Capricorn Horoscope March 2021

Pisces Season

People count in March as the Sun and planet of relating Venus are in the touchy-feely water sign, Pisces. The Sun is here until the 20th and Venus until the 21st.

This is not a month to be on your own. Instead, reach out to other people. Whether you want to ask for help and support or offer fun and friendship or vice versa, encourage the flow of love and connection in your life.

If you’re looking for love or companionship, this is an ideal time for making new connections, seeking out friends and people of like minds. There’s a gentle vibe to your communications, offering you an opportunity to connect on a deep level with people in your life.

If you’re seeking a soul-mate connection, this is when you’re most likely to find it. The New Moon in Pisces takes place on the 13th, an ideal date for reaching out.

This is about education and learning and being inspired by other people too. Attend a talk, read books that come recommended and embrace new knowledge. If new invitations come your way, follow them up. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore new ways of thinking and alternative activities.

Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler, is a key planet this month, on the 11th, 14th and 30th. Encourage your imagination and use visual stimuli to turn dreams into reality. What you read or hear during this period could be pure inspiration and fuel your ideas.

Pisces is a compassionate star sign and linked to your community, your neighbourhood. At its best, Venus is Pisces is unconditional love. This combination is connecting and inclusive, kind and caring.

This offers a lovely chance to make new connections close to home. Pisces rules neighbours and siblings in your horoscope, as well as your everyday communications.

Follow your emotions and open your heart during March. Themes of forgiveness are strong, whether you want to heal a rift or say ‘I’m sorry’.

In brief, this is about speaking from the heart, whether you say ‘thank you’ more or compliment other people. Kindness breeds kindness – keep this mantra in mind.

Home & Family

Home and family affairs fall under the cosmic spotlight later this month. The Sun enters Aries and this sector of your horoscope on the 20th, the day of the Equinox and is joined one day later by lovely Venus on the 21st.

If you’re looking to move home or you’re changing around your living situation, this is a great time to get busy and sow seeds.

This confirms that people are important in your life this month. Team up with family and loved ones to start something new. This is a peak period in the year for family connections.

Work/Life Balance

On the 28th, there’s a Full Moon in the heavens, which cuts across the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac. This is an important Full Moon because Libra rules your career and vocation, your future and where you’re heading in life. Aries rules your home and family, your past and where you come from.

Therefore, this Full Moon highlights the work/life balance. You might have a clear idea of where you’re heading and why and how your past links to your present and creates who you are at the end of March.

Mars Gemini

Finally, work could be something of a crazy arena with ambitious Mars in Gemini and your work sector from the 4th onwards. This is great for getting ahead and getting things done. Take care, however, that you don’t lose too much of your energy and vitality in work-oriented activities.

Office politics could be stressful as Mars is linked to anger and arguments. Notice where you feel under pressure, when you feel stressed and who or what it would be wise to back away from.

The best date for negotiations is the 22nd when Mars aligns with your ruling planet Saturn in Aquarius. Ensure you’re paid what you’re worth.

And, if you’re looking for money luck, the 5th is the stand-out date when there’s a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. This often coincides with good news.

At times this month, life may feel hectic and you’ll be required to respond quickly. Yet, there’s much to be enjoyed too. The more you slow down the pace of life, the more pleasure is available to you and, strangely enough, the more you get done.

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Sagittarius Horoscope March 2021

As March begins, communication planet Mercury completes its journey through Aquarius and your communication sector. You might find that you’re able to sort things out that unravelled last month. You could also be renegotiating plans or projects that began in January.

The stand-out date is the 5th when Mercury aligns with your ruling planet Jupiter. This combination often brings good news your way. It’s an excellent date to send off an important email, letter or other form of communication.

Pisces’ Realm

Throughout March, you’re deep in the realm of the emotions and it feels like a sentimental month. Key planets are gathering in the water sign Pisces down at the base of your horoscope. Pisces rules your home and family, your past and where you come from.

The Sun is here until the 20th and talk planet Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th. You might be on a hunt for news about your ancestry or have a clear sense of your roots and want to know more about your past or lineage.

