The Sun In Astrology


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  The Sun symbolizes the centre of our personality, our heart, who we really are.
As the saying goes, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” 

 The Sun is the spiritual being within. The particular brand of human experience we are having is represented by the sign in which the Sun was at the moment of our birth.

  A Sun sign does not represent a fixed set of personality traits. A Sun sign is rather a “psychological landscape”. 
 For instance, saying “I am Capricorn” means something similar to saying “My life path leads to the mountain”. 
 In a real mountain, someone can be a climber and someone else a skier. One can be a mountain guide and another a hermit. 
 Among climbers, some are going to be champions and others beginners. Mountain guides may specialize, one will make you discover wildlife, another will take tourists to the summits…
 All we can be sure of is that whoever lives in the mountain will have to deal with slopes and a rigorous climate…


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 Have you heard of the concept of family resemblance, popularized by the philosopher Wittgenstein? 
 Imagine you’re looking at a child and say: he has the nose of the family! … in this family, a number of individuals (but not all!) have this kind of nose… 
 Then you’re looking at another child belonging to the same family and you say: he has the eyes of the family…
 Now you look at these two children. One has the typical nose… but not the eyes. The other has the typical eyes… but not the nose. They don’t look like each other, but they both belong to the family, without the shadow of a doubt.
 This concept of family resemblance applies to astrology. If your Sun is in a particular sign, you will express some typical traits of the sign and still you may appear very different from other natives of the same sign. At a deeper level though, you will all have something in common… 
I have started this chapter on the Sun by talking about signs! Maybe the reason is that the sun is the source of light. What is lit is not the sun, but the world. When the Sun shines in the zodiac, what we see is not the Sun, but the sign… 

    The Sun symbolizes the spiritual being we are. It is our heart, our self, the divine and creative spark within, whatever this may mean. It’s a mystery! 

However the Sun has a big problem, which is that life on earth does not allow easy and spontaneous expression of our authentic self. We were born through the Moon – which is mother, matter (matter, material, mother are words built on the same root). We were born in the matrix!  

 Family, genetics, the influence of our early environments, our physical and emotional needs and conditioning, our past and lineage are symbolized by the Moon… 
 Through the Moon, we were born in the world of Saturn. Saturn means time, limitations, matter, forms, norms, conformity, fears… There is a deep complicity between the Moon and Saturn. A Moon cycle is 29 days, a Saturn cycle is 29 years. The Moon rules Cancer and Saturn rules Capricorn. These two signs are opposed in the zodiac, which means they represent the two poles of the same thing… 


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 Mother is both Moon and Saturn, nurturing through the Moon, imposing rules through Saturn… 
 From then, the Sun, the inner divine spark, the spiritual being at the core of the earthy personality, embarks on an heroic journey. 

 The challenge is:  “Become who you really are”
This quest for authenticity makes us walk on the path represented by the Sun sign. It is the sign of our aspirations. 
 The environment protects, nurtures and conditions. The Sun is our inner guidance, what we want to become whatever our past might have been, our “spiritual instructions” so to speak. Through the Moon we are influenced by the past, through the Sun we are called by a vision of self realization. 
 The Sun symbolizes also the ego. The ego is the temporary compromise between the higher self (who we really are in spirit) and the conditioning imposed by family, society and material conditions… 
  It’s ourselves in a state of incomplete integration.
  On its way to become “enlightened” the Sun-ego looks up at role models and seek for ideals to identify with. 


The Sun in the chart tells something about our ideals and role models, and about what we develop to follow them: consciousness and will power. 
 Do you know this principle by the psychologist Emile Coué?:
“When imagination and will power conflict, imagination always wins.” 
In astrological terms, this translates as: “When the Moon (imagination) and the Sun conflict, the Moon always wins”. 

 Our conscious will power struggles to break free… and the Moon always wins, until our little ego based consciousness understands that it can’t grow unless it plays by the rules and surrenders. In other terms, we can’t neglect our bodies and emotional needs and thrive as spiritual beings here on earth. 
The potter can’t make beautiful pots without surrendering to the nature of clay. We are not here to leave the material world behind, but to shape it according to our vision. This can’t be done without respect for the feminine side of life… 
 The Sun also symbolizes the father, as the father, for a small child, is the first one who represents “Beyond mother” Anyone who shows the example, introduces to the world beyond the safety cocoon and serves a role model is symbolized by the Sun. 


