Week of October 2, 2017

It’s a very Libra sort of week with the Libra Sun, Mercury and Libra’s ruler, Venus, in the spotlight. Then there is a rather tense Aries Full Moon on Thursday featuring a cardinal T-Square with the luminaries squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury in Libra is racing to catch up to the Libra Sun this week and will be within orb by Thursday. They will conjoin on Sunday at 15°. They also will take turns wading through the muddy waters of Neptune in Pisces. The Libra Sun will be inconjunct Neptune on Wednesday, and Mercury will be inconjunct Neptune on Friday. Thanks to Neptune’s ability to distort reality, self-perception could veer widely off course and our thinking may be equally muddled. Once Mercury and the Sun conjoin, clarity will begin to return . . . however there may be some embarrassing moments for some of us who were lead astray by Neptune’s siren song.

Speaking of returning clarity, after opposing Neptune last week Venus in Virgo will make significant progress this week. She will be happily trine Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday which is excellent for being able to determine value once again. This is especially important for financial matters as well as taking another look at our latest love interest.

Thursday Venus will conjoin Mars at 19° 03′ Virgo, an aspect that is usually quite good for our love lives. This may bring out earthy Virgo’s sensual side in delightful ways, in part because our actions are aligned with our desires. Taking a sensible, matter of fact approach is best.

Venus in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius on Sunday. In my opinion, Venus-Saturn aspects are very good for making enduring commitments even though they are hardly the stuff of romantic dreams. Long lasting committed relationships often have Venus-Saturn aspects in their synastry. Frugality can make a comeback under Venus-Saturn squares too.

There are undercurrents to the Full Moon in Aries involving Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. What we believe to be the facts may turn out otherwise, and the resulting power struggles could get nasty. All of which makes seeking compromises and carefully vetting information even more important.

Monday gets off to a slow start with the Aquarius Moon void-of-course until mid-morning. Once she glides into Pisces, the Moon will make no major aspects until the following day. This is one of those times when it makes more sense to go with the flow rather than attempting to push ahead with new projects. The atmosphere ought to be generally easy going and peaceful, good for working with others or taking some personal time to relax.

The fluid, easy going atmosphere continues on Tuesday as the Pisces Moon enjoys an early morning conjunction with Neptune, followed by pleasant aspects with earthy Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Virgo. Though it might not be a conventionally productive day, we can still accomplish a great deal if we focus on helping others and/or being guided by our intuition.

Most of the day on Wednesday the Pisces Moon will be void-of-course . . . and a void-of-course Pisces Moon is VERY laid back! After the Moon dashes into fiery Aries mid/late afternoon, we’ll get recharged and ready for action. Do simple, basic tasks during the morning and save the tougher ones for late in the day.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Aries, and since the first aspect the Aries Moon makes at dawn is an opposition to Mercury in Libra, we’ll need to be careful about falling into adversarial behaviors. Power struggles may emerge during the evening when the Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. If possible, stay in a neutral state rather than taking sides.

There is more aggressive energy on Friday when the Aries Moon creates a cardinal T-Square with the Jupiter in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition. This is the day Mercury in Libra is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, and as a result we could end up in heated discussions based on bad information. After the Moon enters relaxed Taurus in the early evening, tensions should ease some, hopefully enough to enjoy a nice evening meal.

We have the calm Taurus Moon with us for the weekend, no bad thing. Saturday the only major aspect the Taurus Moon makes is a sweet sextile to Neptune in Pisces and she will be void-of-course all day Sunday following a trine to Venus in Virgo during the morning. All in all, this will make for a quiet weekend which we’ll probably need to recover from the hullaballoo on Thursday and Friday. It is a great time to prepare your favorite comfort foods, go for a drive in the country or simply putter around the house. Nice!

It would be a good idea to use the first half of the week to take care of important business. Meetings with coworkers or superiors will surely fare better Monday through Wednesday. The charged atmosphere around the Full Moon in Aries is going to make it challenging to avoid taking sides, especially since there is so much polarization in the collective right now. Libra emphasizes fair play and listening to all parties before making a decision . . . this would be a good time to do just that.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Maxfield Parrish Sunrise Sky  © Diane Lang

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