Weekly Astrology Forecast September 13 – 19, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Sep-21 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
An emotional urge for adventure. Restlessness. Feeling tied to humdrum duties. A need to zoom out and see the big picture without losing sight of details.

14-Sep-21 Sun opposite Neptune
Lack of confidence. Uncertainty. Confused about one’s purpose. Unrealistic ideals. Easily swayed. Focus on what is meaningful. Make art.

15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra
A desire for win-win solutions. Motivated to create allies and partners. Iron fist in a velvet glove. We are stronger together.

16-Sep-21 No major aspects

17-Sep-21 Venus square Saturn. Sun trine Pluto
A perceived lack of love or money. Feeling undeserving. A feeling of purpose intensifies. Gaining conscious awareness of shadows. Step into your power.

18-Sep-21 No major aspects

19-Sep-21 No major aspects

Painting – ‘Vernon Church in Fog’ by Claude Monet

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Venus Enters Scorpio: Love In The Underworld


Venus enters Scorpio

– September 10, 2021 (21:39 GMT+1)

The planet of love and relating, Venus, dives deep into Scorpio’s emotional waters this weekend. Venus in Scorpio is in her sign of detriment. This is because Venus is associated with all things lovely.

Venus is kindness and grace personified, she loves partnership and sharing, beauty and harmony. When Venus enters Scorpio, she’s venturing into the underworld, the dark places, what lies beneath.

Venus in Scorpio – Passion & Power

Therefore, Venus in Scorpio has a reputation for being a temptress, the femme fatale of the zodiac, sexy, sultry and desirous of all things taboo.

This includes all emotions, the good as well as the bad. She can be a jealous Venus, who wants what she can’t have, who becomes obsessed with love or sex and is drawn towards temptation.

This is one side of Venus in Scorpio’s seductive ways. However, Venus rules art as well as love and Venus in Scorpio finds the beauty in decay, death and all that fades away.

Remember too that Scorpio rules power and transformation. Therefore, this can be a wonderful transit for women, enabling you to channel your feminine energy into extraordinary feats that lead to transcendence.

Scorpio’s task is to decide how to use its power, not to descend into evil but to use its force for good effect in the world.

Venus & Women

Venus’ glyph is the planetary symbol for women. In previous years, Venus in Scorpio has coincided with key developments in the #metoo movement.

This year, there are already major crises emerging around the world with women at the heart. There can be a theme of oppression of women when Venus is in Scorpio.

You can’t help but be terrified by the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan. Scorpio is the star sign linked to sex and the part of the body that Scorpio rules in astrology are the genitals.

In other parts of the world too, men primarily are trying to take control of women’s bodies by implementing draconian anti-abortion laws – Texas being a prime example.

Note that Venus in Scorpio has some major planetary aspects over the next few weeks. Here’s the sequence:

  • Venus square Saturn (authority/rules) – September 10, 2021
  • Venus opposite Uranus (rebellion/splitting off) – September 23, 2021
  • Venus trine Neptune (hope/dreams) – September 29 2021
  • Venus square Jupiter (freedom/beliefs) – September 30, 2021
  • Venus sextile Pluto (force/transformation) – October 2, 2021

We can expect the issues affecting women worldwide are going to be strong & foreground now and over the next few weeks. Venus remains in Scorpio until October 7th.

Venus in Scorpio is a reminder that women need to feel empowered and not repressed.

On a personal level, notice whether it’s time for you to reclaim your passion, your hidden depths, your full emotional range. Be the power and harness Venus in Scorpio’s strength.

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DC Horoscopes Oct 2021: Saturn and Pluto turn Direct

by Jude Cowell
Wednesday September 8, 2021: Below is a dual image of the exact moments that two karmic planets Station and turn Direct in October 2021: Pluto @24Cap18:51 on October 6th, then Saturn @6AQ52:43 on October 10th.
As you know, Sabian Symbols of station degrees tend to be prominent in some way in relation to current circumstances: Pluto at “25Cap” = “An Oriental Rug Dealer” (perhaps

New Moon in Virgo, September 6, 2021

The desire to make some changes in our lives is strong on the New Moon at 14° 38′ Virgo on 6 September 2021, 05:52 PM PDT. An exact trine to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus is the reason why. These can be anything from a minor change to our daily routines increasing efficiency to deciding to move across country for a new job. Earth signs dominate the New Moon chart which increases the likelihood our choices will affect us not just in theory but in tangible ways.

Where dissonance creeps in on this New Moon is through the differences in opinion between the planets in air and those in earth. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is in Libra and has an important part in this. It is still trine Saturn in Aquarius, a really excellent influence for seeing things clearly and dispassionately. Nonetheless, our brilliant ideas will likely to considered too idealistic by the earth contingent. Success can come from consciously including the basic practicalities in our decision making process. Libra wants an equitable solution and Aquarius seeks to ensure humanity as a whole benefits. The earth signs are concerned with making sure logistics and costs are covered.

It is Venus in Libra who in under the most pressure. To be sure, Venus enjoys the support of Jupiter in Aquarius via a trine but she is being squared by heavy weight Pluto in Capricorn with an irritating semi-sextile to picky Mars in Virgo thrown in for good measure. We may find ourselves questioning what we value. Venus in Libra might seem a bit frivolous but she knows how important it is to see the beauties in life as well as the sorrows. It might feel like an extravagance (Jupiter is Aquarius) to visit an art museum or enjoy a theater production, and for many it probably is. However, we can all take time to appreciate a beautiful sunset or flowers blooming in a nearby park. Sometimes it is a matter of shifting one’s perspective to focus on finding the small beauties in our daily lives, something Mars in Virgo ought to understand.

It would be a bad idea to put ourselves deeper in debt (Pluto in Capricorn) in order to finance our need for beautiful objects, in part because being in debt can leave us at the mercy of our creditors (Pluto in Capricorn at work again). This can apply to borrowing from loved ones, not a good plan for many reasons including feeling like that gives them more control than is comfortable.

Going back to Mars in Virgo who is trine Pluto in Capricorn and inconjunct Jupiter in Aquarius as well as making a waning opposition to Neptune in Pisces, we might benefit from taking a long look at our actions too. In general any task that requires a methodical, detail oriented approach will benefit greatly from the Mars-Pluto trine. Mars in Virgo excels at detail work but can suffer from an excess of nervous energy which can interrupt the work flow. Being trine Pluto in Capricorn helps this Mars by increasing its patience and tenacity. Thankfully Neptune’s influence is rapidly fading and Pluto can prevent Mars from being distracted by Jupiter in Aquarius’s promises of fun. We can do this!

We need to remember to be kind and generous with ourselves and allow time to decide how best to utilize the momentum of this New Moon in Virgo. Usually the New Moon itself is a quiet time, perfect for contemplation. The pressure from Uranus in Taurus on the luminaries may leave us feeling the need to hurry, not a good idea because that can lead to accidents and missteps which are also side effects of Uranus . Another even better reason to take our time and proceed in a careful, methodical manner is Mercury in Libra will be going retrograde on September 26 and that means having to review what is happening now. Libra has a reputation of being indecisive when in reality, Libra is simply making sure all the relevant information is made available and taken into consideration before making a decision. In other words, summon the energy to practice patience for now as well as being kind and tolerant. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: “Hello Moon” by Sherri Conley