Weekly Astrology Forecast September 6 – 12, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Sep-21 Venus square Pluto and trine Jupiter, Mars trine Pluto.
Controlling relationships. Secrets exposed. Financial manipulation. Or – choosing joy over fear. Motivation to change for the better. Strength to overcome.

07-Sep-21 New Moon in Virgo, Sun trine Uranus
Start small. A tingle of anticipation. Awakening to what needs to change. A revolutionary new start.

08-Sep-21 Mercury opposite Chiron
Painful conversation. Reticence. Doubting choices. A need to carefully weigh up the information to hand. Check in with a mentor.

09-Sep-21 No major aspects

10-Sep-21 Venus enters Scorpio
Deepening intimacy. The power of love. Love that changes your world. All or nothing in relationships. Emotional intensity in matters of the heart.

11-Sep-21 No major aspects

12-Sep-21 No major aspects

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New Moon Virgo: What’s New?

New Moon Virgo, butterfly emerging from hands

New Moon [14 Virgo 38]

– September 7, 2021 (01:52 GMT+1)

At the time of the New Moon, all is dark. You only see the sliver of the crescent moon a couple of days after the exact moment of the New Moon.

Traditionally, you set your intentions at the time of the New Moon. Then, you make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky.

At the exact moment of the New Moon, the Sun & Moon sit side-by-side in the zodiac in earth sign Virgo.

Virgo is the star sign of order & analysis, list-making & strategy, resourcefulness & measured behaviour. It’s linked to work and routine, lifestyle and health, self-care and service to others.

Therefore, this is an excellent New Moon to start a new habit or begin any activity that feeds you, nurtures you, grounds you & strengthens you.

The Uranus Factor

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. One planet in particular stands out during this New Moon and that planet is hyper, live-wire Uranus. At 14 degrees Taurus, Uranus is making an exact trine aspect to both the Sun & Moon.

When Uranus is involved, you can expect the unexpected, be ready for the diversion, the swift change of pace. Uranus is the rebel & activist.

If you haven’t found anything to protest about or get frustrated in recent times, you’re not living in the world. It’s hard to settle and continue with your daily routine as the world goes mad around you.

The other planet in Virgo is Mars so use your anger, your irritation to stoke the fires that burn deep within, that urge you to make a difference. You might sign a petition, join a protest, voice your concerns or uphold your beliefs. Uranus is the trigger, the spark that unites the collective.

The Call of the Moon

And yet, the call of this New Moon in Virgo is to continue living your life well, to restore order, calm the mind and not let fear or worry take hold.

A New Moon in a feminine earth sign is the ideal time to put one foot in front of the other, to allow the constancy and beauty of nature to soothe your soul, to be grateful for the rituals and routine of your daily life.

Much nurturing and care is needed now. Start with you, the ones you love, heal self & others, help and be of service, then gently move out into the world.

Happy New Moon

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The California Recall Election

For the second time in twenty years, California is holding a recall election for its governor.  Like Gray Davis in 2003, the at-risk chief executive is a Democrat, Gavin Newsom, less than two years into his first term, former mayor of San Francisco.  Unlike the successful challenge mounted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, there is no high-profile Republican candidate running to unseat Newsom in 2021.  Rather, upwards of 40 little-known candidates have ponied-up to the electoral bar, from across the political spectrum, but Newsom is not among them, as the current governor is not allowed to run to replace himself.


To be held September 14th, voters will be presented with two questions on the California Recall ballot:  first, whether to retain Newsom in office or remove him; and then, stating their preference for his replacement, which option they can exercise even if they had voted to keep him.  Mail-in ballots have been sent to every registered voter, which may boost turnout in this off-year, off-season election, possibly giving Democrats an advantage in retaining the seat.  Newsom is consistently polling just above 50% saying he ought to remain in his job, but should he drop below that level, he will be replaced by whoever has a plurality of votes, no matter how few are cast; there is no runoff provision to winnow the field.  Currently polling best among his would-be successors, with roughly a quarter of the vote, is Republican Larry Elder, an African American conservative talk radio host and author.

So the polls tenuously endorse a Newsom victory – what do the stars say?  Born 10 October 1967 at 5:13 AM PDT in San Francisco, California (Rodden Rating AA), Gavin Newsom has a firm grasp on power, with Pluto exactly conjunct the 21 Virgo Ascendant and squared natal asteroid Gavini at 26 Sagittarius, combining two personal celestial markers (Ascendant and Gavini, for Gavin) with the source of personal power.  In itself, Gavini is also exactly conjunct asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, so winning comes naturally to Newsom.  Asteroid California at 24 Pisces on the Descendant, T-Squared Gavini/Nike and opposed Asc/Pluto, shows the venue for Newsom’s personal power and victories; California’s angularity identifies it as a pivotal locale in Newsom’s biography.