Neptune is Pisces’ co-ruler and is active on the 11th, 14th and 30th. This feels sentimental, drawing you back towards the past. You may be acutely aware of the footsteps in the sand, leading you from your beginnings to where you are now.

The New Moon also falls in Pisces on the 13th, an excellent date to find your dream home or reconnect with family. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings. This one could be particularly beautiful.

Be open-hearted during this period and know that this is a key time to heal any rifts as Pisces is the star sign linked to forgiveness.

Plus, the planet of relating, Venus, joins the Sun in Pisces up until the 21st. Family and past connections are strong during this period, so make the most of this gentle and beneficial influence.

The star sign Pisces is about surrender and letting go and the theme of release is strong. Love is all around you and it’s wise to find support from loved ones and be there for family and close connections in your life. Venus in Pisces is a symbol of unconditional love.

Fire Sign Energy

After the 20th, the day of the Equinox, positive fire sign energy kicks in and not before time. The Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on the 20th and Venus joins the Sun in your fellow fire sign on the 21st.

This is an excellent time to throw yourself into life and set a positive intention to look on the bright side. This is your Sagittarius nature. If you’re true to your star sign, you seek out the silver lining in every cloud and use any setbacks as a learning experience.

Aries is the most creative sector of your horoscope. It’s about children, also your creative projects. Sow seeds during this time and they can flourish and grow. Set new intentions late March to do more of what you love and embrace the good times.

If you want to get pregnant or you’re keen to adopt a child, this would be a great time to try. It’s a positive month to focus on the younger generation and encourage them to find their Yes to life.

The Full Moon on the 28th cuts across the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac. This Full Moon is gorgeous for falling in love or enjoying a celebration. Libra rules friends in your horoscope, so catch up with people who mean a lot to you.

Love & Passion

The Aries influence is stoking the fires of love. You not only have the love planet, Venus, in your romance sector from the 21st but passion planet, Mars, is in Gemini and your relationship sector from the 4th onwards.

These are two huge clues on where to focus your energy. This could turn out to be a big month for love and relationships, whether you’re rekindling relations or running off with someone new.

Gemini rules communication and Aries is fiery and quick. You may find that your debates are fast and furious. Conversations could blow up quickly and there’s an opportunity to clear the air. You might experience more arguments than usual but at least you’re getting to sort things out rather than hide what you’re feeling.

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Leo Horoscope March 2021

As March begins, communication planet Mercury is completing its journey through Aquarius and your relationship sector. It remains here until the 15th.

The stand out date is the 5th when Mercury aligns with lucky Jupiter. This may be a time when you’re ready to take a leap of faith and trust your instincts.

This could be linked to a close relationship in your life, whether personal or professional. Be clear about your motivations for giving and do so from the heart. If you’re in a love relationship, this period in the month could be special. If you’re single, you might meet someone new.

Pisces Season

Your ruler, the Sun, is on a different journey as it moves through emotional and sentimental Pisces up until the 20th, the day of the Equinox. You may be dealing with what’s hidden, your inner self rather than the world outside. In fact, this is a positive period to engage in healing or reflect on your past.

If you’re taking a trip down memory lane, engage with your emotions. For some of you, this could be a time of release. Enjoy your close relationships with the ones you love or a spiritual or divine connection.

This is especially true of the Sun-Neptune conjunction on the 11th, the New Moon in Pisces on the 13th and the Venus-Neptune conjunction on the 14th. Lose yourself – in a good way.

March’s astrology is about moving away from ego, whether you’re prioritising other people or you want to find a deeper purpose or meaning in your life.

This theme runs throughout a lot of the month for you. You’re on a quest or keen to broaden your horizons, improve your knowledge and seek beauty in the world.

Sometimes, however, you have to return to the past before you can step into the future. Apply this to your own life and see how it makes sense to you.

Money Matters

Money is significant feature throughout March as Pisces is the star sign which represents joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. Your ruler, the Sun, is here until the 20th and it’s wise to actively engage with money matters.

