Jupiter in Virgo: I’ll Just Take a Sliver

So things have been going pretty well lately huh?  Jupiter in Virgo is sprinkling us all with compartmentalized optimism. Unlike Jupiter in Sagittarius which tends to indulge us with its cornucopia of benefits. Jupiter in Virgo never gorges he picks. He is more discriminating about the things he indulges in. A sliver of goodness rather than a heart stopping double dutch chocolate lava mocha mocha seven layer cake.
Yesterday, I was laid off from my job.  I’m an early Sagittarius and we all know where Saturn is right now.  My natal sun is in the sixth house of my natal chart so I knew the end was near.  Jupiter is making its judiciously indulgent  transit through my 4th house, so despite being given the ax I felt a general sense of  emotional security despite the loss of gainful employment.

Gainful employment for me was writing mountains of press releases for the gainfully employed.  I did this for four years and finally embraced the good fortune that had recently come my way, relieving me of the hours and hours of tedium my job had wrought.

So I’m back on my blog after a long hiatus, and it feels pretty good.  More than good. Even though Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo.  I’m dealing.  Yes, I did lose my job but it could have been worse, I could have been denied a much appreciated severance as well as all the goodbye love showered on me by my amazing coworkers.
So you see  a delicious sliver of the cake does have its advantages.


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