Full Moon in Virgo, March 7, 2023

While there may be disturbances in the atmosphere down the road, on the Full Moon at 16° 40’ Virgo on 7 March 2023, 04:41 AM PST, it is relatively calm. Earth and water are in charge at this time, and the Virgo-Pisces axis almost always prefers peace and quiet to noise and drama.

The tightest aspect to the luminaries involves Uranus in Taurus which is trine the Virgo Moon and sextile the Pisces Sun. Both Virgo and Pisces are deeply committed to being of service as well as healing pain and suffering. Perhaps Uranus can spark truly innovative ideas to bring quality healing to as many people as possible. There will likely be resistance from some quarters that will emerge over the next few weeks as is indicted by a waxing T-square to Mars in Gemini. Perhaps the best thing we can do is work on being open minded and compassionate.

Less than an hour after the Full Moon, Saturn will leave Aquarius for Pisces and it will be interesting to see the impact Saturn in Pisces has on issues pertaining to health and healing practices. Saturn ruled the last two signs it was in, Capricorn and Aquarius, but it is not as comfortable in mutable, Neptune ruled Pisces. It will take some getting used in part because many of us will probably freak out at what is revealed when Saturn in Pisces lifts the Neptune fog bank. As usual, work on processing those revelations in the classic Saturn manner . . . step by slow step. We’ll need to be gentle with ourselves and others during the next couple of years, especially in area of our natal charts ruled by Pisces, in part because we will have two full time planets in Pisces, Saturn and Neptune.

The rulers of Virgo and Pisces, Mercury and Neptune respectively, have little input on this lunation. Mercury is newly arrived in Pisces and is unaspected. Neptune in Pisces makes a waxing square to Mars in Gemini, exact a week after the Full Moon. Mars-Neptune aspects often create situations where we can be easily sidetracked and veer way off course. It also suggests attempts to force changes will not gain traction and be effectively sidelined for the time being. The fact the Mars-Neptune square is in mutable signs increases the possibility of getting lost in a fog bank. In other words, the next week or so does not look promising for getting new projects up and running.

Those looking for a little excitement in their love lives may turn to Venus in Aries. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries is fading but a lively sextile between Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini is waxing and will be exact on March 11. We may also feel more positive about our investments. While this upbeat energy may only last a short while, it ought to give our spirits a lift.

It’s usually a good idea to make an effort not to worry too much, especially about Virgo type small stuff. Which is why staying focused on being in the now is important on this Full Moon in Virgo. If we get too caught up in projecting our fears onto the future events, it can prevent us from being happy where we live, which is in our day to day lives. Astrology is a wonderful tool but too often people see a “bad” transit coming up and get so worked up about “what if’s” they neglect the important moments happening in the present. Many times when those transits actually arrive, the situation is seldom as bad as we feared it would be and the resulting changes are often positive. The mutable emphasis on this Full Moon is very good for teaching us lessons in how to adapt when our expectations fail to materialize for better or worse. Rather than fuss about what might be, let’s enjoy the quiet beauties of this Full Moon in Virgo. Small surprises can be just as much fun as big ones, and equally inspiring. Don’t forget to practice kindness, generosity and tolerance. Smile and spread the love around. Peace and joy to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon in Virgo © Diane Lang

Virgo Full Moon

“Vision of Bernadette at Lourdes”, Church of Saint John the Baptist, Duhill, County Tipperary by Harry Clarke

Virgo Full Moon

All months are not created equal in astrology. The quality of time tracked by transits can vary significantly from month to month, and sometimes a particular month signals a turning point in reality; a collective threshold that demarcates a radical change in story arcs larger than our individual trajectory. The Full Moon in Virgo on 7 March 2023 heralds a month of seismic shifts within the astrological landscape. Saturn will enter Pisces less than an hour after the Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces, while Pluto will enter Aquarius sixteen days later on March 23. The Full Moon in Virgo will support methodical analysis of the potential choices and paths available as we sense the way that the current changes taking shape can lead to both challenges and new opportunities in the months ahead. Yet a rising fog may obscure our ability to gain clarity in the week following the lunation.

