Mercury Station Direct June 22





Important dates 


May 14 – Mercury shadow 


May 29 – Mercury station retrograde (24 Gemini 43)@3:34pm PDT


June 22 – Mercury station direct (16 Gemini 08) @3:00pm PDT 


July 07 – Mercury shadow ends 



The complete utter confusion around facts, communication, mess ups with people, troubled schedules, problematic emails, broken technology, etc, the whole mess should lighten up with Mercury stationing direct on the 22nd.  Unfortunately, it is not totally cleared up because between June 5 and July 6 there are two squares of Mercury with, hold for it— Neptune.   It is not that we should all wait for the other shoe to drop even after Mercury stations direct,  but we should not be surprised if there is still some confusion. We would be well served to continue to double check everything important to us that needs addressing.   Once we clear July 7 and exit the shadow, we should be good until the next Mercury retrograde in late September.