Admittedly, money could be an emotional issue for you whether this concerns an inheritance or you’re having to split finances with someone close in order to move on.

Make the right financial moves, not only to sort out your own money situation but consider how you can help others financially or team up with people close to you.

The only word of caution is Neptune’s involvement on the 11th, 14th & 30th. Keep a firm grip on reality and pay attention to the facts as Neptune can be a slippery influence when it comes to money. Beware of scams or deceit.

Aries Season

Later this month, you might start thinking about travel, study or what next in your life. This is because of the Sun’s move into Aries on the 20th, the day of the Equinox.

This is the start of the new zodiac cycle and, in the northern hemisphere, it coincides with the onset of spring. When you let go of difficult emotions and put the past behind you, your energy returns and you can start to make some bold steps in a new direction.

The Full Moon on the 28th highlights the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac. This is about travel, education and any activity which broadens your horizons. It would be a great weekend to plan something special.

Mars Gemini

Other people could be the catalyst for excitement in your life. This is because action planet Mars moves into Gemini and your friendship and group sector on the 4th.

This is where things are happening fast whether you’re planning a trip with friends or you’re keen to join someone else on their adventure.

The only proviso around Mars in Gemini is that irritation levels could rise. You may feel frustrated if friends or companions are flaky or continually change their mind. Mars rules anger as well as action. Try not to get into heated debates this month, as this will quickly sap your energy.

There’s a lot happening in the world right now and it is important to have your voice. Yet, at the same time, don’t keep putting yourself in a situation where tempers flare. Ensure that any debates or discussions take place in a measured way.

Love too is in the mix as love planet Venus enters Aries on the 21st. This combines love and foreign connections, however that plays out for you personally. The 26th is the stand-out date when there’s a Sun-Venus conjunction in Aries – gorgeous for expanding your love life.

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Libra Horoscope March 2021

Pisces Season

Your planet Venus is exalted in Pisces, the star sign which rules your work and lifestyle, your routine and your health. Venus is here until the 21st and joins the Sun in Pisces for the first three weeks of March.

Focus your energy and attention on your work and health as the rewards could be more than worth it. At the very least, you can start to sort things out in these key areas, whether you get back on track with a healthy routine or you start to ask the right questions at work.

It may take a while yet before you feel more settled but know that you’re moving in the right direction. Trust and have faith that things will work out for the best. Sometimes, you have to surrender to life as it is and feel your way through.

Notice your emotional response, as Pisces is one of the water signs. This is a time to start doing what feels right, rather than what you think is right, especially with regard to work and health matters.

The stand-out date is the 13th, the day of the New Moon in Pisces, a symbol of new beginnings. This New Moon pulls in your planet Venus which makes a conjunction with Neptune on the 14th. This whole combination feels magical and it’s a time to dream and believe anything is possible.

Do, however, keep hold of the facts as Neptune can be an elusive planetary energy, linked to illusion and deceit. Even so, it feels as if Neptune could bring something special your way this month – the key dates are the 11th, 14th and 30th.

People Skills

If you’re a typical Libra, you enjoy being part of a thriving community and you’re a ‘people person’ at heart. You might take on a new role this month answering other peoples’ questions, perhaps as a coach, mediator or adviser.

There’s going to be a pull towards other people for you and this intensifies after the 20th, the day of the Equinox. This is because of the inner planets moving through Aries and your opposite star sign.

Aries rules your close relationships, both personal and professional, and all your 1-to-1’s are highlighted. The Sun is in Aries from the 20th and your planet Venus moves into Aries on the 21st.

Full Moon Libra

Plus, the Full Moon on the 28th takes place in your star sign Libra and this could be a powerful date for love and relationships, close connections and partnership. This Full Moon follows on from a stunning Sun-Venus conjunction in Aries on the 26th.

This could be a pivotal time in the month for your close relationships, your 1-to-1’s. You may experience a heart-felt connection with someone close. Or, it’s a time when you meet someone new.