The Full Moon in the earthy, mutable home of Mercury can normally support slowing things down and pulling back from action to make careful and pragmatic processing of information. Virgo can be helpful in breaking down issues into smaller concepts, picking apart and separating factors to gain insight into how the details combine in the bigger picture. Yet Mercury will be responsible for the care of the Moon while occupying its fall in Pisces while also moving quickly into its invisible phase of combustion with the Sun. Mercury will also be in the bounds of Venus. These factors increase the imaginative, artistic, creative, and poetic capacities of Mercury more so than its ability to dryly divide and sort through details with linear logic.

The Virgo Full Moon will be closely separating from a flowing trine Uranus in Taurus and applying toward a disruptive square aspect with Mars in Gemini and opposition with Neptune in Pisces. The innovative and liberating influence of Uranus will be further emphasized by Mercury moving quickly toward a creative sextile aspect with Uranus that it will complete on March 11. The involvement of Uranus accentuates the prudent foresight of Virgo and gaining intuitive insight into circumstances, as well as the experimental nature of Virgo that can ingeniously discover new ways to combine and mix influences and sources of inspiration.

Even more importantly, however, the Virgo Full Moon will bring to a head rushing currents streaming from the Mars retrograde phase in Gemini that began in October 2022. Mars previously formed a square aspect with Neptune on 12 October 2022 and again on 19 November 2022 when retrograde. With Mars and Neptune coming together into a square aspect for the final time in the series, the Virgo Full Moon will amplify the pressure building between them. Neptune does not help Mars gain clarity and can inflate the self-righteousness of Mars, and so their friction may ignite ideological conflicts. Moreover, as Mars approaches an exact square aspect with Neptune on 14 March, the Pisces Sun and Mercury will also align with Neptune, creating an extended period from 14 March through 17 March in which the triple conjunction of Mercury, Neptune and the Sun will clash with Mars. The resulting tension may correlate with disillusionment that brings about an important reorientation to reality. Conflicts during this time will be confusing, requiring an extra dose of discernment to clarify. It will be best to avoid disputes and center attention on creative pursuits in need of imaginative inspiration.

At the same that Mercury will be speeding into conjunctions with Neptune and the Sun, Mars will leave its retrograde shadow zone on 15 March. Thus the Virgo Full Moon will illuminate the final passage of Mars moving forward over the degrees it formerly moved backwards over last November after it stationed retrograde on 30 October. Pay attention to how events in the week following the lunation bring tests and challenges related to storylines from last November, as well as ways in which you can notice newfound strength and courage in pushing through difficulties and achieving results in areas of life that had been previously frustrating.

The Source of the Loue (1864) by Gustave Courbet

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn will leave Aquarius to enter Pisces less than an hour after the Full Moon. The entrance of Saturn into Pisces will be intensified due to the peak of the lunar cycle happening at the same time, as well as the fact that Saturn will have recently returned to visibility as a morning star heralding dawn. Saturn’s ingress into Pisces will usher in a sea change in collective and personal events. Pisces is a boundless and oceanic water sign in which boundaries and containment can often be issues. Saturn will offer a cauldron to tend that can contain the dissolution of the solutio alchemical stage that we will be collectively experiencing in the years ahead with Saturn in Pisces. With Saturn occupying the same water sign as Neptune, old ruling principles and reality constructs will disintegrate as the stirring of Saturn’s cauldron facilitates the coagulation of new, regenerated forms. The force of Saturn’s gravity within the imaginal waters of Pisces can heighten awareness of the ways in which we perceive and shape reality. While Saturn in Pisces can enhance the melding of diverse sources of inspiration into new forms of creative amalgamation, we must also be aware of becoming lost, confused, or sorrowful within the downward spiral of its stirring.

Although Saturn will not move within its traditional orb with Neptune during 2023, coming no closer than twenty degrees away, we will begin to notice an amplification of the balsamic, ending phase of the cycle between Saturn and Neptune due to them occupying Pisces together. The cycle between Saturn and Neptune coming to an end now began in 1989 when revolutions swept across the globe, including Tiananmen Square in China, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the overturning of communist regimes in Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania that led to the end of the U.S.S.R. The three conjunctions between Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn in 1989 also correlated with the invention of the World Wide Web, the first attempts to genetically modify humans, and the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa. While the impact of Saturn and Neptune coming together will be especially intensified in 2025 and 2026, due to the nonlinear nature of planetary cycles we will have many themes connected with them becoming stirred up in collective events as they begin moving closer together within the same water.

