New Moon in Pisces~ February 27th-March 5th, 2022

Sunday~What a powerful Capricorn type of day as the Moon meets Venus, Mars and Pluto, all in the same sign! These three conjunctions strengthen all Capricorn and earth sign qualities. It’s a day to figure out how to do something, be it personal, professional, related to a project or plan. Relationships are influenced as Mars and Venus both meet the Moon. This is very practical and organizational, slightly impersonal and yielding to whatever is most sensible. Some will figure out better plans for working together, co-parenting, living together, and making schedules and routines more efficient. Some can benefit from learning how to put something together or how to repair, refinish or renovate. There’s also the depth of personal insight that Pluto provides and we may contemplate why things are as they are and why we act as we do, and from there perhaps make changes. From 9:49 am to 1:36 pm EST, the Moon is void of course, and then moves to Aquarius for further investigation and inventive approaches. Today’s color is Violet.

Monday~On this final day of February, the Moon squares Uranus and meets Mercury and Saturn. So far, this week’s aspects urge us toward plans and agreements. Mercury and Saturn lean toward future oriented plans with a long term focus, while in Aquarius. Fixed sign energies rule the day, and that can also mean difficulty letting go of one thing to make way for another. Uranus and the Moon play tug o’ war over this, in Taurus and Aquarius. Both are opinionated signs and have their own ideas of what’s best or right. One thing is for sure, the status quo must be disturbed and some things reinvented or reimagined. Give agreements your best effort and keep in mind that it’s time to shed a skin or overturn an outdated decision. Void Moon 9:01 pm EST through the night and into Tuesday. Wear Silver.

Tuesday~Void Moon in Aquarius can lead us in many different directions. One is to continue yesterday’s business and another is to socialize! Getting together in groups is favored while the void Moon lends itself more to leisure and enjoying the company of others. It might not be easy to get things decided or done, though processes can be rolling along, especially with collaboration. New Moon in Pisces is Wednesday, so fresh starts have more power after today. Laying the groundwork is favored.  At 3:53 pm EST, the spell is broken as the Moon moves to Pisces and shortly after  midnight, the Pisces Sun aligns with Uranus for unique self expression, creativity and interesting ways of showing compassion and caring. Possibilities include forgiveness and surprise reconciliations. Look for mutual understanding and for help from unexpected sources. Wear Light Blue.

Wednesday~New Moon in Pisces signals fresh starts and intentions realized, from 12:35 pm EST on. First, the Sun aligns with Uranus (read Tuesday forecast), brightening and encouraging. Uranus also aligns with the Moon, so the power of this planet of originality, change and the unexpected is likely to be strongly seen and felt. Uranus is a catalyst, a storm, a volcano of destruction, re-creation and radical expression. That is the quality of this New Moon, and since it’s in Pisces there are emotional implications. People are likely to say and do as they FEEL, unable to hold back or minimize. Creativity peaks. Dramatic approaches and expressions are likely as changes are announced and made. Jupiter also supports New Moon for growing in sensitivity, caring, wisdom, and forgiveness. Invite and offer healing and compassion to yourself and others. Rest, as a way to heal and replenish. Allow for these things: change, authentic expression, creativity and restoring. Mercury also meets Saturn for solidifying agreements, decisions and meaningful life plans. Today’s color is White.

Thursday~This is quite the astrological week, and today we’re back to those Capricorn vibes of Sunday and last week as Mars and Pluto meet. Action based on introspection and new self awareness is one thing to notice. Strong desire and passion will guide our actions and moves made this week. Tune into what is undeniable. Venus and Pluto also meet, applying the same to love, relationships and harmony between partners and friends. Some will have big awakenings around what’s real in their relationship or their hopes and dreams of partnering. Pisces Moon meets Neptune, a romantic and dreamy planetary influence, following by harmonious sextiles with each planet currently in Capricorn. The earth/water synchronicity has been powerful both this week and last week. Action based on feelings. Whether you’re creating or in processes like recovering or healing, transitioning from one phase to another, moving or just allowing things to take place right now, emotions must be allowed to arise and inform. What does the subtle body say? Tune in to YOU.  Void Moon 4:45 pm to7:52 pm EST. The Moon moves to Aries. Wear Green, for the heart.

