Joe Biden’s 2022 Solar Return

On November 20, 2022, US President Joe Biden turns eighty years old, the oldest person ever to serve in that office.  Although he has not made his candidacy official, Biden routinely offers, when asked, that it is his “intention” to run for reelection in 2024, just shy of 82, which would make him 86 when he hands off to the next president in January of 2029.  We’ll see.


In the meantime, there’s another year of challenges and crises to navigate, and a more complicated political landscape to deal with in Washington.  As of this writing (November 16), the Democrats have managed to maintain control of the Senate in the aftermath of the Midterm Elections, but control of the House is still in doubt, though it seems likely Republicans will flip it by a very narrow margin.  If so, much of Biden’s legislative agenda will be stalled, subsumed in a series of GOP investigations of the administration, its allies, and Biden’s family, with a probable impeachment battle looming.

How will the year go?  We can gain some insights from a look at Joe Biden’s 2022 Solar Return, which occurs at 5:20 PM EST on November 19, 2022 in Washington DC ( a Solar Return chart, as the name implies, is cast for the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree and minute; this may vary from the birthdate by as much as a day in either direction).  7 Gemini on the Ascendant indicates a year where communication will be extremely important.  Messaging is paramount, with Biden needing to focus on the positive effects of legislation already passed in the first two years, which will just begin to impact Americans’ lives (such as the $35 cap on monthly insulin copays for Medicare recipients, going into effect in 2023), since he’s unlikely to accomplish much in the next two years, with a stonewalling Republican House, more intent on making mischief than crafting legislation.

biden SR 22 xi jinping
Joe Biden spent his birthday week kibbitzing with foreign leaders at the G20 conference, including China’s Xi Jinping; with Jupiter in trine to his SR Sun, and domestic legislation blocked by a GOP-controlled House, it may be time to look to foreign policy for a win

The obstacle to additional progress is on display as asteroid House, for the US House of Representatives, which at 8 Sagittarius conjoins the 7 Sag Descendant, giving that lower chamber angular power and force, a major player in the president’s upcoming year.  The conflict between the administration and the House is seen in a close square from asteroid Whitehouse at 9 Pisces to House, depicting the tension in that relationship. Also here with House is an exact Mercury/Venus pairing at 4 Sagittarius; traditionally, that would be an admonishment to “talk (Mercury) nice (Venus)” with House leaders, but no amount of honeyed rhetoric will sway most of the GOP caucus.  Best bet here is for Biden to flip the script and focus on clearly stating (Mercury) his values (Venus), contrasting them with those of the Republicans.  This becomes even more important with Mercury and Venus’ wide conjunction with the 27 Scorpio Sun; Biden needs to dig deep and express himself in a conciliatory (Venus) but authentic (Sun) way, devising a plan (Mercury) to cooperate (Venus) with his opposition whenever possible, but always drawing that bright line between their views.

Also with the Sun is asteroid Washingtonia at 24 Scorpio, so, no surprise, the capital will be a major focus of the year for Biden.  But things may get a little sticky, with Damocles in square from 25 Aquarius, suggesting a looming threat or a doom about to descend.  Saturn is widely squared the Sun as well, from 19 Aquarius, so there’s some adversity or hardship to be overcome.  Saturn’s placement conjoined the 14 Aquarius MC puts it in the Tenth House of career, so it’s at work where Biden experiences most of the delays and setbacks.  Reinforcing the sense that things are about to become much more difficult is Saturn’s exact square to asteroid Old Joe at 19 Taurus, a point which becomes increasingly useful as a marker for Biden as he enters his 80s.  Saturn’s angular placement and exact square to a Biden referent indicates choppy waters ahead, resistance and limitation.

Nancy Pelosi’s surprise retirement from a leadership position in the Democratic Party after losing the Speakership could deprive Biden of a powerful ally on the Hill, and render moot the close connection between asteroids Nancy and Josefa

A T-Square is formed with additional squares from the Sun to a cluster of asteroids Josefa and Nancy at 25 Leo, and Senator at 28 Leo.  Josefa is another PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) which represents Joe Biden, while Nancy likely refers to outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who may retain a leadership role in the Democratic minority.  If so, these two will be working hand-in-glove to try to limit Republican excesses in the House.

