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The changing nature of money under Uranus


by Lynn Hayes

The planetary influence of Uranus manifests in disruption of the status quo – whatever sign Uranus travels through will bring disruption and radical reshaping of the worldly matters that are associated with that sign. Often this radical change includes a technological factor since Uranus rules technology and invention, and this has been true with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus has been in Taurus since the fall of 2018, corresponding to the cryptocurrency boom. Taurus is an earth sign and describes the way we achieve economic security and a sense of material well-being, including financial wealth and finance so with Uranus in Taurus we would expect to see a change in the way things of value are exchanged. (See my article from 2018 about a Swiss referendum on the ability of banks to create money out of thin air.)

In any case, after Pluto (destruction and re-creation) entered Capricorn (societal structures such as banks) in 2008 resulting in the financial crash, the resulting lack of trust in global financial systems led to an embrace of new ways of handling money. Bitcoin emerged in 2009 but didn’t gain a foothold until 2010 when it was primarily used for secretive transactions by renegades on the dark web (Uranus was in independent Aries at the time).

During the challenging square from Uranus to Pluto that lasted between 2011 and 2017 there were all kinds of disruptions and revolutions, and this provided a fertile ground for monetary changes, and then in 2018 when Uranus moved into Taurus Bitcoin exploded.

This was not the first time Uranus in Taurus had radically changed the nature of money. When Uranus was last in Taurus, the U.S. gold standard was suspended (1933) and gold was privatized. Private accounts were insured by the government (FDIC) in the midst of the Great Depression. This was followed by the entry of Uranus into Gemini in 1941, corresponding to the origination of the International Monetary Fund in 1944. In the U.S., inflation hit an all-time high.

So what will happen when Uranus leaves Taurus for Gemini in 2025? That will be an interesting time altogether – Pluto with Jupiter, Saturn and the three outer planets all in the first degrees of new signs and none of them will be earth signs of hard practicality. We are in the Age of Air following the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that heralded a new elemental shift from Earth, and I suspect that by that time we will be fully moved out of a cash system into a more etheric system that is completely dependent on trust.

Ever since the world abolished currency systems based on metals and things of intrinsic value, the global financial system has been dependent on trust. Until now, though, we have had paper money and coins to foster the illusion that our economic system was based on something real. I believe that when Uranus moves into Gemini this illusion will make way for something more abstract – and more difficult to control. Without the ability to tie our economic system to something stable, the fluctuations of currency will likely become more erratic.

We are heading into interesting times for sure!


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The Colorado Springs Drag Show Shooting

Just before midnight on Saturday, 19 November 2022, a man clad in body armor with an AR-15-style long rifle entered Club Q, an LGBTQ+ watering hole in a strip mall on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, Colorado, which was hosting a drag show that evening.  He began shooting into the crowd, but was tackled two minutes later by two patrons and subdued until police arrived.  In those two minutes, he had killed five and wounded 18 others.


The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder and committing a hate crime.  Aldrich was born Nicholas Brink, but petitioned the court as a minor for the name change at age 16, to avoid association with his criminal father.  Lawyers stated in court filings at his arraignment that he identifies as nonbinary, and should be addressed with the pronouns “they/them.”

The victims included two bartenders at Club Q, Derrick Rump, 38, and Daniel Aston, 28, a transgender man who also entertained there.  Another transgender person was killed in the attack, Kelly Loving, who had celebrated her 40th birthday just days before.  Ironically, two other victims of this gay hate crime were themselves straight – Ashley Paugh, 35, and Raymond Green Vance, 22.  Vance was the boyfriend of the daughter of the man who initially brought down the shooter, Richard Fierro; the Fierros were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

club Q shooter
Shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, seen here with his mother, whose house the threatened to bomb the year before; asteroid Andersen exactly conjoins asteroid Ganymed, a gay marker, and asteroid Apophis, symbol of pure evil, squared asteroid Atropos, named for the Fate who severs the thread of life at death

The shooting began at 11:59 PM MST, a minute before the first 911 call was placed.  The chart shows asteroid Sappho at 28 Aquarius rising on the 4 Virgo Ascendant, opposing Damocles at 28 Aquarius setting on the 4 Pisces Descendant.  Sappho, named for an ancient Greek lesbian poet, is a marker for LGBTQ issues generally, while Damocles represents the looming threat, a disaster about to descend at any moment.