Friday~Aries Moon lights extra fire under whatever is in process this week. Passion and quickness fuel actions and events today. Wear Red.

Saturday~Aries Moon is encouraged and influenced by Saturn and Mercury for seriousness and intention. Meaning and commitment should back actions and words. Saturn teaches lessons about commitment or lack thereof. Mercury is forward thinking in Aquarius and Aries Moon also pushes toward the future. Anxiety can crop up under those conditions, so check in with yourself if you feel too much pressure or forward projection. Aries Moon squares Pluto for facing even difficult realizations and knowing that something must be done or changed in order to align with oneself, to your true desires and needs. Jupiter and the Sun meet in Pisces to help further growth and self actualization. Can our emotional capacity that is often oppressed and distorted from desensitization, glorification of violence in movies and media, recover, heal and increase? Mars and Venus spend their last hours in humanitarian Aquarius tonight. Wear Yellow today.

I’ll be on WMPG for the next two Mondays 10:30 am-12 pm. Stay tuned for a schedule change in the future. It’s been fun spending winter Mondays on the air, with you.



Fascination, Passion & the US Pluto Return

February 18th ~ 25th

Elevation Drawings for the White House by James Hoban

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. ~ Arthur C. Clarke (Technology and the Future)

Jupiter and Uranus made their exact sextile on Thursday, February 17th, but we still have a few weeks to take advantage of this fabulous window, which will receive an additional surge with the New Moon in Pisces on March 2nd. So lean into it. And use it well. It is a fortuitous juncture filled with sudden chances, new ideas, revelations and new possibilities.

Sextiles don’t force us to do anything. There are no conflicts, discomforts or edginess to to get out of or avoid. Sextiles are just windows of opportunity that open up and then depart. However when we do take advantage of these fleeting transits, they can open up these doors along with our perspective, allowing us to see things in a whole new light. Inventive, illuminating and open, this is the sort of transit that shows us that we don’t have to keep doing things the way we always have in the past, and that there might actually be better and more clever ways of approaching our work, our problems, our conundrums.

Here are some ways to lean into the Jupiter/Uranus sextile:

  • Try something new: Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Meet new people. Go in a new direction. Venture into the territory of the new and untried.

  • Learn something new: Be open to new ideas or other perspectives. It can show you something that you might have missed! Take up a new study. Read up on a subject that fascinates you. And listen to what others might have to say on the subject. It broadens your outlook as well as your horizons.

  • Change up your routine or schedule: We are creatures of habit, and tend to do the same things every day in the same way. As a result we remain unaware of our surroundings, and the incredible diversity of our life and environment. Even small changes can have remarkable consequences in this weather, and open up our minds and our awareness to other possibilities.

  • Follow your fascination: Jupiter/Uranus windows can be illuminating. Discoveries are made. Our worlds open up. This is a time to be fascinated, and following that fascination can bring you to places you’ve never been before, either literally or in your own mind.

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Venus and Mars will be closely conjunct one another through March 20th. And even beyond that they will continue to be close enough to influence one another for some time. This is a passionate and romantic combination that can ignite the embers in our hearts. Channeled through the sign of Capricorn we can use that passion to achieve excellence and even some personal bests. For in Capricorn it’s all about quality, and putting our best for forward. Venus/Mars in Capricorn asks us to do what we love, and to do it with perfection.

Venus and Mars are seducing us with their wiles this week, filling our hearts with a bit of whimsical and romantic reverie. They are conspiring and colluding to draw certain people together, and to bring us in touch with that which will make our lives just a bit more soulful, meaningful and enriched. The intensity will come later, so enjoy it while you may. When channeled into what we do, Venus/Mars weather can be incredibly creative and soulful. Especially so this week as they sextile Neptune and trine the North Node in Taurus. Just the right way to welcome in the Pisces season this week.

But do be warned. Venus and Mars are not always about love and light. In early March Venus and Mars will meet up with Pluto steaming a hole of his own in the last degrees of Capricorn. Once these two meet up with Pluto, all of that Capricorn restraint and decorum is going to be put to the test.

