New Moon in Libra, October 19, 2017

The spotlight is strongly focused on the New Moon at 26° 35′ Libra on 19 October 2017 12:13 PM PDT with the closest aspect an opposition to the luminaries from Uranus in Aries. We have an opportunity to make a fresh start though this may happen in unexpected ways.

One of the reasons I feel this New Moon in Libra will bring us positive options for growth and development has to do with Saturn in Sagittarius in a waxing to trine Uranus in Aries and sextile the luminaries. Fire and air work together nicely and are wonderful for opening our eyes to inspiring, new possibilities. This might happen through other people, events or through seeing ourselves in a new light. One-on-one relationships in particular can benefit from this pattern. Sometimes all it takes is one “ah ha” moment to change the way we see each other.

Venus is now in Libra but if we go by the numbers, she is semi-sextile the Sun and Moon in Libra. Nonetheless all three are in Libra and that creates a delightful sense of peace and harmony. We may gain a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty in our lives and the world we live in. Naturally Venus in Libra encourages us to pamper ourselves . . . fine chocolate and a nice wine, anyone?

Adding depth and mystery to this lunation is a waning conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio (exact on October 18). We can easily get caught up in obsessive thought patterns, and the more positive those are the better. Jupiter in Scorpio does encourage exploration of our inner realms, and Mercury is the perfect partner in this venture since it was Mercury’s task to carry messages between Hades and the outer realms. This could be a good opportunity to rid ourselves of negative mental loops that have been holding us back.

Mars is almost finished with his stay in Virgo but is still within orb of a waning square to Saturn in Sagittarius. By this time, the frustrations many have experienced thanks to the Mars-Saturn square are lessening, and once Mars enters airy Libra on October 22 it will be over.

The two outer planets that played big roles during the Full Moon in Aries are basically sitting this lunation out. Neither Neptune in Pisces or Pluto in Capricorn are within orb (in my opinion) of any other planets on this lunation.

Take advantage of the sparkling, forward looking energy of this New Moon in Libra to plan your next steps. Be open to unusual alternatives and prepare to make sudden shifts in direction in the weeks ahead. This is a great time for gathering information and weighing different options, something the combination of the Libra luminaries and Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio provides. Exciting times!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: New Moon © gimbo60

Full Moon in Aries — October 5, 2017, 18:40 UT

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts roughly from June to November. Uranus was exactly opposite 42355 Typhon already in the Summer Solstice chart. The total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 was tightly aspecting the Uranus-Typhon opposition. Typhon changed signs to Scorpio on Sept. 20, the same day that the New Moon in Virgo occurred. In the Autumnal Equinox chart on Sept. 22, the Moon was in conjunction with Typhon. Now, at the Aries Full Moon on Oct. 5, Jupiter was conjoining Typhon.

In Greek mythology Typhon was huge. Since the summer all over the world there have been natural disasters on a large scale, which fit in the symbolism of Typhon: wildfires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. The joined remains of hurricane Lee and Maria reached even us in Finland, giving us the whole month’s rain in a couple of days.

The spiral shape is characteristic for hurricanes and typhoons. It can be found also in the double helix structure of the DNA molecule that carries the genetic code of all living organisms. Also viruses contain DNA, although they cannot naturally reproduce outside a host cell. In August 2017 the worst flu outbreak on record hit Australia. It is expected to turn to a pandemic. In the Full Moon chart on Sept. 6, besides the Uranus-Typhon opposition, asteroid 55555 DNA was in conjunction with the Moon (mutations) and Neptune (diseases).

42355 Typhon and the main belt asteroid 55555 DNA appear interestingly in the charts of many pandemics.

More than 4000 people died in the yellow fever during the epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia. Two of the early cases were treated on Aug 7, 1793. In the chart Jupiter (expansion), Uranus (sudden events) and Pluto (viruses) were forming a t-square. Jupiter was in exact conjunction with Typhon in Scorpio. Mars (fever, infections) was in trine to the Jupiter-Typhon conjunction.

The first recognized cases of AIDS were reported by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on June 5, 1981. Five homosexual men in Los Angeles were reported to have a rare form of pneumonia seen only in patients with weakened immune systems. In the chart Typhon is in conjunction with Chiron in Taurus and in a wide opposition to Uranus at 27+ degrees of Scorpio. Also Mars (infections) and asteroid DNA, both in the first degree of Gemini, were opposing Uranus. Jupiter (expansion) in the first degree of Libra (one of the four Aries points, a point of interaction between the individual and collective) was in trine to Mars-DNA conjunction.

Asteroid DNA, Jupiter and Typhon made a triple conjunction at 11+ degrees of Leo in late September 2002. In the middle of November 2002, DNA opposed Uranus on the axis of 24+ degrees of Leo/Aquarius. The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio was in the halfway completing the opposition aspect to a t-square pattern. The epidemic of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) appears to have started on Nov. 16, 2002, in China. The first case of infection was speculated to be a farmer in Foshan County. The Jupiter-Typhon conjunction was opposing Neptune in Aquarius in February 2003. On March 12, 2003, WHO issued a global alert. The Sun was squaring Pluto at the time.

The 2009 swine flu influenza reached the spotlight in media around the time of the Taurus New Moon on April 25, 2009. Asteroid DNA was at 16+ degrees of Pisces opposite Typhon. Mercury (lungs) was in tight sextile to Uranus and trining the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Mars (infections) was at the Aries Point. On June 11, 2009, WHO raised the alert level to phase 6 and announced the pandemic. Because Mercury had been retrograding in May, it was for the second time in sextile to Uranus and in trine to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in June.

There was a swine flu outbreak also on Feb. 5, 1976, in Fort Dix, in the U.S. Army installation. The epidemic disappeared mysteriously in a couple of months. Uranus in Scorpio was opposite Typhon in Taurus. Mercury was in conjunction with asteroid DNA in Capricorn. They squared Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries. The Sun in Aquarius was in exact trine to Mars in Gemini (lung infections).

According to etymology dictionary, the Greek term typhos, which means smoke, mist or fog, is related to the Greek word typhon, meaning the whirlwind. The disease called typhus got its name from the Greek typhos, describing the state of mind of those infected. The extreme weather phenomena today reflect the collective psychic state of the humankind. The healing can begin only by us, the individuals.

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