The Independence Day Parade Shooting

Highland Park is an Illinois North Shore suburb which, though just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, has always retained a small-town feel, with an ethnically mixed, middle-class population of about 30,000.  The annual Independence Day parade has been a feature of the civic calendar for decades, drawing crowds of families to watch the typical summer parade staples of high school marching bands, gleaming red firetrucks, floats and local dignitaries, complete with candy and prizes for the kiddies.

But on July 4, 2022, this peaceful bit of nostalgic Americana was invaded by a 21st Century reality check, as a lone gunman fired multiple rounds into the unsuspecting crowds from a rooftop perch along the parade route.  Pandemonium ensued, with panicked people scattering in all directions, leaving behind lawn chairs, strollers, picnic lunches and bikes.


The shooter, 21-year-old Robert Crimo III, is a would-be rapper with a vivid online social media presence, disseminating disturbing images of violence, and a history of threatening self-destruction as well as harm to family members.  In April 2019 he attempted suicide with a machete, and in September of that year police responded to a threat to “kill everyone” in his family.  Yet he was able to buy four firearms in little more than a year, including the assault-style Smith & Wesson M&P15 with which he wreaked his holiday havoc.

Much like the shooter in Buffalo, New York in May, Crimo “cased the joint” in advance, picking an unprotected rear fire escape ladder as his means of ascent to the roof of the Ross Cosmetics building at Central Avenue and Second Street, from where he had a clear line of fire covering the parade route.

Crimo’s physical appearance is rather distinctive and easily identifiable, with several face and neck tattoos, so he slathered himself with makeup and wore female garb to complete his disguise, afterward calmly blending into the crowd to make his escape.  But he left his weapon behind, a vital clue in identifying him, and was apprehended by police some eight hours later, after a roundtrip drive to Madison, Wisconsin, where he briefly considered attacking another Independence Day parade.

crimo cop
A police officer registers emotion at the sight of the carnage around him; the Sun conjunct asteroids Roberta and Osiris, named for the Egyptian god of the dead, pulled focus to Robert Crimo’s deadly spree – the Moon rising on the Ascendant with asteroid Requiem, named for the funeral mass for the dead, signaled death in a public space

Crimo killed seven and wounded 46 others, including an eight-year-old who is now paralyzed below the waist.  He was charged the day after his arrest, and has confessed to the crime.  We’ll be using asteroids Roberta and Roberts for Robert Crimo, as well as asteroid Cremona, closest to his surname; asteroid Parks for Highland Park; asteroid Rossi for the Ross Cosmetics building where he stationed himself; asteroids Gunn, Smith and Wesson for the weapon; and a variety of PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) for the victims.

The shooting began at 10:14 AM CDT on 4 July 2022, with asteroid Requiem at 10 Virgo, named for the funeral mass for the dead, conjoined the Moon at 13 Virgo, ruler of public spaces, both rising on the 9 Virgo Ascendant.  Damocles, representing the doom hanging unseen overhead (in this case, quite literally) appears at 1 Pisces, conjoined the 9 Pisces Descendant.  Straddling the MC at 5 Gemini, the point of highest elevation and the focus of all eyes, are asteroids Apophis and Tantalus, at 1 and 9 Gemini, our go-to points when horrific crimes have been committed.  Apophis is named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil, and mythic Tantalus is noted for heinous acts of evil.  Also here is asteroid Wesson at 8 Gemini, identifying the weapon of choice.

And there’s a fourth point conjunct the MC.  As I reviewed the story, I wondered about the use of female garb to effect a purpose, that of disguise.  In a different sort of event, I might use any number of LGBTQ-related asteroids to represent the crossdressing, but there was no known sexual motivation involved here, and no information has been released to suggest that Crimo identified as gay or transgendered.  As I pondered, I was suddenly reminded of a story of Achilles, hero of the Trojan War.  His mother, the nymph Thetis, knowing that conflict would be her son’s destruction, attempted to save him by dressing him in women’s clothing and hiding him amongst the daughters of King Lycomedes of Scyros.  The wily Odysseus found him out, and Achilles left for the war and his doom.

