The New Moon in Cancer 2022 & Neptune stations

June 24th ~ July 1st

“The Charmer” by John William Waterhouse

You see the mountain, and hill following after hill, as wave on wave, you see the woods and orchard, the fields of ripe corn, and the meadows reaching to the reed beds by the river. You see me standing here beside you, and hear my voice, but I tell you that all these things ~ yes, from that star that has just shone out in the sky to the solid ground beneath our feet ~ I say that all these are but dreams and shadows: The shadows that hide the real world from our eyes. There is a real world, but it is beyond this glamour, and this vision, beyond them all as beyond a veil. You may think this all nonsense; it may be strange, but it is true, and the ancients knew what lifting the veil means. They called it seeing the god Pan. ~ Arthur Machen (The Great God Pan)

If you’ve been feeling a bit like you are under a fugue, or awash in distraction and losing focus, do not be alarmed. It is merely Neptune stationing. For months Neptune appears to sit still, pausing at 25º of Pisces, apparently immovable in its celestial sphere. From here on it will gradually appear to be retracing its steps back through the degrees, but barely. It remains at this degree through August. Planets are so strong when they come to station in this way each year. And anyone who has sensitive points at 25º of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius will know this to be true.

Heightened sensitivity has our feelings rising to the surface of our being. Positively we are more in touch with our feelings and those of others. Negatively we can feel awash, and overloaded psychically. Neptune is notorious for veering us off course, getting us lost, ungrounded and detached from reality. But it also has the capacity to raise us up beyond the mundane world and into a transcendent world of inspiration and visionary ideals.

When Neptune is retrograde as it will be until December 4th, we are better able to connect with our heart center, so that even in times of uncertainty, even when we have no idea where we are headed, it will be that faith in our own higher self, that divine center that will bring us where we need to go.

Some ways that we can cultivate Neptune in positive ways during the retrograde phase:

  • ✴Compassionate Acts: volunteer, donate, pay it forward. Do a favor for a neighbor. Connecting to Neptune is that feeling in your heart that you get when you do a good deed.

  • ✴Getting in touch with your highest ideals and honoring them, even if you cannot fulfill them right away.

  • ✴Music; Dance; poetry jams, recitals. That which touches your heart and makes it sing. Art museums, any museum, that which inspires you and calls. See good movies, go to the theater if you can. Take photos.

  • ✴Doing Art: you don’t have to do it well, just do it or experience it. Open your imagination. Unlock the right side of your brain. Take a pottery class. Paint by number, paint your house.

  • ✴Divination: finding ways to make that connection to spirit, whether that is thru the tarot, the I Ching, or some other divinatory tool.

  • ✴Spiritual retreats, prayer or practices that appeal to you. This is when you can bring a meditation practice to a deeper and more profound level.

  • ✴Swimming, walking near the sea, immersing yourself in the beauty and profundity of nature. Neptune is what you feel when you see the sun rise, or notice the dew on the petal of a flower. That is what we are trying to connect to.

  • ✴Pay attention to your dreams: keep a dream diary or notepad by your bed. Investigate ways to cultivate your dreams and dream world.

On June 28th (10:53 pm EDT, 7:53 pm PDT, 3:53 am on June 29th Universal Greenwich Time), we have the New Moon at 7º Cancer 23’. Circling the wagons and gathering the tribe, Cancer is where we go to seek safety and familiarity. What are your go-to’s when you seek comfort? Where and who do you go to when your heart needs mending? Who do you go to for consolation and support?

At this time of year we come back to immerse ourselves in the replenishing waters of the Cancer New Moon. Doing so brings us the strength to meet the world on its own terms. Therefore feed your body, your heart and your soul within her protective embrace. Surround yourself with your much loved community. Seek out those things that bring you emotional security. Pay attention to your personal life. Those things that support you. When your roots are well supported, and your emotional and personal foundation is strong, then you will be able to withstand even the most treacherous of storms in the future.

