New moon in Gemini: Curiouser and Curiouser

 The New Moon in Gemini will take place on May 22nd (today) around noon where I live  (Mountain time) which is 2 pm DST and 7 pm UT.

Today’s New Moon in Gemini represents a multiplicity of meanings and a diversity of opinions. It is dreamy and inspired, and creative and wired. Adaptable, mutable, changeable. And – Illusory. This New Moon energy is good for planting seeds of intention ~ although outcomes may be somewhat uncertain (now that’s an understatement!). Cause this New Moon is just a little bit crazy!

The Gemini New Moon  is great for artistic, creative expression or indulging in a lovely escapist romantic book or movie that can help you forget, for just a moment, what a strange time we are all having on planet earth right now.

The Sun and Moon will be conjunct at 2 degrees Gemini,  a mutable sign of duality symbolized by the Twins. Two faced, two sided, two points of view. Very curious, intellectual, talkative. Gemini’s are interesting, flirtatious and generally likable, and can seem superficial, though its more that they are distracted by all the different trains of thought running through their head. It can be confusing when they change their minds so quickly. They can say and be something one day, and be the opposite the next. Sure keeps life interesting! What this means to all of us is that the energy we start this new cycle with, and the intentions we hold,  may shift and mutate a great deal before we get to any sort of outcomes (like a virus).

Romantic fantasies abound,  as Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) link to Neptune in Pisces (dreamy, spiritual, unreal, dishonest). Mars (desire) may end up disappointing you after a lot of flowery promises. There is a potential for more stability to develop  (Saturn) but that too may be an illusion. Everything is so  changeable right now, only time will tell. Pluto and Jupiter continue to cause havoc, and due to that fact, plus all of the crazy making aspects,  this New Moon could feel more like a Mercury retrograde, or an eclipse, or a Full Moon – or –  all of them all rolled in one.  Things will continue to get stranger and stranger…  Curiouser and Curiouser!

A few days ago I was feeling unwell and feel asleep on the couch while watching an interview with Johnny Depp – who I find to be charmingly surreal. He said he chooses outlandish characters because he’s more comfortable playing them than someone straight and ordinary.  As I dosed off YouTube continued putting out more interviews with  him – so every time I woke up  there he was!  I dosed off and on like that for what felt like hours… very surreal experience – me and the Mad Hatter! Sometimes life is stranger than fiction! Life in the time of Carona.

There’s  a spirit of rebellion developing; a resistance to authourity, rules and restrictions – people are getting antsy and questioning the lockdown and the mixed messages we are getting. Facts seem to change daily. Conspiracy theories abound. Then there appears to be an equivalent effort to block and contain, to shut down anything not in line with the approved narrative. Videos discussing different theories around the pandemic for instance, are posted one day are gone the next. I tried to post some info re Cubans having great results with homeopathic remedies- and FB said it violated their community standards!! Help! I’ve definitely gotten sucked into the dichotomy of all the so-called facts more than once! It’s enough to make your head spin! (I guess thats why they call it ‘spin’!)

How many rabbit holes do we need to go down to find the truth? Go ask Alice…
(this such a great video)

With everything so upside-down for months now, some of us are even getting used to it. There are many gifts in being slowed down. Yet just as we are adapting to the new normal, they change the rules. A big part of the stress is due to constantly changing information. Things are confusing, information is inconsistent. I  had the dreaded virus (rather intense) and it was really hard to get tested and to get good advice (besides stay home and take care of yourself). Not really helpful. Then in the midst of it my mother passed away. Jupiter Pluto Saturn are all sitting opposite my Sun (self) right now. Ouch! I certainly felt very vulnerable, and have been extra aware of, and grateful for, friends and family showing up and pulling together in these times of grief and strife.

Death is all around us right now, and yet, so is life. The two go hand in hand. We seem to ignore that reality- but right now it is not to be ignored. Watching someone leave is a very humbling experience, makes me extra ware of how temporary this all is. That can be scary if we have avoided it until now. Even though I am sad that my mom is gone –  watching her passing was an honour and a privilege, and even while we mourn her, we are also celebrating her. We cant do it in person (yet) so we are sharing our pictures and our stories (another Gemini theme).  I’m seem to be still in it – though less so- takes time to process when someone who existed is no more. The brain cant quite relate to it. I really feel for all the front line workers who deal with this day after day  with patients who have no family to sit by their side or hold their hand. And for those who have friends or family who have passed. With so many people leaving right now – we need to find a way to learn something from their passing. This is not a punishment – its is a wake up call.

Time spent inward and alone has helped me to appreciate  the little things – my cozy apartment, walks in my neighbourhood, chats with friends near and far, the bright green of new leaves appearing on trees. Breathing. Gemini is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.   Saturn and Pluto  both bring endings – which lead to new beginnings. Even Jupiter – planet of expansion- can often symbolize death –  a  time when someone expands right out of their body. Right now we have all three of these powerful planets sitting together and bringing great change upon the land. And change usually starts with endings. Facing our own mortality and our vulnerability can either open us up or close us down. I have seen how easy it is to swing to either extreme, and remind myself to be careful of black or white thinking and of judging others I deem to be asleep.

Brighten your own light ~ before you try to enlighten another!

“She hides her light – though it still shines.
Don’t try to drag others into the light. 
Let many things pass, without being duped” 
I Ching #36  Darknening of the Light.

Gemini’s nature is to allow for a diversity of viewpoints. We all have our stories to tell. We are learning (hopefully) that there are many sides to a conversation, or to a situation. Its natural to seek certainty in uncertain times, yet dogmatic thinking can lead to an imperious attitude to others. I’m seeing a lot of that as well right now, as fear makes people rigid. I hope we can maintain tolerance for each other. Learn to listen. And allow a little room for the uncertainty and for chaos. Because from what I can see no one really has a clue. Ok many have a particlar clue but in general there’s a LOT of confusion out there. And  things are not going back to normal. (Normal is so yesterday!)  And that’s a good thing. We needed shaking up. And we are being shaken. Do we want to give in to the forces of entropy,  or make room for creativity?

Creativity comes from chaos. And new beginnings.

Blessed be!