This will also be when Venus finally emerges from her shadow period after the retrograde. For when Venus stationed retrograde on December 19th, she was at 26º of Capricorn and deeply embedded within the ambit of Pluto. And this week, on February 20th, Pluto also makes its first exact conjunction to the US Pluto. The other two will be July 11th and December 28th. We’ve been gradually working towards this Pluto return, unearthing, upending, deconstructing and reconstructing.

Pluto takes 248 years to make one complete revolution around the zodiac. We don’t live long enough to experience our own Pluto Returns, but countries can. And the United States is currently in the throes of its 1st Pluto Return. Pluto is a very slow moving planet, and as such its orbs of influence are long and far-reaching. This is not something that suddenly pops up, it has already been working its way through the systems and infrastructures of our lives, and within our own society, deconstructing, breaking down, while also hopefully evolving. The United States is suffering from tremendous growing pains.

Pluto reveals the dark underbelly of the systems of our society, and leaves nothing off the table. It begins with deconstruction, showing us what is no longer valid, what we have outgrown, what is no longer sustainable. Symptoms of a struggling Pluto in Capricorn are things like: Grandiosity and the Abuse of Power; Authoritarianism, Psychological Manipulation, Greed, Corporatocracy, Plutocracy, and believing that the End Justifies the Means. The desire for wealth and power becomes the goal, even at the expense of our ideals and the very foundations of our democracy.

The planet of birth, death and rebirth, of deconstruction and reconstruction, is also about our capacity to evolve under pressure. As pieces of our infrastructure begin to fail and crumble, will we be able to transform these into more sustainable, more relevant structures and systems that will support us for decades and centuries to come? Positive Pluto initiatives look like: Empowerment, Strength, the capacity to Evolve and Grow, Disclosure, Truth, Healing, Reinventing and Rebuilding. 

Working with Pluto is one of the hardest things we can do. It requires a huge amount of humility, and a willingness to look at our deepest and ugliest wounds. Not with guilt, shame or regret, but with honesty and integrity and a resolve to do better. Because we can do better, and find healing and growth in the process.

So whether this Pluto Return is to be about the utter deconstruction or the fabulous reconstruction of a Nation is yet to be determined. For it is ultimately up to us all as a nation, every one of us, to determine what the outcomes will be.

If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships ~ the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 1930’s and a New Moon in Pisces

February 25th ~ March 4th

The Beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burne-Jones

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. ~ John Donne

Like echoes from the past, cycles repeat. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 – 1942, one of the more devastating decades in recent history. The trauma of the decade included the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the rise of Totalitarianism and far right Fascist movements. Although the invasion of Poland in 1939 is commonly recognized as the beginning of World War II, Hitler’s expansion  initially began in 1938, when Uranus was conjunct a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (where the South Node was in Taurus; North Node in Scorpio). Hitler wanted more space for Germany, more land, more stuff, Lebensraum: more living space. Its expansion began that year in 1938 with the annexation of Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Countries where there was already a strong German presence.

And like karmic echoes over the annals of space and time, Uranus is once again in Taurus, and will be tightly involved with the Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. This time the South Node of the Moon is in Scorpio, and as it can be with these Nodes, these can be times in which we are compelled to deal with the terrible. That includes the abuse of power and wealth, and their horrible offspring: War, Atrocities, Death and Destruction. We are teetering on the edge. And with Venus, Mars and Pluto forming an exact triple conjunction on March 3rd in the last degrees of Capricorn, all of the wraths and demons are coming home to roost.

Both Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets of Scorpio the sign of the South Node of the eclipse points. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, the sign of the North Node of the eclipse points. The last Full Moon in Leo was exactly squaring these Nodal points, flaunting egos, and bringing our destinies full circle. And between the Full Moon on February 16th and the triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto on March 3rd, Russia invaded the Ukraine.

Because Venus is still recovering from its retrograde phase, it is running a little slower than usual. And Mars, strong and exalted in Capricorn has the edge. However the triple conjunction is also when Venus finally comes out of its shadow period following the retrograde. And as Venus picks up speed, it will meet up with Mars once again on March 6th, this time in the sign of Aquarius. This is the same degree as the Great Conjunction of December 2020, which was heralding in a new awakening. Let’s see where all this is going to bring us. Venus was conjunct Pluto when it stationed retrograde in December, so the triple conjunction also ties up themes that were being spawned at the end of last year. Look for themes of betrayal, scandals and financial misconduct and instability. But also look for the shift in energy when Venus and Mars change signs on the 6th.

