The Buffalo Mass Shooting

The latest in a string of seemingly endless mass shooting hate crimes unfolded in Buffalo, New York on Saturday, 14 May 2022, when 18-year-old suspect Payton Gendron unleashed a hail of bullets from his modified AR-15 weapon at a Tops Friendly Market, killing 10 and wounding three others.  Nine of the dead were black and specifically targeted for their race by Gendron, who is white and had released his White Supremacist manifesto online days before the shooting, then live-streamed the initial stages of the massacre from a camera mounted on his helmet.  Clad in body armor, Gendron drove 200 miles from his home near Binghamton to exterminate individuals he feared were “replacing” whites as America’s majority, and had made the trip at least twice earlier to select additional targets, which included a nearby black church and an elementary school.


We have an approximate time for the shooting, and a birthdate for the shooter, so let’s dive in.

Shots rang out in the parking lot of the Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo at about 2:30 PM EDT on May 14th, where Gendron shot four before entering the store to continue his carnage.  Rising on the 15 Virgo Ascendant were asteroids Anubis at 8 Virgo, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, and Gunn at 11 Virgo, homophone for gun.  Asteroid Nemesis, named for the Greek goddess of divine vengeance and retribution, and a symbol of ruin or undoing, was setting at 13 Pisces on the 15 Pisces Descendant.  Gendron saw himself as an avenger of wrongs done to Whites, and put himself in the Nemesis role, disseminating justice as he saw it, and bringing ruin to others.  Nemesis is also cojoined by asteroid Black at 6 Pisces, identifying the group that was the object of Gendron’s retribution.

T-Squaring this polarity was asteroid Payton at 13 Sagittarius, on the 12 Sagittarius IC, representing Payton Gendron as the foundation of the situation.  Inside the store, Gendron exchanged fire with security guard Aaron Salter, Jr, a 55-year-old retired police officer, killing him.  Gendron was hit, but his body armor prevented injury.  Asteroid Aaronson, for Aaron, appears exactly opposed asteroid Payton in the sky, just as Aaron and Payton were opposed on earth, with Aaronson at 13 Gemini conjoined the 12 Gemini MC and forming a Grand Cross with the Anubis/Gunn – Nemesis axis.  Note the precision of celestial timing required to bring three of the arms of this Cross to the same degree of their respective Signs, and then to fortify this pattern by placing it on the Angles, boosting its power and ability to project into manifestation.

buffalo security guard
Security guard and retired police officer Aaron Salter Jr exchanged fire with Gedron, but was himself killed; asteroid Aaronson conjoins the MC and is involved in a Grand Cross with asteroids Anubis and Gunn on the Ascendant, Nemesis on the Descendant, and Payton on the IC

Tying to this pattern loosely is a combination of asteroids Atropos at 3 Sagittarius (at the extreme edge of orb with Payton), named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, and Polizzi at 5 Sagittarius which together reflect the death (Atropos) of a policeman (Polizzi, from the German Polizei, police, and Italian Polizia, police).  These oppose Mercury at 4 Gemini, bringing the incident into the news, and reflecting the youth of the shooter, just 18 years old.  Also connected, on the far side of the Cross, is asteroid Osiris at 20 Gemini, named for Egyptian god of the dead.

The Sun at 23 Taurus heads a Grand Cross, opposing asteroid Karma at 26 Scorpio, suggesting a fated or predestined component to the incident; and squared Saturn, the ancient lord of death, at 24 Aquarius and asteroid Requiem, named for the funeral mass for the dead, at 27 Leo.  A preordained rendezvous with death was in the air that day.

Victim names appear prominently as well.  As a veteran of far too many of these stories, I have become used to seeing “clumping” of asteroids representing the dead, who appear in proximity in the sky as on earth, but this is one of the most extreme examples I have encountered.  Fully half the dead and the location of the shooting have PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) clustered within 21 degrees of the zodiac, and all are embedded at station!

buffalo victims
The ten shooting victims, most of whom were retirees; asteroids representing half of them appear clustered together in Capricorn, all at station, and accompanied by TNO Ixion (murder), Centaur Pholus (mass casualties) and an asteroid matching the name of the street where their deaths occurred

Stationary points exert a stronger-than-typical pull on psyches and events, and form an almost literal “turning point” in the lives of those with which they resonate.  In this cluster we see asteroids Ruth and Whitfield, for the eldest victim, 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, at 4 and 10 Capricorn; Ruth turned retrograde May 1st, Whitfield on the 15th, the day after the shooting.  Asteroid Jefferson, for the Jefferson Avenue location of Tops Friendly Market, appears at 14 Capricorn, and turned retrograde on the 5th.  At 16 Cap is asteroid Young, representing Pearly Young, 77; Young turned retro on the 9th.  Asteroid Andree at 19 Capricorn turned retrograde May 12th, and asteroid Patterson at 21 Cap turns on May 27th (but is already at that degree); these represent victims Andre Mackneil, 53, and Heyward Patterson, 67.  Lastly asteroid Copland at 25 Capricorn turns retrograde on the 20th, and is another referent for former police officer Aaron Salter, Jr.  Further pressure on this group is applied by TNO Ixion at 2 Capricorn, named for the first murderer in Greek myth, and Centaur Pholus at 7 Capricorn, which relates to mass casualties, by whatever cause.