California Governor Gavin Newsom; with Pluto on the Ascendant, squared asteroid Nike conjunct Gavini, Newsom is used to winning and wields his personal power with confidence and authority, as a marker of his identity and public image

The Sun at 16 Libra conjoins asteroid Newsome (for Newsom; thus both his PNAs conform to the typical pattern of aspecting Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the birth chart) and opposes Saturn at 8 Aries, moving Gavin Newsom into government work (Saturn), specifically in the role of Chief Executive (also Saturn).  The Moon at 16 Capricorn is exactly at First Quarter square with the Sun, and creates a T-Square of the Saturn polarity, suggesting, among other things, the likelihood of government (Saturn) housing (Moon).

Newsom was cheated in this natal potential during his tenure in San Francisco by the fact that the City by the Bay has no official mayoral residence; and he voluntarily voided the celestial manufacturer’s warranty when he abandoned the California governor’s mansion barely three months after moving in, opting for a private residence just outside Sacramento.  Perhaps third time will be the charm:  with asteroid Whitehouse at 16 Cancer filling out the Grand Cross, and exactly aspected to the Sun and Moon, an Oval Office run seems likely in the future, giving Newsom a crack at fulfilling the cosmic government housing proviso at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

newsom ballot
The recall election is perfectly timed celestially, with the spotlighting Sun exactly conjunct asteroid California, and opposing Gavini – all eyes on the Golden State and its Governor

On September 14th, the Governor and his state are appropriately highlighted for the Recall Election, with the transit Sun exactly conjunct asteroid California at 22 Virgo (just one degree past Newsom’s natal Ascendant) and opposed asteroid Gavini at 27 Pisces, placing both in the spotlight.  But not so fast!  Neptune is also part of the mix, conjoined Gavini and opposing Sun/California from 21 Pisces (highlighting Newsom’s natal Descendant/California pairing, suggesting his personal/Gavini relationship/Desc with the Golden State/California is in flux/Neptune), an indication of possible confusion at the ballot box, or disappointment in the outcome (both Neptune keywords).  (One likely source of the confusion could be that Democratic voters who support Newsom on Question One will not realize that they can also voice a preference for his successor, thus skewing the Question Two results towards a Republican challenger.)

That looming threat for princes and potentates, symbolized by the ongoing Jupiter/Damocles conjunction, which has taken down more than one public figure of late, remains in effect at 24 and 26 Aquarius, making this recall effort part and parcel of that current energy.  Also of note, a potential controversy regarding the vote itself.  Conducted largely by mail, transit asteroid Maillen (phonetic stand-in for “mail-in”) at 14 Taurus is an exact match for transit Uranus, and is stationary, turning retrograde on September 6th.  This could indicate an unexpected or controversial  (Uranus) development in the process, as related to mail-in ballots (Maillen), or perhaps a sluggish retrieval of that vote (the stationary status).

newsom cover
Things look promising cosmically for Newsom retaining his office, but Neptune opposed the Sun and California on Election Day, with asteroid Maillen conjunct Uranus, suggests a heightened level of confusion in the process, and the possibility of some controversy regarding the mail-in ballots

Transit asteroid Newsome at 29 Aries exactly opposes asteroid Sisyphus at 29 Libra, a symbol of repetitive action which neatly suggests the recall vote itself, and this polarity is T-Squared by transit Pluto at 24 Capricorn, identifying the playing field as Newsom’s personal power base, and perhaps evoking a devastating transformation (also Pluto) in circumstance.  The Newsome/Sisyphus opposition also forms the spine of a Boomerang Yod with inconjuncts from Newsome to Sun/California and asteroid Nike at 22 Scorpio, though the orbs here are a bit wide, indicating that Fate has a major role to play in the outcome.

More closely bound up in this pattern is Newsom’s natal Uranus at 26 Virgo and natal asteroid Victoria at 28 Scorpio, named for Nike’s Roman counterpart and the root of our word “victory.”  This suggests an unexpected win, but Neptune is once again the fly in the cosmic ointment, with natal Neptune at 22 Scorpio, exactly conjoined transit Nike, spreading uncertainty like a fog.

newsom elder
Currently leading the pack of contenders to replace Newsom is Republican Larry Elder; with asteroid Lawrence conjunct Nike and asteroid Larry at station conjoined Victoria, Elder’s win on Question Two seems likely, but it may be a moot point, if Newsom is retained in office on Question One

This contest is not a typical one, in that Newsom is not directly running against anybody, but rather, against his own performance as governor, as Californians rate it.  That said, Larry Elder’s prospects do look good for the day, with transit asteroid Lawrence (for given first name Laurence) at 25 Scorpio conjunct winning Nike, and transit asteroid Larry at 26 Capricorn conjunct both transit Pluto at 24 Cap and transit Victoria at 3 Aquarius, doubling down on the victory vibe (Nike, Victoria) for Elder (Lawrence, Larry), with prospects for increased personal power (Pluto again).  Both Larry and Victoria are strategically embedded at station, perhaps indicating a literal “turning point” in Elder’s life (win or lose, this election is likely to be a watershed moment for him and his career).  Larry resumes direct motion a week before the election, while Victoria turned direct on September 2nd, both still at their station degrees.  However, given the peculiar circumstances of this vote, this may refer only to a theoretical win of Question Two, voided and rendered moot by a Newsom victory on Question One.  A third Larry referent, asteroid Laurentia, appears at 23 Gemini, closely opposed asteroid NOT, a general disqualifier, at 22 Sagittarius, and T-Squared Sun/California, suggesting a cosmic nolle prosequi for the conservative talk radio host in his quest to be California’s next governor.  Larry Elder may find himself the winner of a contest that doesn’t apply.