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are, and not be questioned. ~ Maya Angelou

The New Moon in Cancer is traditionally a good time to: 

  • Nourish yourself and others. Bake a cake. Feed your friends, all those in your care. Present your signature dish.

  • Nourish your mind, your soul, and your imagination.

  • Honor the caregivers in your life. Call your parents. Send a care package. Make a surprise visit.

  • Women or women’s issues. The divine feminine. Women’s circles.

  • Gather the family, the tribe, your community.

  • Intentionally nurturing a sense of belonging, for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers.

  • Cultivate greater emotional security and stability within the home, family and property.

  • Revisit the homeland, get in touch with your roots, your family traditions, your heritage, your culture.

Cancer has domain over: Nurturing. Food, picnics, kitchens, stoves. The stomach, feeding. Caring, comfort, empathy. Pregnancy, motherhood, the womb, fertility, childbirth. Infancy. Potential. Home, Family, Community. Communes. Belonging. One’s heritage, culture, traditions. The past, one’s personal history, roots. Memory, Nostalgia. Sentimentality. Attachment, Dependence. The Clan, the Tribe, the Homeland, Country. Patriotism. Homelessness. Travelers, Sailors. Traveling salespeople. Shyness, sensitivity, empathy. Emotions, moodiness. Emotional security. Coping Mechanisms. Introspection. Imagination. Vulnerability. Safety. Caution, Security. Protection, Defensiveness. The People. The Base. Water, boats, the shore. Crabs & underwater sea creatures. The Sea. The Chest. Women, breasts, nursing. The Moon and the Tides.

The general tone for this New Moon: Emotional, Sensitive, Moody and introspective. Imaginative and Nostalgic.

What is needed: Focus on those things that will bring greater comfort, make you feel secure and taken care of. What needs to change in order to bring greater safety, emotional security and a sense of belonging? Which foundations of your life need shoring up right now?

If you wish to make affirmations or intentions with the New Moon, do so after the time of the New Moon in your area, but while it is still new and filled with potential (from the New Moon Tuesday/Wednesday thru the Crescent Moon on Sunday, July 3rd). Make your intentions and affirmations positive and make them your own. Some general intentions and/or affirmations for the New Moon in Cancer might be:

  • May I come to appreciate that empathy and sensitivity are strengths, not weakness.

  • May I find that safe place that I can go to and belong without being questioned.

  • I embrace and appreciate the patterns and events in my life that have led to to where I am now.

  • I am aligned with the tides of the Moon, trusting that it will take me where I need to go.

  • May I create a sanctuary of safety and security within my own home.

  • I honor the vast field of experience known as the imagination, where all things are possible.

  • May I reacquaint myself with my past in order to dig deeper roots.

  • With the heart of the Lunar Goddess I support and sustain all of life’s children as if they were my own.

  • No matter how difficult and painful it might be, may I never lose the capacity to care.

Astrological news this week: Fire and water at the Cancerian Solstice


Astrological update for the week of June 20-27, 2022

art by Lynn Fogel

Summer (June) Solstice The big news this week is the Solstice. Up here on the top of the world, the Solstice is the longest day of the year and in the tropical zodiac it’s the time that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer (for my friends Down Under, the Solstice marks the return of the light after darkness). (The four cardinal signs mark the change of seasons: Cancer in June, Capricorn in December, Libra in September and Aries in March.)  These cardinal points are portals for change – cardinal signs carry the potential for action and initiation, so it’s very appropriate that they mark these important seasonal changes.