Intrigued, I added asteroid Achilles to the chart, and was not surprised to find it exactly conjunct the Midheaven at 5 Gemini.  So we have an image of a crossdresser associated with weapons of war, at an elevated position in the sky, just as Crimo was elevated on that rooftop, wielding his assault rifle while in drag.  I have been using asteroid Drago for drag since my profile of RuPaul; its placement at 20 Taurus, conjoined Uranus at 17 Taurus, in a Grand Cross with asteroids America at 14 Leo, Karma conjunct Atropos at 18 and 24 Scorpio, and Saturn at 24 Aquarius, confirmed that portion of the story.  This depicts a shooting (Uranus) in drag (Drago) at an Independence Day event (America), with results both fated (Karma) and fatal (Atropos, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death; and Saturn, ancient lord of death).

Crimo slathered heavy makeup to cover his distinctive facial tattoos and dressed in female garb to complete the deception; the Greek hero Achilles once dressed as a woman to avoid detection – asteroid Achilles appears in the shooting chart exactly conjunct the MC; the chart’s Ascendant is also exactly conjunct Crimo’s natal asteroid Drago, for drag, while transit Drago conjoins Uranus, ruling shootings

As well, in Robert Crimo’s natal chart (born 20 September 2000, no time available), asteroid Drago appears at 9 Virgo, exactly conjoined the shooting Ascendant, in the company of Apophis at 8 Virgo, that symbol of unremitting evil, and Requiem at 13 Virgo, meaning that Crimo was in the throes of a “Requiem Return” at the time he unleashed his carnage, a period of resetting the natal potential.  Note that Apophis is also preparing to return to its natal degree, affording a one-two punch of renewal of energies associated with demise and malevolent acts.

Asteroid Roberta, a feminine form of Robert, appears at 18 Cancer, conjoined the spotlighting Sun at 12 Cancer, focusing attention on Crimo, for good or ill.  Also here is asteroid Osiris at 15 Cancer, named for the Egyptian god of the dead, making death another central theme of the day.  Asteroid Cremona, closest to Crimo, squares these from 19 Aries.

Asteroid Rossi, for the Ross Cosmetic building where Crimo launched his attack, is widely conjoined Roberta from 27 Cancer, placing Crimo at the scene of the crime, but is also exactly opposed Pluto at 27 Capricorn, modern ruler of death and planetary ruler of homicide.  With Pluto is asteroid Roberts at 24 Capricorn, the surname form of Robert.  This polarity is T-squared by Mars at 29 Aries, ruling guns, attacks and violent death.  Asteroid Parks, for Highland Park, falls at 17 Gemini and squares asteroid Anubis at 18 Virgo, named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites.  Asteroid Gunn at 29 Virgo is exactly squared TNO Chaos at 29 Gemini, an apt image of the pandemonium and confusion which ensued from the shooting, and T-squares Neptune at 25 Virgo, representing the victims and the element of disguise from the shooter.  A Grand Cross is formed with the addition of asteroid Smith, for the Smith & Wesson rifle, at 28 Sagittarius.

The victims are also present in the form of PNAs, as always on these occasions.  Married couple Kevin and Irina McCarthy (aged 37 and 35) were both killed, leaving behind a toddler son who was shielded from harm by his father’s body.  Asteroid Kevin at 21 Aries joins the T-square of Roberta/Rossi, Mars and Pluto/Roberts.  Asteroid Irina at 12 Virgo joins Requiem and the Moon on the Ascendant.  Asteroid McCarthy at 17 Cancer puts them directly in the solar spotlight, conjoined Osiris and Roberta.

crimo mccarthys
Husband and wife Kevin and Irina McCarthy were among those slain, leaving behind a toddler son; asteroid Kevin conjoins Mars and squares Pluto, asteroid Irina conjoins the Moon and asteroid Requiem on the Ascendant, and asteroid McCarthy conjoins the Sun with asteroid Osiris

Jacqueline Sundheim, 63, is represented by asteroid Jacqueline at 20 Aquarius, conjoined both Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 24 Aquarius, and asteroid Lachesis at 13 Aquarius, named for the Fate who determines the span of life.  Katherine Goldstein, 64, is represented by asteroid Goldstein at 28 Libra, filling in the T-Square of Roberta/Rossi, Mars and Pluto/Roberts to form a Grand Cross; and also by asteroid Kathy, which at 17 Scorpio is at station, indicating a pivotal turning point in her life, conjoined Karma and squared Lachesis.  Edoardo Uvaldo, 69, appears as asteroid Eduarda at 10 Libra, squared to Sun/Osiris; and asteroid Eodardo, which at 17 Sagittarius squares Anubis.  Stephen Strauss, 88, is represented by asteroid Strauss at 13 Scorpio, which, like Kathy, is embedded at station, conjunct Karma and exactly squared Lachesis, and also by asteroid Stefani at 22 Pisces, also at station, and conjoined Neptune.

