Jupiter Enters Aries: Taking A Leap Of Faith

Jupiter enters Aries, a leap of faith

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Jupiter Enters Aries 

– May 11, 2022 (00:22 GMT+1)

The big news this week is the fact that Jupiter is on the move. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe and the best planet in astrology. Jupiter takes twelve years to circuit the zodiac bringing its blessings to each of the twelve star signs in turn.

In mythology, Jupiter was a Sky God, linked to expansion, benevolence and protection. Jupiter is the planet that represents travel, higher education, the law, truth & justice, wherever you seek meaning & purpose in life, the bigger picture. At its best, Jupiter’s influence is jovial, fortunate and lucky.

Therefore, wherever Jupiter goes, you’re wise to follow as this is where opportunity lies. What begins under a Jupiter transit often promises success.

Jupiter In Aries

Jupiter enters the first sign of the zodiac Aries on May 11, 2022 for the first time since 2010/2011.

This is great news if you’re an Aries but potentially good news for all the star signs. It’s been a super emotional and at times overwhelming few months with Jupiter in water sign Pisces.

If you’re ready for action, Jupiter in Aries is the time to be a trail-blazer and take a leap of faith. Jupiter in Aries is fearless & feisty. This is about taking a stand or fighting for what you believe in.

As the world’s axis turns, it’s becoming ever more important to stand up for individual rights and Jupiter in Aries is a reminder that it only takes one person to make an impact on the world.

Jupiter in Aries is the the visionary, the pioneer. Put the planet of optimism and faith in the star sign that loves to start something new and this combination is great for risk-taking and being an innovator.

Jupiter is a cosmic reminder that luck is an attitude. Sit back and do nothing and luck may not find you. Have a big vision, be a risk-taker and have an invincible self-belief and you can fly.

Jupiter in Aries says ‘do it now’, don’t procrastinate.  Jupiter in Aries is a leader but not someone who’s going to bother drawing up the business plan or seeing things through to completion. For that, you need a team around you.

There’s impatience here too, a competitive spirit, a desire to win. Jupiter in Aries promises a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and vision for the future. Notice who or what appears in your life on the day that Jupiter enters Aries, May 11th.

Plan Your Move Using The Timing of Astrology

This may be the start of something new & positive in your life even it takes a while to develop because of the Mercury retrograde phase taking place at the same time. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Where are you being asked to take a leap of faith?

Communication planet Mercury turned retrograde on May 10th and remains on go slow until June 3rd. Therefore, plan ahead and get ready to make your move once Mercury is back up to speed next month.

There may be a few twists and turns along the way as there often are when Mercury’s upside-down and back-to-front but Jupiter’s getting prepared and fired up for action. It’s a good time for you to be doing the same.

Jupiter’s leaping in and out of Aries so use the timing of this to your advantage. Here are the dates when Jupiter’s in Aries:

  • May 10 to October 28, 2022 
  • December 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023 

Where Jupiter Promises Success

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of life that Jupiter will highlight in your horoscope in the coming months. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

Jupiter encourages risk-taking, envisioning, enthusiasm and positive vibes. The more you put in, the more you get back in return.

Aries: Jupiter is in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. The spotlight’s on you when Jupiter’s in Aries giving you the feel-good factor and doubling your luck. Embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say yes to life. An ideal time to improve your image or profile.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 12th house ruling retreat and quiet times. An ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation, yoga or go on a retreat. Let the inner journey begin and practise self-care. You may be caring for other people and taking time out to volunteer.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 11th house ruling friends, groups, social activities and concerns. An ideal time to connect with old and new friends alike, join a club, society or community project, do your bit for a humanitarian, environmental, political or social cause. Breathe new life into your hopes and wishes, create a team of people around you.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. An ideal time to change career, ask for a pay-rise, go for promotion, take a sabbatical, work abroad, gain new qualifications or pursue a dream goal. This is about your status and reputation and making a new commitment.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. Emigrate, sign up for a life-changing course, be open-minded and explore life in depth. Step out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Virgo: Jupiter is in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. An ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy, share resources and pool finances. Dive deep into the metaphysical realm.

Libra: Jupiter is in your 7th house ruling your one-to-one relationships. An ideal time to fall in love, propose or be proposed to, play the field and become a dating superstar, let go of any relationship that restricts you, employ a personal trainer, life coach or find your ideal business partner. Be a double act and do what you do best.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others and your health. An ideal time to change around the 9-to-5 so you free up your time. Apply for a new job, join a volunteer agency, boost your health and fitness. Jupiter in Aries is likely to be busy for you so prioritise what’s important.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in your 5th house ruling children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. An ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, work with children, write your masterpiece, explore your creativity, have an affair, become a socialite, buy tickets for a big event. Play more, work less.

Capricorn: Jupiter is in your 4th house ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. An ideal time to move home, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with family and find your clan. You could become a DIY expert or be proactive in helping others in a home or family-related project.

Aquarius: Jupiter is in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. An ideal time to launch a website, tell stories, reconnect with brothers, sisters or people who live close by, join your neighbourhood watch scheme, update your mode of communication or transport, become a teacher or mentor.

Pisces: Jupiter is in your 2nd house ruling money, personal possessions and what you value in life. An ideal time to earn more money, play with your investments, think ‘less is more’ and de-clutter your possessions, show your charitable or philanthropic side, value yourself highly. Ensure you get paid what you deserve.