The above painting by Edward Burne-Jones depicts Merlin, who had fallen in love with Nimue, the lady of the lake. But Nimue was ambitious, and she took advantage of Merlin’s infatuation, in order to learn the secrets of his magic. In this painting she has used one of his spells to put Merlin into a deep sleep. As he succumbs, she feels both giddiness and surprise at the power she now has at her disposal. The Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction is both beguiling and terribly dangerous.

We always need to watch the transits of Mars and Pluto. Pluto represents Big Power and Plutocracy. Mars is ruthlessly willing to do whatever it takes to win. Even if it requires force and violence. Motive is everything with Pluto. And with the swift sword of karmic justice, South Node in Scorpio will bring us the ramifications of our choices.

And all this comes within the ambit of the New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday. At 12º 07’ of Pisces, the New Moon is within only a few degrees of Jupiter, the planet of altruism and compassion. Jupiter in Pisces is the ethical idealist, the altruist, who answers to a higher calling. When in Pisces we recognize that we are all swimming here together in this great ocean we call life, where no one is exempt. And unlike the 1930’s what is so different in 2022, thanks to the magical technology of all that social media stuff and the internet, we are being given a bird’s eye view from the very heart of Kiev, Lviv and Odessa, allowing us to see what they see, and hear what they hear. A reminder that when the bell tolls it tolls not just for them, but for us all.

Jupiter is strong and influential in its own sign of Pisces, and although separating is still within range of its sextile to Uranus, the lord of humanitarian causes. The triple conjunction may be rattling its sabers and spewing its derision but it’s the New Moon that is setting the tone with a galaxy of prayers. Mars may be strong in Capricorn, but it’s Jupiter that looms large.

So despite all that saber rattling this is a lucky New Moon filled with possibility. Positive attitudes reap positive results with this Moon, if we are willing to look at things from a higher perspective. This does not mean to neglect the issues that are being strewn at our feet. However, the enthusiasm, good will and positive energy of the New Moon can make it possible for us to overcome the obstacles being placed in our path.

Some things to watch for in our own lives with the triple conjunction of Venus/Mars/Pluto:

  • We are being strongly motivated by our desires this week. Watch out! Think twice before you buy that really expensive item, or indulge in the last piece of cake. And even if you’ve been showing some restraint up until this point, all that is being sorely tested in the ambit of Pluto. This is when we wake up the next morning and wonder what on earth we were all thinking! You did what? You spent how much money on that bauble? You ate the whole darn cake? No wonder you’re in a sugar coma! And who exactly is that strange person you just woke up with?!?!

  • All of the deadly sins are going to be rearing their heads this week. Jealousy, vengeance, avarice, greed. Keep them at arm’s length! A few minutes of self-indulgence can lead to years of regret and grief in this weather!

  • People can get really ruthless and desperate in this weather. And down right mean. Especially if they are being denied the object of their desires, or are feeling rejected, abandoned or betrayed. Tread lightly.

  • See if you can channel some of this passion through soulfully creative self-expression.

  • Positively this same focus can be applied constructively towards: rebuilding, rebirthing, renovating and reviving.

  • Channeled well we can be a force for good if our motives are grounded in the best interests of the greater whole.

If you choose to do intentions with the New Moon on March 2nd, see if you can channel some of that passion through positive initiatives that promote only the most altruistic of aspirations. Some positive affirmations/intentions for the New Moon might be:

  • With a clear conscience and a noble heart, I can protect myself from negative influences.

  • May I have the courage and faith to allow (divine guidance, my guiding beliefs, my intuition, my higher Self, my conscience) to guide me along the path.

  • I am a spiritual being filled with light, and a love that knows no bounds. May I draw it forth as needed.

  • My heart is filled with compassion for all beings everywhere, where no one overshadows the other.

  • My imagination has no bounds. May I be open to allowing it to speak through me.

  • Through a regular devotional practice of peace and quietude, may I be confident that I will receive guidance and understanding.

