Mars and Male sexuality

Male sexuality has the reputation of being quite straightforward, as Mars is as an energy. Mars symbolises it, and if your new boy friend gave you his birth details, you may check his Mars to get an idea of things he may not find easy to talk about.

If Mars is harmonious enough, great, everything is likely to be great enough.

However, even for males, sexuality is pretty much connected with tricky things like emotions and sense of self worth. Not every male can easily identify with the stereo type of the cow boy or the warrior who can get an instant erection in any kind of circumstance and satisfy himself independently of whatever may be going on in the outside or inner worlds.

Mars has a very competitive mentality. Mars identifies as a winner or a loser. Winners will find it much easier to have a strong and sustainable erection than losers. In nature, you mate if you’re an alpha, otherwise you don’t.

Male sexual anxieties can manifest as the fear of not being able to have an erection or as the fear of not being able to hold it for long enough to give pleasure to a partner (premature ejaculation means not being able to hold the power)

I haven’t done research in the matter but the meaning of the planets speak by themselves. Neptune dissolves. Difficult aspects from Neptune to Mars suggest soft rather than hard. I may mean being gentle, or so gentle that not much happens. Difficult aspects from Uranus may manifest as hyper excitability – you know how Uranus proceeds: it happens suddenly, when least expected, is intense for a short time, maybe too short for that matters.

Difficult aspects from Pluto could suggest being dominated by one’s own instincts. In this case, let’s hope that Saturn and Jupiter are strong and healthy enough, Pluto doesn’t care much about consent.

Difficult aspects from Saturn can mean inhibitions. Conflict with rigid principles may harm Mars’ desirable rigidity.

Jupiter expands and in mythology Jupiter is always cheating on his wife. This doesn’t mean that any man with strong Mars Jupiter connection will cheat, but he is likely to feel the urge to explore.

Venus… Ultimately, who gives Mars the medal and honours him with the supreme reassurance about himself? The more Venus expresses pleasure the more Mars feels relieved of a burden of anxieties. A conflict between Venus and Mars can make Mars feel very scared (but he is not likely to admit it)

The Moon is mother and mothers, at times, can be smothering. Emotions are powerful, the can have all kinds of effect.

Never jump too quickly to conclusions though. A chart shows tendencies which may or may not be understood and mastered. Mercury could be of some help. Is it possible to talk about it? It can be so embarrassing…

 Jean-Marc Pierson