Senator’s presence here is unexpected; with that looming threat of Damocles in opposition on Election Day, the possibility of Republicans gaining control, now beaten back by a Dem win in Nevada, it would seem that danger has passed, and the Senate should be a comfort zone for the President.  But there’s one race still to be called, in the Georgia Senate runoff; if Herschel Walker should defeat the incumbent Raphael Warnock, then the balance would remain at 50/50.  This gives the Republicans an outside chance to regain the majority, if they can woo the conservative Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia to switch Parties and join them, creating a 51/49 split in their favor.  That’s pure speculation, but it would satisfy the stressful aspect from Senator to Biden’s Sun.

Biden’s scandal-plagued son Hunter could become a political liability this year, with a GOP-controlled House just itching to investigate, as demonstrated by Damocles, the looming threat, squared asteroid Hunt; Hunt’s conjunction to Biden’s SR Sun could pull the President personally into the investigation

There’s another connection to Damocles for this year, one that is virtually certain to manifest, should Republicans take control of The House, and the subpoena power that goes with it.  Investigations of the President’s son, Hunter Biden, whose business dealings with China and Ukraine have long been a conservative obsession, are likely to ensue, and could reflect poorly on Joe Biden personally.  This is seen in asteroid Hunt, for Hunt, which at 26 Scorpio conjoins the Sun/Washingtonia pairing and squares Damocles, that doom hanging overhead.

Asteroid Bida, our celestial referent for Biden, appears at 10 Libra, conjoined asteroid America at 7 Libra and the Moon at 6 Libra, and opposed asteroid NOT at 6 Aries, in a T-Square with asteroid Jose (Spanish for Joseph) at 7 Capricorn.  The American (America) people (Moon) are largely behind Biden (Josefa, Bida), even if they sometimes disapprove of his performance (NOT).  A square from Moon/America to TNO Chaos at 0 Cancer reflects the ongoing unsettled mood of the electorate, which seems to fear an imminent breakdown of conditions (Chaos).  If such occurs, they’re likely to blame Joe Biden (Josefa, Bida).

biden SR 22 jill
With the SR Moon exactly opposed asteroid NOT, and TNO Chaos on the fulcrum of a T-Square, it may not be all smiles and sunny walks for the Bidens on the domestic front this year

Current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy seems about to enjoy a considerable increase in personal power, with asteroid Kevin at 26 Aries exactly squared powerbroker Pluto at 26 Capricorn, which would occur if in fact the GOP takes control and he is elevated to House Speaker.  But it’s not all a bed of roses – Kevin also conjoins fractious, divisive TNO Eris at 24 Aries, and McCarthy will have to wrangle a very thin, divided majority, where virtually any member can deflect or derail his goals.  The MAGA election denier caucus has increased after the Midterms, and they aren’t happy with McCarthy to begin with:  his assumption of the Speaker’s gavel is not a done deal, by any means.  (The possibility that McCarthy may be forced, willingly or no, to turn the House’s focus toward Hunter Biden investigations can be seen in an opposition from Kevin to asteroid Huntress, another referent for Hunter, at 21 Libra, with Pluto on the fulcrum of a T-Square, representing criminality and scandal.)

Consider also that with such a narrow majority, the balance of power could easily shift, mid-session.  In every Congress there are members who don’t make it through their term, due to illness, death or indictment (there were five empty seats at the last election); if just 2 or 3 Republicans leave office, for whatever reason, control would flip back to the Democrats.  A likely time for this could be as early as April 2023, when a Solar Eclipse at 29 Aries conjoins asteroid Kevin, perhaps limiting his authority.

biden SR 22 GOP leaders
Incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (left) and continuing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are the twin thorns in Biden’s side for the next two years; asteroid Kevin conjunct Eris and squared Pluto suggests a fractious, divisive powerplay from McCarthy, while asteroid McConnell opposed Saturn indicates his ability to act as a roadblock

As well, asteroid McCarthy at 11 Virgo lies at the fulcrum of a T-Square with House at 8 Sagittarius and asteroid Achilles at 16 Gemini.  Achilles indicates weakness or vulnerability, an inherent flaw which threatens to destroy the individual; so, yes, McCarthy may be Speaker (House), but a weak one (Achilles) who may not be able to control his caucus.

