Drive-by Astrology ~ Francis Crick

Today, a bit of what I like to call “drive-by astrology”. More often than not “drive-by” is used in connection with shootings. I put the term to use in a more peaceful context. Whenever I come across an individual whose natal chart proves, on first sight, to be an excellent fit for the person I perceive, I post the chart with very brief reasons why it fits its owner so clearly. I hope this will

Arty Farty Friday ~ William Roberts – Against-Type Gemini Sun

William Roberts, born 5 June 1895, died 20 January 1980. He was a British painter of, mainly, groups of figures and portraits. He was also a war artist in both World War I and World War II.

I was unaware of Mr Roberts’ paintings, but having wandered among those available via Google Image have been duly impressed.

From a piece by Michael Spens HERE with added images of paintings mentioned.

Jonathan Cainer – Rest In Peace

I’m more shocked and sad than I can say to read, this evening, that the guy who has been my favourite astrologer for so many years – almost from his first newspaper and magazine forecasts in fact, has died – and way, way, way too soon.

I’m still a bit shaky, but away from home and doing my best to sort out a post on this laptop.

My sincere condolences to Jonathan’s wife and family.

Arty Farty Friday ~ Mary Petty, Alan Dunn & the Fermi Paradox .

While searching for a painter, illustrator, photographer or sculptor to feature today I came across Mary Petty’s name in a list of April 29 birthdays. She was one of The New Yorker’s cover artists and cartoonists for many years.

From a 1994 article by Victoria Donohoe, Inquirer Art Critic:
It’s said that the decades after the Civil War in America produced, in a rising level of prosperity,

Arty Farty Friday ~ Vivian Maier – Another Eccentric

We watched the documentary film
Finding Vivian Maier on Netflix recently. Amazing story of a woman who worked as a nanny, took photographs on the street, good ones – thousands and thousands of them, but kept them hidden, sometimes not even printed. She was, or became, a compulsive hoarder. After her death her photographs and negatives were acquired by a young man who has undertaken the vast

Arty Farty Friday ~ Robert Lenkiewicz , English Eccentric.

Robert Lenkiewicz – this artist’s work is probably not too well known in the USA. He was born in London on 31 December 1941, son of Jewish refugees who ran a Jewish hotel. He spent most of his adult life in and around Plymouth in England’s lovely south-west. He died in 2002. He is believed to have had around 12 children from a string of partners.

Lenkiewicz’s work was shunned by critics and

Arty Farty Friday ~ Sun Aquarian Barbara Kruger

Below is a re-airing of a 2011 post…just because. Before starting the re-run, though, I looked around to discover whether Ms Kruger has had anything to say about the current election season. I found this, by Bob Duggan, relating to the 2012 election season at Big Think: How Barbara Kruger Asks the Questions This Election Must Answer. The exhibit is still on view, I understand. I haven’t yet