One of the reasons the Saturn and Neptune cycle is of paramount importance is due to them being the two outermost planets – Saturn has always been significant as the outmost planet we can visibly see in the sky throughout its cycle, whereas Neptune is now considered to be the outermost proper planet now that Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf planet. In these threshold roles Saturn and Neptune are all about the relationship between the visible and the invisible. They are fundamental to our perception and what we personally and collectively consider to be reality – the visible concrete forms and the multiplicity of invisible influences. The Saturn and Neptune cycle reveals how our collective perception of reality changes across time, and now that we are coming to the end of their cycle there will be a reckoning and a reseeding as we approach the rebirth.

With Saturn entering a water sign, the most obvious correspondence will be literal issues of water becoming increasingly important, including corruption of water issues such as toxic pollution and conflicts around water rights and territories. Saturn has traditional associations with water, wells, and waterside trades and this will be amplified by being in Pisces along with Neptune. Yet on a metaphorical, inner level of symbolism, we can expect to be brought back to watery states through the dissolution and coagulation of the solutio alchemical phase. The solutio phase involves the dissolution of solid, differentiated matter into its original undifferentiated state, known as the prima materia. One of the reasons water is associated with spiritual regeneration is due to the alchemical concept that substances cannot be transformed until reduced to prima materia. While the transit of Saturn through Pisces will ultimately deliver solutions by dissolving obstructions, we can expect to pass through some disorienting and confusing stages of development as we adjust to Saturn and Neptune residing in Pisces together.

Chauvet cave paintings

Jupiter & Chiron in Aries

The Virgo Full Moon is additionally significant for announcing the coming together of Jupiter and Chiron into a conjunction on 12 March at 14°26’ Aries, initiating a new cycle between them. The influence of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries will be brought into the mix of the lunation through forming an antiscia relationship with the Virgo Full Moon. Jupiter and Chiron have a cycle that lasts about thirteen years, with their current cycle beginning in 2009 with three conjunctions in the third decan of Aquarius that were also in close proximity with Neptune.

I’ve previously shared an article about the Jupiter and Chiron cycle written by Brian Clark due to feeling deep resonance with his description of its meaning. Though Jupiter and Chiron have vastly different meanings in astrology, Clark shared how their mythology shares the landscape of Mt. Pelion in Greece where two sanctuaries on either side of the mountain brought Chiron and Zeus together into contrasting sides of the same location. Clark made the insightful point that while the sanctuary of Zeus on the southern side of the slope received the full light of the Sun, Chiron’s cave on the northern side of the mountain was shaded. This connects well with how Chiron opens the door to the shady side of our psyche, tending the threshold of our conscious awareness with the deep well of wisdom found within unconscious depths and ancestral influences. As described by Brian Clark, “Chiron’s gaze was down, to an inner landscape, a cave of night. Yet in that cave was also one of the first mythic mystery schools where disenfranchised and orphaned youth were educated in the skills of healing and combat, learning the wisdom of the wound and the insight of a warrior.”

Clark further illuminated that “as an embodiment of suffering, of pain and mortality, Chiron confronts our compulsion to fix, to overcome and resolve . . . In his cave, the instinct to fix it and feel better is held long enough for the soulful symbols in our symptoms to be appreciated as images of healing.” The capacity to tend soulful material will be further accentuated by the presence of Vesta in Aries alongside Jupiter and Chiron. The sacred focus and inner fire of Vesta can help illuminate the messages and meaning found within whatever symptoms of deeper issues have been stirred up by Jupiter and Chiron. There is also an immense quality of courageous resilience constellated between Vesta, Chiron, and Jupiter in Aries, an indomitable spirt that can persist through the kind of difficulties that lead some to believe that all has been lost. Issues around societal oppression, marginalized identities, refugees and the displaced will become more prominent as Jupiter sparks a new cycle with Chiron. Jupiter’s presence with Chiron offers the hope of forming supportive alliances and envisioning ways of organizing action to address inequities.

