Weekly Forecast: January 30 to February 3, 2017 – Mental and Contractual Skirmishes

venus and marsThis week’s astro-story comes on the heels of a Venus-Saturn square, Mars’ entry into its own sign, and Mercury’s recent roll over Pluto in Capricorn. Venus hangs at the end of Pisces in square with Juno in Sagittarius. Big players and slower movers Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto hold the wide, jangling energy of an already peaked cardinal T-square. Don’t kill the messenger, but it’s this hot pot that Mercury lights into. It feels like a Saturday morning serial, just as it’s getting good. Or bad. Or whatever. It’s GETTING. (…)
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DC Horoscopes: Feb 2017 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

February 2017 ‘Wild Card’ Eclipses with Murky Karmic Conditions

In February 2017, the first eclipse of the year is a Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017 @22Leo followed by the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pisces in the 19 South Saros Series. Here are both charts set for Washington DC; please enlarge to read notes for not all chart factors will be discussed in the following text:


Weekend Love Forecast – Love, Eruption, And Doughnuts

mail caddyDate-time kicks off the weekend on the heels of a new moon in Aquarius. Divorced from the action in the rest of the sky, this emerging burst of purpose in a relative vacuum offers the ability to focus on the possibilities, what great, fresh enterprise is in the offing. Witness the birth of the unexpected. (…)
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Wedding Day Astrology: Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller

Through the years I’ve used my series Wedding Day Astrology to examine the relationships of quite a few famous couples, some in the Entertainment field, some in Politics, with the Sun operating as the male principle (husband) and the Moon as the feminine principle (wife). Lady Venus and lusty Mars are important in a relationship, too, of course, but I prefer to use a simpler personality model

Aquarius Considered

Aquarius by Erté

In his book, Astrology published 1964, Louis MacNeice, not an astrologer, but a poet and scholar, gathered together much of interest from a variety of sources, ancient and modern. On zodiac sign Aquarius, through which the Sun now travels, he wrote the paragraphs below, quoting from some professional astrologers whose works may now be less known by the average astrology fan


The following words are just some of the words associated with the sign of Aquarius: freethinking, friendly, cooperator, philanthropist, humanitarian, idealist. progressive and reformer. On January 20, 2017 the Sun was officially in the sign of Aquarius. It was also the date that the new president of the United States was inaugurated. We can only hope that the positive expression of those words will somehow be absorbed into the consciousness of the newly elected president. This is all I will say on this subject.
Aquarius is the most tolerant sign of the zodiac. They are fascinated and appreciate the differences in world surrounding them whether it be career choices, art, or sexual persuasion.  In short, individuality in all its forms. In my experience I have found this sign to be exceptionally cooperative as long as the issue at hand is presented intelligently. For instance it should be no secret to anybody who has any relationship with this sign that they are very smart, in fact smarter than most of the other 11 signs of the zodiac.  However, before we put this brilliant eccentric on a pedestal, patience which we all know is a virtue, appears to have escaped this sign, particularly when it comes to dealing with ordinary mortals. This is especially noticeable by their sudden display of irritation if they have to wait more than 2 seconds for anything like a cell phone pick-up, an answer to any question, or a late night pizza delivery. Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet is the cause.  I know this because I have, like so many other astrologers a close relationship to this unpredictable planet.
Maybe that’s why I always need to know where the exit is while attending a lecture, wedding, movie, play, concert or friendly gathering.  People bestowed with Uranian energy are notorious for getting bored.  They always need an escape route. Aquarian’s need for change is undiluted though compared to their astro-cousins (Moon in Aquarius, Uranus on Ascendant, Sun conjunct Uranus etc.)  Sun sign Aquarian’s, simply embody their coolness, need for distance, space, and experimentation. They can really let their freak flag fly, except of course if they have strong Saturn influences in their charts, then their conservative side can become extreme.  Uranus rules extremes and nothing is more tight-assed than an Aquarian gone over to the right.  
Whether conservative or liberal this sign is very friendly.  They do friends really well.  All of them enjoy hanging with their mates and co-workers and will know every one of them by name.  Just don’t talk include them in a conversation about how you just had to put down your precious dog or cat that you’ve had since childhood or your recent painful breakup.  This kind of talk makes their brain scramble for a good excuse to split.  If you want to feel like your living alone marry an Aquarius.Their brilliance lies in social activities, humanitarian and philanthropic concerns, political movements, science and engineering.  They are best at giving themselves up for causes that help the greater good because their ability to detach their emotions for the causes they espouse helps them achieve goals rather than drown in a pool of feelings which can render them ineffective. 
If you want to stay in a relationship with this sign and need cuddle time, it will be like trying to make an apple into an orange.  Accept them for the unique and original person they are and just keep inventing new and unexplored activities to enjoy together.  It will keep him or her interested for a lifetime.     