On the 0 Gemini Midheaven is asteroid Drago, for “drag”, at 3 Gemini, and this opposes a cluster of points on the 0 Sagittarius IC:  the Sun at 27 Scorpio, lying at the fulcrum of a T-Square crafted from the Sappho/Damocles polarity, pulling its potential into focus; asteroid Richard at 1 Sagittarius, the first name of the hero patron who tackled the gunman; Mercury at 4 Sagittarius, connoting a newsworthy event; Venus at 5 Sagittarius, describing the entertainment venue (and in opposition to Drago, specifically a drag show); an exact conjunction of asteroids Lee and Gunn at 7 Sagittarius, tying Anderson Lee Aldrich directly to his weapon of choice; and asteroid Daniela at 8 Sagittarius, feminine form of victim Daniel Aston’s first name.

club Q fierro
Club patron Richard Fierro tackled and brought down the gunman less than two minutes after the shooting began; asteroid Richard is angular on the IC, conjoined the Sun, Mercury (news), Venus (entertainment venue), asteroid Lee (gunman’s middle name) and Gunn (for the weapon), opposed asteroid Drago (drag)

The shooter is seen again in various PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) which reflect both his birth and adopted names.  Asteroid Andersen (alternate spelling of Anderson) appears at 12 Libra, exactly conjunct asteroid Ganymed, another gay marker (named for Zeus’ cupbearer and boy-toy lover), in a cluster with asteroids Rip at 3 Libra (“Rest In Peace”), Nicky at 7 Libra (for birth name Nicholas), Apophis at 8 Libra (named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil), Antinous at 9 Libra (yet another gay marker, named for Roman Emperor Hadrian’s lover), and the Moon at 10 Libra, the proximate trigger of the event.

Asteroids Nichols and Nicole (two more variations of Nicholas) square this from 10 and 15 Capricorn respectively, while also conjoined asteroid Atropos at 17 Capricorn, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death.  Asteroid Niccolo (there is no Nicholas asteroid, but quite a few variants) at 13 Taurus conjoins Uranus at 16 Taurus, planetary ruler of shootings, and squares asteroid Lachesis (named for the Fate who determines the span of life) and Saturn (ancient lord of death) at 11 and 19 Aquarius.  Asteroid Nichol at 29 Capricorn conjoins Pluto, modern lord of death and planetary ruler of homicide as well as criminal acts, at 26 Capricorn.

club Q club
Club Q was the one place the local LGBTQ+ community felt safe and able to be themselves – no more; asteroid Sappho, named for an ancient lesbian poet, is rising on the Ascendant for the shooting, opposed by Damocles, the doom hanging unseen overhead, in a T-Square with the Sun

Also here is asteroid Kelly at 21 Capricorn, conjoined Pluto, and asteroid Loving at 25 Cancer, opposed it, for victim Kelly Loving.  Asteroid Daniel, for victim Daniel Aston, appears at 20 Sagittarius, opposed Mars at 22 Gemini, ruler of guns, attacks and violent death, in a T-Square with asteroid Osiris at 20 Virgo on the fulcrum, named for the Egyptian god of the dead, exactly squared Daniel.  Also on the fulcrum is asteroid Tantalus, a point noted for the commission of heinous acts, at 17 Virgo.

Ashley Paugh is represented by asteroid Ashley, which at 5 Scorpio exactly conjoins asteroid Anubis, named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, and also conjunct Requiem at 6 Scorpio, named for the funeral mass for the dead, and asteroid Eros at 8 Scorpio, highlighting the gay vibe of the venue (Eros was the acknowledged patron of homosexual unions in Hellenistic Greece).  Asteroid Raymond, for victim Raymond Green Vance, ties to this from 29 Libra, from where it also squares Pluto.  Asteroid Green at 14 Aries squares Atropos and opposes the Libra stellium.

club Q victims
Photos of Kelly Loving (left to right), Derrick Rump, Ashley Paugh, Raymond Green Vance and Daniel Aston stand above a memorial outside of Colorado Springs’ Club Q; each had PNAs representing them which interacted with death indicators that day

