Capricorn. Don’t separate the fish from the goat.

The eight first signs of the zodiac looked rather reasonable. The word “zodiac” etymologically means “The wheel of animals”…

We  have met a ram, a bull, human twins, a crab… the scorpion was scary but still grounded in known reality. Then a centaur made its entrance, and now… a sea goat. This thing can’t swim nor climb. It can’t remain the same. What is shown here is a fish turning into a goat. It’s us.

The fish is the state we’re leaving behind, the goat is what we are becoming but we’re not fully there yet.


We shouldn’t be too radical with the idea of “leaving behind”. The fish lives in the water, symbol of our feeling nature. Getting rid of our emotions and sensitivity altogether would make us heartless robots.

Jung noticed that the unconscious and the conscious are in a relation of compensation. I should have mentioned this when talking about Libra! If our conscious attitude is characterized by too much of a certain thing, the unconscious will adopt a too much the other way attitude. Jung gave the example of a patient he had not much esteem for. In a dream, this patient appeared on top of a high tower, far above him; Jung realized he was being unfair. Had he idealized  his patient, he may have dreamed of her wallowing in the mud instead.

We shouldn’t be literal when interpreting symbols. A fish turning into a goat does not mean everything fishy in our nature has to become goaty… We just need to become a little bit more like the goat.

In childhood and maybe before incarnating we were like fish in the sea, immersed in the universal or maternal soul, not knowing the difference between the atmosphere of our environment and our internal state.  If one or two babies start crying in a nursery,  soon all of them are crying. They have no idea why. They just absorbe the vibe and amplify it.

Join a emotional crowd at a political rally and you’ll feel the power. You can feel it on social media as well. Current trends and fashions pass off as personal opinions, but it’s nothing but the sea.  Sometimes it feels good and reassuring. Sometimes, tossed around by the flows, we crave for an island, we want a strong and independent ego.

Let’s not confuse the “ego” with flaws such as pride, arrogance or selfishness. Ego means “me”.  Children who fail to build a healthy sense of being a “me” become psychotic or at least will spend a good deal of their life struggling  with issues of personal boundaries. They will not know what they want, not know what to do with themselves. They will be called personality disorders.

The ego that is stigmatized by spiritual teachings is not the ego itself, but its excesses, which may at times be reproached to Capricorns, but only when they are Capricorning too far.

The fish turns into a goat, the sea turns into a mountain. Rocky slopes won’t carry the animal to the top like ocean currents offering fish a ride to the other side of the sea. Our Mamas won’t carry us forever. Climbing rocks will make us strong. It’s a straight, uphill and narrow path that leads to the kingdom of heaven.


Capricorn is Cancer’s polarity. The crab has already started getting out of the sea. Crabs run on the shores when the tide is low. Fish don’t do that. Children explore the surroundings, they are safe, their parents are watching. Children can run back to safety near their parents whenever they feel the need. Is there someone watching over the parents?

Adulthood can be a lonely place. Vigilance is the old fashioned term for mindfulness. A goat standing on a narrow edge somewhere high can’t afford escaping into dreamy absent mindedness or cry for help.

In spirit we remain children of heaven and earth. To remember this we have to climb the sacred mountain. The flesh may decay we are invited to the safety of an eternal dwelling… but there is no way around it, we need to do some climbing by ourselves.

My favourite master said “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. The road to childlike simplicity again is upwards. Striving to stand on their feet, reaching out to higher than themselves is what children do.

Climbing is not always climbing the sacred mountain. More often than not, it’s on the social ladder that we are struggling our way from bottom to top… Is it a perversion or a preliminary training?

Sometimes it’s on the neck of a guitar or on a ring, on a stage or behind a wheel that we’re trying hard to be on top of our game. Each time we strive to master something we are learning to master ourselves.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is an energy of crystallisation. The process goes from wet to dry, from fish tail to goat horns and hooves. There is salt in the sea. In salt marshes, water evaporates,  salt become crystals. It’s dry and structured.

The potter makes pot and sculptures with wet clay. Once dry the shape is fixed. Brick walls and terracotta plates aren’t flexible and that’s a good thing.

In the womb, after the spermatozoa met the egg, our body took form in water. Once shaped enough we were born to a drier environment. We were still very soft when babies, even our bones were still elastic. The older we get the stiffer.

As children we absorbed our environment. We had an incredible memory… but not much mental stability. We were rather gullible and inexperienced. The older we get the more we know what we think and want.

Crowds are ruled by the moon. Put many people together and you get an amorphous environment in which emotions and fanciful theories spread like pandemics.

When the time comes to elect leaders, candidate compete to win over public opinion with a tiny percentage of sound reasoning and a lot of communication techniques designed to impress public imagination. I would love to believe in anarchy, but it seems to me that children need parents and crowds rulers.

Rulers are ruled by Capricorn.

Adults are rulers of themselves.


Capricorn is cardinal. It is the entrepreneur of the zodiac. The first steps are the more difficult ones. We  crystallise our intentions and resolutions into a relatively disciplined course of action. Efforts don’t sound like fun? They can be though. There are great rewards, and anyway, too rigid a goat falls in the void. Nothing in excess always applies.



Capricorn is a feminine sign. There are six axis in the zodiac. Three of them are made of Fire and and Air signs, and the three others  of Water and Earth signs. In the Western tradition Water and Earth are feminine, Air and Fire masculine. Feminine in this context means receptive, builder of forms and bodies, with the purpose of manifesting on the material plane the spiritual seeds that have fecundated them.

Masculine means emissive, spiritual, immaterial, fecundating.

We can switch to Taoist terminology and use Yin and Yang instead of Masculine or Feminine if this bothers or sense of social justice, but when we come across figures like the young maiden called Virgo, or the muscular sexy guy pouring water from a jug symbolising  Aquarius, we see male or female figures so we better remember that there is a symbolic dimension at a deeper level than gender issues.

Water and Earth are both Feminine and opposed. The opposition of Masculine and Feminine being the archetype of all oppositions, we can understand Earth as the Masculine in the Feminine and Water as the Feminine in the Feminine.

Symmetrically, Air can be understood as the Feminine in the Masculine polarity, and Fire the Masculine Masculine… Like Yin and Yang, these are relative values.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, symbol of authority and structures, at times interpreted as father… is a feminine energy, because it is focused in the form.

Mothers are not always nurturing and all forgiving creatures. Children have to go to bed at night, get up in the morning, wash their teeth, eat  fruit and vegetables, not hit their little sister with a hammer on the head, the list of must and must not is a long and unavoidable one. Tough love is the Capricorn side of being a mother, with or without a father’s help. There must be rules and boundaries.

Parents become masculine when they shine like the Sun as role models…


In the body, the densest tissues are the bones. They are not flexible and there are joints. Capricorn rules the skeleton and more specifically the knees, and also the skin for its role as boundary.

Kneeling means submitting to the higher power you’re asking to marry you. Responsibilities galore in store…


 Jean-Marc Pierson