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Mercury Retrograde: Slowing Down Down

Mercury Retrograde – May 10 to June 3, 2022

Mercury retrograde, trickster

Mercury The Trickster

In true Mercury retrograde style, my Mercury retrograde blog post is relatively late. There’s no point directing you to the advice prior to the communication planet switching direction as we’re already in it.

In mythology, Mercury’s alter-ego was the trickster, the thief. Therefore, when the communication planet is causing havoc, it’s not the ideal time to try and fix things, deal with technology, make sense of what’s going on. Expect for things to be delayed, for life to take you on a diversion, for everyday matters to take longer than usual.

Mercury likes to be in Gemini, one of the mutable, flexible star signs, linked to duality. Gemini’s zodiac symbol is the twins. So, even though Mercury turns retrograde, it may not feel as if you’re slowing down just yet.

Gemini rules the mind & communication so you might be multi-tasking, trying to keep the lines of communication open, be doing research or finding out more. Mercury remains in Gemini until May 23rd.

This Mercury retrograde phase could be devious, discombobulating, a mind-f–k, a double dose of tricks & lies. It is not a great time to be making a major decision or investment.

Ideally, wait until early to mid-June before making the big moves. If you do have to sign or seal an agreement, read the small print, ask all those irritating questions and double check everything.

Keep your feet on the ground over the next few weeks and engage your common sense. Some ideas won’t be worth following up, some promises may not be kept. Mercury retrograde often coincides with misunderstandings & miscommunications. Be discerning and questioning.

What Mercury Retrograde Is Good For

Do, however, allow yourself to escape from the worries of the world, find your retreat and reconsider where happiness lies. Read books, dive deep into a creative activity, reconnect with people from your past. Write letters, learn a language, talk to people you don’t normally connect with.

If you’re a worrier or prone to anxiety, find ways to unplug & quieten the mind. Do puzzles, jigsaws, switch off the news, detox from social media, block out your calendar or social diary, at least for a few days. Learn to switch off.

Mercury Retrograde Second Phase

As you may see above, Mercury is only retrograde in Gemini until May 23rd as Mercury then retreats back into earth sign Taurus.

The second phase of Mercury retrograde could feel very different. Events on or around May 21st when the Sun & Mercury retrograde align might prove pivotal. You may do an about-turn or change your plans completely.

Once Mercury is on go slow in Taurus, this is the equivalent of slowing right down. Taking time out to be in nature and to reconnect with the natural rhythms of the cosmos, the universe.

Deliberately slow down your pace and allow your mind to unwind and your body to rest. Give yourself space to turn inwards where the Mercury retrograde gems are waiting to be discovered.

Potential Turning Points

You may sense a turning point during the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, a symbol of new beginnings. As Mercury turns direct a few days later on June 3rd, this is when you might be able to push things through.

It’s an ideal time to chase things up, to get back in touch with people you’re waiting on, to find out what’s really going on.

Don’t let trickster Mercury trip you up this month. Stay grounded, quieten your mind, question everything.

Astrological news this week: Mercury, Jupiter and a Scorpio SuperMoon eclipse


Astrological update for the week of May 9-16, 2022

There’s a lot going on this week!   Mercury turns retrograde on May 10th, the same day that Jupiter enters Aries.  Mercury is in Gemini now, a sign in which it is very much at home, but it will retrograde back into Taurus on May 22nd. Mercury is the planet associated with mental activity, the processing of information, short travels and the operation of equipment. Where Mercury in Gemini is active and curious, easily able to change and adapt, Taurus is a fixed sign and Mercury in Taurus tends to be more stubborn and resists change which can make a retrograde period more difficult. During retrograde periods of any planet there is a tendency to retrace our steps and look back to re-assess aspects of our life which may not be ideal, and that is particularly true when Mercury is retrograde.  So take precautions and be careful with communication and any processing of information, but expect that glitches may happen anyway. No need to put your life on hold or delay doing something important!

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10th, and you can read all about that here. Venus is already in Aries, and this infusion of fire will help to shake off some of the fairy dust of the Pisces stellium that’s been in effect over the past month. The challenge of Pisces is to find that boundary line between Jupiterian optimism and Neptunian illusion, and Jupiter moving from Pisces to Aries will hopefully help us to burn through any clouds of confusion. I’m also hoping it will bring an end to the stock market decline.

 The lunar eclipse at the Scorpio Moon occurs May 16th at 12:15 am EDT, but the energies of the eclipse will be building for much of the week, especially once the Moon moves into Scorpio on May 14th. A Full Moon in Scorpio is a crescendo of emotion and passion, but when the Moon is eclipsed by the Sun something long hidden may be revealed. This is a pretty strong eclipse astrologically, with the lunar nodes just three degrees away from the Sun and Moon. The lunar nodes, the points in the sky where the paths of the Sun and Moon collide, are associated with past and future: the path to our ultimate destiny. This is what makes eclipses potentially so powerful.  Fortunately a harmonious trine from Pluto will help to maintain a fertile ground in which a positive transformation can occur.

A conjunction from Mars to Neptune will build later in the week and won’t actually peak until next week, but this dynamic is embedded in the eclipse chart. Mars and Neptune are both in Pisces, and while the energy of Mars is watered down in Pisces, it can add some fire to Neptune to help to energize the dreamy Piscean fantasies into action.

One thing to note is the increasing presence of the fire element that is evident throughout the week: Jupiter entering the fire sign of Aries, fire planet Mars energizing Neptune, and Mars as the ruling planet of the Scorpio eclipse. The fire element fuels our desires, our drives and passions so expect this to be a lively week!es.