Kite in the sky!

A kite is a beautiful and powerful pattern that can be seen in some chart, like in the Dalai Lama’s or Kurt Cobain’s.
In a kite there are four planets (sometimes more when some planets are conjunct – they are four points anyway)
Three of these planets form a Great Trine – that is they are connected by trines. The trine is the most easy flowing aspect between two planets. Most trines happen between planets placed in signs of the same element. You can imagine two characters who are getting on really well, they are on the same wavelength, conflicts are rare or existent, no energy is wasted, they completely support each other.
In a Grand Trine, like the three Musketeers they could claim: “All for one and one for all!”
Now, to interpret aspects, the first thing to consider is what planets are involved. If the energies are very different, like Venus and Saturn, even a trine won’t make them become similar. Liz Greene says that “all contact with Saturn are painful”. A trine in this case will be the least painful way to be in contact with Saturn. If Venus was a tree (the tree of love!) Saturn would be pruning it.
Pruning means cutting some branches so that others thrive better. Venus trine Saturn is likely to be more committed and to live long lasting loves, but still, there is a price to pay, which is to renounce to many other attractions, and maybe that’s life, yes, but it’s not the most pleasurable bit.
So you have a trine, three energies getting along as well as possible. One of the three planets meets the fourth one by opposition. This opposition is the spine of the kite.
An opposition is a challenging aspect. You can imagine two characters facing each other. What’s going on between them? Each one is in the other’s way. This can be a confrontation. This can also be a meeting, even the beginning of a love story. Now, even love is challenging. You’ve got to be who you are and face another one!
Again, how an opposition manifests depends on the energies involved. An opposition with Venus at one end is more likely to be a pleasurable affair than with Saturn or Pluto. If Venus and Pluto meet, the sweet love represented by Venus meets the crazy intensity represented by Pluto. The love story is likely to be very passionate, drama is round the corner! Venus opposing Jupiter would make the love story big, bigger, full of faith and enthusiasm and possibly to much so that plain down to earth realities with their lot of limitations may be forgotten..
Also, it can help to remember that any aspects also links two signs, and two houses. Don’t overwhelm your mind with too much information, but sometimes it helps to switch from planets to signs or houses to get more ideas of what may be at stake.
This fourth planet is also linked to the two other ones by sextiles. Sextiles are harmonious, easy flowing aspects, not as easy flowing as the trines, but still. They may need a little bit of conscious triggering to get started, but once it’s on, it’s on!
All these harmonious, easy going, easy flowing ways provide the best possible environment for the opposition to be turned into the best possible thing. The other way round, the opposition provides spice to something that could be boringly too easy otherwise.
Of course,as I already said, the outcome depends on what planets are involved, and also what other aspects are influencing, helping or challenging the planets. We’re never finished looking at our lives and others’ from various perspective, each time it’s a full story!
Fly high!

Jean-Marc Pierson