New Moon in Taurus – 26th April 2017…

…@1.15pm in the UK, though the new moon period includes a day either side of the date.
Whether we are already up and running with plans, or just at the ideas or dreaming stage, new moons are about new beginnings related to what matters most to us right now.
And earthy Taurus is about how much the physical world matters to us, and how much our relationship to what is tangible and already manifested means to us. It’s about value and worth… it’s possessions and purchases…ownership and business. It’s what you want to invest in. It’s self-worth and self-value. It’s your rock and anchor in life: what’s steady in an ever-changing world.
Taurus traits are loyalty, devotion, steadfastness
The Taurus experience is the pleasure, worth, and appreciation of the physical
So new moon in Taurus is about new beginnings in any or all of this. We have a lot of retrograde energy right now, including the effects of the recent Venus (ruler of Taurus) retrograde, which also puts the emphasis on the idea of renewal and regeneration, for example…..
for Aries: new/renewed income, purchases and possessions. Renewed sense of self-worth.
Taurus: re-investing in yourself, how you present yourself and how you approach the world.
Gemini: Something new and valuable to immerse/lose your whole self in. Renewal of spiritual values.
Cancer: renewed value of friendships, groups and gatherings. Investing in hopes and dreams.
Leo: renewed loyalty to aims and ambition.
Virgo: the value of perspective; appreciating the journey and where you stand right now in it. The value/wisdom of your experience.
Libra:  renewed sense of trust and intimacy. The value in sharing resources.
Scorpio: renewing valued relationships, contracts and agreements.
Sagittarius: Appreciating the little things. Renewing health and fitness commitments. Valuable problem-solving.
Capricorn: The value of the creative process… re-investing in fun and entertainment.
Aquarius: The value of comfort zones… re-investing in home and family.


Pisces: New or renewed communication. The value of sibling relationships. Investing in local area/neighbourhood.

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