  • I have music in my heart. May I reclaim it, and carry it with me wherever I go.


Pisces Season Begins and Mercury in Aquarius has a Skirmish with Uranus in Taurus


Are you feeling the loving vibes yet?  We just had a Full Moon in Leo on February 16, which featured a beautiful conjunction between the two love planets Mars and Venus in Capricorn.  If not, maybe you were feeling the quincunx or inconjunct aspect between the Moon in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn.  Since the Full Moon was conjunct my Pluto in Leo, I felt a sense of imbalance and was required to make several adjustments. On that day I tweeted:

But if you didn’t reap any benefits from the recent Full Moon, the energy is about to shift dramatically on February 18 when the Sun moves into the mutable water sign of Pisces.  There will be more of an emphasis on emotions and feelings, which is quite a difference from the cerebral nature of the fixed Sun in Aquarius.  We will be motivated to feel, imagine and dream. Empathy, compassion and selflessness will also prevail.  Our intuition and instincts will be more accessible and our emotional sensitivity and spirituality will be heightened.  Creativity will also flourish when the Sun is in Pisces, so this should be a boon for artists, musicians, writers and anyone in the performing arts.

I always feel a bit lighter when the Sun is in Pisces because it starts its transit in my 5th house of romance, creativity, children and just plain fun.  Not to mention that it makes all of those lovely trines it makes to my Scorpio and Cancer planets.  Of course, we all need to be mindful of the shadow side of Pisces: a tendency to embrace escapism through drugs, alcohol, food or shopping as well as adopting a victim or martyr role.  There can be some confusion present when the Sun is in Pisces because it is such a dreamy sign.  So just be careful not to view the world through rose-colored glasses for the next month.

We shouldn’t forget that the Sun is joining not only Jupiter, but Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune in Pisces is about to see some sweet action from Mars and Venus. Mars in Capricorn will be forming a supportive sextile to Neptune in 22 degrees of Pisces on February 23.  This aspect will increase our sensual desires and has a very romantic vibe. It also fuels our spiritual energy and we can feel compelled to act on reaching our goals.  Since Mars and Venus have been traveling together, Venus will sextile Neptune in 22 degrees of Pisces on the following day, February 24.  Venus sextiling Neptune will inspire us to be more active in our creative endeavors and we just might want to pencil in some more quality time with a loved one.

But we are not done with the Aquarius energy quite yet.  Mercury in Aquarius will be forming an exact square to Uranus in 11 degrees of Taurus on February 24.  I have a natal Mercury-Uranus square and I can tell you that like all squares, it generates a lot of tension.  It is definitely nervous tension that can bring flashes of insight but also impatience. Excitement and change will be in the air but it is very easy to get distracted with this aspect in play. Different perspectives will abound, but be careful not to make any major decisions if you can help it now.  And don’t be surprised if electronics and computers malfunction on this day.

AAA Profile: Rosa Parks

On December 1, 1955, an African American seamstress named Rosa Parks boarded a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and stepped into history.  At the time, buses were segregated, with “Whites Only” sections up front that were created by movable signs.  If the white section filled up, drivers adjusted the markers and asked already seated black patrons to move further to the back.  Parks, who according to custom paid her fee up front, then exited the bus and re-entered through the rear door, had initially sat in the black section, but when the driver expanded the white area and requested she vacate her seat, she refused.


The driver warned her, but Parks refused to budge.  Police were called, and Parks was arrested.  Word of her humiliation galvanized the local black community to boycott city buses (where they constituted 75% of the ridership), an embargo they maintained for more than a year, until a Supreme Court decision ruled the city laws unconstitutional and segregated transportation was eliminated.  Rosa Parks became a rallying point and an icon of the growing Civil Rights movement, which paved the way for federal equality legislation a decade later.

