Weekend Love Forecast & A Rocky Road to Adventuresome Pleasure

fairyThe weekend starts out with the Moon trine the Sun and ends with the Moon square the Sun. This happens as the Sun spends the weekend square Saturn. The Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and into conjunction with Saturn. The Sun moves through the last degrees of Pisces, the end of the zodiac and maybe the end of the rainbow. This could be special. (…)
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Weekly Forecast: March 13-17, 2017 – Aries Mercury Wings its Way to Venus

falconSunday’s full moon set off the stellium in Pisces and those waves keep moving outward. Monday afternoon that first wave breaks in the form of Mercury moving from Pisces to Aries – the end to the beginning. Attitudes take shape. Plans form. People start actively talking! Our senses are sharp again and our minds keen. What we find out may be new, or it may be that something cloudy becomes clear.
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A recent scientific "symmetry field" theory might be totally justifying Astrology!

The Zodiac has always been a conundrum to me! It is the very basis of Astrology but we know next to nothing about it! We are fairly sure (us, the Astrologers) that it exists, but if somebody asks us “Where exactly is the Zodiac lying?” we will be left rather clueless…You see, we don’t really know! What we know is that the Zodiac is some kind of “belt”! A non-magnetic belt obviously, because if it were one it would have been detected by now. And if it is not a magnetic belt then what is it made from (since there aren’t many alternatives)? And ultimately, where exactly is this belt? Is it over our heads, over our highest mountain, up in the stratosphere, in the near-Earth space, somewhere within the distant space or simply everywhere?

For the last couple of decades I’ve been giving lectures trying to explain to the public the profound mystery of the Zodiac (why is it so perfectly geometrical, why is it cyclical and twelve-fold with each sign comprising exactly 30 degrees, how could possibly exist such a perfectly geometrical structure up there on the sky, what is the Zodiac made of etc.). In those lectures, I was usually relying on Plato’s theory of the “solids” and especially on the famous “Dodecahedron” to offer an explanation. That was my very best shot back then but still, I could not make the ends meet! Little did I know though that very soon science itself would somehow justify both Plato and Astrology!

I am a sort of science nerd, so I am reading almost every scientific article I am laying my hands on. A couple of days ago I was browsing the “wired.com” site in the hope of finding interesting astrology articles when I stumbled upon an article on a relatively new theory called the “conformal symmetry of time-space”! I was immediately flabbergasted by this theory which is sustaining that there is an inherent geometrical pattern hidden deep within the fabric of time-space! And in this actually “polyhedral” pattern might lie the secret mechanism that makes Astrology tick!

You may read the article here

Let me just quote an excerpt of interest, from it:

“The discovery was so unexpected that (researcher)Polyakov initially didn’t believe it. His suspicion, shared by others, was that “maybe this happens because there is some hidden symmetry that we didn’t find yet.”

Everyone is excited because these kinks are unexpected and interesting, and they tell you where interesting theories live,” said Nima Arkani-Hamed, a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study. “It could be reflecting a polyhedral structure of the space of allowed conformal field theories, with interesting theories living not in the interior or some random place, but living at the corners.”

Science has advanced so much lately that has reached some rather weird and even paranormal fields…And contrary to the expectations of the skeptics, the more science advances the closer it comes to Astrology, ever more justifying it! The exciting discovery of the “polyhedric symmetry fields” that are lurking within the fabric of time-space might very soon lead us to the longed-for scientific explanation of why and how Astrology works!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

March 2017 Horoscopes: New and Full Moons

Image: Dual Horoscopes of the Full and New Moons of March 2017; charts set for Washington DC:

Upper right March 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Vir13 in 5th house of Speculation, Gambling, and Risk-Taking shines its light of awareness upon US natal Neptune (22:25), planet of secrets, cover-ups, fraud, and perhaps even compassion. Virgo relates to health issues and health insurance legislation, employment,

Weekend Love Forecast & Thoughtful Full Moon in Virgo (March 12, 2017)

rainbow and pinkThis weekend sports a Virgo Moon, all weekend long. It also hosts the culmination of Pisces Mercury conjunct Chiron and Mercury square Saturn in Sagittarius. Retrograde Aries Venus moves back into square with Juno in Capricorn as Juno sextiles Neptune. There’s a great emphasis on communication, service, agreements, and the senses. Attitudes, especially entrenched attitudes, are a point of focus and a point of change. (…)
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DC Horoscope: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction January 2020

Here is the horoscope set for Washington DC of the Great Conjunction of restrictive Saturn and powerful Pluto @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020; Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius are both unaspected and the Hour belongs to a Capricorn Jupiter strong in its natural 9th house of Philosophy and Foreign Travel:

Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the publicly visible 10th house of Public Status and Career with

The Modern Humanity Horoscope and Mr. Trump

Pictured below is the previously published Horoscope of Modern Humanity with scribbles intact if you care to enlarge the image. Modern Humanity’s ‘birth’ time is based on two cosmic factors: the exact moment of the Total Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1892 and the third of three Great Conjunctions of generational planets Neptune and Pluto. Solar Eclipses are not rare, of course, but the cycle of