Full Moon Leo: There’s no Place Like Home

The Full Moon in Leo is playful and childlike. Leo rules the heart.‘Cour’ means heart… It takes courage to keep your heart open in these crazy times.  the mood of this Full Moon en’cour’ages heartfelt authenticity. The Sun opposite in Aquarius is about  finding your tribe – which requires you be yourself. Know you have something to offer and let your light shine. Aquarius helps us vision our way forward ~ and the Leo light helps us see the path.

The more true we are to ourself~the more we attract, or are drawn to, those people who we resonate with on a soul level. Leo’s warmth and generosity helps us connect to others…. not in a superficial,  follow-the-crowd kind of way – but in a follow-your-bliss and all else will follow  kind of way.

Leo’s do like to be the centre of attention. Some part of us ~ perhaps our innocent self ~ wants to be noticed – we want to feel appreciated and adored. Yes that can sound a little narcissistic ~ but when we are truly heart centred,  the love we feel is expansive, generous, kind. That is our true nature.  When the heart feels shut down,  we feel empty inside and life just doesn’t feel satisfying.

Leo’s  generosity of spirit is much needed in these times of polarization and petty politics. Don’t let the dark unconscious forces in yourself or in others create separation and division. We all want to feel ok ~ we all want to go home ~ and we also know that home is where the heart is.

Take a deep breath and say after me “There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home.”