In her autobiography, “My Story” (1992), Parks describes her stance:  “People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true.  I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day.  I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then.  I was forty-two.  No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

parks arrest
Parks’ arrest for refusing to vacate her seat to a white man on the Cleveland Avenue bus sparked the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott civil rights protest; natal asteroid Bus opposes asteroid Montgomery, in a T-square with asteroid Cleveland

Born Rosa Louise McCauley on 4 February 1913 at 5:12 AM CST in Tuskegee, Alabama (Rodden Rating C), Parks’ destiny seems written in the stars.  Two points are at station in the birth chart:  asteroid Karma, which at 18 Gemini is trine the 15 Aquarius Sun and turned direct a week before her birth; and asteroid Parks at 21 Libra, also trine the Sun (creating a Grand Trine), which turned retrograde a day after her birth.  Stationary points exert an influence on character or biography out of proportion to their typical impact, and Karma in this stance indicates a fated role to play at some point in the life.  Parks, her husband’s name by which she would become famous, had showed its prominence 19 years before their marriage made it a pivotal element of her bio, and 42 years before she was thrust into the spotlight.

The bus seating incident and arrest had occurred on the Cleveland Avenue route in Montgomery; Parks’ nativity sports a T-Square of asteroid Bus at 7 Taurus opposed asteroid Montgomery at 1 Scorpio, with asteroid Cleveland on the fulcrum at 28 Capricorn, in an out-of-Sign square to each.

The bus driver was James Blake, with whom Parks had formerly had a run-in.  In 1943, twelve years earlier, Parks boarded Blake’s bus and paid the fare, then moved directly to a seat, but Blake told her to follow city rules and enter the bus again via the rear door.  When Parks exited the vehicle, Blake drove off without her; Parks waited for the next bus, determined never to ride with Blake again, but failed to recognize him when she boarded his bus in 1955.

parks sign
At her arrest, asteroid Bus exactly conjoined Neptune (ruling prisons), in an exact Grand Trine with asteroid Rosa and the Ascendant; a Kite pattern is formed by Pluto’s opposition to Rosa, portraying Parks’ embrace and owning of her personal power, in the simple act of refusing to move

Blake’s fated importance to her story is seen in asteroid James, which at 16 Aries bisects the Sun/Karma trine, sextile to each, and in asteroid Blakesmith (a CNA, or Compound-Name Asteroid, comprised of first and last names strung together as one word), which is exactly conjunct the Sun at 15 Aquarius.  The Sun also squares asteroid Blakehord at 17 Taurus, itself broadly conjoined Bus.  Solar connections from PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids, including the subset of CNAs) indicate individuals who will be pivotal to the individual at some point in the life.

Within orb of the Sun is Mercury at 8 Aquarius, engaged in an exact triple conjunction with asteroids Icarus and Black, and Uranus at 4 Aquarius.  Mercury rules transportation, Uranus rules protest; Parks knew she was taking a risk (Icarus) of arrest in refusing to move, but was willing to take it, to advance people of her race (Black).

Other points of note include a cluster of natal asteroids Themis and Brown with Saturn, at 23, 24 and 27 Taurus, symbolizing her quest for justice (Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice) relating to the oppressive laws (both Saturn) governing darker-skinned citizens (Brown).  Asteroid NOT opposed from 1 Sagittarius depicts her refusal to move from her seat.  Natal asteroid McCauley (her maiden surname) at 12 Capricorn conjunct asteroid d’Arrest at 15 Capricorn and Mars at 18 Cap, squared the stationary Parks at 21 Libra, suggests a propensity to fall afoul of the law at some point, due to actions taken (Mars).

parks arrest2
Parks is booked by Montgomery police; natally, asteroid d’Arrest conjoins asteroid McCauley (her maiden surname), suggesting interaction with law enforcement at some point in her life – at her arrest, d’Arrest has returned to its natal place, now conjunct asteroid Montgomery and opposed asteroid Parks (her married surname)

When Parks was arrested on 1 December 1955, the Sun and Mercury were again conjunct, as at birth, at 9 and 7 Sagittarius, reiterating the theme of transportation as central to self-identity or actualization.  Remarkably, asteroid McCauley is now standing still from its station at 11 Leo, symbolically refusing to budge, just as Parks was in her birth chart, reflecting her decision to remain in her seat.

