The Wheel of Fortune is the Zodiac.

You may have heard about correspondences between the Major arcana of the Tarot and the symbols of astrology. We shouldn’t be dogmatic: a planet or a sign can have important themes in common with a particular Tarot Card, however two different symbols belonging to two different systems are not  the same. It’s not the style of the universe and not the style of the psyche! 


I have heard Claude Hagège – a famous French linguist – say that it is always possible to translate what is said in a language into another language. However, in some cases, one word will be sufficient in a language, but a whole sentence will be necessary to say the same thing in the other one. We can’t superimpose two languages, translate word for word and make sense. Research in linguistics has shown that speaking a second language makes you see the world differently. 


The same can only apply to symbolic languages like astrology and tarot. Two systems are two cultures. 



Saying, for instance, that the Arcana called “Strength” is the equivalent of the sign “Leo” is almost nonsense. Yes, there is a lion on the Tarot Card, and yes, strength and willpower, are key words for Leo. But they make sense only within the context of their natural habitat, the zodiac for one, the Tarot for the other. 


On the Tarot Card, the lion is not alone. The main character is actually a young maiden. She masters the lion, which, on the Marseille deck, is opening his mouth at that place where humans feel desire. Virgo and Scorpio themes are relevant to this card as well. 

In the Wheel of Fortune I see the Zodiac. This is not a dogma. Tomorrow, the Wheel of Fortune may represent something else. With symbols, we are swimming in a fluid world. For today, let’s see the Zodiac in the Wheel of Fortune.


Zodiac etymologically means “the wheel of animals”. On the card, animals are chained to the Wheel of Fortune. 


The Tarot Card is a teaching. Let’s take it as a teaching about astrology. Two animals, representing animal energies, desires, fears, emotions and instincts are going up and down as the wheel turns. We may think of the Moon as well. 


A sphinx is sitting above the wheel, undisturbed. 


 It has a crown and a sword, symbols of power and achievement. The sphinx is a symbol of mystery and mastery.


In the myths of Oedipus, the sphinx asks a riddle:Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?” 


The answer is “man”. He walks on four legs in the morning of his life, when he crawls on his hands and knees as a baby. He walks on two legs in the middle of his life, and in the evening, when he is old, on three legs, his two plus a stick for help.


Nowadays, it would be politically correct to say “human being”. 


The riddle of the sphinx is a deep philosophical question in disguise: “What is man?” “What does being human mean?” 

An answer is suggested: it is to master the energies and sit, undisturbed, above the wheel rather than chained to it. 


The card shows it. It says: Aim at this! 


Become like the sphinx! Integrate and master the animal energies and become free from the ups and downs of Lady Fortune. The stars impel but do not compel. 





Who Will Win At The Oscars 2023?

Oscars 2023, Academy awards 2023, astrology

Oscars Astrology

First up, it’s important to look at the chart for the start of the awards ceremony to see what the symbolism reveals (see chart above). This will also show the big transits to look out for as timing is key in astrology.

This year, the awards ceremony is back in Pisces’ season where it belongs, the star sign linked to Hollywood glamour. Plus, the Sun rules the Leo Ascendant and is heading towards Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler, adding to the magical feel of the movies.

The Moon is a key factor in event charts. As the award ceremony begins, the Moon is in late degrees Scorpio at the base of the horoscope separating from a trine aspect to Neptune. It’s not void-of-course and will make a sextile aspect to Pluto, Scorpio’s co-ruler before leaving Scorpio.

There’s a theme here as the ruler of the Taurus Midheaven is Venus in Aries – warrior woman – heading for a square aspect, i.e. a clash with Pluto. Therefore, you might expect Scorpio/Pluto themes of abuse, trauma and/or warrior women to be dominant themes in the movie plots.

Always with timing, it’s important to note what’s happening with the biggest and best planet Jupiter. Jupiter transits promise success and Jupiter is currently in fire sign Aries. Therefore, Sun Aries and nominees with planets or angles in Aries could do well.

