Fixed Air? Really? – Aquarius

 Isn’t the idea of “fixed Air” a little bit funny?

Fixed suits Taurus so well. Taurus has a justified reputation for inertia. Once it’s somewhere, it stays there and becomes bigger, denser, fleshier… If Taurus moves, it acquires momentum: it gets settled in an unchanging motion…

Fixed fire is easy to understand. At first, Fire feels cardinal. It is active, creative, energetic, initiating… Fixed fire manifests as central power. A king on a throne, a bonfire, the sun are radiating in all directions.

Water doesn’t feel fixed at all… Water feels mutable. Dissolving, changing, merging Pisces is as mutable as you can get. Water is formless, sometimes river, sometimes sea, mist, fog, cloud or rain, sometimes groundwater and found at the bottom of wells. Here we are! In the desert, where scorpions live, water is deep down. Finding it is a question of life or death.

Wells, ponds, stagnant waters are fixed…


Three modalities, four elements, is it a musical chair game? Let’s not confuse similarity with equivalence!

Air has a claim for being associated with the mutable modality. Fluid like Water and far more subtle, how could Air be fixed?

My ancestors were called the Gauls; they were afraid of only one thing: that the sky fell onto their heads. It never happened. Winds, birds and breathing evoke movement;  Air finds fixity in infinity. The sky has no limit, is not contained, has no centre… and doesn’t move.

Air is space. Thanks to science we know that the atmosphere doesn’t extent as far as the stars… but symbols are not concepts. They are fingers. When the sage shows the Moon, the fool looks at the finger. When the finger is Air, the astrologer looks at the sky. The vault of heaven is everywhere and beyond, all the time and ever after. And so are we, spiritual, infinite and eternal.


Fire and Air oppose each other. Aquarius and Leo are like sky and sun. One travels through the other and fills it with warmth and light. The other is the abode of stars and planets, and at times, of clouds, water carriers. Aquarius is the water bearer. If the Sun shines in Leo, in Aquarius, expect rain.

For farmers in the suburbs of Babylon, ancient Mesopotamia, the big muscular guy pouring down water from a jar on his shoulder was blessing the fields. Dance people dance! You will eat! Gather and express gratitude as a community!



Life is a cosmic metaphor. We learned  “field” when we were farmers.
Solidarity and cooperation have always been questions of survival. When life is difficult, you don’t build as many irrigation systems as there are families in the village. You build one all together, and every individual farmer plugs themselves onto it. There must be collective agreements. How do we share responsibilities and benefits?
There are disagreements, debates and procedures for decision making… Instincts don’t rule over all behaviours therefore politics are unavoidable. Have you heard of the role of friendship in Aristotle’s political theory?
 Anyway. When it rains, you praise the sky gods and check the reservoirs.



From earth to air, concrete experiences become understanding in the abstract. Fields are now of activity and knowledge. Physics, economics, energy, biology, urban environment… whatever your field, even if you’ve made a name for yourself thanks to your unique genius and original approach, you are not all alone owing and ploughing it. Human endeavours are collective. Life is a web.

However, as you sow, you reap, at personal level and collectively. The articulation between individual and society has been providing food for thought and conflicts since the beginning of thinking and arguing.



The Water Bearer doesn’t mean the clouds, all the clouds and only the clouds. Symbols are fingers, so let’s go for a walk with our eyes looking upward.  Let’s cross a busy road without even noticing. Don’t we look like a stereotypical Aquarius, lost in our thoughts, oblivious of realities that others believe are obvious, focused in wider realities? Visions, ideals, equations, constellations, patterns, manifestos, divine architecture and rage, rage against the dying of the light…

(Dylan Thomas was a Scorpio Sun with Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius setting on the horizon)

The sky is as vast as the point at the center of the circle that means “the Sun” is small: infinitely vast, infinitely small. We’re high. We’re gliding… We’re contemplating the immutable laws of the course of the stars, the perfect cosmic order underlying the apparent chaos of human life. Even revolutions happen when the time is right… and mysteriously, free will is part of the heavenly rules. What a wonderful clockwork!

Air is Yang. It shows the other side of the creative coin. Head or tail?  Fire is power.  Air is idea. Whatever manifests started in the spiritual dimension. Architects draw plans before any building work can start. Life has its architects. Ideas come first. Thoughts progressively become concrete realities. That’s progress. The new wants to take the place of the old. The old can’t help but resist, the new must insist, there will be thunderstorms and earthquakes. Saturn with new plans is fighting Saturn’s  old structures.

Aquarius is the Capricorn of the future.  As soon as revolutionaries get their way, they create new structures, write a new constitution, establish a new order which they hope is designed well enough to stand the test of time… Will they?

If our mental creations are coherent, if we don’t wish for a thing and its exact opposite to be true at the same time… if the plans of our house don’t look like a painting by Stephen Escher, if traumatic memories don’t force our creative thoughts to wander in inextricable labyrinths, our thoughts, hopes and wishes will come true…


Uranus was the first of the transpersonal planets to be discovered. The traditional system was so balanced, so perfect! It could not be improved, only disrupted.

The Sun rules over Leo, the Moon over Cancer, the five planets over two signs each, a masculine and a feminine one. Why stripping away Saturn from its masculine side, and Mars and Jupiter from their feminine sides? If Uranus resonates well with Aquarius, that’s fine! Let’s keep Saturn there.

Shouldn’t there be a feminine side to Uranus? I’m just asking but it would make sense. Uranus could rule over Capricorn as well, Neptune over Sagittarius and Pluto Aries. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn wouldn’t stop being what they are… But what does “ruling” means exactly?

I like to think of the connection of planets and signs  as sympathetic strings in a musical instrument. These are strings that you don’t pluck. They make sounds when other strings are played on the same frequency, or on a frequency like an octave lower or higher which make them resonate. From my point of view, Uranus is the higher octave of Saturn… Bah! I’m just thinking…

The glyph of Aquarius looks like waves, like in wavelengths and frequencies.

Invisible energies cause visible manifestations…