Full Moon Taurus Eclipse:


Let the lying lie, and the dying die.


We are now entering eclipse season with tonight’s/tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse  at 12:57 am PST, 8:57 am GMT (Friday Nov 19). “The magnitude is strong and the duration is long.”
 Apparently its not only the longest eclipse in a 100 years, its the longest in over 500 years!
 These are powerful times! A lunar eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids.
The Moon is our emotions.  Something BIG may be shifting or  coming to an end… in order to make space for a new way of being that is less rooted in our unconscious security drives. The area of your chart that this falls in (27 degrees Taurus) will give you some hints as to where an important transformation  may be occurring.  (See drop down tab on side for house descriptions) If you are feeling it strongly, a personal reading can flesh out the details.
 There may be pain, there may be grief. There may also be relief.
“Eclipses Are Not Bad – They Recycle What We No Longer Need In Our Lives.
While all eclipses take something away and/or shut something down, an eclipse can have beneficial effects if we just know “when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run.”
Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers
According to Wilkinson, the effects of this longer-than-usual eclipse will ripple out for up to six months, so this eclipse will take us right into next spring. The New Moon in Taurus in May 2022 will  provide the impetus  to move forward with the changes we have made over the duration. This energy is set to move us into the next stage of change and transformation – as individuals and as a collective (if we let it). We have one more eclipse along the Sagittarius/Gemini axis ( December 4)  then we move into a focus on Taurus Scorpio. This eclipse will give us a taste of what’s to come.



Taurus is known for its stubbornness –  both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs- which means neither likes to change.  Yet Jupiter insists on it! As do Uranus and Mars. These  dynamic energies are propelling us forward, even if some of us are dragging our heels in the sand.   Change we must! Our survival depends on it.


There is beauty in change. It’s exciting. So why the resistance? Taurus (Moon) wants safety and security, Scorpio (Sun) opposite seeks the edge … and beyond.  Both link us to our survival fears, and the strong influence of Jupiter will amplify all of it! Push-pull dynamics in relationships may come to a head. Breakthroughs are immanent – though you may need to breakdown (ego) to breakthrough. Something needs to dissolve to make way for a new energy trying to enter. This new energy will move us further out of the old paradigm.

Because the Moon in Taurus (security) is being eclipsed, there may be situations or people that we are clinging to for security … that we will be forced to lessen our grip on. Creature comforts can keep us stuck in old patterns; Scorpio wants us to risk it all.  Jupiter says think big –  think outside the box, and remember  to include your community i.e. those around you (Aquarius). Always aim for the greater good.  Aim high. Enough with the polarizing, the shaming and blaming. We are all in this together! You may think you know whats going on – but think again. And again. If we use our spidey-sense to see beneath the surface,  much will be revealed (Scorpio). Next year promises a lot of secrets will be revealed, corruption  unmasked (!!).

Meanwhile, we really are  all in this together. Yet if we don’t know who we are, we are no good to anyone. Venus – ruler of the eclipse in Taurus – is currently in Capricorn. .. which is about responsibility  and striving for success.  Venus here says  ‘Do what you love – love what you do!’  Be your own boss!  Claim your personal authority’.


Jupiter is big in this eclipse (at right angles) He wants us to see the bigger picture. Thinking big is not about bigging-up on anyone; our hubris is merely a cover for how small we really feel. Yet in truth we are powerful beings, and we are even stronger together. We have to find the balance between self and other, Full Moons always create some kind of push pull dynamic.  Aquarius represents our connection to society, and the polarity point (opposite) is in Leo,  who says: Open your heart. Claim your personal sovereignty. Shine!


When we shine our light- it is inevitable that shadows will appear ….and those will need to be faced. When the Moon goes Blood Red in a few hours, drum, sing, dance, meditate – find a ritual to help you  release whatever is keeping you stuck. If it’s the next day when you are reading this, no worries, as this energy will ripple out for many months.  Eclipses show us whats not working, by revealing the hidden shadow. Although this can be rather daunting, we can  the energy to transform our stuck places. They may not necessarily be on the outside – it may be our inner laziness, the part that prefers things to go back to the way things were (so called normal).
We will be forced to examine what gives us succor and feeds our inner being (instead of our outer being).  As we continue to move through this challenging terrain, there is a great sense of possibility. New horizons. New ways of doing planet earth.  Not everyone will make it through, or choose to. Death is the biggest letting go. Yet in our materialistic world  that reality is so outside of the regular linear thinking that its hard to grapple with. We must go through some sort of stripping down  before we emerge on the other side. Whatever part of us has died or is dying, Neptune in Pisces says ‘Trust in the Universe’ … that which IS… and always will be.
Everything else is temporary.


What is holding me back from what I want?
What do I want? What do I value? What do I need to let go of?
Do I know how to I separate my wants and my needs? (Taurus /Scorpio)
Is there a boundary  I need to draw to preserve my personal integrity and sovereignty?(Venus Capricorn)
What am I willing to sacrifice for the greater good?(eclipse)
Ultimately, this Full Moon in Taurus says:
Know your Worth.
Don’t just survive ~ Thrive!
“Break the habit of being yourself ” (or your ‘not self’) (Joe Dispenza)
All will be well ❤


The Full Moon Eclipse can amplify our energy in a profound way. When we are so filled up, we attract the abundance that we are already in contact with. “As within, so without.”

“People that are happy with themselves won’t look at others and see their flaws, they’ll look at others and see a part of themselves that they connect with.” Joe Dispenza