The final victim is Nicolas Toledo Zaragosa, 78, and I’d like to profile his story in homage to all the victims.  Nicolas held dual Mexican and American citizenship, but lived most of his life in Morales, Mexico, only relocating to family in Highland Park two months ago, after his relatives in Mexico determined that the wheelchair-bound soon-to-be octogenarian could no longer live alone.  He didn’t want to go to the parade.  But the family was going and had no one to watch him, so the night before, they went to the parade site and placed chairs to reserve him a prime viewing spot, to sweeten the deal.

Most print and digital outlets register him as simply “Nicolas Toledo”, but I happened to see the coroner’s press conference live, where she identified him with the added surname of Zaragosa.  There is no Toledo asteroid, but there is a Zaragosa, so I added that to the chart, finding it at 4 Virgo, with Requiem and the Moon on the Ascendant.

But as I sat down to write, I thought I should check to be sure the name was correct.  A google search brought up only one reference to Zaragosa, but since it was on an obituary site for him from his family, I take it we can confirm that it’s correct.  That site also gave me a birthdate of 10 September 1943.

When I ran that chart, even I was surprised.  Nicolas had three points at station in his nativity, always an indicator of prominent persons, places or energies which will become pivotal in the biography.  Incredibly, these are asteroids Roberta, Cremona, and Gunn, at 29, 27 and 16 Taurus respectively:  both names of his killer, and the weapon used to end his life.

crimo zaragosa
78-year-old victim Nicolas Toledo Zaragosa traveled thousands of miles to meet his fate; his natal chart features three points at station, indicating prime importance in his biography: these are asteroids Roberta (for Robert), Cremona (for Crimo) and Gunn. Transit asteroid Zaragosa conjoined the Moon and Requiem on the Ascendant of the shooting, while his killer sports an exact triple conjunction of asteroids Zaragosa, Osiris and Wesson, for the Smith & Wessonn assault rifle which ended his life

Additional indicators of the manner and location of his demise include a triple conjunction of asteroids Nemesis, Rip and Roberts at 8, 11 and 15 Scorpio, opposing Gunn and T-squared Pluto with Jupiter at 7 and 15 Leo.  Nemesis represents ruin and downfall, Rip is another death indicator (in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription), and Roberts of course also represents Crimo, his killer.  Gunn signifies the weapon, Pluto is the modern lord of death and ruler of homicide, and Jupiter brings fame and celebrity, of whatever sort.  Certainly, vastly greater numbers of people now know Nicolas Toledo Zaragosa than would ever have been the case had he not died in such a dramatic fashion.

Asteroid Parks conjoins Atropos at 6 and 7 Virgo, identifying a death (Atropos) in Highland Park (Parks).  Here also is Venus at 9 Virgo, a backhanded allusion to the cosmetic-and-feminine-garbed, female-appearing shooter.  Asteroid Rossi at 26 Virgo conjoins Requiem at 28 and Nicky at 29 Virgo, placing Zaragosa (Nicky) at the Ross Cosmetic building (Rossi) for his death (Requiem).

Asteroid Zaragosa at 21 Leo is on the fulcrum of a T-Square with Roberta/Cremona and asteroid Wesson at 24 Scorpio, again identifying his killer and the weapon that would be used to end his life.  Damocles at 29 Aquarius, the doom hanging unseen overhead, fills in a Grand Cross.  In the shooter’s chart, natal Zaragosa at 20 Libra is in an exact triple conjunction with Osiris and Wesson, squared Atropos at 24 Capricorn.