Another T-Square, from Bida at 10 Libra opposing asteroid Mitchella at 16 Aries, with asteroid Harris on the fulcrum at 16 Capricorn, suggests the tension (opposition) between Biden (Bida) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Mitchella), mediated by VP Kamala Harris (Harris) as President of the Senate, and the tiebreaking vote, should Walker win in Georgia and regain that 50/50 split.  McConnell’s pivotal importance in the next year is shown by asteroid McConnell at 11 Leo, conjoined the 14 Leo IC, giving him angular force.  A T-Square with Saturn at 19 Aquarius and Uranus at 16 Taurus on the fulcrum suggests McConnell may be a roadblock to progress (Saturn) and have more than a few surprises (Uranus) up his sleeve.

biden SR 22 oval
2023 may be a tougher row to hoe, but Biden is still President, with the power of the bully pulpit and a proven ability to connect with the American people; a Gemini Ascendant in the Solar Return indicates the importance of communication in the year ahead

Joe Biden made it through the series of aspects and eclipses that could have proven fatal in 2021 and 2022, but at age 80, anything is possible.  One possible indicator of mortality in the 2022 Solar Return is asteroid Giuseppina (Italian feminine for Joseph), which at 24 Capricorn conjoins Pluto, modern lord of death, at 26 Capricorn.  Pluto also opposes asteroid Josephina, another feminine Joseph referent, at 28 Cancer, doubling down on the possibility that Joe Biden doesn’t finish his term.  Regardless, this polarity is T-Squared by TNO Eris at 24 Aries – there is a lot of stress, strife and discord for Biden personally with that configuration, and there’s no telling what toll that may take.  A Solar Eclipse next October at 21 Libra makes this a Grand Cross, and could prove a pivotal trigger for whatever Pluto and Eris have in store.

For now, Joe Biden embarks on the second half of his first term in a better political position than many of his predecessors, though it’s hardly an enviable one.  Time will tell how he manages.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius & the Jupiter station

November 18th ~ 25th

“Sagittarius” by Johfra Bosschart

Every man must have something he follows ~ something that serves him as a lodestar. He who follows with conviction the beautiful and the good may feel themself strengthened by this saying. ~ The I Ching

On Wednesday, November 23rd we welcome in our New Moon in Sagittarius at 1º Sagittarius 38’. Just a mere 4 minutes after the New Moon, Jupiter, stations Direct at 28º Pisces 49’ only 3º from a perfect trine. Whenever Jupiter stations it does so with a supportive trine to the Sun instilling us with anticipation for what may come. This year, the station of Jupiter coincides with a trine to the New Moon which is in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter is speaking to us through the heart. And you may just feel the excitement and hope growing, as humanity as a whole is now feeling confident enough to move forward with their goals and aspirations. When Jupiter is in its retrograde phase it can often seem as if opportunities in the outer, material world are withdrawn, or put on hold. The focus is directed within during this period. But as Jupiter stations direct again, our attention is now being turned towards growth, and expanding our potential in the outer material world. Plans that had been put on hold, are now allowed to proceed. Promises that had been withdrawn can now be fulfilled. And so we all turn our faces towards the future.

Sagittarius is a sign of hope and aspiration. We have so many ideas, so many things that we would like to accomplish when our hearts are so invested in the future and the possibility it contains. With Mars retrograde and separating from a square to Neptune we still have to be mindful of having enough resources, time and energy. However, Mars is also now reapplying to a practical trine to Saturn encouraging us to create a road map for the future. But one that is realistically achievable.

Jupiter is really strong in its own sign of Pisces. Even stronger with a powerful sextile to Pluto. And whenever planets station, as Jupiter is on the day of the New Moon, they make their presence doubly known. Therefore this is a New Moon invested with so much potential!