9 of Pentacles by Pamela Colman Smith

Virgo 2 Decan

The Virgo Full Moon will illuminate the second decan of Virgo associated with the Nine of Pentacles card illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith. The image is saturated in a golden aura, with an elegant woman covered in flowing, golden robes. On her hand sits a hooded falcon, its capacity for swift flight and hyper vision temporarily restrained. Surrounding her are ripening grapevines and a large estate upon which we can imagine numerous marvels of nature and art residing. Since it is a tarot card associated with gains in wealth and creation of beautiful works, it makes sense that the second decan of Virgo is the face of Venus and Saturn. While Venus is like the guiding star of beauty and love that gives us an overarching reason to seek wealth we can share with others, Saturn functions as the force of necessity, discipline, and hard work required to seed, cultivate, and gather a bountiful harvest or shape prima materia into rarefied form.

In Henrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, a “black man” rises in the second decan of Virgo “wearing skins, and the man has wool and holds a satchel; this signifies gain and accumulation of substance and greed.” The Birhat Jakarta has a somewhat similar image, except for the figure being armed with a pen and bow: “a man with a pen in the hand, dark complexion, the head tied round by a cloth, counting gains and expenditure, covered over the body with dense hair and holding a bow.” A similar image was also described by Ibn Ezra, who pictured a man covered in hair with three garments: “one of leather, the second of silk, and the third is a red mantle.” The Picatrix gives a similar image of a man dressed in layers of leather and iron. T. Susan Chang in 36 Secrets made the astute observation that the encasement found within the Nine of Pentacles is similarly found in these traditional images featuring figures covered in hair and different layers of clothing. Chang wrote that the “progression from comfort to protection to display reflects the turning of the mind’s eye from inward to outward, from concern for the self to awareness of the Other.” Chang wrote that the “gain” associated with the second decan of Virgo involves the “differential created by the outer appearance vs the inner reality; the image we put on in order to meet the world. The question is: does that outer glamor connect us to, or separate us from, that which we seek?”

Austin Coppock in 36 Faces ascribed the image of “The Hammer and the Anvil” to the second face of Virgo. Coppock connected the covered traditional images for this decan as relating to the encasing of spirit within matter, a state which “fortifies but also conceals the spirit’s light,” resulting in the “inherent beauty of spirit” becoming “visible only in the clever and gainful manner by which it shapes the world.” Coppock described a theme of continual reshaping and refinement of matter in this decan that results in beautiful products and gains in wealth, yet “conceals the pain and toil utterly necessary for its creation.” Coppock concluded that this face brings alchemical “understanding of the many beautiful and repulsive states the matter attains throughout the Magnum Opus,” while the “residents of this decan oversee the ever-transforming world, guiding and shaping the Great Work on a microcosmic level,” inspecting and keeping track of how efficiently material processes are operating.

On one hand we can consider how the meaning of this decan holds the fact that the ease of comfort afforded by our modern technology conceals the oppression and trauma inflicted on those who must toil in harsh conditions as part of the chain which leads to the final product. On the other hand, we can consider what inner and outer hardships we inflict upon ourselves in order to achieve our conception of perfected form in the world. While there may be necessary trials we must endure to achieve our goals, in other cases we may realize ways to reorder external goals to tend to the quality of our inner life in more fulfilling and satisfying ways.

The Hellenistic text the 36 Airs linked the Moirai to the second face of Virgo. These are the daughters of Necessity, the goddesses of fate: Clotho the spinner of the threads of life, Lachesis the measurer of fateful threads, and Atropos who cuts the threads. In Plato’s Myth of Er, the Moriai not only ascribe ones destiny but also the guardian daimon who can bring guidance in accordance with one’s intrinsic virtue and authentic character. As the Moirai are central to the incarnation of our primal spirit within our material bodies, this connects back to how Austin Coppock described the second decan of Virgo as a place where “spirt has enclosed itself in a dense body here in order to gain control over gross layers of the physical plane and to oversee its processes with a keen eye.”