 Until now I have explained what the Sun is about… I hope I was able to be clear enough. Astrology does not bring easy answers to the great metaphysical questions…  

 For now remember a least a few key words: 
 Heart – Spiritual core – Self – Will power – Consciousness- Ideals – Father – Role models – Ego – 
After the question “What is it?”, I’ll now set out to give some answers to the other great question: “How is it?” 
 Some personalities are more solar than others.
 Leo is the solar sign, however, other sun signs can also be very solar if the Sun is well aspected, for instance if the Sun is conjunct to an angle of the theme. 
 Like every other planet-energy the Sun can be summarized by a few key verbs.
 The Sun says:

I want – I create – I express myself
If you remember only three key verbs, remember those!

If you’re ready for more, the Sun also says:

 I show – I play (we can play like children having fun, or play like a musician playing and instrument or an actor interpreting a role in a play) When we have fun and play, we are who we really are spontaneously… 
I want (as opposed to “I need”) 
I love – (True love can only come from the authentic self) 
I educate – I show the example – I lecture – 
I shine – I attract attention – I lead – I reign – I govern – I illuminate – I have fun – I entertain – 
When the Sun appears as a character we will come across:

 – Someone with great vitality and charisma. Anyone with a royal attitude. A king of sorts… 
 – A teacher, a comedian, a musician (the band leader or the soloist) an artist, anyone performing, exhibiting, creating, showing… (possibly showing off) 
– A  father, an educator, a role model. 
– A boss, someone in power, authority figure. 
– A saint, with a solar golden halo behind their head! 


 As as lover, a solar individual will give great importance to courtship. Love is a game and the greatest opportunity to value the egos! 

  If your idea of the perfect lover is someone who offers the greatest quality of empathy, the solar person may not be the best choice, unless they have enough water in their chart. The Sun will warm you up, but ask the Moon for deep understanding of what’s going on in the secret corners of your soul. 
 The Sun gives warmth and light from inside out, its nature is not to be the receiving end. It’s Fire, Yang, Masculine energy…
 However, there will be nothing petty in the Solar individual’s attitude. You can expect loyalty, support and generosity. 
 Please don’t forget that no human being is a pure type. Everyone has the Moon somewhere! An absolutely pure solar type would give everything and receive nothing but praise, like a creator God… 


 If the Sun was an animal, of course, it would be a lion. He’s powerful, he’s beautiful, everyone pays attention: the zebras, the antelopes, the hyenas, the other lions…  whether he sleeps, farts or wanders around, everyone knows what’s going on. Paying attention to the strong is wisdom! 
Let’s now go for a walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones are we going to tag Sun? 
 Let’s not waste time in the suburbs and head on towards the centre. Here is the big square with all the fountains, the columns and statues! 
 A theater, a gallery, a luxury hotel with people in costumes standing at the door. 
 The goldsmiths, the jewellers get their “Sun” tag. 
 The mansions. The places where people in power are, which are known by their address like Number 10 Downing Street. (In case you haven’t guessed, I live in London, UK) 
  A circus, a carnival, a concert hall are Sun (or Leo)things…
 The movies will get a double tag, Leo because there are stars and it’s an art, and Pisces because we go there to escape reality and get carried away… 
 If the Sun was a music instrument, it would be a  trumpet. If he was a music, he would be something grandiose, like this:

 Now, if the Sun was meeting Uranus, the energy that gets everything and everyone out of the beaten tracks, instead of a trumpet, the Sun would become a saxophone, play something brilliant but in a more surprising way… 
By contrast, if the Moon was music she would be much more romantic, sensitive, delicate, something sounding like a tearful cuddle by moonlight… 

 And if the Moon met Uranus and turned jazz, she would still evoke the nocturne life of human emotions… 
There are at least two ways to understand life and the symbols of astrology. At the beginning of this post, I was adressing the intellectual side, giving explanations and keywords. This is what Mercury in us wants. However, the intellectual way will never be able to get it all. At some point, we need artists and poets to show and make us feel rather than intellectually understand what life is made of… and this is precisely what the Sun does.
After Leo, ruled by the Sun, comes Virgo, ruled by Mercury, but I have already talked about Mercury.
 After Virgo comes Libra, ruled by Venus, but I have already written about Venus. 
 Next time, after the world of the bright light of the Sun, I will introduce you to the universe of darkness with Pluto…
 Thank you for your attention!