Parks entered the bus at approximately 6 PM CST, and a chart cast for then shows a precise T-Square of asteroid NOT at 29 Pisces on the fulcrum, squared the Ascendant/Descendant axis at 29 Gemini/Sagittarius, once again portraying her attitude of refusal, in that precise moment.  Even more incredibly, the Ascendant forms part of an exact Grand Trine, with trines to asteroid Rosa at 29 Aquarius and an exact pairing of Neptune with asteroid Bus at 29 Libra.  Mars conjoins Neptune/Bus from 1 Scorpio (the degree of asteroid Montgomery in her birth chart), suggesting a passive (Neptune) activism (Mars) on the city (Montgomery) transport system (Bus), involving Parks (Rosa), which could have led to prison time (Neptune).

There are two Kites formed from the Grand Trine, helping to steer its manifestation – the first shows Pluto opposed Rosa from 28 Leo, indicating Parks owning her personal power (Pluto) in the incident. The second involves asteroid Blakehord (another CNA representing Blake) with Venus at 1 and 2 Capricorn on the Descendant, showing the driver and the civic segregationist values (Venus) he was enforcing.  These various elements recombine in a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with NOT at the Apex, inconjunct to both Pluto and the Neptune/Bus conjunction, suggesting a fated component to the situation.

Rosa Parks’ status as an American icon was underscored when Mattel released a collectible Rosa Parks Barbie doll on 26 August 2019; the Sun at 3 Virgo exactly conjoined asteroid Parks, squared asteroids Barbara and Rosa at 0 and 10 Sagittarius; natally, asteroid Barbara conjoins the Sun, prefiguring her toy alter ego

Driver James Blake’s pivotal role in the moment is seen in asteroid Blakesmith, angular at 14 Pisces on the 12 Pisces MC and opposing asteroid Nemesis at 10 Virgo on the IC, reuniting Parks with her former driver adversary (Nemesis).  As well, asteroid Rosa broadly conjoins asteroid James with Themis at 22 and 21 Aquarius, T-Squared Pluto and Saturn (laws) at 25 Scorpio, with asteroid Black at 19 Scorpio, uniting (conjunction) her (Rosa) with the driver (James) and the theme of justice (Themis), in conflict with the restrictive laws (both Saturn) governing African Americans (Black).

Another descriptor of the event is an opposition from asteroids Cleveland and Parks at 22 and 23 Cancer to asteroids d’Arrest, Icarus and Montgomery at 16, 19 and 24 Capricorn, in a Grand Cross with Neptune/Bus/Mars and asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, at 20 Aries.  This indicates the risk (Icarus) of arrest (d’Arrest) for Parks (Parks) on the Cleveland Avenue (Cleveland) bus (Bus) in Montgomery (Montgomery), while fighting (Mars) for equal treatment (Justitia).  Note also that Parks had experienced a “d’Arrest Return” just days before, with the asteroid reactivating its natal degree of 15 Capricorn, and stimulating the attendant potential for arrest.

parks old
In 1999, at age 86, Rosa Parks was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal; when she passed in 2005, asteroid Bus was at station, opposed asteroid Parks and squared asteroid Rosa

When Rosa Parks passed at age 92 on 24 October 2005, just weeks shy of the fiftieth anniversary of her bus seating protest, asteroid Bus was stationary at 4 Pisces, having turned direct just three days prior.  Bus opposed Parks at 0 Virgo and squared Rosa at 11 Gemini (with Parks conjoined natal asteroid Anubis at 3 Virgo, named for the ancient Egyptian deity ruling funerary rites, and squared natal asteroid Atropos at 2 Gemini, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death).  Asteroids Brown with McCauley at 5 and 9 Sagittarius create a loose Grand Cross. A Jupiter/Sun conjunction at 29 Libra and 1 Scorpio exactly matched the Neptune/Bus and Mars conjunction from her arrest (highlighting/Sun the celebrity/Jupiter she attained from that transit protest/Bus), with the Sun also conjoined her natal asteroid Osiris at 2 Scorpio, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.

In 1999 Parks received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award given by the US legislative branch, engraved with “Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement.” After her death, officials in Montgomery announced that the front seats of their city buses would be reserved with black ribbons in honor of Parks until her funeral, and her casket was transported to Washington DC by a bus similar to the one in which she made her protest, to lie in honor in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, the first woman to be so honored. Rosa Parks’ act of passive resistance and protest is a shining example of how one individual can galvanize a movement and change the course of history.

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