Bringing ourselves in alignment with our aspirations and ideals is the first step on this fabulous journey. The challenge will be to avoid diving head first into the unknown without a compass or a parachute. This requires a certain amount of patience to allow the pieces to come together in the right order and at the right time. Therefore dream big, but then follow up those dreams with a realistic and achievable plan.

What the New Moon in Sagittarius is really good for: 

  • Creating a Vision Board.

  • Philanthropic causes. With Sagittarius-ruler Jupiter in sextile to Pluto, causes that we invest in today, have a greater chance to grow and thrive.

  • Giving generously of your time, money and resources.

  • Going on an adventure, or planning a trip or vacation! In the sign of Sagittarius we have the opportunity to further expand and explore our horizons.

  • Spiritual quests and philosophizing on life. When in Sagittarius season we are encouraged to ask questions and gain some sort of deeper understanding of the meaning of our lives and purpose.

  • Expanding our minds, looking at things from another perspective, and learning something new.

  • Laughing uproariously. Just because.

Sagittarius has domain over: Adventures, journeys and traveling abroad. Other countries, other languages, other cultures, and other beliefs. Hiking, pathfinding, and exploration. Guides. Nature and the Great Out of Doors. Things that have the potential to expand and grow. Truth Seekers. Places of Worship. Spiritual Journeys. Religion, Philosophy and Higher Understanding. Higher Education. Universities, Clergy, Professors and Courts of Law. Taking Risks and Gambling. Abundance, extravagance and over-indulgence. Hunches, Intuition, Inner Guidance and Spiritual Guides. The Power of Believing.

Some positive intentions or affirmations for the New Moon in Sagittarius:

If you wish to make intentions or affirmations with the New Moon, a good time to do so would be during the New Moon phase which begins with the New Moon on November 23rd (5:58 PM EST; 2:58 Pacific Time; 10:58 pm Greenwich Universal Time) through the Waxing Crescent Moon on November 27th.

  • I am vast and large and I can feel myself opening up to a world of possibility.

  • My optimism and belief in the future knows no bounds.

  • I know the joy that comes from generosity and giving with an open heart.

  • Humor will carry me through even the most challenging of circumstances.

  • May I be filled with the confidence that things will work out in only the best possible way.

  • May I be led to a clearer understanding of the purpose and meaning of my life.

  • I am the pathfinder on the road to unexplored adventures and ever-expanding horizons.

Parents in the birth chart

 For parents, I am going to talk about the Sun and the Moon, about the 4th and 10th houses, and also a little bit about Saturn. 

Symbols don’t belong to astrology exclusively. They belong to the human soul.


What the Sun and the Moon mean for astrologers is no different from what they mean when they appear in dreams, in children’s drawings, in myths,  fairy tales or spiritual traditions. 


In the previous video about children in the birth chart, I followed the symbolic thread starting with the Moon meaning mother: there are no mothers without children, the Moon then also means children. Children are emotional and vulnerable beings and they have plenty of needs. The Moon also means emotions, vulnerability and needs etc. 


This is to show that symbols are not concepts with precise definitions. They are like fingers pointing in a particular direction.


Let’s follow another thread. Moon is Mother. 


What else is Mother? Earth is Mother. We are out of astrology, but we are going to come back to it.. 


Mother Earth gives us our bodies, she provides the plants and animals that we eat,  the materials to build our houses and the whole environment in which plants, animals and humans can thrive, and of course, Mother Earth also provides us with a human environment: family, tribe, nation… We are children of the Earth. By the way, I am not a vegan but I deeply respect those who are. Now, even if we don’t eat animals, some other animals do…


You must have noticed: food, shelter, environment, family, tribe, roots… These are all keywords associated with the Moon in astrology. 


Our mother is not just our own mother but she is Mother Earth and our relationship with her is symbolised by the Moon. 


Let me read a sentence from Mircea Eliade, in The Sacred and the Profane.


“Woman is mystically held to be one with the earth, childbearing is seen as a variant, on the human scale, of the telluric fecundity.”