And that, for now, seems the most likely outcome.  But with Neptune, certainty is always a mirage.

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New Moon in Virgo: Prepare Purge Purify

There is a New Moon in Virgo (@ 14 degrees)  on Sept. 6, 2021.

This is the time of focusing back in after the expansive energy of the summer.  The merging of solar and lunar energies at a New Moon  creates new doorways to walk through,  new windows to open,  bringing entirely fresh points of view (if we choose to see them).

At the same time, new restrictions are occurring as we continue to wind out way through and around the ongoing pressure of Saturn (rules, limitations) in tension with  Uranus freedom.  Virgo ‘s job is to help us winnow out the false from the real, to help us clarify where we are going and what we want to create in our life and in the world.
As the  Sun  begins to get lower in the sky and the days get shorter (sigh), there’s more of a chill in the air where I live in the northern hemisphere, and although part of me wishes we could have just a bit more summer, I also appreciate the sharpening of focus that occurs at this time of year.; people are getting back to work,  kids are getting back to school, and we are called to put our energy into organization, health and service.

Because this particular New Moon is linked to the Moon’s Nodes it has a special significance for the current direction of global collective consciousness. Virgo, and Pisces opposite,  are considered signs of initiation …  any pressure on these nodal points can move us into a crisis,  triggering a deep purification of what no longer serves us. That pressure is coming from the planet Neptune.

I’ve written before about how the nodes of the Moon are an intersection point between the earth sun and moon ~ called the ‘Collective Destiny Points’ (this is where eclipses occur). The nodes describe the lessons a  society must go through at a given time,  and any planets at right angles to these points show us what has to be dealt with and integrated before we can fully step into our future. With the  nodes currently  in Gemini and Sagittarius, we are being called to open up to a diversity of viewpoints (Gemini) while we re-examine our core belief systems (Sagittarius). 

Critical thinking is essential at this time!(Virgo)


Neptune is making that difficult by blurring ‘reality’ and bringing  a lot of confusing, mixed messages, and false facts mixed with fear to the global consciousness. Neptune rules our hopes and dreams, as well as our unconscious fears. It also rules the immune system and viruses!  There are so many narratives floating around right now,  and we have to figure out which ones to believe and which to discard. Beware of lies and illusions! You may think you know what is going on, and you may be right.  Or – you may be mistaken.

Neptune is a  highly spiritual sign who’s purpose is to  dissolve our barriers and melt away the  rigid boundaries that separate us from all that is. That can be a good thing, and it can also be very challenging. When Neptune comes into your life expect things to go a bit sideways as you learn to surrender and trust.

Neptune in its own sign of  Pisces  also awakens our compassion and desire to serve the greater good. And while imagination and creativity are heightened,  getting focused enough to actually put any of these into practical application could be a challenge. Lack of clarity and the tendency to doubt everything, including ourselves,  can trigger  feelings of overwhelm, leading to escapism and denial, confusion and chaos, or a sense of hopelessness or defeat. The ensuing self-doubt can lead some to check out, numb out, or hide in denial because it all feels too much.
All of this is combined right now with a strong  push  to move forward, and the  inspiration to ‘get er done’. The key  is to find enough clarity of mind to trust your own instincts as you sift the false from the real so you can move forward with confidence. That also includes facing facts. Don’t deny or avoid – look at things squarely so you can know what you need to do to proceed. It can often feel like ‘two steps forward ~ one step back,  as Mars (ego, will, action) moves in opposition to Neptune (dissolving).  
 In terms of the global crisis,  there are a lot of people saying ‘trust the science’. Yet which science do you trust? Seems there’s a lot out there to sort through. and more every day.  One key to mental health is to direct  all of this pressure  in a positive way ~ let the world go for a moment and focus on  what feeds your soul ~ music, meditation, art, dance, play, chanting, meditating  ~ whatever floats your boat. Let this nonlinear energy carry you  into its spiral of creativity, rather than down a negative spiral of depression. 


“Right now there is a majour energetic shift going on that is rattling everyone’s cage.”
Lee Harris
These are not ordinary times. We are being called to step up and get real, which means finding out what is real in the midst of so much uncertainty and unreality. Cages need rattling ~ doors need opening ~ hearts need healing. Pluto is urging us to break free from whatever emotional cage (pattern) is keeping us a prisoner.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of shame and blame right now. It’s always ‘those guys’ who are at fault. Venus calls us to accept each other, even in the midst of our differences. Find middle ground. We are all in this together, one planet, one human race.

Common sense is uncommon.   Let the Sun in Virgo shine a light through the fog to bring you  clarity and discernment.
Art by Catrin Weltz- Stein
 You know you want to!!
And remember, there’s always a rainbow after a storm.