The presence of the Moirai with the Full Moon in Virgo demands questioning whether we are exerting ourselves in the true work of our destiny or if we are instead putting ourselves through difficulties so that we may merely get by and survive in our materialistic culture. With Saturn entering a new sign, imagine where you would like to be with your life and work by the end of its passage through Pisces in 2026. Let the light of the Virgo Full Moon illuminate the smaller steps you can take now that will lead toward your larger vision.


Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius. (2021). Three Occult Books of Philosophy. Translated by Eric Purdue. Inner Traditions.

Chang, T. Susan. (2021). 36 Secrets: A Decanic Journey through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. Anima Mundi Press.

Clark, Brian. (2022). The Jupiter-Chiron Cycle: Weaving the Ways of Wisdom.

Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.

Saturn Enters Pisces: Making The Unreal Real

virtual reality

Saturn Enters Pisces – March 7, 2023

It’s going to be interesting to see how Saturn, the planet that represents boundaries, gets on in water sign Pisces and the most boundless star sign.

Since December 2017, Saturn’s been in either Capricorn or Aquarius, both star signs it rules and likes. This is where Saturn can create systems, get organised and implement laws and regulations.

As it takes Saturn approximately 29/30 years to circuit the zodiac, Saturn’s move into Pisces where it remains for most of the time until February 2026 is a major event.

Saturn Enters Pisces

Saturn’s move into Pisces is a whole new ball game. Pisces’ co-ruler is Neptune, God of the sea. Will this be a compassionate, kind and caring Saturn? Will Saturn’s realm of reality dissolve into fantasy and the world of dreams?

Or, will Saturn’s sense of order prevail and we’ll see new rules and regulations put in place that will help clean up our seas and rivers, for example.

This is sorely needed here in the UK where sewage is constantly being pumped into our waters, creating a toxic mix for the living beings that reside in the waterways. And, making it very unpleasant to swim in.

On a wider level, we know that the sea has been filled with plastic and other materials that are non-perishable – vaccine syringes and masks included.

There are some fantastic organisations already being set up to harness the power of our seas and clean up the oceans. Hopefully, this will increase with Saturn in Pisces. Sustainability must become mainstream if we’re to stop depleting and damaging the earth’s natural resources.

Pisces Rules

Pisces rules liquid and drugs, altered states, the media, spirituality and the collective consciousness.

There’s already a rise in psychedelic drugs, cannabis oil and their healing properties and this is likely to increase. Shamanism would be another showing of Saturn in Pisces, returning to ancient ways to live a life that’s closer to spirit.

There may be an abrupt end to conspiracy theories. Or, perhaps they turn mainstream. We may see more evidence of extraterrestrial life. Or, an upsurge in teetotalism. I doubt we’ll be returning to prohibition, but Pisces is the star sign of all things weird and wonderful.

It’s important to remember that a symbol doesn’t mean just one thing. And, all of the planets can have a negative or a positive effect. Sometimes, it depends on your own perception of what’s right and wrong.

What’s Real, What’s Not

Pisces is a slippery star sign and its zodiac symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite directions. There can be a thin line between truth and lies when Pisces loses its way.

It would be wonderful to see more regulations in the media, Neptune’s domain. Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces and Saturn’s coming along to clean up its act. Right now, for example, politics is decided by the lure of money, the media and social media. We’ve lost our way in being able to choose our leaders wisely.

It’s hard to know anymore what’s true and what isn’t. Anything can be reimagined or recreated as the digital world and its technologies are infinite. The metaverse is already a reality and artificial intelligence is reaching extraordinary levels, not all good.

We seem to be careering towards a new future, which will have its benefits, also its disadvantages. Let’s hope that Saturn and Pisces can work hand-in-hand to bring out the best of their opposing natures.


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Full Moon Virgo: Order & Chaos

Full Moon

Full Moon [16 Virgo 40] 

– March 7, 2023 (12:40 GMT)

Moon Virgo, Sun Pisces

It’s a Full Moon week when the Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo. The King & Queen of the heavens gaze at one another from opposite sides of the zodiac.