When we were babies, our mother was the world to us. Then, as we grew up, our experience of being provided with food, shelter and the security to belong expanded from mother to family and home, from home to village or city, and eventually from village or city to motherland and from motherland to mother earth. The Moon in the astrological chart reflects all these circles. 


Now, back to symbolic language. We are not children of the Earth only. We are children of Heaven and Earth. 


Again, heaven is not part of the astrological indicators! Heaven is above, it manifests as the sky, with all the stars and the planets, the Moon and of course the Sun in it. 


Actually, the sky in the zodiac is symbolised by Aquarius. Not only Uranus, modern ruler of the sign, is the God of the Sky, Gaia’s lover, but Aquarius, the Water Bearer himself, is. I used to think that Aquarius, an Air sign with Water in it, was a symbol of the clouds. But maybe the cloud is only the jug, the container carried by the Water Bearer, the sky that fecundates the Earth when pouring down as rain… 


Aquarius is opposed to Leo, ruled by the Sun. Opposed signs show stark contrasts between the two opposite polarities of one axis. Opposites coincide: what would be the sun without the sky, what would be the sky without the sun? 


We are children of Heaven and Earth, we are children of the Sun and the Moon, there is no contradiction between these two symbolic statements. 


The great cosmic forces manifest, for babies, as Mum and Dad. The Sun symbolises our relationship with Father Sky, with Spirit. This started with how we related to our own particular Dad, when we were small and he was representing the whole world beyond mother to us. 


 Spirit is a word that’s difficult to define, we can think of the meaning or purpose we give to our life, our beliefs and our experiences of a mystical nature, and our own unique individuality seeking for expression and creation. We may also include culture – as opposed to nature – in the key words. 



Now of course men and women are only representing Mother Earth and Father Sky for small children. Our reality is that we are all made of flesh and spirit… and we can also consider  that there is a Spirit of the Earth and a Spirit of the Sky and that ultimately it all comes from the Unique Great Spirit – so there is nothing here which can justify ideas of superiority and inferiority between genders. 



So to sum it up, the Moon says something about our relationship with our own particular mother, and beyond her, with Mother Earth, and the Sun says something about the relationship with our own particular father, and beyond him, with Spirit. 


And of course, let me repeat, symbols are like fingers pointing in a particular direction. What is shown in a chart is a path of evolution.


Now I want to talk about the 4th and the 10th house. 


Astrological tradition used to see the father in the 4th house and the mother in the 10th. 


This is disorienting for modern astrologers who consider that there is a correspondence between houses and signs. 


The 4th house, if understood as a concrete manifestation of the energy of the sign Cancer… should be the mother, if Moon is mother. 


However, as I’ve just explained, what the Moon means starts with our own particular mother, then expands to home and family…


Throughout centuries of patriarchy  the father was the head of the family. His wife and their children wore his name. He was the one who was likely to inherit the domain if there was one, and if not he was supposed to be the breadwinner anyway, the provider. You can see how these themes tie up with Earth and Moon symbolism. 


Traditional astrology also saw the mother in the 10th house – if only because it’s the opposite house, or simply out of experience, without a narrative about it.


Modern astrology solves the dilemma in seeing in the 4th house the nurturing parent, or even better, the nurturing function: food, shelter, security, emotional connections, our roots. In the 10th we see the structuring function: parents also teach their children how to behave and how not to behave, and it’s easy to understand how our attitude ends up becoming our social status.. Mothers also do a lot of structuring, there is no doubt about that! 


This leads me to talk about Saturn, traditional significator of structure, boundaries and authority. Sometimes we come across the statement that Saturn is Daddy, which makes sense only if we assume that authority belongs to the father. This is true only to some extent.


Mothers get plenty of opportunities for saying “no” and “you have to” and “you shouldn’t” in general, and especially when the children are small. Throughout ages, men have not been the first ones to run change nappies and demand that the child used the chamber pot. So mothers are symbolised by Saturn as well. So modern astrologers who consider there is an analogy between houses and signs, and in this case, between 10th house, Saturn and Capricorn, can also see the 10th house as symbolising mother without contradiction.    