During the solstice the Sun appears to stand still as it beams its nourishing light across the northern Hemisphere.  The energy of the Sun feeds us and is crucial for our vitality, and the Summer Solstice offers a peak of creative potential. This is especially true because the chart for the 2022 June Solstice reveals five planetary bodies (including the Moon and the new planet Eris) in fiery Aries, inspiring action and purification of Will and intention. The fire of Aries is not a friend to the Cancerian energy of the Solstice, and with the Aries Moon along with expansive Jupiter in a challenging square formation to the Solstice Sun there will need to be some kind of adjustment to our intentions in order to be in synchronization with the planetary energies. Fire can be rather impersonal, driving from pure desire and need which does make this a really good time to ask ourselves what we really need, what drives us, what do our passions tell us? Harnessing the desire of Mars-ruled Aries to the rich emotional tapestry of the Cancerian Solstice can serve to help us burn through negative patterns and gain new focus as well a sense of direction. Venus, doubly sweet in her own sign of Taurus, harmonizes with Pluto for stronger partnerships and self-esteem.

Eris has been a troublemaker over the past few years (catch up with this article) with interactions from both Uranus and Pluto. Eris is a troublemaker by nature (the Goddess of Discord afterall!) but under the Uranus and Pluto influences the level of discord has been raised to a ridiculous level in this astrologer’s opinion.  Fortunately the square from Pluto to Eris is in the rear view mirror, but when the tornado has passed the cleanup must begin and that’s where we are currently. A nice sextile from stable Saturn to Eris is embedded in the chart of the Solstice and will provide support in this cleanup effort.

Planetary aspects to Ceres.  This week we have two significant aspects to Ceres, the planet of nourishment and nurturing the body, mind and spirit. I like to think of Ceres as a higher octave of the Moon – where the Moon governs the emotions and need for security, Ceres governs the importance of the fruits of the Earth in nurturing our very incarnation in a physical body, especially in terms of nourishment which feeds the body, but also all of the physical senses and the spirit as well.

Chiron forms a strong square to Ceres this week which could highlight any difficulties we have in this area. Planning delicious meals which feed the body and the soul is always a good idea, but that is especially true this week. This aspect is embedded in the Solstice chart which suggests that nutrition and deprivation may be somewhat of a theme, especially with the level of food insecurity in the world today. Perhaps this is a good time to donate to your favorite food charity! Fortunately, a harmonious aspect from Uranus to Ceres will help to integrate the energetic rebalancing of Uranus into the body and spirit.

Venus enters Gemini on June 22nd, opening the doors to a busier social schedule.

Now, here is your forecast for the week. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday June 20. A sweet dance between Mercury and Jupiter today bestows optimism and general good will, and the Pisces Moon, quite active today, harmonizes with five different planets to promote a positive viewpoint which is a great preface to the Solstice on Tuesday.

All of the aspects described in the first few paragraphs are present on Monday in preparation for the Solstice, and the fire becomes more emphasized late Monday night with the entry of the Moon into Aries. (Moon sextile Uranus 12:50 am, Mercury sextile Jupiter 3:44 am, Moon conjunct Neptune 3:21 pm, Moon sextile Venus 7:10 pm, Moon sextile Pluto 8:01 pm, Moon square Sun 11:10 pm, Moon enters Aries 11:37 pm.)

Tuesday June 21. Solstice! 5:13 am EDT

Wednesday June 22. Wednesday may be a rather uncomfortable day emotionally, making this an especially important day to honor the self-care described in the opening paragraph regarding Chiron and Ceres. The Aries Moon gets into the action too on Wednesday, triggering last week’s Mars/Chiron aspect which was quite a challenge for some of us (me!).  Trigger is a good word for the Aries Moon which goes right to the heart of the matter and can therefore be a good ally even if it’s not always comfortable. (Chiron square Ceres 3:24 am, Moon conjunct Chiron 5:26 am, square Ceres 5:30 am, conjunct Mars 2:58 pm, sextile Saturn 10:18 pm.)

Thursday June 23.  The Moon makes one last difficult aspect (to Pluto) in the wee hours of the morning, and then enters Taurus to help stabilize and offer shelter from the storm.  The next few days will be a good time to relax and re-center if there were any challenges earlier in the week. (Moon square Pluto 4:02 am, enters Taurus 7:57 am, sextile Sun 12:11 pm.)

