Hamlin Garland ~ Writer, Poet, Radical & Virgoan.

Poking around the net to find a character born around this time of year to investigate, I noticed that a writer, name unfamiliar to me, was born this day, 14 September in 1860 – and what a colourful name he had! Hamlin Garland. Hamlin brings thoughts of the Pied Piper of… and Garland always reminiscent of sweet flowers or…of Judy! Hamlin Garland was a good fit for his Mercury-ruled Virgo Sun

Daily Forecast: September 13, 2016 – Electric Pleasure

bright lightsTuesday morning the Aquarius Moon holds the upbeat feel of its trine to Jupiter as it moves into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. A buoyant mood, full of hope for the future presents an opportunity to level up to a lasting higher setpoint for realistic optimism. Is everything going right? Perhaps not, but it doesn’t matter in this case. Things don’t have to be perfect to be worthwhile – and to feel appreciation. (…)
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Do you  know why those normally witty, clever, erudite Gemini’s have the tendency for turning on you like a rabid dog?  It is because their ruling planet Mercury which has has dominion over the nervous system causes them to suffer mental meltdowns whenever their systems go on overload.

In order to avoid being the object of a Gemini’s wrath just follow these golden rules:

  • Never ask a Gemini what is bothering him/her when he/she becomes sullen and mute.
  • Never press for an answer especially when you think you know what the reason is.
  • In order to escape a Gemini’s rage,  leave the room, take a drive or shut the door because the concept of “reasoning” just doesn’t exist for a Gemini in a rotten mood.
Now for those of you who’ve been able to work around this sign’s personality disorder,  good for you.  I’m sure you’ve found that those separate living arrangements have made all the difference.

I have noticed that there is definitely a  difference  regarding the intensity of behavior in both genders.    Gemini men men exhibit more dramatic Mr. Hyde characteristics than their female counterparts. I think perhaps because it is a male sign and the yang energy is able to more comfortably express itself through a male body.  Females born to a masculine sign are more apt to stifle the anger more easily expressed by their male counterparts. This by no means exempts them from displaying other types of behavior that can be definite give-a-ways like the one here.

So before readers label me a sign-ist , I’d like to share some valuable and interesting words that are associated with the sign.

  • Intelligent
  • Linguist
  • Mimic
  • Curious
  • Writer
  • Dexterous
  • Salesmanship
  • Storyteller
  • Instructor
  • Information
  • Literate
It’s not uncommon for twins to be born under this sign.  Think the Winklevoss, Olsen, Barber and Mowry twins.  Although only the famous Olsen twins were actually born when the sun was in Gemini I just thought these photos would make my twin point.  But just as an aside I want to mention that I have three beautiful nieces born under this sign; although not twins but triplets, I would count that as significant, mathematically speaking.  Considering they were all born under the sign of the twins in my mind it should mean that there are six rather than three of them. Anybody still with me on that?   I haven’t done any research on the twin/Gemini statistics but I do have a personal case of twins actually born under the sign of Gemini. They weren’t human though, they were felines.  That still counts.  I once had two Siamese kittens (boy and girl) born Gemini’s and they looked just like this:

No matter how you may interpret this post, please understand, I love this sign particularly because they doubly inspire me to share their never-boring personalities with you.  Stay tuned for Cancer.

Daily Forecast: September 12, 2016 – It’s Going To Be All Right

balloon... we all floatMonday morning the Capricorn Moon forms a sextile to Chiron and a square to Uranus, early, before heading unimpeded through the end of the sign. Sagittarius Mars aspects Chiron and Uranus as well but is more closely hooked into its square to the Mercury-Sun conjunction in Virgo. (…)
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Weekend Love Forecast – Jupiter Into Libra: Fanning The Flames Of Desire

firepitThe big, Friday-through-the-weekend news is the movement of Jupiter from Virgo to Libra. YES! Why so much yes? Oh I don’t know, how about a big philosophical shift into pleasantry and balance – after its inflation of the unending trash fire of multiple, mutable t-squares? I’ll take it. (…)
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Daily Forecast: September 8, 2016 – Who Says You Can’t Fly; Have You Tried?

quailThursday morning the Sagittarius Moon moves into conjunction with Saturn and picks up on its square to Neptune. Ever felt like you’re raring to go, only to meet with obstacles out of nowhere? Or things stall out and you can’t even put your finger on why? That. It’s inelegant. It’s inexplicable. (…)
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Marching forward in the parade of zodiac signs, the very physical, practical, and strong-willed sign of Taurus is next on my agenda.

Jessica Alba was born under this robust and lusty sign. She is by all accounts an impressive representative of the sign whose ruler is the planet Venus. 

Taurus is the celestial landlord of the second house of the zodiac which is where everything of physical value resides. Physical value includes, money, resources, possessions as well as the physical body which is the vehicle we must use to accommodate our desires. Venus, whose reputation for love, beauty and romance is also legendary for conferring  physical beauty to the fortunate individuals born under this sign.  Think Audrey Hepburn or the lovely Andie MacDowell.  Even the most fragile looking of this sign have one thing in common…their strength.  I’ve yet to meet a man or woman young or old born under this sign who couldn’t beat an opponent in an arm wrestle.

Is it any wonder that women and men of outstanding beauty gain an inordinate amount of financial gain for their physical appearance?  This doesn’t have to mean physical beauty in the in the typical sense.  It also means that a Taurus, even one born without extraordinary good looks, has an inborn ability and understanding of how to make money.  Charm is always at their disposal; giving them the ability to get them what they want.

Like the other three fixed signs of the zodiac, bulls have a hard time deviating from any activity that is working for them, but none more than Taurus.  “If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it”  should  be the official Taurus mantra.  Make no mistake about it, even the most unpredictable Taurus likes to stick with a routine.  An unpredictable Taurus will always do the unpredictable…over and over again, so no matter how innovative they think they are, astute individuals will always be able to anticipate their crazy moves.  Sadam Hussein was an excellent example of an unpredictable/predictable Taurus.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with my assessment that he was a paranoid nut case too. (Taureans do have a tendency to be paranoid in case you didn’t know.)

So given the stereotypical activities and interests of this sign such as, banking, accounting, yoga, running, Tai chi, massage, hiking, biking, and tennis,  just to name a few, please reference Miss Alba’s extraordinary financial success as a lifestyle products mogul.  The keyword for Taurus is “safe.” They are into safety and security in all that they do.  Is it any wonder that her Honest Company promotes non-toxic products for consumers.  Baby products, personal care, and cosmetics are just a few of the items she is successfully making available to her customers so that they can protect themselves from the countless toxic ingredients that have insinuated themselves into our lives.

So being ruled by the planet Venus, its no surprise that Miss Alba chose a business that promotes and offers toxic free cosmetics and lots of other lotions and potions for the body. Oh, yeah, did I mention how much the second sign of the zodiac loves massages? She certainly is representative of a Taurus who is true to her sign.  In astrology that means she is a sign stereotype, which, I might add is not exactly a bad thing.

Stay tuned for Gemini.