Solar Eclipse Notes on Trump’s Current Saturn Return

Astro-Notes on the Natal Saturn of Donald Trump with Related Eclipses

by Jude Cowell

As you know, Saturn, planet of authority, responsibility, control, conservatism, authoritarianism, and karma, maintains an orbital period of approximately 29 years. Therefore, a ‘Saturn Return’ cycle occurs for all living individuals around that schedule based on the birth position of the planet. This also

February 2017 Karma: White House natal Saturn Eclipsed

The White House natal horoscope that I typically use is set for the day second President John Adams moved in (November 1, 1800). This was a day of a Full Moon @8Tau55 which perfected at 8:35:31 am LMT and times a horoscope with Saturn, planet of authority, authenticity, accountability, reliability, maturity, and conservatism, at a position of 22Leo59. So as you see, the natal Saturn of the White

Weekly Forecast: February 13-17, 2017 – Valentine’s Day!

jackelopeThe signature feature of the week is a sextile from Mercury in Aquarius to Mars in Aries. While exact on Wednesday, the influence stretches into Friday. On Monday, Mercury applies into sextile at such a degree that Neptune is on the midpoint. Perhaps a little divine inspiration for valentine planning?(…)
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Feb 2017: Jupiter-Saturn, a Lunar Eclipse, a Comet, Arcturus, and Trump

Is a Trump Administration Worth All the Trouble?

by Jude Cowell

Since last week it has been difficult to miss the troubles of Mr. Trump’s executive-ordered ‘Muslim ban’ squelched by the Judiciary branch of the US government for after all, ‘conflict’ is the litigious Mr. Mars-Rising’s middle name. And yet an attempt to expand executive power isn’t unusual behavior from a president, especially a

Arty Farty Friday ~ Marie Vassilieff

Photograph by Man Ray

A look at another female artist whose name and artwork had eluded me until now:
Marie Vassilieff. She was born on 12 February 1884, in Russia, but spent much of her life in France. Her artworks include cubist style paintings, portraits of her friends; decorative furniture designs; also theatrical design and dolls/puppets.

From a 1998 piece in the New York Times by

Travel Ban – Astrological Reflection

A travel ban imposed by President Trump, on travellers from 7 countries who wish to enter the USA, has been front and centre of news headlines during the past few days. Is there any correlating astrology?

Immigration/travel law could encompass almost all the planets and signs in one way or another – as, indeed, does life. Saturn, Jupiter and Sagittarius are probably the most involved in