America is turning against its own self (Trump’s Plutonian demonization)

There is a very odd thing going on in the United States these days. The Americans are massively protesting against Donald Trump, the President that they themselves elected just a couple of months ago! They are marching all over the country, shouting some diminishing or even degrading slogans against their head of State  – and even publicly swearing at him (i.e. Madona’s case). Apparently the Americans have “demonized” their own president, even before him taking office! To a neutral, european observer like me that seems to be a strange, abnormal occurrence…

I was struck lately by some pictures like the one you see above, portraying president Trump as an ugly, obese pig! I am personally appaled by this specific picture but at the same time I realize that many Americans actually like it, they take some pleasure out of it! Since I have studied some psychology I wonder why people take pleasure out of such an appaling and degrading picture? And then I remembered what I had heard in those psychology classes I attended, that there is a deep seated psychological meccanism in our souls called “projection”.

In my no expert’s vestiges, I would define “projection” as “a defense psychological mecchanism through which we are attributing to somebody else/to others unwanted traits of our own self”! Furthermore, there is a collective kind of projection as well, where many individuals are projecting disparate unwanted traits of themselves upon a specific individual, a specific ethnic or religious minority etc.

In other words, the more unwanted traits, shortcomings, “sins” you harbor in yourself the more you fell the need to project those “bad traits” of yours upon somebody else (be it the Jews, putin, Trump, it doesn’t actually matter very much). And if you join other people attuned to that very same need of yours then you might start marching with them and that turns out to be a “cathartic”, therapeutic experience!

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not “en masse” accusing the protestors nor am I on some Trump’s payroll. I didn’t vote republican, I am not an American citizen, I don’t even like the guy. I am trying though to make some (astrological) sense out of what I see as a rather absurd and irrational situation.

As we saw, demonizing somebody else has its perks, because it  makes you feel better deep in your soul! And when you do that on a collective level you are summoning – astrologically speaking – Pluto! Because all this massive projection and “shadow dancing” is bearing some typically Plutonian hallmarks! So, something must be going on with Pluto in America’s “National Horoscope”! And guess what, it actually is!

You might be familiar with the chart you see below. It is the famous “Sibly” National Horocope of the United States of America!

As you probably know – and as you can see above – America is ruled by the sign of Cancer – its natal Sun being in that specific sign. In “Mundane Astrology” (the Astrology of Nations) the Sun is traditionally representing the “Head of the State”! Henceforth Donald Trump in our case! USA’s natal Sun is located at the 14th degree of Cancer. and as you might have already heard, transiting Pluto is currently opposing – for the first time ever in the history of the USA their natal Sun! That’s a big event! And since Pluto is representing the masses, the colelctive “shadow” (and the “irrational” as well) it’s no surprise that that the masses are turming against their own president right now!

When Pluto is strongly aspecting the Sun of a country it is affecting its very core identity. It is not by chance that the American society has been permeated by a somehow “end of times”, a “dying” sensation in the last few years, as Pluto was opposing the country’s natal Sun! And in a certain sense the old America has been moribund for a long time. The very American population is somehow altered as the Hispanic-Asian-afroamerican citizens are about to outnumber the traditional Anglo-European ones. That’s a huge transformation to a country! Additionally, the USA are not considered anymore the undisputed financial superpower they once were, as China is about to become the most powerful country in the world. Industries are transported abroad, people are left without jobs, the middle class is ever more fading!

As we know, Pluto is instigating to the people fear, suspicion and irrationality (when adversely aspecting their country’s natal Sun)! And irrationality is wide spread now in the USA, as many people are claiming that the Russians rigged the elections (how they did that? Do they possess some alien device through which they can influence people’s minds? And how they managed to influence just the half of the American population? Can you see the irrationality there?)

All in all, Pluto has been opposing the natal Sun of the USA for (at least) the last seven years! And it almost perfectly opposed (due to its retrogradation) the USA’s Sun just before the recent presidential elections. There are some other factors too that contributed to the current strange political situation: the USA’s progressed Moon (which is representing the American people) is travelling now in the USA’s 12th House, a House representing the concept of “process dissolving”, “the End” of a major cycle, the impoverishment, the disillusionment and confusion of the people! And it does this even more so in the current time period, that in additionthe  aforementioned progressed Moon is squaring the USA’s progressed Sun – while transiting Neptune is conjuncting that progressed Sun too!

Too much Pluto, too much Neptune, things are not what they seem to be! People cannot discern fiction from fact (blame it on the recent Saturn – Neptune square too), they are acting irrationally and out of fear and ultimately they are easily manipulated and deceived! Not to mention that we are now under the auspices of the historical Uranus – Eris conjunction. Meaning that “expiatory goats” are urgently needed for the collective to dispose of its own “sins” and burdens. A paradoxical Taoist/Quantistic spirit is prevailing in the global political scene and the good guy might easily turn to be the bad one – and the other way around!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis