New Moon in PIsces: Dream a LIttle Dream of Me

As the Moon joins with the Sun today for the ‘Conjunctio/Sacred Marriage’  in  Pisces  we have another chance to press the reset button. The last New Moon in Aquarius helped us detach and clear the emotional slate (ha) – and now, as we complete the lunar cycle under the Dark of the Moon, we are planting the seeds of the next cycle.

This is a good time to break free from emotional entanglements and detach from the intense interchanges that are the hallmark of these crazy times. The  highest manifestation of this Pisces New Moon is Unity Consciousness, where are we feel a connection to everyone and everything. We are all in this together! We are all one.

The New Moon in Pisces brings us into the realm of dreams, fantasies, illusions, as well as a deep spiritual connection to all that is. Pisces is a water sign with very fluid boundaries that can open us up to meditation and music and artistic expression ~ yet also make us  more susceptible than usual to manipulation and abuse. By being so adaptable – Pisces tends to merge with whoever they are with, and that lack of clear boundaries can lead to many problems. There’s a lot of slippage with Pisces (and that’s without taking drugs!) It is particularly imperative right now to stay in integrity – and to own-up when you slip-up. Pisces  can have a victim/savior mentality; martyrdom and self-sacrifice are hallmarks of people who give too much and ask too little.   Having clear boundaries can save us all from a lot of misery.

Anybody else recognize themselves in some of those traits? In all of them?

A beautiful thing about this Pisces New Moon is that it can activate  deep empathy and compassion, helping us see beyond judgements and frictions into the heart of the matter.  Most people are just trying their best.  
Mercury retrograde in Pisces can also cause all kinds of interesting slippage and synchronicity! Auto correct inserted ‘Jesus’ instead of the word ‘Pisces’.  Jesus was a Pisces apparently (does the computer know that?).  And no he was not born on Dec 25th. I don’t know if anyone really knows when he was born, but he was a Master of the Piscean age and his symbol is the Piscean fish. He was called the Fisher of Men.

  Right now Mars, god of war,  has just joined the crowd in Capricorn, adding a lot of tension to  already tense situations. The universe  is putting incredible pressure on us all to face our faults and foibles and come to terms with choices we have made in the past. When push comes to shove, the focus now is on action, anger, and aggression.  People are quite determined with Mars in Capricorn- and can be very pushy. This  ‘get ‘er done’ energy field will help us accomplish difficult tasks and overcome obstacles, yet at the same time, this kind of dogged determination can lack sensitivity (and that’s an understatement), and end up stepping on many toes. 

 Issues around how we experience and express anger are up for healing,  leaving us feeling a bit vulnerable.  If a person’s sense of self is a little bit fragile, the tendency now is to use anger as a cover. When feelings get hurt, or boundaries crossed, many will lash out in self-defense.  Watch out for knee-jerk reactions, and try to see the learning in what is happening. Anger is a healthy emotion if directed wisely. Uncomfortable or painful experiences can lead to deep healing and transformation if we do the inner work.

With our Warrior energy thus activated, we must stay aligned with our heart so that we use it for the highest good. Radical Honesty ~ combined with Radical Acceptance ~  will keep us on higher ground.

Any tense interchanges happening now will force us to examine our ways of handling  anger ~ and also how we stand up for ourselves (or not). Are you Victim or Victor? We can take this chance to look at our patterns; to step back and look objectively at the dynamics we  find ourself in. Look and see where Mars is in your chart (house and sign) to understand a bit more about how you use this Yang masculine energy.

Watch out for a stubborn resistance that can harden into anger (Mars Capricorn square Chiron in Aries). How we treat others ultimately comes back on our self. What’s that saying?
“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!”

A blessing arrives in the  deep mercy and compassion of Pisces.  This peaceful energy can help balance to all the anger and aggression in the atmosphere is. ‘Turn the other cheek’ is good advice right now. Let many things pass.

So here we sit under the Dark of the Moon, waiting to be reborn through her reunion with the Sun.  As we enter with the Moon into the birth canal, our energies and feelings turn inward.  The non-linear  and non-material energy of Pisces gives us access to our deep unconscious, our creativity, and our spiritual connection to all that is. Just be aware that this is also the realm of illusions and delusions. This non linear realm is slippery territory filled with illusions and self- delusions where lies are believed  and truths are stretched. Your focus will influence the direction you want to go in. Your intention determines your course.


As we turn our gaze inward, we can  access our deepest dreams and wishes.. Pisces is the antithesis of the ego ~ it speaks to a deeper part of us ~ it speaks to and from our soul.

 In times of slippage – being honest with ourself is imperative. In the 12 step programs they call it a ‘fearless moral inventory’. That may sound harsh,  but it actually is an brilliant way to clear up all the internal judgments we have about ourselves. By facing those internalized judgements,  we take away their power over us as we come to terms with the corrections we need to make.

This is the final  New Moon of the astrological wheel before we enter Aries and Spring (yay).  When we get in touch with our true soul potential, we  uncover the seeds of our future. The seeds of intention that are planted now will spread out into the coming year, so let your intentions be clear, your heart be open, and your soul ready.

You know you want to 🙂