It’s a good time to take the initiative in your relationships, whether you want to talk or you’re keen to start something new. This is a positive time to find out what’s going on and you gain nothing by holding back. Even an argument or confrontation could prove revealing. It’s better to know where you stand than be oblivious to what’s happening.

Love & Connections

If you’re looking for love, this is a go-for-it time as Venus in your relationship sector is red-hot. Here too, a direct approach is favoured so don’t wait for someone else to proposition you. Be forthcoming and turn on the charm.

This is a good month to make new connections and strengthen those partnerships that are already in place. Action planet Mars is in the sign of communication, Gemini throughout April which suggests you can make advances through networking and contacts.

Gemini lights up your travel and study sectors. Let your imagination run wild and line up some new experiences. The more you engage actively with life, the better. Dare to live your life fully.

There are some provisos, however, and it won’t all be thrills and adrenalin when it comes to love and relationships. In fact, your ruling planet Venus is said to be weakened in Aries as you’re the relating star sign and Aries is about the individual.

With Venus in Aries, you may need to put yourself first, especially if you’re lacking balance in a close relationship. Or, perhaps it’s important to assert yourself around other people.

One of your Libra life lessons is learning to say No as you’re a people pleaser by nature. You don’t like to upset others. Consider the balance of power in your 1-to-1’s. If it’s out, consider what can you do to regain equilibrium.

Lucky Date

Finally, take note of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius and your luck sector on the 5th. This links back to events in January and February – you could hear good news or you feel ready to speculate and be open to receiving good fortune.

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Scorpio Horoscope March 2021

Pisces Season

With so much emphasis on the star sign Pisces in the month of March, this is gorgeous for wishing on a star, dreaming and allowing yourself to be immersed in fantasy, a wonderland.

As a water sign, you know all about how to engage deeply with inspiration and ideas and activities that feed your soul. In fact, this is imperative as everyday life doesn’t always cut it. You need something more to sustain you on a deeper level, an activity, dream or personal quest that allows your spirit to soar.

Pisces rules one of the best sectors of your horoscope, your creative talents, your children and the things in life you ‘give birth to’. This is an ideal month to focus on your self-expression and to ensure that play is a key focus.

Something magical could be born this month, especially on or around the New Moon in Pisces on the 13th. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings and this New Moon pulls in a gorgeous Venus-Neptune conjunction.

If you’re looking for love, start your search straightaway in the month of March but know that things peak for you on or around the New Moon date. Pisces rules romance, love affairs and new love in your horoscope.

March isn’t all about escaping from everyday routine though. In fact, it’s important that you balance both aspects of life, the everyday and more escapist fantasies.

Mars Gemini

Your ruling planet Mars enters Gemini on the 4th, the sign of communication. Gemini rules an intriguing part of your horoscopes that’s closely linked to your star sign, Scorpio. This is about the areas that are difficult to reach, inner communication, reading between the lines, looking below the surface of life.

Mars here can feel intense and full on. However, you’re not usually someone who shies away from the transformational side of life. Delve deep into your psyche this month and talk about what you’re experiencing. Mars in Gemini is the perfect talking cure.

Dare to go wherever other people fear to tread – make this your personal motto. If you work as a therapist or you have psychic abilities, your intuition and instincts will be particularly acute.

Work & Money

Also, money and work are key factors this month. Here, there is a real sense of progress. Your ruler, Mars, in Gemini lights up your joint finance sector throughout March, so you may be negotiating money matters or looking at ways to earn or invest more.

The Mars-Saturn aspect on the 22nd is excellent for negotiating a property deal or finalising family finances. On that note, the 5th is a lucky date for a meeting or conversation regarding home and family affairs.

On the 20th, the day of the Equinox, the Sun enters Aries and the first sign of the zodiac. This is the start of the new astrological year and an ideal time to set new healthy habits and instigate new routines that boost your time management.

The more organised you are, the quicker you can get things done. Aries rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. Think holistically and work on your mind, body and soul. Do so and your efforts could pay off fast.

The planet of relating, Venus, joins the Sun in Aries on the 21st. This means that work colleagues play an important role in the last ten days of the month. Look out for people who can help you and focus on team work.