There is a proviso, however, as Jupiter isn’t alone in Aries as it sits exactly next to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Vesta, goddess of the eternal flame, all at 14° Aries. Could this allude to some of the themes in the movies that do well? Or, perhaps Jupiter won’t be as evident this year? Personally, I view asteroids as secondary to the planets so I’m going to place my bet on Jupiter transits.

Finally, Uranus the planet of surprises is the most elevated planet at 15° Taurus. In predictions, Uranus can sometimes flag up the outsider or underdog doing well. So, let’s see if there are any major surprises on Oscar’s night.

Here are my predictions for the top 5 categories plus Best Film. As always in astrology, you’re hoping to find times of birth for the nominees but that’s not always the case. The time of birth can help you predict more accurately and I’ve noted whether this information is available in each category.

Actress In A Supporting Role

  • Angela Bassett (b. August 16, 1958) Sun Leo Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 
  • Hong Chau (b. June 25, 1979) Sun Cancer The Whale
  • Kerry Condon (b. January 4, 1983) Sun Capricorn The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (b. November 22, 1958) Sun Scorpio Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Stephanie Hsu (b. November 25, 1990) Sun Sagittarius Everything Everywhere All at Once

There are times of birth for the two 1958 actresses, Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Angela Bassett is one of a few nominees being honoured for their roles in more commercial movies. A Sun Leo, there’s not a lot that leaps out and says she’ll win, although she is one of the favourites to take the Oscar.

Out of the three younger actresses, Hong Chau is a Sun Cancer and it’s almost her Uranus Half Return, Kerry Condon is a Sun Capricorn and has Pluto separating from a conjunction to her natal Venus at 28° Capricorn and Stephanie Hsuan is a Sun Sagittarius with her Jupiter at 13° Leo. Therefore, transiting Jupiter has just made a trine aspect to her natal Jupiter, a nod in her direction.

However, Everything Everywhere All At Once has done well so far in the awards ceremonies and Jamie Lee Curtis is one of four actors in this movie up for an Oscar. Jamie Lee Curtis is a Sun Scorpio and Pluto is exactly sextile her Sun at 29° Scorpio. Plus, she’s born on a Grand Fire Trine with the Moon at 19° Aries, Mercury at 21° Sagittarius and Uranus at 16° Leo. Jupiter’s heading towards this Grand Trine, although it’s not an exact transit.

Astrologer’s Choice: I’m going for Jamie Lee Curtis as she seems to have the best astrology.

Actor In A Supporting Role

  • Brendan Gleeson (b. March 29, 1955) Sun Aries The Banshees of Inisherin 
  • Brian Tyree Henry (b. March 31, 1982) Sun Aries Causeway
  • Judd Hirsch (b. March 15, 1935) Sun Pisces The Fabelmans
  • Barry Keoghan (b. October 18, 1992) Sun Libra The Banshees of Inisherin 
  • Ke Huy Quan (b. August 20 1971) Sun Leo Everything Everywhere All at Once 

There’s only a time of birth for the oldest nominee, Judd Hirsch. Judd Hirsch is a Sun Pisces and is heading for his third Saturn Return. He has Venus at 21° Aries conjunct his Ascendant at 22° Aries so Jupiter’s heading his way.

Also note two Sun Aries nominees, Brendan Gleeson with his Sun at 8° Aries and Brian Tyree Henry with his Sun at 10° Aries. Jupiter’s already been working its magic with both actors and not surprising to see some Aries actors amongst the nominees.

No time of birth for Barry Keoghan, a Sun Libra. However, Jupiter’s square his natal Uranus at 14° Taurus and Uranus is opposite his natal Mercury at 15° Scorpio on the day. These transits wouldn’t normally suggest a win but is he going to be the underdog who upsets the party?

Finally, Ke Huy Quan is a Sun Leo and he has two lovely Jupiter transits exact on March 12th. Jupiter sextile his natal Mars/north node conjunction at 14° Aquarius which is exact on the night of the Oscars. We don’t know what Mars rules in his natal chart without a time of birth but that’s a lovely nod towards a win. Also, his Sun is at 26° Leo so very close to the Ascendant of the Oscars chart – his night to shine?

Astrologer’s Choice: I do wonder if Barry Keoghan could be the surprise winner but I’m going for Ke Huy Quan.