The other commonality in these events is connections between asteroids for the shooter and his victims, and several of the dead can be celestially accounted for this way.  Asteroid Celestia, for Celestine Chaney, 65, falls at 18 Sagittarius, with asteroid Payton on the IC.  Asteroid Geraldina, for Geraldine Talley, 62, appears at 8 Pisces, conjunct Nemesis/Black/Descendant and squared Payton.  Also here is asteroid Hayward at 6 Pisces, a second referent for Heyward Patterson, found above in the Capricorn cluster.  Asteroid Marcus for Margus Morrison, 52, falls at 21 Pisces, closely cojoined Mars at 22 Pisces, ruler of guns, attacks, shootings and violent death; it also squares Payton (as does Mars, broadly).

Morrison is also represented by asteroid Morrison, which at 2 Aries is exactly conjunct asteroid Apophis, named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil, and Jupiter at 0 Aries, which promotes public awareness or recognition, though in this case for all the wrong reasons.

buffalo market
Tops Friendly Market, the scene of the carnage, is on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, NY; asteroid Jefferson was at station for the massacre, trined Uranus, which rules shootings, and conjoined asteroids representing five of the ten victims; natally, Payton Gedron has Jefferson conjunct Apophis, a point representing pure evil, which was squared by the transit Moon at the shooting

Connections to the Sun or Moon are the third most common placement for active PNAs, and here we see asteroid Kathryn, for victim Katherine Massey, 72, which at 22 Taurus closely conjoins the 23 Taurus Sun, with asteroid Massey at 6 Aquarius squared the 4 Scorpio Moon; and asteroid Roberta, for victim Roberta Drury, the youngest at age 32, which at 0 Cancer trines the Moon.

Suspect Payton Gendron was born 20 June 2003 (no time available), and shows a cosmic profile typical of mass murderers.  The Sun at 29 Gemini conjoins Saturn at 2 Cancer and opposes asteroid Nemesis at 26 Sagittarius, uniting Gendron at his core (Sun) with the principles of death (Saturn) and vengeance (Nemesis).  Also here is an exact pairing of asteroids Requiem (funeral mass) and Brown at 25 Gemini, linking the theme of death (Requiem) with persons of color (Brown), in ways which are self-defining (Sun) to Gendron.

Two reiterations of this theme can be found in an opposition from asteroid Schwartz (German for “black”) at 12 Capricorn to Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) at 9 Cancer, and a conjunction of asteroid Black with Centaur Pholus (mass casualties) at 18 and 16 Scorpio respectively.  Black is also at station, making it an embedded, perhaps obsessive focus for Gendron, one of two points standing still in the nativity, the other being asteroid Anubis (funerary deity) at 5 Scorpio, again emphasizing death in his psyche.  Anubis squares a union of asteroids Jefferson and Apophis at 5 and 8 Leo, combining the venue (Jefferson Avenue) for the carnage (Anubis) with a point representing unrepentant evil (Apophis).

buffalo shooter masked
With his Sun conjunct Saturn, asteroids Requiem and Brown, and opposed asteroid Nemesis, Payton Gedron was focused (Sun) on death (Saturn, Requiem) and bringing ruin (Nemesis) to persons of color (Brown); asteroid Black with Centaur Pholus sought a high body count (Pholus) of African American victims (Black)

Wide of the Sun, but forming a very tight, powerful T-Square, is an opposition from asteroid Atropos at 18 Virgo to asteroid Gunn at 19 Pisces, with an exact pairing of Pluto and asteroid Rip on the fulcrum at 18 Sagittarius.  Pluto is the modern lord of death, and Rip is another death indicator (in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription), binding three deadly energies with the means of enacting their potential (Gunn).  The empty leg of a Grand Cross is filled in with an exact Mercury/Venus conjunction at 12 Gemini.  This combination can produce a well-spoken individual, but in this instance, obsessive (Pluto) thoughts (Mercury) of death (Atropos, Rip) and a warped, deformed (Pluto) value system (Venus) led to the shooting (Gunn).

