Eclipse Portal

We are now in the eclipse portal – the space between eclipses. As the Virgo Moon crosses over the mid-point between the Full Moon lunar eclipse on November 30th, and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th, things can feel surreal unfettered, un-grounded.

The Moon opposite Neptune in dreamy Pisces creates  a Grand Cross pattern ; Moon and Neptune square the North and South Nodes of the Moon – the eclipse points, which are about our collective destiny unfolding. Neptune is mystical, non/linear, deeply spiritual and not-pin-down-able. It’s effects can be  illusory, delusional, and escapist at worst, and deeply creative and inspirational at best. One part of us may want to escape the difficulties and numb out the pain, the other to create or meditate and connect to all that is.  I seem to vacillate between the two, though I know which one makes me feel better. We all get to choose.
In this  liminal space, this in-between,  we can take a momentary pause in momentum to open the window and check out the view. See where you are.  Be here now.  A time to become still, let go of trying to figure everything out (just for a moment) and hold space for what’s coming – even if we do not know exactly what that is. This moment of surrender is how we prepare for the next phase.



It’s been a hell of a year ~ and there are more changes to come. Deep breath in….


We are entering a new cycle marked by a Saturn Jupiter conjunction on the Winter Solstice ~ called the Great Conjunction. This joining together of the two largest planets has not occurred in the sign of Aquarius since the 14oo’s – when Columbus sailed to the ‘new’ world. Nothing has been the same ever since (especially for the native peoples that already lived there!). This is a key moment in the evolution of our species. Things are shaking down.  Change is afoot!

And warrior planet Mars, speeding up after many months retrograde, is antsy and feisty and heading toward another confrontation with the big meanies hanging out in Capricorn (rules, systems, governments). Third time round,  lets hope we’ve learned to temper our impatience with a bit of wisdom. Thankfully, this will be short encounter before he moves on into Taurus… just be aware that there may be some volatility in the air.

At this time of shifts, upheavals and endings,  in this constant process of letting go of expectations – and hopefully also old patterns, old beliefs, old habits-  we make way for a timely rebirth. As the birth pains intensify,  many are panicking. This is not easy. Yet human kind has gone through many such shifts and crisis… they are all cyclical. Up and down we go on the ferris wheel of life. We made it this far.  We can do this. Hang on for the ride. And don’t forget to breathe out.