There is no Derrick asteroid, for victim Derrick Rump, but there are four Derek CNAs (Compound-Name Asteroids, with first and last name strung together as one word, capable of being separated and used for either name), and all four factor significantly into the day with connections to death indicators.  Asteroid Derekmuller at 21 Virgo conjoins Osiris and Tantalus; asteroid Dereknelson at 9 Cancer squares the Libra stellium including Rip, while asteroid Derekshannon at 1 Libra conjoins it, and asteroid Derekwoo at 5 Aries opposes. The last three also form a Grand Cross with TNO Ixion at 1 Capricorn, named for the first murderer in Greek myth.

As a veteran of far too many of these stories over the past 15 years, I can confirm that this level of connectivity is quite typical of such incidents.  Far from being unique or extraordinary, with 606 mass shootings in the US this year already, one might almost say it’s commonplace.

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Mars in Gemini vs Mercury in Aries

 What do Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries have in common? 


What makes them different? 



To be able to understand deeply, let’s switch on our right brain hemisphere, or if you prefer, our contemplative mind, the part of our soul that is able to surrender and be inspired.


Let’s let go of the desire to dissect, analyse and control the language of the stars with brutal logic. We don’t want to bin reason altogether but we definitely need less of this attitude. 

Sacred symbols are much more likely to reveal themselves if we approach them in a state of loving innocence. We need to take the time it takes to “wonder”. “Wonder” means both wanting to know and admiring. Let’s wonder.


Let’s think in pictures and remember something fundamental: Planets are called “rulers” or sometimes “lords”. Signs are “domiciles”. 


Rulers or Lords… are characters. Kings, princes, dukes, CEOs, landlords, owners… 


Signs are domiciles. That’s where you’re home. 


Home is also country. When we are kicked out of our homeland, we are in exile, like a planet in the opposite sign. 


The analogy is built in the astrological system.


Is your home an energy field?  Does it resemble you? Or course it does. 



With metaphorical pictures, the process is to wonder, to play with them like children and let the symbols reveal themselves…

If you have switched your right brain hemisphere on, you have not been impatiently wondering how long it would take me to get to the point and talk about Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini. 


The left brain wants to get to the point quickly, it says: “Focus focus focus and don’t get distracted!” The right brain doesn’t care for that. It is in constant overview mode. 



Situating stuff in context is the way to make sense of stuff. This can be done walking or listening to music, daydreaming or just being downright lazy. 


A lot of accusations of laziness in our world are proffered by hyperactive idiots suggesting poets stop wasting time loving. Astrology is sacred poetry, it is divination. 


Don’t worry, I have not forgotten Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini! 


Mercury as a character can be a postman (a young one, with a cheeky smile but friendly), a student, a trader, a reader, a writer, a journalist, a gossiper, a thief, an imitator, a clown, a sibling, a neighbour… 


There are many options! We need to pick one or two, and see if we can make sense in the context of interpreting a whole chart. If not, we can try another one. 


Also, as everyone has Mercury in their chart, we need to evaluate how dominant Mercury is. Some of us have it more prominent than others. 

Mercury could be a student, not just a student floating in the middle of nowhere after coming out of the blue, a student in context, sitting in a classroom. To think in pictures we need them to be alive! Let’s say this student is a she.


She is listening to the lesson, she understands very quickly – she can have a chat with her classmate and follow the lesson at the same time, but the classmate is not that quick: she loses the thread of the lesson – Mercury is too funny! 

Let’s dip this picture of Mercury into Aries: the student is talking to her mate in the classroom. She understands the lesson, maybe not as precisely as if Mercury was in Gemini, but maybe even quicker. 


The element is Fire: she gets intuitively what the teacher is talking about. Trouble is, she is too loud for someone who is supposed to shut up and listen. The teacher becomes annoyed and scolds her. She answers back: if the teacher really wanted her to shut up the teacher would make an effort and be more interesting. The teacher is upset. Mercury in Aries hardly understands why! 


If you want to please your left brain, and those of the people you’re providing interpretations for, you can translate this little story into a list of personality traits. 


