Nuke threat predicted

In late 2021, in the article Predictions for the USA in 2022, the following prediction was made;

A crisis is likely in the fall

1)THE CRISIS THAT COULD UNFOLD WOULD therefore be expected to REVERBRATE THROUGH THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, foreign trade, the national legislature, and communal harmony, WITH A FEAR INDUCING EFFECT.

2) Some manipulation is likely to come to light, that generates a CRISIS MARKED BY PANIC OR FEAR.

3) In early October, transit 8th lord Saturn in the 7th house MEP will become exactly conjunct 2nd lord Sun in the 7th house MEP, adding PRESSURE FOR THE PRESIDENT, asset prices and the US dollar. This challenging time will last until mid November.”
These predictions have now been realised to a stunningly accurate extent. The link is to the fear that the planet Saturn produces as lord of the eighth house of death. In fact, when the Saturn major period in the SAMVA USA chart began, the threat of nuclear war was never greater, as described in the article Saturn and the fear of death in 1953. It is this fear that was reawakened in recent months. Adding to the fear, as well as domestic discord, is the transit station of Ketu conjunct the most effective point of the 4th house and natal Ketu in the chart.
1) In the fall of 2022, Putin shocked the world by threating to use nuclear weapons if the war in Ukraine did not go his way.
October 9: Former Joint Chiefs Chair Mullen: Take Putin Seriously, He’s a ‘Cornered Animal’
Elon Musk @elonmusk on Twitter: “Nuclear war probability is rising rapidly
2) Stocks fell sharply from mid August to mid October as the US dollar strengthened. Then stocks recovered as the dollar fell in value. In November, the crypto world went into panic over the collapse of a large exchange, with the price of  Bitcoin dropping from $22K to $16K. 
The following prediction was also made and it has also been realised:

“However, the transits also suggest significant financial problems are on the horizon for Americans and the world in 2022, especially in the fall.”

3) In October, President Joe Biden came under significant pressure as predicted. The opposition criticised him for pushing NATO on Russia’s doorstep, not doing enough to prevent the possibility of a nuclear catastrophe, given Putin’s insane threats, and then scaring the public with intemperate remarks. As is normally the case, the real pressure for Biden was likely felt behind the scenes.
Again, the SAMVA USA chart has shown its true colours, when the manifold transits were suggesting difficulty. However, it was also suggested that after these transits ended, that things would recover quickly, given the strong Moon major period influence. This was also recalled in the article New Age of Progress, published on April 11, 2022:

“All told, we may expect fresh and positive winds of change in the national affairs, as a trend influence, as read from the Moon’s placement in the SAMVA USA chart.”