Neptune Retrograde June 22


Neptune Retrograde 


June 22, 2020


9:32pm PDT 


20 Pisces 57 


Dates to Note:


March 2 Neptune enters shadow 18 Pisces 10


June 22 Neptune stations retrograde 


Nov 28 Neptune stations direct 


Mar 19, 2021 Neptune leaves shadow 20 Pisces 58 


Neptune spends a little less than half of every year retrograde. So, on one hand Neptune retrograde is ‘ho hum, you again?’   As we know Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2026.  The Neptune in Pisces era speaks to our humanitarian, faith and artistic natures.  Matters of the greater heart, meaning issues beyond a loved one are pronounced.   Not for profit, charity and health Care are all Neptune in Pisces.   So, is oil and oceans and flooding and gases.   


Around the dates of the stations (June 22 & Nov 28) we may find our psychic and Woo-Woo up.   A thought, a memory, a sense, a feeling could connect us to something unworldly but important .  If your gut is talking to you—Listen.    Let’s see where we all land with our gut radar when Neptune stations direct on November 28 at 18 Pisces.