You can also imagine that Mercury is the postman. In Aries, which is Mars’ domicile, he comes over to deliver a parcel.  Mars is busy punching a bag. He has boxing gloves on. Mercury wants him to sign a receipt. He has to insist. No he won’t just leave the parcel on the table there and go, he wants his receipt signed. Mars has to understand that the only way to get rid of Mercury is to take off the gloves, grab the pen and sign!  Mercury wins. Key words: insisting, persuading, standing our ground. 

Writing this, I would love to rush forward and carry on with Mars in Gemini, but there are always moments of saturation. My mind is full of Mercury in Aries now, I feel excited but I’ve got the writer’s block. Or the astrologer’s block, it’s the same.


It’s time to remember what I was talking about at the beginning of this post… I can’t force my way through. 


Dear Great Spirit, please, let me see the pictures, Mars in Gemini, please, reveal thyself! 






A good night’s sleep did help. I am currently reading a novel called Red Sparrow, by Jason Matthews, it’s a story with Russian and American spies. What they are doing is called “intelligence”. Isn’t this a good illustration of Mars in Gemini! This Mars brings its Scorpio side to the equation, these agents are warriors but it’s all happening underground, top secret…  


I am used to thinking of Mercury in Scorpio as the spy in the astrological wheels. There are various facets to realities. Mars in Gemini may show the one who takes risks, get tortured  on occasion but resists, in the service of intelligence. Mercury in Scorpio may emphasise more the nosy creature side of the spying business, the flair, the cunning… 


This morning, I opened my inbox… I was shocked. A message from Paypal talking about an unauthorised operation and that they would debit my account of £590. Gasp! It was a scam indeed. Someone sent me a fund request. Paypal notified me. Therefore the message I got was from a trusted sender. The note associated with the request appeared in big letters in my inbox, and it sounded very official. Mars in Gemini, I got scared! Thank you for revealing thyself, I asked for it! 





I went for a run in the neighboring park. . There is an outdoor gym. Exercising is a great way to flush the mental overload and restart thinking; without knowing it, I had become another living illustration of Mars in Gemini. 



As I was running, I had a mental picture coming up, Mars was rushing like a shepherd dog herding scattered energies: a number of writing projects I started in the past and forgot… Mars in Gemini can really help boost Mercury’s business! At the time of writing, Mars is retrograde in Gemini.


Still running, I got a phone call. A recorded voice talked to me about a subscription to a service I didn’t subscribe to. That was another scam. Thanks for insisting, Mars in Gemini! Is “insisting” another key word to remember? Insisting was also what Mercury was doing in Aries. 


Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries have a lot in common in my opinion, but I will keep repeating, and it will be my conclusion for now, that placements are metaphors and they have to be understood in the context of whole charts, as characters in stories…  




 A last thing: I offer readings and classes. I love teaching one to one, or one to groups of two or three people (prices shared between participants).

There is a rather affordable option on my website: the “spontaneous reading”. It’s not because I don’t believe in my own value that it’s affordable, but because I wish to be affordable.


Jean-Marc Pierson


The US Mars Return

November 25th ~ December 2nd

detail of Roman statue of “Menelaus supporting the body of Patrochus” in the Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence

How about everybody this Thanksgiving, you know, find that hero around their table and do an action for somebody next to them? I think that will resonate.… how about we just, you know, make a hero at the dinner table for Thanksgiving. ~ Richard Fierro

Leave it to us to have our Thanksgiving harvest festival in Sagittarius season. Mass quantities of food, and parades that go on forever, we stuff ourselves to the gills. And then after the pumpkin pies, the stuffing and all the onion topped, marshmallow swathed side dishes, we top it all off with a massive shopping spree the next day. Abundance galore.

There has been a great deal of debate over which chart to use for the founding of the United States. But I always come back to the July 4th Sibley chart with Sagittarius Rising. It describes us so well: a vast melting pot of the world’s migrants converging in a heap, displaying our capitalist abundance and brandishing our rights and freedoms. We can be a little over the top! Sadly one area where we’ve been over the top lately is with our dysfunctional relationship with firearms. It seems that each day this past week we woke up to yet another mass shooting in the US. To date we have had 610 mass shootings just this year alone. In 2021 we had 638.