It seems that Nicolas Toledo Zaragosa’s end was laid out for him from birth, and he traveled thousands of miles to fulfill it.

crimo scene
A family’s effects, abandoned in the shooting as they fled for their lives; asteroids Apophis and Tantalus conjoined the Midheaven of the shooting, both images of pure evil and the commission of horrible crimes

Which brings us to the shooter himself.  What prompted Robert Crimo III to commit this horrible atrocity?  The timing may have been triggered by a station of asteroid Roberts on May 23rd, when this body which approximates his first name turned retrograde at 29 Capricorn, closely conjoined Pluto at 28 Cap, modern ruler of death and planetary ruler of homicide.  Police speculate that Crimo had been planning his crime for weeks; this is borne out in the Roberts station transits, which included a trine to the transit Sun/Mercury (planning) conjunction at 0 Gemini the day before, and a sextile to transit Mars (attacks) at 28 Pisces.  Transit asteroid Gunn at 14 Virgo is exactly sesquiquadrate Roberts, with transit Tantalus at 26 Aries in square, completing the psychic circuitry.  By the day of the shooting, Roberts had retrograded back to exactly conjoin the natal degree of asteroid Atropos at 24 Capricorn, named for the Fate who severs the thread of life at death.

Born 20 September 2000, Robert Crimo’s 28 Virgo Sun squares asteroid Roberts at 25 Sagittarius, a typical placement for one’s own PNA.  The Sun isn’t especially well-integrated in the chart, on a planetary level, with two out-of-Sign trines to Saturn at 0 Gemini and Neptune at 3 Aquarius forming a Grand Trine.  Grand Trines can be difficult to actualize, needing a trigger to bring into manifestation, in the form of a String, a fourth point in opposition to one of the others.  This Grand Trine suggests a core identity (Sun) focused on fantasies (Neptune) of death (Saturn), certainly in evidence in his online presence, and the trigger is especially unfortunate:  it’s TNO Ixion at 3 Sagittarius, named for the first murderer in Greek myth, opposed Saturn.  The musical/artistic talent and focused application which can also be a result of Neptune and Saturn in combination were given an outlet that pointed only to others’ destruction.

Robert Crimo was born with the Sun in a Grand Trine Kite pattern with Neptune, Saturn and TNO Ixion, prompting a core identity (Sun) focused on fantasies (Neptune) of death (Saturn), actualized as homicide (Ixion, named for the first murderer in Greek myth)

A strong focus on death and dying is also seen in the bodies at station – Anubis at 22 Taurus turned retrograde two days after Crimo’s birth, with Lachesis turning direct from 5 Aquarius two days after that.  Anubis is part of a Grand Cross, opposing Roberta and Rossi at 15 and 19 Scorpio, with Rip and Achilles at 15 and 21 Leo and Uranus at 17 Aquarius on the crossbars.  This ties Robert Crimo (Roberta) personally to the fatal (Anubis, Rip) shooting (Uranus) from the Ross Cosmetics building (Rossi), also incorporating the female garb disguise (Achilles) utilized there.

With a stationary Lachesis, Crimo may have felt justified in determining the span of other people’s lives.  Lachesis is also part of a Grand Cross, opposing asteroids Parks and Tantalus at 2 and 4 Leo, squared Gunn at 3 Taurus and centaur Pholus at 3 Scorpio.  This depicts mass casualties (Pholus) from a heinous crime (Tantalus) in Highland Park (Parks), with firearms (Gunn) truncating lives (Lachesis).

We’ve briefly mentioned the Apophis/Drago/Requiem conjunction, but Apophis is also conjunct Mars at 2 Virgo, trine Gunn at 3 Taurus.  Interesting that Crimo was associated not just with guns, but also knives, another item in Mars’ bailiwick.  Mars/Apophis signals extremes of violence, and a square to Saturn at 0 Gemini suggests that these may be fatal.  Add in TNO Ixion at 3 Sagittarius and Pluto at 10 Sag, and the effect is definitely homicidal.  Asteroid Cremona at 5 Pisces makes this a Grand Cross, and ties Crimo very personally to how the energy expresses itself.

