Mercury Retrograde: January 14, 2022

Mercury Retrograde 


Jan 14, 2022, 3:41am PST 


10 Aquarius 20 



December 29: Mercury shadow 25 Capricorn 


January 14:  Mercury station retrograde 10 Aquarius 20


January 25:  Mercury re-enters Capricorn 


Feb 3:  Mercury stations direct 24 Capricorn 23


Feb 14: Mercury re-enters Aquarius 


Feb 23:  Mercury exits shadow 



AThis is an interesting year because normally there are three mercury retrogrades in a year but sometimes there are four, usually by a handful of days.  Such is the case when the last week of December there will be the start of a retrograde.  That one will be in Capricorn.  All of the other (three) mercury retrogrades in 2022 will start in air signs and then re-enter earth signs.   Our thinking (air) could hit some snags with practical applications (earth) that go a bit askew.   Mercury in Aquarius is far out thinking.   Creative, visionary, odd, and weird connections are made when Mercury is in progressive Aquarius.  There is an accent on group causes and fellowships along with technological pursuits.   Once Mercury stations we will stress test all our plans and all our communications.  This mercury retrograde will speak to internet and cyber communication.   Blogs will get stuff wrong.   Big time.   Take care with anything you repeat, double check all facts and then double check then again.   Protect all your passwords and back up your data before the station retrograde.    Once Mercury returns to Capricorn we will once again have to think about our thinking.  Had we gone too far out on some subject?  Do we need to reel it back?  Mercury in Capricorn lives for practical thinking that make long term sense.   Watch what comes up in your life that you were sure was filled intrigue and drama and consider that the simple answer may be the most accurate.    It could all be Occam’s Razor.  


Take care of your brain.   If you need to give yourself a mental break, do it.