Leo: life is a spiritual show

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…”

                                                                                                                     William Shakespeare


 Life is a theatre indeed…

 Not only humans are playing on that stage. The least blade of grass makes its entrance when it appears on the surface of the earth after the rain. 

Esoteric teachings say that humans have many bodies. The physical body is the densest of all. Like plants we have an etheric body.  More subtle is the astral or emotional body, then we have the mental body and so on… 

 The comedian is more than the costume. Who are we? What is Self? Beyond bodies, what is pure spirit?



Let me ask you this again, in another way. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The symbol for the Sun is a circle with a dot at the centre. If you wander in London you often come across boards with maps of the surroundings; on every map, there is a dot within a circle, with the words: “You are here.” 

“Here” is where the dot is. The circle makes the dot conspicuous. 

An astrology chart is a map. The dot within the circle means: “You are here” as well.  You, your authentic Self is the heart of the Sun.

Take a magnifying glass and look at this dot. Once bigger, it doesn’t look like a dot anymore. It’s a round shape. Its periphery is a circle. Dip the tip of a needle in ink and make a dot at the centre of the dot.  Your dot has become a circle with a dot at the centre…

Mentally, please repeat the operation an infinity of times!

OK? Now, try to hold the idea of the perfect dot in your mind. This dot is the absolute centre. Look at it with a cosmic microscope. Your dot is infinitely small, its diameter is zero. Therefore it doesn’t exist. However, You are Here. You are Spirit.  You are essence, with the circle, you come into existence.  

(To exist (from Latin ex- and -iste)  means to be out. To be means to be.)


 Trying to get mental representations of dots that have not thickness at all or of a spirit without substance wrapped up in layers of subtle envelopes are ways to get our ordinary mind puzzled and to stimulate our intuition: Spirit is there, just beyond our grasp. It is the dot at the centre of the mandala. (In Sanskrit, the word for “circle” is “mandala”.)

Now that we have done our best, like dedicated salmons, to swim upstream to try  and intuit Source, we can let ourselves go with the downstream flow from Source to Matter, from dot to circle. 

If you have a calm surface of water at hand, it’s a good time to throw a pebble and look at series of circles expanding around the point of impact. You can chant OM as you do. 


Creation story:

Let there be light!

Let there be warmth! Let there be shapes and colours! Let there be bodies, souls and puzzled minds! Let there be Leo! Roar! Here we are! 

Out of nothing, intense creative fire is shooting up rays in all directions… 

Let there be earth, plants and animals! 

And let there be, created in the image of God, creative creatures…

Let there be singers, dancers, musicians, composers, painters, artists!…Let there be kings and queens of creation! 

The material world is a mirror in which Spirit contemplates itself. 

Or it’s just Brahma having fun manifesting…




The world is a stage. 

Sunrays are bursting out in all directions, each of them focused in their own particular way and doing so, express as Mars- Aries. 

Each sunray then takes on substance, wraps itself in bodies from the more subtle level to dense physical reality and that’s the energy of Venus and Taurus. 

Once incarnated sunrays become aware of the space between them and of the multiplicity of their expressions: In Gemini, connections are made in the outside world whilst an inner space appears: the mind. 

In Cancer, second cardinal sign of beginnings, we see the three previous stages happening in the realm of the Moon: she is the matrix, the maternal, material environment, the womb in which the solar creative impulse focuses, takes substance and form. 

 The Moon is the Sun’s feminine side, the Sun is the Moon’s masculine side. In the zodiac, the other traditional planets all rule over two signs, one of of masculine polarity (Fire or Air) and the other of feminine polarity (Earth or Water). Only the Sun and the Moon rule over only one sign each, and belong unequivocally to only one of the two cosmic polarities: Masculine and Feminine, or Yin and Yang… They are one. 

So we could say that the Sun is the dot within the circle, and the the Moon is the circle around the dot. A cycle is a circle unfolding in time. The Moon is the archetype of all cycles.

The Sun creates through the Moon and the Moon gives birth to the Sun. 

Unto us a child is born…


 However, what the Sun creates today will be good for a time and then become what will get in the way  of what tomorrow’s Sun will set out to create tomorrow. 

The Moon repeats the past. Therapies consist of dealing with patterns we re- produce again and again even though they no longer serve us. Dane Rudyar tells us that at the New Moon the Moon receives a new Solar impulse to give form and substance to, and then, the first crescent phase is a phase of fighting the ghosts of the past… 


The Spiritual King, call it Lord, or Self, or Divine Spark within, or Conscious Creator,  stands at the centre. From the heart everything starts. To the heart we need to return each time we get carried away a little bit too far by the centrifugal energy of our own creations, reproduced and repeated again and again by the subconscious Moon…  


If Leo, its ruler the Sun and/or the analogous house the fifth are emphasized in a chart, the dot within the circle, or the lion, are relevant metaphors for whatever may be going on in the person’s character or in their life. 

The difficulty is that metaphors do not mean anything “exactly”. They give clues. As there are many metaphors in a chart, the job of the astrologer is to be a Sherlock Holmes: we need to find the story or the stories in which all clues make sense together. It is at least the way I proceed.

Along  Leonine lines, some people will boast about their ego, keep seeking attention and annoy everyone claiming, like itchy dots at the centre of their circle: “I am here!” “Look at me!” “I am here! This attitude is not wrong. It’s childlike. They are like:

 “Look Mum, I am climbing on this tree! Look at my drawing Mum! Look Mum I jump over the puddle! Look Dad I can ride my bicycle without the little wheels!”

We all need the light and warmth of loving attention to grow up, and keep emotionally healthy. An swollen ego that keeps seeking attention all the time is a wounded inner child. Swelling is the result of trauma. 

It is also a meaning of Leo energy to be the one who gives this loving attention, as a parent or a role model. 

They say “Look!” and instead of their ego they show how things work, they shine their light to show the way, they lead by example, they teach, educate…  


The best way to teach is to show how to learn, and the best way to learn… is to play, to enjoy, to love whatever we’re learning (which doesn’t mean  effort and  will power will not be needed, but when you know what you love, you’re much more likely to focus your will and power…) 

Another way to educate is to let children and adults alike believe you’re just an entertainer. A clown, a story teller, an actor, a writer, a director, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a dancer… All teach, all show. 

The least blade of grass teaches something to those who have eyes to see. 

One of our favourite show is romance. Real lovers show their naked bodies and souls to each other. Or at least we try. In the process, we re enact the myth of Adam and Eve suddenly ashamed of being just who they are, after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 

It takes Leo courage to let down our fig leaves, our psychological defence mechanisms, unveil our wounds and vulnerability and say:

“Here I am!” 

It takes Leo generosity to love the unveiled, vulnerable and wounded other, half disgusting frog half charming majesty…  

However, this story may well have to happen within first. The Leo challenge is that the inner frog needs our own inner loving kiss. Our crippled sides need to come in the light and warmth of our own consciousness and be welcome with the mercy and generosity of our own heart. This attitude is heroic, as it means breaking away from  values which are both toxic and prevalent where we belong (in the Moon)  



When the frog within turns into a princess or a prince, it becomes able to kiss other frogs with genuine love but when there are only frogs to kiss frogs, things don’t work that well. 



Fortunately, there is a dot, a Source of love at the centre of the magic circle. Lion hearts are challenged to go there and radiate warmth and light, without waiting for someone else to do it first. This is true leadership. This is how we break curses.

Life is a sublime outpouring of magnificent energy…