Perhaps the clearest indication that Robert Crimo felt driven to do what he did comes in another Grand Trine, from the Sun at 28 Virgo conjunct asteroid Karma at 20 Virgo, trine to both Anubis at 22 Taurus and Atropos at 24 Capricorn, combining his self-identity (Sun) with a sense of Fate (Karma) and the theme of death (Anubis, Atropos).  In one of his online videos as his alter ego, “Awake the Rapper”, titled “Are You Awake?”, which focuses on animation sequences of gun violence, Crimo can be heard narrating, “I need to just do it.  It is my destiny.”

The stars seem to say, perhaps it was.

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Full Moon Capricorn: Decision Time

Full Moon

Full Moon [21 Capricorn 21] 

July 13, 2022 (19:38 GMT +1) – London

July 13, 2022(14:38 GMT -4) – New York

July 14, 2022 (04:38 GMT +10) – Sydney

The Full Moon takes place this week cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. These two star signs are the foundations of the horoscope representing your past (Cancer) and your future (Capricorn).

They represent where you come from, your home and family, your legacy (Cancer) and where you’re heading, your career and vocation, your long-term goals (Capricorn).

We are all born into this life and at some point we must leave it. The point at the base of the horoscope, the IC, is sometimes referred to as ‘the womb & the tomb’ – it’s where we emerge from and where we return to.

If you’re lucky, the days in-between will be filled with more joy than sorrow, but part of life’s path is to experience all of life, to take and learn from it what you can, to dig deep to uncover hidden riches.

In the zodiac wheel that’s linked to the seasons, the star sign Cancer is at the base. Whereas Capricorn is at the opposite end of the axis, the peak or culmination.

Full Moons are often a time of heightened emotions when important matters culminate and big events peak. They are a time to stop, listen and make key decisions that resonate with both your head and your heart. Sometimes the pull will be stronger in one direction. Ideally, this is a time to regain balance and seek a way to reconcile opposing forces.

Super Moon

This month’s Full Moon will be glorious to watch. It’s one of three Super Moons dominating the middle period of the year and this is the closest of the three. This means that it may appear brighter than usual and you can witness the glory of the Full Moon from July 12th to July 14th. It will be most spectacular on July 13th.

The Moons influence the tides in the sea and you can expect higher tides during the Full Moon period. It’s often a time when sleep is elusive or rich with dreams, life events can be more dramatic and emotions are heightened.

Full Moon Aspects

The Sun at 21 Cancer sits next to talk planet Mercury at 17 Cancer during the Full Moon. They are moving towards a ‘cazimi’ aspect which takes place at the weekend. This can bring illumination, insight, enlightenment.

It suggests that this Full Moon is ideal for negotiation, important communication, debate and ideas. If you’ve been putting off a conversation, this may be the right week to act decisively.

There’s another reason why this Full Moon feels significant. The Moon at 21 Capricorn & the Sun at 21 Cancer are both making significant planetary aspects to the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Uranus is at 18 Taurus, Neptune is at 25 Pisces and Pluto is at 27 Capricorn.

The outer planets are generational planets because they’re slow moving and take years to move through one star sign. They’re linked to psychological archetypes & the collective unconscious: Uranus – dissociation; Neptune – dissolution; Pluto – destruction.

Therefore, this Full Moon could prove decisive beyond the individual and it’s an important time to consider what’s happening in the world.

The powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 was at 22 Capricorn and the Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020 was at 20 Cancer/Capricorn. What’s coming full circle, where is there closure and what’s being exposed?

Release & Letting Go

On a personal level, this Full Moon could reveal something that was previously unknown. Listen for insights, dig deep for answers and tap into your subconscious. Full Moons are associated with release and letting go.

If you are in the middle of a challenging situation, this Full Moon won’t necessarily be easy as it demands attention. If you’re at a crossroads in your life, you may sense that the pressure’s building to sort things out.

During this powerful Full Moon, decide what stays and what goes. If something’s come to an end and you need to move on, here’s your opportunity.

Where in life are you experiencing strong emotions? Are you in a situation where you are trapped or powerless? Have you given your power away, have you lost control? Consider who holds power over you.

There’s a decisive feel to this week’s astrology which culminates during the Full Moon. Get ready to slam the door shut if necessary, toughen up if you need to and make those big decisions.

