New Moon Scorpio: Passion & Surprises

New Moon [4 Scorpio 25] 

London – October 28 2019 – 03:38 GMT 

New York – October 27 2019 – 23:38 GMT

Sydney – October 28 2019 – 14:38 GMT

This month’s New Moon takes place on Monday. This weekend we are in the lead up to the New Moon, when the night sky is at its blackest and the world is sleeping. Traditionally, the days before the New Moon are a time for rest and retreat.

Passionate Scorpio

This is without a doubt a powerful New Moon as it’s in the passionate water sign Scorpio when the Sun and Moon sit side by side. This is the depth sign and change takes place at a deep level.

Scorpio evokes themes of regeneration, seeking out hidden riches, secrets emerging. This is the arena of hidden knowledge. Go in deep, wait in silence, listen, be, experience the void.

When you wipe the slate clean, you can start over. When you let go of toxins, purge, empty out, you make space in your life for new commitment and intensity. This is Scorpio power at it best; the ability to let go of what’s no longer needed so you can channel your energy and purpose with laser focus.

The Sound of Silence

Water signs represent emotion and ultimately they are silent. Practise being quiet to allow a different kind of knowingness to surface.

During this powerful New Moon in Scorpio, the sign linked to darkness, know that the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. In preparation, open your windows and cleanse your home to let out the dark and allow in the light.

Honour and release the past and create space to let in fresh energy. The time for renewal is now; dive in deep to seek the answers you need.

Uranus’ Surprises

During this New Moon, the Sun & Moon are directly opposed by Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change. Therefore, listen out for synchronicities, be open to surprises & the unexpected.

New beginnings may happen spontaneously or external events may be the reason why you need to start over, begin afresh. You rarely know with Uranus what to expect, except that change is imminent.

Make A Wish

When you see the crescent Moon in the sky early this week, make a wish. This could be the time when revelations and awakening bring you deep insight & understanding. Tune in and trust your witchiness, your deep knowing. Sending you happiness & blessings on the Scorpio New Moon.

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