun on the Libra Equinox, but is still in its invisible phase due to being in close proximity with the Sun. In contrast, Venus more recently has descended into the underworld in her invisible phase and will eventually become reanimated through her solar conjunction on October 22. Mercury and Venus are considered to be the two rulers of the third decan of Virgo (Mercury in descending order; Venus in triplicity order), a face that facilitates incisive awareness regarding the consequences of actions.

Austin Coppock in his book 36 Faces on the decans ascribed the image of “The Sarcophagus” to the third face of Virgo as there are many associated images of decay in old texts. Coppock stated that the third decan of Virgo “has the power to break the pride of all created things by showing them their inevitable end,” yet through facing this inevitability “it grants far reaching sight . . . the ability to look beyond the present, seeing consequences as clearly as actions.” There is a strong contrast of essential dignities between Venus and Mercury, with Venus in her fall and Mercury exalted as well as fully resourced by being at home. There are themes of Nemesis and Necessity within the relationships between Venus, Mercury, and Pluto, with the potential to cut through places we have obscured our viewpoint by pride in order to open deeper awareness. Venus in her present phase mirrors the mythology of Inanna’s descent to the underworld during which she must remove her talismans and release her pride in order to prepare for the mystery of her rebirth.

At the same time, with both Venus and Mercury in range of an opposition with Neptune we can open perception beyond the ways in which we typically restrict our awareness, sifting through any recent experiences of disillusionment in order to realign with the deeper truth we are coming into relationship with. With Venus separating from Neptune and applying to both Mercury and Pluto, there will be opportunities for grounding and coming back into more pragmatic relationship with reality if we have more recently been overly idealistic or inflated. Mercury will not complete an opposition with Neptune due to stationing direct in Virgo on October 2, yet will remain in Virgo in range of an opposition with Neptune during the waxing phase of the forthcoming lunar cycle. As a result, as the Moon waxes toward fullness we will have opportunities for coming to terms with our larger dreams and inspirations, our idealistic hopes that can sustain our excitement about life despite difficulties we are facing. Neptune will be a key player in the volatile astrology that will developing in the season ahead, and so it will be worthwhile to utilize the Mercurial focus available within the Libra New Moon for cutting through illusions to come into relationship with the deeper truths and meaning that can be revealed by Neptune.

2 of Swords by Pamela Colman Smith

Libra 1 Decan

The New Moon in Libra is in the first decan of Libra associated with the Two of Swords card illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith. In the image a blindfolded woman sits in front of an oceanic expanse while crossing two swords in front of her.  The blindfold and ocean suggest contact with the instinctual inner realm and unconscious, and indeed this card in tarot has a meaning of mediating between opposing forces to find equipoise, resolving conflicts within a protected space of exploring internal balance.  T. Susan Chang in her book 36 Secrets stated that the blindfolded woman reveals how the “Swords have do to do with what can and can’t be known,” and that the covered eyes in the image “represent minds that only partly grasp their situation” yet want to know more. Chang links the Two of Swords with setting aside preconceptions, giving opposing points of view “equal airing,” utilizing practices that help “clear your mind, and listen for silence.” It’s a fitting image for the New Moon involving an opposition between the lunation with Jupiter as well as an opposition between Venus and Mercury with Neptune.

Austin Coppock in 36 Faces referenced Smith’s illustration by ascribing the image of “A Blind Fold and a Sword” to the first face of Libra, describing it as a place which awakens awareness to injustice and disequilibrium within both societal and personal levels of interaction. Coppock wrote of the significance of the Two of Swords holding symbols that “allude to the arousal of an as yet unconscious force” such as the nocturnal and oceanic setting making it a landscape “beneath the threshold of waking consciousness.” Since the Moon is the ruler of the first decan of Libra and the Moon is being reanimated within its own face, the meaning of the first decan of Libra will be amplified. Coppock emphasized the essence of this face being about relationship and “the balance between two entities” in all forms within the social order, stating it “shines a light on these dynamics, bringing what is troublesome to the light of conscious recognition.” Coppock declared that the first decan of Libra not only illuminates dynamics of “fairness and reciprocity” based upon “core principles of ethical interaction with other beings,” but also can incite assertive attempts to address injustice or imbalances.

It is further notable that the Hellenistic text The 36 Airs of the Zodiac ascribed the Erinyes (also known as the Furies) to the first face of Libra. As the Erinyes are chthonic goddesses who serve natural law and punish transgressors, the first face of Libra is a place of becoming aware of previously hidden evidence that reveals inequities.  The fearless insight into hidden matters signified by the Furies fits well with both Venus and Mercury being in the middle of invisible, underworld phases while also forming flowing trine aspects with Pluto. If you have been feeling the festering of the Furies within, make space for purifying and releasing the associated toxic components while coming to terms with the deeper meaning found within your own shadowy inner realm. The image of blind Justice fits well with the darkness of the Moon opposing the full brightness of Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Making space to explore the inner patterns behind recent events in the days following the Libra New Moon will help in coming to terms with the adjustments to plans and goals that will be needed in the season ahead.


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