Full Moons are invariably an emotional time and we’re currently moving through Pisces’ season, the last sign of the zodiac and one of the water signs.

Therefore, this could feel like an overwhelm of emotion & sensitivity. Pisces is the star sign most closely linked to the collective unconscious, the dream world, picking up on energy & vibrations that ripple out around the world.

During the Full Moon, we’re diving deeper into this creative & compassionate, disorienting & boundless realm. Night-time may become daytime as sleep evades you. Or, your dreams are so vibrant, it feels like falling into a parallel universe.

Yet, only one hour after the Full Moon, the planet of boundaries Saturn enters boundless Pisces for a three year stay. Will order win over chaos or will the fantastical realm wash over Saturn’s shores?

The Full Moon phase could coincide with a completion as events often culminate during the bright light of the Full Moon. The exact degree of the Moon is 16° Virgo, the Sun in opposition at 16° Pisces.

This Full Moon will be most powerful for you if you have planets or angles in your natal chart close to the Full Moon degree – allow a 1-2 degree orb.

The Virgo/Pisces Axis

Full Moon energy can offer you an opportunity to tune into what you need and what will offer you sustenance and comfort as you move forward. The Virgo/Pisces axis is connected to service and sacrifice, healing and health.

Virgo is the star sign linked to work and routine, being useful and one of Virgo’s archetypes is to be of service. Pisces is linked to devotion, leaving the self (ego) behind to surrender to a higher order. A theme of sacrifice.

Whereas Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury enjoys the busyness of the mind and favours detail and order, Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune wants to go with the flow, be intuitive and tap into the creative and spiritual source through dreams and imagination.

During the Virgo Full Moon, there’s often a sense of busy-ness, when you want or need to be productive and get things done – Virgo’s realm.

What will bring you fulfilment now? You may choose to devote yourself to a creative, romantic, spiritual or caring activity. Or, you choose to let go and rest deeply and find a spa bath, a warm sea or a fantasy world to lose yourself in. Perhaps, you decide to sort through all your cupboards and go on a cleaning frenzy.

Both points of the Virgo/Pisces axis are highlighted now. Through the confusion of ideas, hopes and dreams which emerge (Sun Pisces), your goal is to find a route to clarity, efficiency, order (Moon Virgo).

Yet, there might be another way, one that’s connected to not knowing, being willing to go wherever life leads, to surrender to life, to release and let go, rather than try to direct life the way you choose.

The Law of Opposites

The dynamic of a Full Moon in astrology is an opposition and always presents a challenge on how you synthesize opposing energies or clashing wants and needs. There’s invariably an element of conflict but with this comes the opportunity to find a way to work together and use complementary skills or interests for the unity of the whole.

What do you need right now? Where do you need to trust yourself and tap into the Full Moon to shine its light, its clarity, its knowingness? Where are you willing to give? Where are you open to receive?

Opposite signs in the zodiac have opposite natures and they can learn from each other. Virgo is the sign of analysis, excellent at paying attention to detail. At its best, a perfectionist, orderly & precise; at its worst, a worrier, overly critical & demanding.

At this Full Moon of order (Virgo) v. confusion (Pisces), perfectionism (Virgo) v. go with the flow (Pisces), the first step is to consider what you could let go of, which decisions you can postpone for a while, what’s urgent, what’s not.

There are times when you need to actively download your mind, to stop, to empty out. How can you slow down, relax, chill out? Any activity where you can stop the chatter in your head and tap into your intuitive instinctive nature could be of benefit.

While the Full Moon is in Virgo, do get your life in order, attend to your diet, tweak your daily habits, stick to your deadline but don’t try and order your life so meticulously that there’s no room for flow and ease.

If you’re trying to ‘do it all’ or you’re in emotional overwhelm, this is the ideal time to look at ways of going about things differently. There may be a chance to find order amidst the chaos during this Full Moon period.

