No sign loves a good time more than a Leo; that fiery and proud sign ruled by the Sun.  Leo has been assigned to  the 5th house by the ancients which contains every activity that is pleasurable: Love, children, fun and also speculation. Yes, speculation.  Surprised?  Well believe it or not, lots of people (don’t include me)  find a vacation in Las Vegas to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. 

There is a reason the universe gave Leo such a classy home address that has more cachet than Buckingham Palace. Kingly, princely, queenly or whatever noble adjective you want to put in front of it, this proud sign’s demeanor can rival a peacock in full plume. 

Don’t let even the most demure Leo fool you.  Underneath that quiet exterior lies a lion or lioness prepared to rule its turf.  Make no mistake about it, they always take things personally.  Do you want to know why?  Think about it, if your sign was ruled by the sun it would just be a matter of time, probably around the 3rd grade, when you found out that the everything revolves around the sun.  Wouldn’t it be natural to assume that you were the center of the universe.  Make sense?   Sure does to me.  So when it comes down to it, that’s why its all about them.  Get used to it.  
They are the kings or queens of the zodiac and they expect the rest of us to respect their elevated station in life.  Leo’s always play their station in life to the hilt.  A Leo caretaker will play the role as if he or she were a character in Downton Abbey. A Leo teacher will play the role like an Oscar winner. A Leo boss will be the consummate boss.  As long as you keep genuflecting every time you enter his or her office you will be considered part of the royal court. Insufferable? Arrogant?  A pompous prig? Yeah maybe, but this sign also really loves a good time.

The best time to appreciate a Leo is at a party.  These people really, really party. Don’t forget, Leo’s also love the theater.  Nothing motivates them more than performing in front of an audience.  Think real life Leo’s like Robert DeNiro and Barack Obama.  Now, he really is presidential but he also can let his hair down and have a good time. Did you see him and Seinfeld doing the White House?  I don’t think there’s ever been a President who’s been more willing to share his sense of humor with the people of this country more than he has.

So yes Leo’s can be formidable, yes they can be full of themselves but if you had to hire a person to do a job for you, wouldn’t you want someone who would take it seriously, do it honorably and with dignity no matter what the position was?  Having been in the position of hiring people more times than I can count, I know I would.

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