A propensity to interact personally with law enforcement at some point is foreshadowed by an exact conjunction of asteroids Payton and Polizzi at 20 Leo, also conjoined by Jupiter at 16 Leo, squared by a grouping of asteroids Karma, d’Arrest and Copland, at 16, 17 and 20 Taurus.  Black and Pholus at 16 and 18 Scorpio create a T-Square of this, defining the precise nature of the transgression (mass casualties/Pholus of African Americans/Black) which would bring on Gendron’s (Payton) detention (d’Arrest) by police (Polizzi, Copland) and a reckoning for his acts (Karma), ultimately bringing public recognition and a form of celebrity (Jupiter).  The addition of Neptune and Damocles at 12 and 16 Aquarius transforms this pattern into a Grand Cross, with Neptune providing the degree of detachment from reality necessary to believe the regressive philosophies (Jupiter) underlying Gendron’s motivation for the crime, and Damocles acting as the looming threat, about to descend on hapless victims unaware of their peril.

buffalo body cam
Gedron live-streamed the initial stages of his rampage; transit asteroid Photographica was sextile transit Payton for the shooting, and opposed natal Payton with Jupiter, providing his 15 minutes of fame (Jupiter) via slaughter

Finally, an opposition from TNO Ixion at 7 Sagittarius to asteroid Tantalus at 1 Gemini combines murderous intent (Ixion) with another energy noted for the commission of heinous crimes (Tantalus).

Primary triggers to action on the date of the massacre include the transit Moon at 4 Scorpio, closing in on natal Anubis and setting off its square to Jefferson and Apophis; transit Apophis at 2 Aries, exactly squared natal Saturn as well as the Sun, and given an assist from transit Jupiter at 0 Aries, inflating the situation; and the transit angular T-Square of Payton at 13 Sagittarius, Gunn at 11 Virgo, and Nemesis at 13 Pisces, setting off that natal Grand Cross of Pluto/Rip, Atropos, Gunn and Mercury/Venus.  Lastly, the pending Lunar Eclipse of the following day at 25 Scorpio/Taurus widely T-Squared natal Payton/Polizzi, bringing Gendron into direct contact with police.

buffalo bidens
The Bidens place a bouquet at the memorial established outside Tops Friendly Market, where the massacre occurred; sadly, such memorials have become a sign of the times

Another ten lives lost in another senseless act of violence, and another young life ruined, prompted by the unholy marriage of warped, paranoid and racist philosophies promulgated by the Right, and unrestricted access to weapons of war.  When will we learn?

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Sun enters Gemini and the Inferior conjunction of Mercury

May 20th ~ 27th

“Gossip” by Bernard Safran

The significant fact is that all the really great changes have come from the inside out. They are born of the inner nature of the organism itself. They must have lain there, inherent as a possibility, more, as an irrepressible necessity, in the first Adamite organism just as a tall pine is potential in a soft pinyon seed no larger than a child’s tooth. ~ D. C. Peattie

In the middle of the retrograde phase of Mercury, the Sun and Mercury will cross paths. This is the ‘Inferior’ Conjunction of Mercury, when both Mercury and the Earth are on the same side of the Sun. This is also the beginning of the next Mercury cycle. Like a New Moon phase for Mercury, this is when our thoughts, mental tendencies and prevailing ideas are going to be impressed on the mind, becoming the prevailing focus for the next 4 months. Knowing this, we can intentionally initiate better habits, improve our minds, or set positive intentions.

This is a good time to think about what mental traits you might want to further develop or cultivate going forward: Patience? Generosity? Deeper focus and concentration? Organization? Efficiency?  A new health regiment? Or, how would you want to improve your current routines, work habits or day to day activities? What skills would you want to improve or what new subject might you want to learn? These are all great Mercury themes.

The Inferior Conjunction on May 21st occurs at 0º Gemini 43’, just after the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, and before Mercury returns to the sign of Taurus on May 22nd. And as Mercury returns to Taurus, we may also want to consider those things that support and cultivate greater peace and serenity within our own minds. Perhaps even more so since the Sun is entering the restless and busy sign of Gemini.

Gemini Season: Restless activity. Wanting to engage others. Moving out into the world. Words abound. Needing to move. Going places. Sharing ideas. Busyness. Activity. Road trips. Long walks. Reading. Writing. Learning something new. Distracting inquisitiveness. Inquiring minds.