Actress In A Leading Role

  • Cate Blanchett (b. May 14, 1969) Sun Taurus Tár 
  • Ana de Armas (b. April 30, 1988) Sun Taurus Blonde 
  • Andrea Riseborough (b. November 20, 1981) Sun Scorpio To Leslie
  • Michelle Williams (b. September 9, 1980) Sun Virgo The Fabelmans
  • Michelle Yeoh (b. August 6, 1962) Sun Leo Everything Everywhere All at Once

There are times of birth for Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams.

Cate Blanchett is a double Taurus with her Sun at 22° Taurus and her Ascendant at 15° Taurus which means Uranus is bang on her Ascendant now. Also, she has her Venus at 14° Aries – lovely astrology with Jupiter conjunct.

Ana de Armas was born on a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus – Sun at 10° and Jupiter at 12° so Uranus has been over those points in her chart. Nothing else leaping out.

Andrea Riseborough was a controversial nominee as there was apparently a campaign to get her nominated. She’s a Sun Scorpio and Jupiter is square her natal Venus at 14° Capricorn. Not as convincing as a conjunction, trine or sextile aspect but a nod towards her nomination.

Michelle Williams is a Sun Virgo and has had a run of Neptune transits over recent years – Sun at 17°, Jupiter at 20° and the Moon at 23° Virgo. Since 2018 and during her Neptune transits, she’s been married twice, divorced once and had two more children. She’s back in the acting limelight big-time with her role in Spielberg’s opus The Fabelmans.

Finally, Michelle Yeoh is a hot contender for the Oscar with her Sun at 13° Leo and Jupiter making a trine aspect to it only a few days ago.

Astrologer’s Choice: The astrology is leaning towards Cate Blanchett for the win.

Actor In A Leading Role

  • Austin Butler (b. August 17, 1991) Sun Leo Elvis
  • Colin Farrell (b. May 31, 1976) Sun Gemini The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Brendan Fraser (b. December 3, 1968) Sun Sagittarius The Whale
  • Paul Mescal (b. February 2, 1996) Sun Aquarius Aftersun
  • Bill Nighy (b. December 12, 1949) Sun Sagittarius Living

Times of birth for everyone in this category except Paul Mescal.

Austin Butler was born on a close Sun/Jupiter conjunction, both planets at 24° Leo. Relatively close to the Ascendant of the Oscars’ chart but not a lot else leaps out.

I loved Colin Farrell in The Banshees of Inisherin. With his Jupiter at 15° Taurus, he’s having a major Uranus transit. Plus, his Mercury is at 25° Taurus conjunct the Midheaven (success point) of the Oscars’ chart and Neptune exactly sextile that Mercury on the day of the ceremony.

Brendan Fraser is a hot favourite going into the awards ceremony. A Sun Sagittarius, he has Pluto trine his Moon at 29° Taurus and Jupiter sextile his Mars at 14° Libra – and Mars is pulled into the pattern that’s linked to his career.

I have a soft spot for Paul Mescal having fallen in love with his character in Normal People during lockdown. A Sun Aquarius, he’s doing phenomenally well and Jupiter has been sextile his Sun at 13° Aquarius.

Finally, the lovely Bill Nighy – some of my favourite actors in this category! Another Sun Sagittarius, he’s born with the north node of destiny at 14° Aries which means he’s having a major Jupiter transit.

Astrologer’s Choice: A tricky one to call – I think it’s between Colin Farrell and Brendan Fraser. I’d like Farrell to win but I suspect Fraser might.


  • Martin McDonagh (b. March 26, 1970) Sun Aries The Banshees of Inisherin 
  • Daniel Kwan (b. February 10, 1988) Sun Aquarius Daniel Scheinert (b. June 7, 1987) Sun Gemini Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Steven Spielberg (b. December 18, 1946) Sun Sagittarius The Fabelmans
  • Todd Field (b. February 24, 1964) Sun Pisces Tár 
  • Ruben Östlund (b. April 13, 1974) Sun Aries Triangle of Sadness

Steven Spielberg is the only director in the list above to have a time of birth in the public domain. A Sun Sagittarius – great star sign for a director – he doesn’t have a lot leaping out to say he’s going to win. His Midheaven (success point) is 20 Pisces 46 and I did think he’d be a strong contender last year. This year, he has Jupiter transiting through his 10th house of career but it’s not convincing astrology for a win.