Friday June 24.  Friday is relatively quiet, although a lunar aspect to Uranus around 6 pm could bring about some interesting surprises. (Moon sextile Ceres 5:46 pm, conjunct Uranus 6:14 pm.)

Saturday June 25.  The Taurus Moon aligns with the North Node of fate very early in the morning. Aspects to the lunar nodes are not always significant, but they sometimes can indicate that a course correction is underway. It might be interesting to pay attention to dreams on Friday night/Saturday morning to see whether there are any potent symbols to pay attention to.

Otherwise, we have the culmination of a harmonious aspect from Uranus to Ceres which can help us to find that energetic integration described earlier in this post. As the Moon makes its way through the end of Taurus there may be a few hours of desolation under a Saturn aspect in the morning, followed by harmonious planetary energies to lift the spirit. The Moon leaves Taurus for Gemini at 7:13 pm. (Moon conjunct North Node 3:09 am, Uranus sextile Ceres 8:12 am, Moon square Saturn 9:01 am, sextile Neptune 10:05 am, trine Pluto 3:02 pm.)

Sunday June 26. Today brings lovely lunar aspects and the building of harmonious Mercury and Mars aspects which will peak on Monday. A great end to the week!


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Honouring The Sun On The Solstice

Solstice, Stonehenge

SOLSTICE – Sun enters Cancer

– Tuesday 21 June (10:14 GMT+1)

If all goes well, I’ll be on a beach in Greece during the Solstice. It’s my first holiday abroad since 2019 as, like for most of us, travel has been off the agenda for some time.

I’ve had to double-check what you need to do when you’re travelling as I’m out of practise. I’m not taking my computer with me and I’m planning a week of some serious down-time.

Sun Standing Still

It’s not a bad way to spend this week’s major astrological event, the Sun’s move into Cancer heralding the Solstice. This is the mid-point in the year which brings a change of season.

In the northern hemisphere, this coincides with the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. In the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed with the shortest day of the year as the nights grow longer.

Solstice means ‘sun (sol) standing still’ i.e. the Sun is at its highest or lowest point before it changes into a new season.

Traditionally, the Solstice is the time of the year to honour the Sun. Many traditions include building bonfires as fire & heat are associated with the Sun. You could have a fire pit or light candles if the sun’s not blazing down wherever you are.

Tropical Astrology

The Solstice & Equinox dates are the four key markers in the year when the Sun enters the four cardinal star signs beginning a new season – Aries (March 20), Cancer (June 21), Libra (September 23) & Capricorn (December 21).

These markers are essential in western astrology as the zodiac is aligned with these four points in the astrological calendar. The foundations & cornerstones of western astrology.

The History of the Solstice

Here’s an excerpt from an article that I believe was in the Guardian honouring this important time of year. It’s from a few years back and sadly I no longer have the journalist’s name.

“The summer solstice by definition transcends borders, religions, ethnicities. It unites rather than divides.

Reassuringly, it harks back to a time long before Hinduism and Buddhism had entered the world’s consciousness, far earlier than the three great Abrahamic faiths that divided the planet’s population into rival God-fearing monotheists.

In our endlessly, celestially revolving world the solstice demands a moment of stillness and reflection.

Its very etymology – from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) – indicates that almost miraculous point of transition, sandwiched between cycles of movement, when the sun appears from Earth to have reached its most northerly or southerly excursion relative to the celestial equator and then, after “standing still”, reverses course.

It is the longest day, the triumph of the sun, a celebration of midsummer and a marker that the days will start to shorten.

For a fleeting moment the entire year is on hold, a moment of flux and suspense beautifully caught in Margaret Atwood’s words.

 Solstice Poem

This is the solstice, the still point
of the sun, its cusp and midnight,
the year’s threshold
and unlocking, where the past
lets go of and becomes the future;
the place of caught breath, the door
of a vanished house left ajar.

Ancient Times

The summer solstice once marked the beginning of calendars, the season of harvest, the ancient middle of summer: a time to celebrate fertility and the life-giving strength of the sun in a pre-industrial environment.