Planets don’t represent people but functions. Authority is a parental function, and Saturn, as ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn, rules over the two signs opposed to Cancer and Leo – where Moon and Sun rule. 


What are these indicators doing in your chart? You know where to start, follow the threads! 


Jean-Marc Pierson

Storyteller, astrologer, philosopher

AAA Profile: King Charles III

On November 14, 2022, Charles III of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will celebrate his 74th birthday, the first as King.  Having served the longest apprenticeship in British royal history, Charles had been heir apparent for seventy years before his mother passed away in early September and the Prince of Wales finally came into his inheritance.   It had been a long road.  Once the world’s most eligible bachelor, Charles became half of the fairytale wedding of the 20th century, followed by scandal and divorce, and a second, controversial marriage with the love of his life.  While kicking his heels for three-quarters of a century, Charles established The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, founded in 1979, which awards money to grant applicants in six categories:  heritage and conservation, education, health and wellbeing, social inclusion, environment, and countryside.  He is also a noted proponent of efforts to combat climate change and species extinction.


Over the years, a number of astrologers (allegedly beginning with Nostradamus) have predicted that Charles would never be king; some are still saying he won’t be crowned.  Apparently they weren’t looking at the right markers, because asteroids foretell a very different outcome.

Born 14 November 1948 at 9:14 PM GMT in London, England (Rodden Rating A), Charles’ 22 Scorpio Sun is awash in indicators of his royal destiny.   Closely opposed asteroid King at 21 Taurus, the Sun also T-squares a triple conjunction of asteroids Charlotte (closest to Charles), Britten (homophone of “Britain”) and Rey (Spanish for “king”) at 21, 26 and 28 Leo respectively (which pretty plainly spells out “King Charles of Great Britain” in and of itself), and bound in an out-of-Sign Grand Cross with asteroid Thronium (for “throne”) at 1 Pisces.  That all seems fairly decisive to me.

chas3 parents
Born to rule: Charles with his parents, Prince Philip and Elizabeth II; asteroid Philippa conjoins Saturn, symbol of the father, while asteroids Elisabetta and Elisabetha trine the Moon, symbol of the mother

Charles’ foundation as prince from birth can be seen in asteroid Prinz (German for “prince”) at 11 Libra, angular on the 13 Libra IC; it’s the honorific he would hold the longest, as well as his official designation as Prince of Wales.  His parents, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II, picture in stereotypical ways, with asteroid Philippa (feminine form of Philip) at 13 Virgo conjoined Saturn at 5 Virgo, symbol of the father; and a rare exact conjunction of asteroids Elisabetha and Elisabetta (two celestial stand-ins for Elizabeth) at 10 Capricorn in trine to both the natal Moon at 0 Taurus, symbol of the mother, and asteroid Queen’s at 8 Taurus.  Yes, mummy was Queen (and incidentally, that Moon degree exactly matches Elizabeth’s Sun, appropriate for her firstborn – when she assumed the identity (Sun) of a mother (Moon)).

Charles’ wives are present, too, but not in ways you might expect.  Both Diana and Camilla have PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) which exactly match them, but neither aspects Venus or asteroid Aphrodite, the chief markers of a love match.  Both, however, aspect asteroids Hera and Juno, named respectively for the Greek and Roman goddesses of marriage, both of which are embedded at station, an indication that marriage would be of prime importance in Charles’ life and biography.  As indeed it was, with the bachelor prince playing the field and avoiding matrimony until the ripe old age of 32.

chas3 siblings young
The Royal Family in (relative) youth; Charles’ place in the succession was secure, with his Sun opposed asteroid King, in a Grand Cross with Charlotte (closest to Charles), Britten (homophone of Britain), Rey (Spanish for king) and Thronium (for throne)

Asteroid Diana at 4 Sagittarius is trine to Hera at 29 Pisces, which turned direct 8 days before Charles’ birth, and also to Juno at 1 Aries, which followed suit five days later.  This makes Diana the easy choice (trine) but it takes a lot of work to fulfill that potential, with Charles seemingly unwilling to make the effort.