Two Sun Aries directors in the mix – Martin McDonagh and Ruben Ostlund. Ruben Ostlund’s Sun is at 23° Aries, so Jupiter’s a way off. Martin McDonagh has the Sun at , Mercury at and Venus at 20° Aries. His movie has been doing exceptionally well at this year’s award ceremonies, while Jupiter’s been conjunct his Sun/Mercury. Will Jupiter’s influence continue while it falls between Mercury & Venus? I would guess he’s going to be in the mix.

More Aries activity – Todd Field is a Sun Pisces but was born on a Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 16° & 18° Aries. Therefore, it’s his Jupiter Return year. Plus, the Daniels, Sun Aquarius & Sun Gemini, fitting sun signs for their mad-cap movie, are also in their Jupiter Return years, although younger than Todd Field. Daniel Kwan’s Jupiter is at 24° Aries and Daniel Scheinert’s Jupiter is at 22° Aries.

Astrologer’s Choice: A tough one to call – I think Martin McDonagh is definitely going to win one of his nominations – Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay – but I wonder whether the Daniels will triumph in this category as it’s a double-whammy of Jupiter.

Best Picture

  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Elvis
  • The Fabelmans
  • TÁR 
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Triangle of Sadness 
  • Women Talking.

This is always difficult to call. There’s not an obvious war motif in the symbolism, although there is a water motif – Sun/Neptune Pisces and yes, there are a few movies that are black comedy or carry themes of abuse or trauma. I’m going to opt for Everything Everywhere All At Once which could theoretically be shown by the parallel universe Sun/Neptune conjunction and that elevated wacky Uranus. The film’s been described as ‘a swirl of genre anarchy‘.


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Jupiter conjunct Chiron and the Ides of March

March 10th ~ 17th

“Jason and the Centaur” by William Russell Flint

Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the music cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear. Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March. ~ Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act 1)

This year right about the time of the last quarter moon, just at the ides of March, Mars comes back to complete a cycle that began last Fall. At the end of October, Mars stationed retrograde while square the nebulous planet Neptune. It is doing so again this coming week, but with a few friends in tow. At the Last Quarter Moon (which is on the 14th, not the 15th, but close enough), the Moon in Sagittarius will oppose Mars in Gemini, while also square Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. This creates a t-square, a configuration that is often associated with conflict. As a result, anyone with sensitive points in their chart at about 25º of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) will feel this one.

It may not bring the sense of betrayal and backstabbing that Caesar experienced, but you could find yourself immersed in a well of deception, confusion and/or confabulation.  These are probably not the best days for making major decisions, as it will be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Rather, wait for the fog to lift before committing to an agreement or signing on the dotted line.

Neptune is the Lord of Obfuscation, and within the darkest murky vagaries of the Neptunian gaslit world, we are told to blame that group, or scapegoat this one, read only this author, or only listen to that authority. All the while we are being led down the garden path into oblivion. The worst part of this transit will find us feeling duped, second-guessing everything, doubting ourselves, and being quite convinced that we are losing our minds.

In the mundane world Neptune can bring floods, storms, a breach of boundaries, and noxious elements, such as gases or poisons. We become aware of hypocrisy, misinformation, propaganda, and manipulative messaging. We feel unsure of ourselves and others, and wonder what else is going to be crawling out of the back of the closet when all is said and done.

Mars was square Neptune for a full two months in October and November, so we can surely make it through this one week. However, with the added emphasis from the last quarter Moon on the 14th, we could find ourselves moving away from certain people and circumstances that are undermining our self-worth, taking us for a ride, or complicating our lives in ways that are no longer worth our precious time. This last quarter moon is good for cleaning and clearing out that which feels negative and/or toxic, and is no longer serving our best interest.

Some positive ways to use the mutable t-square Neptune energy this week, (that will also help to facilitate this cleansing process):

  • Feed your imagination in a positive way: Watch a good movie; read a good book; do art; sing; dance; daydream and get lost in a fantasy.

