Finding balance in crazy times!

Moon in Libra today seeks harmony and balance. That urge for peace is being challenged by the intense energy field operating in the background  that is bringing up all our ‘stuff’.

The next few days  could be rather fractious and volatile, as the Moon joins Mars opposite Uranus. We can lose our center more easily now in knee jerk reactions to challenging people or situations. All of this tension and pressure can cause body aches and headaches- helps to find an physical outlet like drumming/ dancing/sex. Louise Hay (You can Heal Your Life )  says the best cure for  migraine is an orgasm!
Mars will carry this volatility forward over the next week or so – and it’s wise right now to step back and remove yourself from confrontations if you cant find a positive outlet for the tension.

Mars Uranus is extremely volatile  and easily triggered. Moon in Scorpio (tomorrow) does not suffer fools gladly. How to rise above petty squabbles and ego battles?
Take the high road! A daily mindfulness practice can help us observe what is going on without reacting. Notice how you are feeling. Acknowledge what is bothering you. Listen to your inner voice of wisdom (vs your ego mind that always needs to win).
 Follow the breath – it will take you to where you need to go!

There is a particular breathing process  that is called the 478 technique – where are you breath in through your nose for a count of four – hold for a count of seven – then breathe out through your mouth for a count of eight.  Repeat five times. This pattern resets the amygdala, which is the part in our brain that triggers the fight or flight response. I find it really helpful –  particularly at night if I’m trying to get to sleep in my mind is racing .
Theres a lot of heavy background energy right due to growing tensions between Saturn and Pluto.  I’ve written quite a bit about the karmic reckoning that is bringing all our sh*t up to the surface. At the same time – there are equally beautiful and supportive energies  pouring in from Jupiter Neptune and Venus  that can help us through these challenging times.

Venus – planet of love – is currently traveling alongside the expense joyful planet Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius. Both of them are crossing over the Galactic Core – center of our galaxy. This powerful point emits a homing signal – a beacon for lost souls to find help find their way home. And who amongst us is not feeling a little bit lost right now?
Trust is required as we move through this powerful  period of deconstruction  – where everything we thought was solid and stable is getting shaken up.  We are being called to wake up from our slumber and really stand in our integrity – to tune into our very core – and keep our hearts open.
Feel the powerful expansive flow of Universal Love that  is coming your way.
 You know you want to!