Here are the areas highlighted by this Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries – home, family, past  career, status, responsibility
  • Taurus – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood  travel, study, beliefs
  • Gemini – finances, possessions, values, self-worth  other peoples’ money, taboo issues
  • Cancer – image, self-identity, personal goals  relationships, other people, contracts
  • Leo – retreat, secrets, self-undoing  work, service, health
  • Virgo – friends, groups, society, associations  children, creativity, entertainment
  • Libra – career, status, responsibility  home, family, past
  • Scorpio – travel, study, beliefs  communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Sagittarius – other peoples’ money, taboo issues  finances, possessions, values, self-worth
  • Capricorn – relationships, other people, contracts  image, self-identity, personal goals
  • Aquarius – work, service, health  retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  • Pisces – children, creativity, entertainment  friends, groups, society, associations

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Planetary news this week: Capricorn SuperMoon and a lot of Mercury

Astrological update for the week of July 11-18, 2022

As many of you know, a Full Moon becomes a SuperMoon (™ astrologer Richard Nolle) when the Moon is closest to Earth than at other times. Full Moons are known to affect ocean tides and sea creatures (including humans who are made up of 60% water), and water is the element of feeling and emotion. Under the influence of the Moon emotions are heightened and the realm of feelings dominates the landscape.

Capricorn Full Moon. When the Full Moon SuperMoon is in the earthy sign of Capricorn, there is a need to balance the moodiness of the Cancerian Sun, with all its watery splendor, against the Capricornian need to do the responsible things that will provide and enhance the structures of our lives. Under this Full Moon we need to strike that balance between the emotions and feelings that drive us and enrich our world and the hard reality of life in a material world of accomplishment and production.

This week the Full Moon occurs on Wednesday the 13th at 2:38 pm EDT and the Full Moon chart is full of potent energies. The Moon trines the North Node of the future and the Sun trines the South Node of the past, suggesting an easy release of something which has held us back in order to release us towards a better future. But before that release can occur, the square of Chiron to the lunation may force a soul or psychological wound to break and release its infection so that healing can occur. Fortunately, harmonious Uranus aspects assist in this process by facilitating an eagerness and excitement for the new Capricornian structures to fall into place.

Lots of Mercury aspects: pay attention to thoughts and insights. Mercury is the planet of the mind and the transmitter of information; it governs short distance travel as well as the way we digest our experiences in order to learn more about ourselves. Mercury is very active this week:

  • Mercury challenges (square) Chiron on July 13th at the Full Moon as described above.
    • Mercury also harmonizes with Uranus (sextile) that day which helps us to easily embrace new concepts and think creatively.
  • Mercury conjoins the Sun on July 16th and this aspect is also embedded into the Full Moon chart. The Sun/Mercury conjunction is full of positivity and optimism. This is the perfect time for the kind of vision work that helps us to imagine a better future, especially with the Capricorn Full Moon to help strategize and manifest.
  • Both Mercury and the Sun trine Neptune on the 17th to facilitate creative thinking and enhance imagination. The grounding influence of the Capricorn Full Moon is on the wane, and the Moon is in dreamy Pisces that day.  The 16th and 17th are creative times but not favored for intellectual work or anything that requires a great deal of focus.
  • Mercury interacts with both Pluto (opposition) and Ceres (conjunction) on the 18th, activating any tendencies we might have to ignore the need to maintain our inner balance to nurture body, mind and spirit (Ceres).  Which leads me to the next major point:

Pluto and Neptune activate Ceres.  Pluto and Neptune are slow moving planets and tend to hang around for quite some time. Both planets activate Ceres this week, Pluto in a challenging aspect (opposition) and Neptune in a harmonious one (trine). The older I get the more I understand that the small habits which undermine our inner balance tend to have greater and greater effects as we age. The cigarettes that are fun and cool when we’re in our 20s make it hard to breathe in our 60s. The lack of exercise that made life easier in our 30s means we can barely walk in our 70s.

Ceres teaches that everything in the human experience is connected. The information that we take in through the mind affects the body. The food that we eat affects the spirit. The soul crushing patterns of relationship affect both body and mind. Each aspect of Self affects the other, and Ceres is that guide which aids in understanding this important principle.

The Full Moon may illuminate this principle and reveal areas in which we are out of balance, but the influence of Pluto and Neptune will linger over the next few weeks making this an important time to consider these matters.