Asteroid Camilla at 21 Virgo opposes both matrimonial points, and is also sesquiquadrate Queen’s, to which Diana is inconjunct (suggesting a poor fit for the role of Charles’ consort for the Earl’s daughter).  Points in opposition, while at times representing something stressful, are often seen as the goal, the apparent fulfilment of what they oppose, so Camilla definitely has the upper hand over Diana in Charles’ psyche to be cast as “wife” (Hera, Juno); points inconjunct to each other require considerable adjustments to perform well together, an apt image of Charles’ relationship to his first spouse.

chas3 diana
The fairytale turned Grimm; natal asteroid Diana is trine to a Hera/Juno conjunction, named for the Greek and Roman goddesses of marriage, but also opposed asteroid NOT, a clear indicator that this was the wrong direction to take

Diana does oppose asteroid NOT at 10 Sagittarius, however, a general disqualifier or warning not to proceed, perhaps a cosmic heads-up that this was not the way to go.  Perhaps most telling, the Camilla-Hera/Juno opposition becomes a T-Square with asteroid Regina on the fulcrum at 23 Sagittarius, Latin for “queen”, a clear indication that his first love would eventually grab the brass ring (though likely a gold one, in this case).  Despite all the setbacks, the general sense of her unsuitability for the role, the extramarital affair (on her side before his marriage, on his side after), the scandal of his divorce, their quiet, offstage private marriage, the refusal to create her Princess of Wales, and vague mutterings about her never being acknowledged as queen, it’s Camilla who will be crowned Queen Consort with Charles next May.

Camilla is also squared Mars at 20 Sagittarius, suggesting a strong sexual attraction which was apparently the case, with Charles unable to get Mrs. Parker Bowles out of his system after marriage; and squared asteroid Nemesis at 25 Sagittarius, suggesting that Camilla would be a source of ruin or downfall, or at a minimum, something causing problems and setbacks.  Sex in general can be a bugaboo with Mars conjunct Nemesis, and it was certainly at the root of the failure of the marriage with Diana.

chas3 camilla wedding
At long last, love: Charles and Camilla at their much-delayed wedding in 2005; natal asteroid Camilla appears in a T-Square, opposed Hera/Juno with asteroid Regina (Latin for queen) at the fulcrum

Children Prince William and Prince Harry make an appearance as well, with asteroid William at 4 Virgo conjoined Saturn at 5, designating Charles’ paternal relationship; opposing Thronium at 1 Pisces, identifying him as the heir apparent; and exactly squared Diana at 4 Sagittarius, imaging the close connection with his mother.  The Saturn connection also suggests a relationship which is somewhat distant, perhaps more formal, and legally binding.

Prince Harry, officially named Henry, shows as asteroid Henry, which at 26 Pisces is trine his father’s 22 Scorpio Sun and Chiron at 28 Scorpio, but also squared Mars at 20 Sagittarius and asteroid Nemesis at 25 Sag.  Harry is the maverick of the family (Chiron, which in conjunction to Charles’ Sun also expresses His Majesty’s environmental concerns), the agitator, the problem child (both Mars), and a potential source of ruin or downfall, sometimes seen as an opponent (all Nemesis).  This appears to be bearing out, following a series of minor youthful indiscretions and scandals, Harry’s marriage to divorced, biracial actress Meghan Markle and subsequent “stepping back” from royal life, and now the imminent release of a “tell-all” bio, cumulatively granting the errant prince a “bad boy” reputation.

chas3 sons
Charles with his boys, William (right) and Harry (left); asteroid William conjoins Saturn, marking Charles as his father, while asteroid Henry (Harry’s given name) squared Mars and trine Chiron suggests Harry’s reputation as the troublesome, maverick bad boy in the family

Charles’ fairytale marriage to Diana appears to have been doomed from the start.  Witnessed globally by some 750 million on 29 July 1981, making it one of the most-viewed extravaganzas of its time, the day features a conjunction of the Sun at 6 Leo with asteroid Diana at 3 Leo, appropriately placing the blushing bride in the limelight.  Just for good measure, Diana is also exactly sesquiquadrate asteroid Briede at 18 Pisces, homophone of “bride”, while Charlotte (for Charles) at 1 Virgo conjoins asteroid Groom at 3 Virgo, establishing his role in the ceremony.  This pair is also conjunct Venus at 6 Virgo, suggesting a love match, until we dig a bit deeper and find asteroid Camilla exactly there, too.  Love is there, for sure – but not directed toward the bride.