Star Sign Guide

Here are the areas in your life which are highlighted by this Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Virgo: Relationships, partnership, contracts – personal goals and profile
  • Libra: Routine, service, health and well-being – retreat, healing and inner work
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children and love affairs – friends, groups and wider society
  • Sagittarius: Home and family, the past – career and vocation, the future
  • Capricorn: Communication, community and relatives – travel, study and exploration
  • Aquarius: Money, possessions and self-worth – other peoples’ money, joint resources, taboos
  • Pisces: Personal goals and profile – relationships, partnership, contracts
  • Aries: Retreat, healing and inner work – routine, service, health and well-being
  • Taurus: Friends, groups and wider society – self-expression, creativity, children and love affairs
  • Gemini: Career and vocation, the future – home and family, the past
  • Cancer: Travel, study and exploration – communication, community and relatives
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money, joint resources, taboos – money, possessions and self-worth


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Planetary news this week: Virgo Full Moon, and Saturn in Pisces


Astrological update for the week of March 6-13, 2023.

Full Moon in Virgo March 7th. The Virgo Full Moon on Tuesday (EST) occurs with Saturn at the 29th degree of Aquarius, just about to spill into Pisces. The Virgo Moon is the only personal planet in an Earth sign, and with three planetary bodies in the mystical watery sign of Pisces it may be difficult to ground into the practical realm of life for the next few days. If that occurs, the best thing to do is to go with the flow.

The Pisces influence is wonderful for anything creative or magical, but with the Moon full in Virgo there is a strong emphasis on ritual and routine. Mars in Gemini is in a strong square to the Sun and Moon this week which suggests that we will likely find ourselves somewhat scattered under these energies, so this Full Moon will be better for planning and imagining than actually implementing something which requires a disciplined approach.

Saturn at the true cusp of Aquarius and Pisces is intensely idealistic – Aquarian idealism is intellectual and Piscean idealism is emotional – combining the two offers up a banquet of visionary longing for a world that offers greater perfection than the one we actually live in. The Virgo Moon resists this broadening of the scope of our experience and prefers to be grounded in the mundane details of life in physical form. It anchors us into a heart of practical reality where we are able to make the small changes that can ultimately result in the satisfaction of the larger Aquarius/Pisces vision. In any case, this lunation will impel us to seek more from our lives – to align with our center of Spirit and from there, create change in the material world in which we live.

Saturn enters Pisces just after the Full Moon. Saturn’s shift into Pisces will likely cause a sense of confusion – a sense that the direction we strode into so confidently just yesterday is now so foggy we are unable to see clearly. The lack of clarity is a theme this week: we begin with the Virgo Full Moon and the craving to create order out of chaos, but Saturn’s entry into Pisces is a bit of a sudden turn into disorder. This is followed by Mars and the Sun interacting with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, later this week, joined by the Moon on the 14th and by then it may be better to stage a small retreat to regroup and wait for the storm to end. Read more here to learn more about Saturn’s passage through Pisces over the next couple of years.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron. The alignment of Jupiter’s optimism and expansive qualities with Chiron’s inspiration to heal and explore the body’s awareness is a powerful crucible for physical, emotional and mental healing. The type of healing which Chiron presides over is not the fairy godmother type of healing in which a magic wand produces an immediate result. Chiron urges us to release the toxic energy of old wounded feelings and resentments so that we can be freed and this toxicity can be replaced with a higher form of body mind spirit wisdom. While this aspect culminates on March 12th, it has already been building throughout the month and will take a week or so to wane.

Lunar shifts this week. When there are this many major planetary events the lunar influence is more subtle, but here’s where the Moon will be this week.

  • The Moon begins the week in Virgo for the Full Moon.
  • Moon enters Libra March 8, 9:43 am EST. The Libra Moon is soft and craves harmony, so the senses will still be somewhat fragile until…
  • Moon enters Scorpio March 10, 7:05 pm EST. The Moon entering the fiery water sign of Scorpio will help to push through some of the clouds. However, that hypersensitive conjunction from Jupiter to Chiron will urge whatever painful memories are ripe to emerge into consciousness, and that Scorpio Moon provides courage to manage these feelings.
  • Moon enters Sagittarius on March 13 at 3:20 am EST. The next few days will not be great days for anything requiring mental focus or discipline. These are creative days in which restriction will be resisted so plan ahead for a little mini break!
    Peace and blessings for an exciting and magical week! ❤️


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