In today’s less rural world, for many people that ancient connection with the cycle of nature has been lost. Yet our fascination with the solstice remains curiously undimmed, as though deeply embedded in our ancestral memory.”

There is something so hopeful about the Solstice. The ancient tradition of honouring the Sun connects us to the distant past and the comforting repetition of the Sun’s movement is a dependable anchor in our lives day  in, day out.

It represents the symbolism of the promise of a new day, a new dawn. The quality of the moment when the sun rises and the light returns, brings with it hope and a feeling of peace that the dark hours are behind you.

Many ancient cultures honoured the Sun and built temples in alignment with the Sun’s passage through the sky. One of the most famous is Stonehenge – see photo above.

As this is an ideal time of year to honour the Sun, here’s one of my favourite poems to complete this article dedicated to the Solstice. How will you honour the Sun?

The Sun Never Says

by Hafiz

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe Me.”

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.

May you have a blessed & enlightening Solstice experience.

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Summer Solstice 2022

Mermaid Mythological creature by Alexander Vitovskiy

The 2022 Summer Solstice arrives on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:14 AM EDT, 2:14 AM PDT and 9:14 UTC

This is Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on  June 21 at 19:13  AEST

The June Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer each year.  It is Winter solstice, the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. EarthSky has all the details and here are Five Beautiful Rituals to Celebrate Summer Solstice from Explore Deeply.

The chart for the Solstice sets the trends for the upcoming season. This year’s Solstice chart (cast for Washington, DC) is tightly woven across the solar system and has elements of defiance and harmony.

Summer Solstice
June 21, 2022

As always at this Solstice the Sun is at 0 degrees Cancer. Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac whose waters are nurturing and healing. Cancer represents ultimate love.  The ruler of Cancer is the Moon who at the Solstice is in fire sign Aries. Aries, ruled by Mars, is dynamic and self absorbed, the antithesis of nurture. These signs form a natural clash which at the Solstice is highlighted by a tight square from Moon to Sun made more dynamic since the Moon rules the Cancer Sun. The Moon travels next to Jupiter also in Aries who pounds his huge passionate chest adding more challenge to the Cancer Sun.  Mars is happy to flex his warrior’s muscles in Aries the sign he rules and Chiron maintains his position in Aries close to Mars at the Solstice.

Mercury flies in Gemini, delighted to be in the airy sign he rules and he forms a sextile (60* angle) cooperating nicely with the Aries Moon and Jupiter. Saturn continues his Aquarius voyage but his karmic engine recently reversed course and he moves retrograde at the Solstice, so he is basically ignoring all the other planets. Uranus holds his focus in earthy Taurus keeping his steely eye on Saturn after their earlier clashes. Venus is almost at the end of her Taurus journey at the Solstice and reaches out favorably to Pluto retro in Capricorn. Neptune’s satellite dish is still tuned to peaceful Pisces, but the rebellious Aries energy is not interested in listening to Neptune’s tranquil tune. Pisces is a water sign which harmonizes with Cancer, but at the Solstice Neptune is too far away to make a good connection with the Sun, and on top of this Neptune is slowing down now in prep for his retrograde on 6/28.

To sum up what all this means in non-astrologese the Solstice energies have an over the top “let’s go to war!” or “let’s party til we drop!”( take your choice) laced with a mellow introverted vibe, “I’d rather stay out of the heat at home and follow celebrity gossip”. In addition softer tones float throughout like far away angelic harp melodies .

The Aries energy is evident in the January 6th Committee Hearings which outline their investigation into the connection between former President Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy claims and the insurrection on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The information these hearings have brought out is disturbing and foments anger (Aries!) from those who want to see Trump punished and his fervent supporters who believe his every word. Two hearings have already been held and the next one is scheduled on 6/21 the day of the Solstice! Communicator Mercury in Gemini is happy to oblige by pumping up news around this, and also supplies plenty of gas to the gossip mills churning up stories about well known celebrities so we can focus on them and not our own problems. And let’s face it, it’s always fun to forget your own situation as you watch famous folk fumble around!