I hope you have an enriching week under this Full Moon and all of these other magical energies. ❤️

Super Full Moon in Capricorn

July 8th ~ 15th

Full Moon on the Rockies

Democracy just cannot flourish amid fear. Liberty cannot bloom amid hate. Justice cannot take root amid rage. America must get to work. In the chill climate in which we live, we must go against the prevailing wind. We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust. We must dissent from a nation that has buried its head in the sand, waiting in vain for the needs of its poor, its elderly, and its sick to disappear and just blow away. We must dissent from a government that has left its young without jobs, education or hope. We must dissent from the poverty of vision and the absence of moral leadership. We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better. ~ Thurgood Marshall (1992)

The Full Moon on July 13th, is the closest, and therefore largest and brightest Full Moon of 2022. At 21º Capricorn 21’ the Full Moon is making a close trine aspect to Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. There is a yearning here for a wave of progressive ideas, innovations, and solutions. Full Moons are revelatory. They bring things to a head. And we are able to see the ramifications and consequences of all of our previous actions and decisions. This particular Full Moon is also capable of removing obstacles that were previously standing in our way, or show us solutions and a way forward where previously we only saw problems.

A new path, a new reality is being disclosed, which will require us to re-think a lot of things.

This is what Uranus to the North Node is truly about. The North Node is like our own lodestar, leading us to our true North, where we will find the means to our own salvation. And Uranus is shockingly illuminating. And yet so simple. This Super Full Moon in Capricorn is also grandly illuminating in its own right, telling us to look over here. Look at the solutions that are right there in front of us.

The Full Moon is also shining a distant light on the small but ever so powerful planet Pluto, now in the last degrees of Capricorn. On July 11th, Pluto will be exactly conjunct the same degree that Pluto was in 1776, when the United States originally formed its union. We have already been experiencing the Pluto Return of the United States, which can be seen as a metaphor for the breaking down and building up of the fundamental building blocks of the nation. This is the 2nd exact conjunction, the first being on February 20th, and the final conjunction occurring on December 28th. You can just feel the reverberations of the Pluto Return echoing down the halls and chambers of the capital. And this Super Full Moon echoing: “Look at this, look at this.”

Uranus is a planet that strongly identifies with freedom, liberty, and civil rights. And as noble and simple as that may be it can also be made so much more complicated when we attempt to rationalize our behaviors. We may ask: Whose freedom are we talking about? Whose rights? And at what expense to each other? Where do certain freedoms end at the expense of someone else’s rights?

And where are all these put aside for the sheer sake of having power and control? The Pluto Return in the US is testing all of its fundamental structures for soundness, and the ability to withstand even the most challenging of circumstances. This includes things like its constitution, its economy, the structure of its laws and systems. All of these are being put to the test.

In our own lives, the Full Moon can show us how far we have come, through our own efforts, hard work and decisions. And can give us a glimpse and a hint at where we might want to go from here. Uranus is giving us a new perspective here. Uranus is not just about freedom, it’s about opportunities that will give us the freedom to grow and evolve in ways that we might not have previously imagined. Uranus is about new-fangled gadgets, innovative ideas, and creative solutions. But because Uranus is so closely tangled up with the Nodes of the Moon, it is also about becoming a much better version of ourselves.

Uranus will be exactly conjunct the True Node on July 31st, which is precisely when Mars will also be at this same degree of Taurus. Wherever the Uranus/North Node conjunction at 18º of Taurus falls in your natal chart can likely bring sudden and illuminating events, that can change the way we see the world. Whenever these significant transits involve the Nodes of the Moon it can feel as if the fates are stepping in to rearrange the playing board. Uranus is sudden and shocking and can sometimes change the whole trajectory. But once something is realized, once something is seen, it cannot be unseen again.

By the time Mars reaches this degree at the end of July, many will be feeling the urge and necessity to do something. To take some kind of action. But it won’t be easy. There are deep and resistant forces that are going to be digging in. Some are protective forces, others just want to retain control. It will depend on your perspective as to where you will be standing. In some areas of your life you will be wanting to make progressive and innovative changes; while in other areas you will want to protect, defend and conserve. And through this process, as you weigh your priorities, some strange bedfellows and unexpected alliances are likely to be made.

We have some interesting months ahead. And the Full Moon in July is just setting the field for what is yet to come.