Sun and Mercury will be sextile Jupiter, which is now at 2º of Aries, at the Inferior Conjunction. As a result this is a Mercury cycle with great growth and potential. And since Mercury is retrograde, rather than comparing ourselves to others, or judging the behaviors of others, we are still in reflective mode, placing the focus within. One of the advantages of the sextile to Jupiter is the gift of irony. Knowing that humor is the antidote for absurdity is our secret weapon this week. The humorist, James Thurber, is quoted as saying: Humor is the emotional chaos remembered in tranquility. 

On May 24th, Mars will come home to its own sign of Aries where it will join forces with magnanimous Jupiter. Expect the pace to pick up after that. This will be a transit of audacious exuberance and unbridled energy, which becomes exact just one day before the Gemini New Moon on the 30th. When Mars comes home to Aries it can serve as a catalyst to create much needed initiatives and/or changes in our lives. Just watch out, for Mars is well armed in this sign, and its embers can become inflamed by the bellows of Jupiter on the 29th.

In the mean time, take advantage of Mercury returning to the sign of Taurus on the 22nd. This is when we are being asked to savor each experience for what it is, knowing that each fleeting moment is precious. Enjoy the bloom of the rose on the vine, the soft breezes blowing in the wind. The fleeting memories being made. Now that the Sun is entering Gemini and Mars entering Aries there will be a lot more noise and activity in the air, which can be distracting while Mercury is retrograde. So take advantage of the Mercury retrograde in Taurus moments. Cultivate serenity whichever way you can, while allowing the dust to settle where it may.

Transitions for the week of May 20th thru the 27th:

May 20th: Sun enters Gemini

May 21st: The inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun at 0º Gemini 43’

May 22nd: Mercury enters Taurus

May 24th: Mars enters Aries

Astrological news this week: Mars/Neptune and Gemini season


Astrological update for the week of May 16-23, 2022

How did everyone fare during the eclipse Sunday night? I was knocked so off kilter (the eclipse squared my natal Pluto which and a bunch of progressed planets) that I forgot what day it was yesterday! So this forecast is late, but hopefully better late than never as they say.

This week is a bit quieter astrologically, although Mars, planet of action teams up with Neptune, planet of transcendence, in the sign of Pisces (culminating around 2:30 am on Wednesday). At its best this planetary combination can release a torrent of creative energies and unbridled compassion; at its worst, it can bring confusion and the kind of passive aggression that Mars in Pisces is known for. Mars needs to express itself forcefully, and in Pisces that force is watered down and sometimes disappears, so the aggression of Mars can be quite leaky and come out in unexpected places.

The Moon will have moved from Scorpio after the eclipse into Sagittarius which can be a  mixed blessing: Sagittarius is certainly hopeful and optimistic, but if the wrong thing is expanded under the Sagittarius influence it can cause problems. Tread carefully in the evening of the 17th (Tuesday) when the Sagittarius Moon will face off against Mars and Neptune.

On the heels of a powerful eclipse this can be somewhat destabilizing so in the early part of the week we may want to try to avoid open conflict where possible and wait for the fog to clear. It shouldn’t take long for that to happen since the Moon enters Capricorn on the 18th around 8 am which helps to ground and stabilize. Then a harmonious trine from the Sun to powerful Pluto on the 19th will burn through the clouds and help to clear up any confusion. Mercury (mind) harmonizes with Jupiter (optimism) the same day which helps to enhance understanding and generally positive thinking for an extra boost of clarity.

The Moon enters Aquarius on Friday the 20th at 8:52 am EDT, and then the Sun enters Gemini at 9:22 pm on the same day. This shift into the airy element, especially with Mercury retrograde, brings new energy into the mental realm and makes any kind of communication easier and more facile, especially since the Sun conjoins Mercury on Saturday the 21st at 3:17 pm. This marks the midpoint of the retrograde cycle and because both Sun and Mercury are at zero degrees of Gemini, the very first degree, that Gemini influence is a powerful one. Curiosity, changeability, adaptation – all of these aspects are highlighted now. This is a wonderful time for writers and communicators of all kinds.

The Moon will leave Aquarius for dreamy Pisces on Sunday May 22nd, bringing back some of clouds of illusion that we saw earlier in the week because it will form a challenging square to the Sun and Mercury. But this lasts for only a few hours late morning that day EDT, and a lovely harmonious sextile from Mars to transformative Pluto builds throughout the day to culminate around 6:15 pm EDT.  In addition, Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus to facilitate completion of anything left undone.

If there is something you’ve been trying to accomplish which has been a challenge because of retrograde do-overs or Mars/Neptune confusion, Sunday might be the perfect day to make it happen, especially the Sun and Jupiter are moving into a beautifully harmonious alignment for good fortune which culminates on Monday May 23rd.

That takes us nicely to the end of the week!  I hope you have a good one. ❤️gs and writings by Lynn Hayes.