Stationary points on the day confirm the main issue between them as infidelity.  Bodies at station, embedded still points in the collective psyche about to change direction, become outsized influencers of whatever is begun that day.  In trine to Sun/Diana, and squared Charlotte/Venus/Camilla, is an exact pairing of asteroids Aphrodite and Achilles at 11 Sagittarius.  Aphrodite represents affairs of the heart, love matches, relationships born of passion and not necessarily long-term.  Achilles represents a weakness or vulnerability, an inherent flaw which threatens to doom the individual (or the marriage in this case) from the start.  Underscoring sex as the cause of the trouble is a stationary asteroid Nemesis, which at 7 Aries exactly squares Mars at 7 Cancer.

chas3 siblings old
The aging Royal Family; Charles had to wait seventy years to take up his inheritance, the longest apprenticeship in British history – when his mother died, transit asteroid King was exactly conjunct his natal Midheaven, ruling career, status and place in the world

Charles’ second marriage on 6 April 2005 was a much more hole-in-the-corner affair than his first, a civil ceremony performed quietly at Windsor Guildhall out of the public eye.  But, true to form, it features the bride prominently, with asteroid Camilla exactly conjunct the Sun at 19 Aries, and this time Venus is also in tow, from 22 Aries.  Here’s the true love match, and its status as enduring, productive of an official royal consort, is seen in the T-Square opposing Jupiter, ruling royalty generally, at 13 Libra, with Saturn (staying power, longevity, official status) on the fulcrum at 20 Cancer.  A cluster of Briede, Regina and King at 15, 18 and 20 Gemini, squared by Groom at 13 Pisces, reinforces the essentially royal nature of this matrimony, and the titles both would accrue in the fullness of time.

That moment would have to wait another 17 years, but its day would come.  When Elizabeth II finally gave up the ghost on 8 September 2022, transit asteroid King, so closely opposed Charles’ Sun at birth, was exactly conjunct his natal Midheaven at 13 Aries, symbol of career, status and place in the world.  Asteroid Charlotte, his primary celestial referent, was at station, implying a literal change of direction was in the offing.  Its degree was 8 Taurus, exactly conjoined natal asteroid Queen’s, a nod to the Old Guard that was passing.  It would actually turn retrograde two days later, within hours of the formal proclamation of Charles III as King at 11 AM BST on September 10th, as asteroid Charlotte crossed the Descendant, forever altering the relationship of Charles to his people.

chas3 mumsy
Charles assists Mumsy at the opening of Parliament; asteroid Charlotte was stationing when she died, indicating a major “turning point” for Charles, and went retrograde within hours of his official proclamation as King

Charles’ natal Sun/King polarity had been energized by two Lunar Eclipses prior to his accession, that of 15 May 2022 at 25 Scorpio, and 19 November 2021 at 27 Taurus, prefiguring the elevation to the throne.  The previous Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus on April 30th conjoined natal asteroid Queen’s, suggesting his mother’s passing, while the subsequent Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio on 25 October 2022 opposed the exact conjunction of her Sun with his Moon, and the subsequent Lunar Eclipse of November 8th at 16 Scorpio/Taurus exactly T-Squares his natal Pluto at 16 Leo, symbol of the death that would enhance his personal power, both Pluto-ruled.

They say all good things come to those who wait, and if that’s true, then King Charles III has surely earned a palaceful of blessings and rewards.  Long may he reign to enjoy them.

chas3 camilla
King Charles and Queen Camilla will be jointly crowned in May of 2023; what does Fate have in store for them?

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