The volatile Aries energy is also evident from the war in Ukraine, which Putin seems to be hell bent on continuing no matter the consequences to his own country and people. Putin came to power in 2000 when he first became President of Russia. Aries rules the vigor of youth and young Russian soldiers being sent as fodder to serve Putin’s insanity have only known him as the ruler of their country, so they follow him blindly.

I pulled up my Spring Equinox post and noted that the Moon was in Libra, the sign of peace which is the opposite sign from Aries, where she is at this Solstice. The Moon held a very significant place in the Equinox chart, like a string holding and guiding a large kite. In the Solstice chart the Moon which as the ruler of the Cancer Sun is very significant,  has lost interest in peace and is eager to fight. Think about the animosity engendered in the Ukrainian people as their beautiful, fertile country is being brutally destroyed. Sadly this bad blood toward Russia will be a river running deep for years and generations to come, one of the most disturbing elements of war. The connection between Mars and wounded healer Chiron at the Solstice offers a choice – to punch up more or turn a key away from war and anger.

The major fiery Aries energy of Moon, Jupiter and especially Chiron and Mars at the Solstice also indicate it will be a hot summer too. Much of the US and Europe are already sweltering in above average temps for this time of year.

More aggravation arises from economic and weather related troubles, both ruled by Taurus which Lord of Chaos Uranus has been stirring up for years.  Average people around the world are suffering from high fuel prices and inflation across the board affecting the food you buy, the appliances you need, to the vacation plans you made that will now cost much more and that you may not even be able to get to, like Yellowstone Park which had floods not seen in 500 years!  There have been more devastating eras in history but those of us alive today have never experienced this combination of economic and political upheaval, natural disasters with the addition of a pandemic! Like it or not, you gotta admit, we live in fascinating times.

The softer edge to these Solstice energies gets help from Venus in Taurus who forms an exact trine to potent Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn who moves retro at the Solstice, so his potent transformational power is a bit sleepy. Using her melodious Taurus tone Venus croons softly to Pluto sweetly urging him to transform our world in less dramatic ways. Pluto wakes up and moves forward again on 10/6/22, so let’s hope she is successful!

Divine Dreams beyond imagination | Beautiful fantasy art, Angel pictures, Anime art fantasy

More lovely energy comes from Neptune in spiritual Pisces who makes a good connection (trine) to the karmic South Node in Scorpio lifting the dark Scorpionic force to the White Eagle level.  This same trine was active at the Equinox.  Here is what I said then, Neptune rules Pisces so is more powerful in his home sign, and like a satellite dish is tuning into more love and empathy for all. This cosmic beam softens hearts and creates more kindness and willingness to help others… Let us hope this ray of love spreads further to overwhelm the spectre of war forever and all of us, no matter where we are, can add our own heart energy to expand this ray! Venus steps up again forming a nice sextile to Neptune at the Solstice so there is beautiful music playing in the heavens for those willing to hear it.

And as always the Sun in Cancer helps spread love and kindness and 0 degrees of any sign is more powerful. So although the Solstice Sun is a bit lonely in Cancer he will happily energize anyone who wants to radiate more love. Cancer rules home and family so you may not be able to personally affect worldly conditions, but you can spread more care and nurturing to your close loved ones which radiates out onto the psychic highway and ultimately affects the whole world with more positivity.

The Dalia Lama, born with Sun in Cancer, also Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Taurus, has some good advice on how to handle these Solstice energies, If a person shows anger to you, and you show anger in return, the result is disaster. If you nurse hatred, you will never be happy, even in the lap of luxury. By contrast, if you control your anger and show its opposite – love, compassion, tolerance, and patience – then not only do you remain in peace, but gradually the anger of others also will diminish.

May you celebrate the Solstice in wonderful ways and enjoy a beautiful new season with the ones you love!

Winter Solstice – Truly Teach Me Tarot