  • Do something that connects you to spirit: meditate, pray, read inspiring texts. Take long walks in nature or by the water. Reflect, journal, read the cards and visit the oracles.

  • Release: let go of that which you no longer need to carry around with you. Forgive. Let go. Shake off the old leaves of regret, anger, dismay and sorrow, in order to make room for something better to take root.

  • Slow down in order to find wisdom in the present moment. Pay attention, and you will see more, hear more, and feel more. Honor each moment by being present with it.

  • Perform random acts of kindness and compassion. Stop to share a kind word, listen and be present for others.

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of blessings. ~ Hippocrates

Also this weekend is the conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron at 14º of Aries. This conjunction has been already infiltrating our lives, made all the sweeter by a conjunction from Venus earlier this month, when everyone was snapping pictures of Venus and Jupiter ‘kissing’. Unbeknownst to the naked eye, she was kissing Chiron as well.

Chiron is not a planet. It is a Centaur, which is something betwixt and between an asteroid and a comet. Drawn into our solar system from the Kuiper Belt, these centaurs temporarily take up residence in our solar system. With a very oblique and elliptical orbit, Chiron travels in the area between Saturn and Uranus (for the most part) and is something of a gateway to the more transcendent planets and denizens of the outer edges of our solar system.

Like a messenger from beyond, Chiron seems to have been drawn into our Solar System, to impart his wisdom and knowledge to those of us blind souls traveling here. Sometimes with Chiron we can feel like something of an alien, an outcast, misunderstood, and vulnerable. But with Chiron bolstered up by Jupiter this month, there is this deep wisdom and compassion that can arise. Through Chiron we come to better understand the human condition for what it is, with all its weaknesses, wounds and vulnerabilities.

Conjunctions point to new beginnings. All the more so when they occur in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Much like the resurgence of life in the spring time, so we are also filled with the raw life force moving us to take action and begin anew. JUPITER/CHIRON is the Wise Teacher; the Pathfinder; the Healer and Soothsayer. Working together, Jupiter and Chiron bring opportunities to understand, learn and then teach others about their own Healing Journey.

This new beginning, can also be a willingness to say, No More. No More to old patterns of behavior that are no longer valid for where you are now. No More to the inclination to just go along with the crowd instead of listening to your own conscience. No More to neglecting your own needs for the sake of others, or to make them feel comfortable with themselves. This is when the Healer is being asked to Heal Thyself. This is when the Caregiver is asked to take care of themselves. Jupiter/Chiron in Aries is reminding us that in order to be a better caregiver/healer/teacher/guide to others, we need to start by taking care of and healing ourselves.

This is a new beginning. Something of a rebirth. It could greatly benefit those who are in Chironic fields: the healers, caregivers, teachers and guides. Those who serve as an inspiration or an example for others to follow. But it can also bring a very strong incentive to initiate your own healing and/or spiritual journey. And bring ever deeper meaning to your life in the process.

Saturn in Gemini


What is most noticeable about twins is that they are the same.

I am stating the obvious, however this is essential. Have you read The Purloined Letter, by Edgar Alan Poe? In this story, detectives are searching a room for a letter that is hidden in plain sight… and they don’t find it! Similarly, the occult meanings of symbols are often too obvious to be noticed.

So look! The twins are two and they are the same. They can talk. They can understand very well what they mean. Twins sometimes develop a language that only them can understand. This is called cryptophasia.

There are jokes brothers and sisters can tell and be the only one to understand. There are jokes that make French people laugh, but not English, and vice versa. Fortunately we have enough in common to be able to appreciate a good deal of humour.


We could draw a Venn diagram: two overlapping circles. In the shared space, jokes both French and English find funny. In that area, we are like twins. Chinese people may not understand our complicity. As for the rest of the diagram, we are strangers; mutual understanding, if possible at all, will require some learning (which is another of the themes associated with Gemini)

The symbol shows twins. It’s an archetypal image. It’s about being similar, like twins, or in a less perfect way, like brothers and sisters, or in an even less perfect way, like compatriots among foreigners.