After the Walmart shooting on Wednesday, Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas said that she was tired of her fellow legislators not taking some sort of effective action: “I’m just sick and tired of legislators talking about how their hearts and their thoughts and prayers go out to these families when they’re doing nothing to prevent gun violence in the first place.” We are all feeling the frustration.

This past week, retrograde Mars, was at 21º of Gemini. It is also Out of Bounds. A planet is considered out of bounds when it moves beyond 23º 26’ North or South of the equator. These are the points of maximum declination for the Sun’s migration to the Tropic of Cancer in June, and the Tropic of Capricorn for the December Solstice. Planets that move beyond these latitudes are considered out of bounds, and beyond the field of influence of our liege Lord, the Sun. Mars in the United States Sibley chart (the chart I use for the country) is also at 21º of Gemini, and with a declination of 23º N 33’ is just over the threshold, dipping its Martian toes into lawless territory. It is by definition also out of bounds. The current transiting out of bounds Mars was exactly conjunct the US out of bounds Mars this past week. This was the 2nd pass of our Mars Return.

Free to roam, and not bound by the usual conventions and rules, these out-of-bound planets are virtually lawless. Left to their own devices, they answer to no one but themselves. This free range expression can be a good thing, even for our warrior planet Mars. For instance, an out of bounds Mars gives athletes that certain edge that allows them to perform beyond expectations, break records and reach stellar heights in their sport. This is the sort of Mars that heroes are made of, courageously running into the fire instead of away, and taking on challenges that leave us breathlessly in awe.

But with its domain over anger, weapons of destruction, violence, fire, sharp instruments and knives, a lawless and un-contained out of bounds Mars can also be extremely dangerous. Perhaps this was the expression of which we have been witnessing this past week with the random and senseless killings in a nightclub in Colorado Springs, a Walmart in Virginia, and the murder of 4 students in off campus housing at an Idaho college. What we also witnessed was the hero. An Army Veteran who was also at the nightclub in Colorado with his family, spontaneously sprang into action, overcoming the shooter. And so even in the face of chaos, despair and confusion, a hero prevailed.

It’s the reflex. Go! Go to the fire. Stop the action. Stop the activity. Don’t let no one get hurt. I tried to bring everybody back. ~ Richard Fierro

For the past 2 months Mars in Gemini has also been square the planet Neptune, eroding boundaries and sowing doubt. (Not to mention spawning all that chaos and mayhem in the Gemini-ruled Twitter-sphere!) Thankfully the boundary-less transiting Mars/Neptune square is separating, and Saturn is stepping in this coming week to curb the marauding Mars, which remains out of bounds until early May.

Mars trine Saturn is here to restore the order, set the ground rules and achieve some sort of stability. And that is true even as transiting retrograde Mars continues its journey through these lawless and out-of-bound territories.

Jupiter only just stationed Direct in the last degrees of Pisces on Wednesday, November 23. As the ruling planet of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter is strong and well placed in this sign. (Note that Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces has also slowed for its own direct station on December 3rd.) Pisces is a sign of great depth and understanding, in which we not only consider how we can improve ourselves, but the greater good of humanity as a whole. This is not only a sign of lofty Vision, but a sign of deep Compassion. So may we ride the tail winds of Jupiter and the Sagittarius New Moon with humility, grace and an ever growing determination to cultivate all that is meaningful and good in the world.

Here’s how Mars trine Saturn can benefit all of us this week:

  • Is there an area of your life (or environment) that has become disorganized and out of hand? This is your opportunity to restore order and reorganize your life, your work, your mind and your environment

  • Have you been questioning yourself and your choices? Feeling inadequate and doubtful? Now’s the time to turn that all around. We’re riding the Jupiter/Sagittarius wave after all! And Mars trine Saturn will bring the sort of strength and fortitude that can override even the most insidious of doubts.

  • Mars trine Saturn is great for activities that require patience, discipline and persistence. This is the sort of transit that allows us to make progress and build something that has endurance and staying power.

  • Set goals for yourself. Saturn paces, focuses and channels that Martian energy through specific goals that need to be accomplished. Even if you can’t put your plans into application right away, and even in the face of prevailing uncertainty, you might want to create your road map now.

Pluto Transit Conjunct Descendant With Saturn Transiting 8th House

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