If you know you have a tendency to be overly independent, make an effort to learn from others and be diplomatic with your associates or colleagues. It’s a good idea to keep on the right side of everybody because you don’t know who has the most influence. Use your networks and connections well.

Full Moon

Finally, there’s a Full Moon in Libra on the 28th. Libra is the most hidden sector of your horoscope and turns your attention inwards. It’s ideal for going on retreat or starting a meditation practise.

Listen to your inner voice and slow down the pace of life. Aries is encouraging you to speed up and get things done. Do so, but don’t neglect the opposite axis of rest and retreat.

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Virgo Horoscope March 2021

Your ruling planet is Mercury, the communication planet. Therefore, it’s good news that Mercury is moving in forward motion this month after three weeks retrograde, i.e. on go slow during February.

Mercury is in Aquarius and your work and health sector until the 15th. The stand-out date is the 5th when Mercury teams up with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius. You could hear good news on or around this date. This might link back to events that began in January of this year.

Pisces Season

Love is in the air as March gets underway. Whether your love life is exhilarating, bewildering or simply a fantasy, it’s worth indulging the romantic side of your nature.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the Sun is in Pisces and your relationship sector until the 20th. The Sun is joined by love planet Venus in Pisces until the 21st, a symbol of unconditional love. And, your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th.

Therefore, this could be a stunning month for you when it comes to love and relationships, whether you meet someone new or you experience a soul-mate connection with someone close.

The 11th, 14th and 30th are potentially blissful dates when romantic Neptune in Pisces encounters the Sun, Venus and Mercury in this same sector of your horoscope.

Plus, there’s a stunning New Moon in Pisces on the 13th, which could bring more beauty into your life. It may be a love relationship that brings sweetness your way. Or, perhaps this New Moon taps in to your giving nature and your natural inclination to want to help others.

At its best, this can be blissful & transcendent, whether you’re in love or on a spiritual quest. There may be someone in your life who’s playing a unique role and you love what they have to offer you.

This whole combination, however, does suggest that the other person holds sway, which is not good news if you’re feeling vulnerable or lacking confidence. Neptune has a flip side that’s linked to illusion and betrayal.

Therefore, trust your intuition throughout the month and don’t fall prey to other peoples’ promises or influences if they’re not built on solid ground. This is where your earth sign nature is needed.

Money & Work

Money and emotions are closely tied during the last ten days of the month. This is because of key activity taking place in the star sign, Aries.

Aries rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope and flags up what’s hidden. This is about your close connections and who or what you feel most passionate about.

The Sun’s move into Aries on the 20th is the date of the Equinox and the start of the new zodiac year. Plus, one day later, the planet of love & relating, Venus enters Aries on the 21st.

This could coincide with a chance to start over financially. It would be a good time to request a loan or ask for payment owed. The Full Moon on the 28th also flags up money matters as it cuts across the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac.

At its best, this is about balance and seeking a fair outcome. However, the Libra scales tend to swing wildly before they re-calibrate. Sometimes, you’re acutely aware of the opposites before you find a way to bring about unity.

During the Full Moon, trust your intuition when the light of the Moon shines brightly. The 28th would be an ideal date to work out a settlement or find a way forwards, either financially or emotionally.

Ensure any agreements benefit both parties involved. You might be able to move quickly to sort things out financially for you or someone you’re close to.

Multi-Tasking & Ambition

Plus, you have action planet, Mars, in Gemini from the 4th onwards at the peak of your horoscope. This is a clear statement that this is a time to be ambitious and focus on career and vocational goals. Mars in Gemini is great for all forms of communication, networking, brainstorming and sharing ideas.

Mars in Gemini is a symbol of two jobs or adding a new string to your bow. This month’s dominant mode is mutable and the mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Therefore, you can work with this planetary energy to be flexible and adaptable.

Keep your options open and the lines of communication open. This is what benefits you moving forwards. Be willing to train or learn something new that can help your prospects over the coming months.

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