We are on a spectrum. The extreme opposite of Gemini could be a human and a weird creature from another planet. Now, if a movie starts with extraterrestrials crossing the intersidereal space on a flying saucer to meet us, what follows is either complete war, or a touching story about finding similarities. The most moving moment will be when the alien makes a joke and laughs with humans. When we laugh together, we understand each other so well we are like twins!

The symbol of the twins is a good example of how the language of symbols work: the picture shows perfect similarity, it means similarity, which is a necessary condition for contact, communication, mutual understanding, exchanges, and whatever derives from these main roads of meaning.

Now, to be more or less similar, we also need to be two, and two is not just two, it is the beginning of many. With Gemini there are others. Others are inevitably different. Even true twins are not the same person. Gemini shows being the same and being different in one picture. With otherness comes variety, multiplicity, and with this comes curiosity and desire to learn more

So you see, it’s possible to start exploring a zodiac sign and understand a few important things without talking about mythology. We can learn more by meditating on the story of Castor and Pollux, or do some research about Babylonian mythology, where the zodiac signs are from, and learn that there were twin gods guarding the entry of the underworld…

As soon as we are two, there is a distance between the two. Taking it from there appears another spectrum: we can be close or distant. The greatest distance between two beings is being separated by death. Is this distance real or is it an illusion the twins invite us to dissipate? At soul level, can we ever be separated? Can we still communicate? Ask a medium…

With Gemini comes breathing, a bodily function that underlies talking. Breathing also demonstrates duality: we breathe in, out, in, out and again. The breath connects inside and outside. The twins are twin worlds.

Let’s now throw the spanner of Saturn into the Gemini works.

The Aquarius side of Saturn is Air like Gemini, but Fixed.

The twins are having a chat but what they are talking about is a complex mental structure. Big Ideas take more time to communicate than bits of information. Plato used the dialogue form in his writings. Meeting Socrates was always somehow heavier than a little chat about the weather with your neighbour.

Socrates kept challenging his interlocutors, asking them questions about the meaning of their words, until they became utterly confused by their own contradictions. You would be wise to know that you don’t know, but what can you do but shut up after that? Annoying others maybe…

If you have Saturn in Gemini, you have an inner Socrates. You may wish he drank the hemlock and left you free to enjoy easy going conversations, but you can’t help it, there are always motives for headaches. Philosophical semantics (the study or science of meaning in language) tends to focus on the principle of compositionality in order to explain the relationship between meaningful parts and whole sentences, you see what I mean. Saturn in Gemini gives you a lot of homework.

You may be thinking: “Wait! I’ve always heard that philosophy belongs to Jupiter!” and you’re right. Philosophy, broadening our horizons, looking at the bigger picture is typically what Jupiter does. Plato’s myth of the cavern is typical of Jupiter: we look at our human condition from a higher or broader point of view, we realise there is more to it that meets the ordinary eye, we get an intuition of a superior order…

But look at what Socrates does: he keeps asking “Yes, but…” questions. He referred to himself as a gadfly and to his philosophical investigations as annoying but necessary. This is more like Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn are like Yes and No, they mean opposite things but they are inseparable.

Socrates’ ways have a definite Saturnian style, they apply to the way we use words and think, that is Gemini.

Saturn in Gemini may also manifest as a speech impediment or a learning disability. With Saturn, Gemini forgets how to be mutable.

This is just a thread of interpretation, there must be many others.

Saturn in Gemini may prefer repeating well known interpretations given by experienced authors in reference books, and fear the leap of faith towards personal understanding that Jupiter would take. However, with time and study, Saturn, one day, decides it can do it as well.

The Capricorn side of Saturn wants achievements, not pure intellectual stuff. I have a friend who has a dominant Saturn in Gemini, conjuncting her MC from the 9th house side. When I met her, she was leading an English as a second language for adults school. She studied linguistics. She had various professional activities over the years.

I’ll leave you wondering. Can the twins become old? Can you think of other threads to follow? Symbols are inexhaustible. I’m sure it would be possible to write a whole treatise about Saturn in Gemini, and there would still remain a lot to say…

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