Musing on Saturn in Aries and the 12th house

 I have a chart here with Saturn in Aries in the 12th house. 


It gives me a headache… 


A headache is a relevant interpretation. Aries rules the head, Saturn is often painful, Saturn in Aries gives me a headache. Literally or metaphorically. 





Metaphorically a headache means struggling with thinking. Thinking is usually associated with Gemini and Mercury. I won’t contradict that, but the exciting difficulty of astrology – is that it is never so simple. 


Mars and Aries rule the head, and thinking doesn’t happen in the lungs as far as I know. We often hear that Mercury rules the mind so how does this work with the association of Mars and Aries ruling the head?… let’s just refine a bit: 


 Mercury connects. There is an expression: connecting the dots. Mercury does just that. 


The mind does a lot of connecting, so much so that we end up associating Mercury and the mind. In reality, all planets are involved in everything. 


So what is the Aries or Mars quality of the mind? Let me show you. In meditation we want to be conscious of who we are, at the core, in our heart. In meditation we are coming back to the dot at the centre of the circle – the Sun within. Or at least we try. It takes some training because we have a tendency to rush away from the centre, like the symbol of Mars, an arrow rushing away from the circle. With Mars we go back to the front of our being, to the frontal mind, and we’re already thinking of what we are going to do next. 


Joan Hodgson in “Astrology the Sacred Science”  says that Mars (and the Moon incidentally) rule over the frontal mind. In this respect we can say that it takes our awareness away from the heart and we live in our head instead – and not anywhere in our head but at the front. This can be a positive attribute, we need Mars to exist on the material plane, confront reality and act in the world.



Now let’s turn to Saturn….


Saturn is a power that wants control – and better than control, to  master. In the 12th house, one of the best ways to live Saturn is “spiritual discipline”. 


Someone who practises meditation, yoga, Qi Kung, Fasting, prayer… is doing something Saturn – 12th. There are other possible expressions of course, but I am not here to make a long long list of positive and negative expressions, it would never be complete. What I suggest is to get the spirit of the placement… 


As we have seen, Aries is an energy that leads. What leads our consciousness is our attention. Saturn the old master in Aries and the 12th house wants to be able to master attention. Being able to focus, in the middle of the sea of desires and dreams… 


So Saturn in Aries in the 12th wants to master this tendency of the mind to take our consciousness away from the centre and rush into worldly concerns. 


An awkward way of doing that is trying to block the thoughts. This is a lost battle. However we do manage to suppress a number of thoughts, for instance thoughts charged with anger – anger sounds like Aries – 


When we suppress an angry thought, we are like a magician who puts a bad spirit in a bottle, seals it and throws it at the bottom of the sea – at the bottom of the 12th house. Then later on when we meditate we find it difficult to just calm the mind down because if it calms down we are like the fisherman who finds the bottle and opens it. Then there is a big smoke of anger coming out of it and it is very unpleasant to say the least. 


But unlike the fisherman of the Arabian nights who tricks the Bad Genie back into the bottle, we need to understand and soothe this anger, because it belongs to us, to the child or the young person we were a long time ago…

And if we can do that, we achieve a little bit of mastery… 


Let’s think about these themes in another way…


Saturn wants to control. Aries wants speed. 


In Aries mode, Saturn says: “Hurry Up!”… or “Slow down!” according to the context. For example, in a chart with Taurus Rising, Saturn in Aries is more likely to say “Hurry up!”  


But because it is in the 12th, it may be felt as an inner feeling coming from the depth. “I have to hurry! Why am I always in a rush? Even when I could take it easy I manage to be late and I have to rush!”…


 Once I asked a Libra Rising with Saturn in Aries near the Descendant but in the 6th… Do people tell you to hurry up? She smiled and said “All the time!!!” –even if it’s in the 6th and not in the 7th it is in the Western part of the chart – so more likely to be met through others…


 Another picture comes to  mind: the dissolving effect of the 12th house made me think of children building sandcastles quickly, very quickly, before the next wave washes the fortifications away… It’s just a game, it’s fun but aren’t we often living our lives racing against time to achieve things that won’t last? 


The presence of Saturn reminds us that our Aries-like efforts to remain eternally young, strong and beautiful can create a bitter existence unless we remember the immortal beauty of our souls and the impermanence inherent at the core of life… 


 I am Jean-Marc, storyteller and astrologer. I write astro stories. If you want one… use the contact form on my website! It’s there:

There is certainly more to Saturn, to Aries and to the 12th house than what I have been able to conjure up in this storyline, so much more… But that’s what came up for this time. If the flavour is there, there is the spirit.